Frenchman with Down's syndrome receives 30,000 birthday cards

A man with Down's syndrome in France, received the best 30th birthday gift ever: 30,000 birthday cards in his mail.

 Frenchman with Downs syndrome receives 30,000 birthday cards

Image: Jacqueline Francois Facebook page

It began when Manuel Parisseaux's father, Lucien, wrote a message on Facebook in early November, asking friends to help "Manu" celebrate his 30th birthday.

"Hello everyone," he wrote in French. "My son Manuel will be 30 on Nov. 22. He has Down syndrome. I’m writing to ask you to take a couple minutes to send him a little card and to pass this information onto your friends so the chain doesn’t get broken. I thank you all for your gesture, which will make my Manu so happy."

What came next surprised him. Within days, cards from people they didn't know began pouring in from all around France, Belgium and Luxembourg. And after about a week, more than 300 had arrived.

He got so many cards that the post office had to deliver them by trucks everyday. On his actual birthday - November 22 - a rush of 3,000 cards pushed the total up to 30,000, and some even came accompanied by chocolate, key chains and cakes reports the Daily Mirror.

Lucien Parisseaux told La Voix du Nord newspaper that the quantity of letters recieved has brought tears of joy to his son, while Jacqueline says their family is thrilled to see how generous so many people have chosen to be.

She told the newspaper, “We would never have imagined the impact that a simple Internet message could have in a few days. We are surprised by this outpouring of generosity, and by the messages of support and kindness. The world is not so indifferent after all.”

Updated Date: Nov 26, 2014 18:56:53 IST