WEF: India's agri sector needs right leadership, says Premji

Davos: Wipro Chairman Azim Premji today said India's agriculture needs the right leadership and a drive from the Prime Minister as the sector is key to the country's economy.

"What we require in the  short term is much more investment in agriculture and agricultural productivity," Premji told CNBC TV18 on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum here.

 WEF: Indias agri sector needs right leadership, says Premji

"You can't clap with one hand. If there is a receiver who takes, there is giver who gives," Reuters

He said inflation would be controlled if the government curtails its deficit in the forthcoming budget.

Asked about the issues of governance deficit and corruption, Premji said  industry also needs to put its act together. "You can't clap with one hand. If there is a receiver who takes, there is giver who gives. It is very important that industry leaders establish a much higher standard of governance," he said.

Corruption also arises from the fact that enforcement of laws is not quick and strict enough. "Just having a very active Supreme Court that contributes to improving the situation, but the Supreme Court has a limited bandwidth in
term of what it can address (sic)," he said.

The Wipro Chief said it is not only the government which has to have much more constructive outlook, but the Opposition has to do the same. "I think there is enough of realisation in government that they have to act now. If they don't act, it will hurt their election platform and the elections coming up... I think the message is very clear to them," Premji said, adding that "I am
not under pressure to praise them. I believe in speaking out".


Updated Date: Jan 27, 2012 21:53:52 IST