13 erogenous zones in men to experiment with for better sex

We already know that sexual activity is beneficial for health - and reaching arousal is an important part of initiating sexual activity.

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13 erogenous zones in men to experiment with for better sex

Some parts of our body are more sensitive than others, we all know that. There is a reason we feel ticklish around our ribs, use the back of our hand to check someone’s temperature, feel like we’re in heaven when someone massages our head or feet and hell when we bump a knee or elbow. That’s because of the nerve endings present in these areas.

Nerve endings carry information about any external stimulus to our brain. The intensity of pain and pleasure increases with the number of nerve endings present. And so the parts of the body that can hurt the most can also make us feel immense pleasure.

13 erogenous zones in men to experiment with for better sex

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Different types of touch can be used and experimented with for each of these parts. For example, while a pinch might feel great on the nipples, it probably won’t invoke the same feeling on the wrists. 

Similarly, not all of these erogenous zones might work like hot spots for every single man - people are unique and can have different quirks. We already know that sexual activity is beneficial for health - and reaching arousal is an important part of initiating sexual activity. The only way to know for sure what works for you or your partner is to try it - with full disclosure, of course. 

1. Scalp: Just like every other body part on this list, the scalp is full of nerve endings. From head massages to hair tugging, there are plenty of ways to use this to your advantage. If he’s a bit sensitive about his hair, try a gentle caress behind his ear or the back of his neck.

2. Inner thigh: When it comes to men, the penis usually steals the show. But many areas in that general region can also cause arousal. This can be really helpful if you’re trying to delay orgasm. Instead of focusing on the penis, divert your attention to his inner thigh. This will keep him feeling turned on but not enough to reach orgasm. 

3. Back of the knees: The back of the knees just happens to be a very sensitive and nerve-rich area and can be used to increase arousal in many simple ways. A massage is a great idea if you’re feeling hesitant about approaching your partner and just asking them about their pleasure points directly. Just notice the tells and reactions as you move up the legs. This area can also be ticklish, though, so don’t be feather-soft with your touch either. 

4. The midline of the chest to the rib area: It’s ticklish but it can also be a turn-on. You can use your nails to slightly scrape along the rib. Again, you can probably reduce your partner to giggles if it’s too light a touch - but hey, laughter is good for health too and it helps reduce the awkwardness that sometimes finds its way into the bedroom. Sex doesn’t always have to be steamy and serious like in the movies - it can just be two people touching, giggling and exploring what their bodies can do. 

5. Center of the palms, back of the hands: Arousal doesn’t even always have to lead to sex. There are many baby steps involved before that stage and it’s absolutely okay to take your time. But you also don’t have to abstain from all sorts of excitement - for example, even the way you hold your partner’s hand can lead to arousal. We use our hands for so many activities, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re full of nerve endings. So whether it’s an “accidental” brush of the hands or a much more deliberate stroke of the palm, it can have the desired effect. Especially if you accompany it with some eye contact.

6. Dorsum of the wrist: The reason we mention your wrist separately is that it’s where you check for a pulse - feeling someone’s heartbeat can also be an intimate experience. If that’s not enough, then yes, it does have a lot of nerve endings. Take your time and don’t rush this - this touch can even be used at the peak of sexual activity to make the orgasm stronger.

7. Scrotum: “A kick in the balls” is supposedly the worst pain any man can experience. But that just goes to show that the balls can be a pleasure centre, too. Start slow, gauge how you or your partner feel about it and then try a firmer touch. Don’t ever try to shift them too much, though, you can cause a lot of damage. 

8. Buttocks: It’s another area full of nerve endings but isn’t as delicate as some of the other erogenous zones. And women aren’t the only ones who like their butts squeezed (or spanked, but let’s talk about that some other time) during sexual activity. A perfect time to try this would be when you’re making out. 

9. Nipples: More often than not, male nipples get ignored in favour of female ones during sexual activity. But they’re there for a reason - from a gentle touch to a soft squeeze, they can intensify arousal a lot. 

10. Lips: Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body as they’re densely packed with nerve endings - even more than your fingertips. No wonder kissing is such a popular activity. Well, as you make progress through the bases, don’t leave this one in a rush - a kiss at the right time (and maybe in the right place), can be very arousing. 

11. Anus: The first thing we’d like to mention is that it’s not for everyone. The second is that if you’re open to the idea, it could completely change orgasms for you. The prostate is located about two inches inside the anus and is often referred to as the male G-spot. It can bring intense pleasure if stimulated correctly. Please discuss this with your partner, use a lot of lube and go at an easy pace if you’re going to try this.

12. Perineum: A bit less invasive than the last, the perineum is located between the scrotum and the anus. It’s a tiny little spot that can be extremely sensitive because of the presence of nerve endings as well as the pelvic floor muscles. This can be explored easily during oral sex, but please give your partner fair warning if you’re trying it for the first time. 

13. Penis: We kept the obvious one for the end. Compared to the 6,000-8,000 nerve endings in a woman’s clitoris, the male penis isn’t all that behind. The head of the penis (glans) has about 4,000 nerve endings which makes it one of the most erogenous zones of the male body. That’s not all, though: the frenulum (v-shaped part under the head, before the shaft begins) is another extremely sensitive part, as is the foreskin, in cases of uncircumcised penises.

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