Adapting and adjusting is the name of the game for today’s generation.

November 19, 2020, 06:39 PM IST

We are a product of evolution. As we evolve, so do our needs and demands. Something that was absolutely essential a few years back, may be utterly obsolete a year from now. And what happens to something that has no use? It gets left behind. Be it technology, ideas, or products, the ones that adapt to the ever-changing trends of the human psyche, are the ones that are truly worth having.

But the one thing about survival, is also the uncertainties that life brings along with it. As we evolve and progress, we also need to take measures to ensure things are secure for us and for our loved ones, while we are alive or even after we’re gone. That’s where some of the more robust insurance policies come into the picture.

If then we as human beings need everything to be ‘at pace’ with us, why can’t we demand that something as integral and important as an insurance policy adhere to that as well? It’s just fair that as we change and evolve, the insurance policies become more flexible, become more customizable, and serve us the way we need them to.

Thankfully, HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus Plan has all of that and more. Its offerings are just as stellar, as flexible its customizations to ensure you get all that you need, which makes it possible to change with you.


Why HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus?

  • For the affordable price of term insurance plans starting at only Rs. 17/day*!
  • A super comprehensive portfolio of cover options to choose from
  • The ability to pick, choose, and craft a plan that’s as unique as you are
  • It is super convenient to access and will take care of all your protection needs
  • The ability widen your risk cover by attaching riders

In the event of your demise, your family receives a certain amount based on your policy and the number of premiums you have paid. You can also choose from a variety of cover options when you invest in Click 2 Protect Plus:

Life Option

Extra Life Option

Income Option

Income Plus Option

Its important then to consider what your needs are and buy accordingly. Are you looking for a single large payout for your family in the event of your demise? Or would you prefer they have a steady monthly income? How much do you need to put away for you to feel secure about their future?

It's easy to get caught up in the day to day back and forth of your life, your job, your family, and everything else on your plate. This is especially true when you’re younger and expect to live for decades more, making you feel almost immortal! That changes as you age of course, as do your priorities.

At 20, the most important life goal in your mind may have likely been advancing your career, or getting married. At 40 however, you might start thinking about how your kids will fend for themselves if something were to happen to you. Everyone changes as a person through the years, and their hopes and fears change with them.

That’s why the most important thing here is that HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus can be your family’s safety net when you can’t hold the reins anymore. Thanks to its flexibility, you can choose exactly the kind of policy you want it to be, so your loved ones are covered even after you’re gone.

So log on to HDFC Life and secure your family’s future right away. Because when you’re assured that they’re cared for is when you can truly live a life unburdened.

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