Coming soon, a movie on the Wall Street protests

New York: A pair of New York filmmakers are joining forces with scores of people around the country to make a documentary on the month-long Occupy Wall Street protests to provide an accurate and "up-close" view of the movement from multiple perspectives.

Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell, filmmakers from Brooklyn, are partnering with more than 50 people from a dozen American cities to bring together footage from protests in cities including Seattle, Austin, Miami, Nashville, Chicago
and Boston.

The filmmakers are trying to speak to "outside parties", including economists, hedge-fund managers, police and the mayor’s office to get a balanced and unbiased view on the protests. AFP Photo

Ewell said the inspiration to make the film, currently titled 99% — The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film, came from the need to fill "a screaming gap" in mainstream coverage of the movement.

Referring to footage of the protests he saw on television, Aites said, "I'm tired of seeing people drumming that is fairly indistinguishable from the parking lot of a
Grateful Dead show."

The duo said most of the coverage appears superficial and occasionally mocking, a report in the New York Times said. "The role of the film is to provide an accurate, up-close view of the movement from multiple perspectives — including critical ones," it said.

The filmmakers are also trying to speak to "outside parties", including economists, hedge-fund managers, police and the mayor’s office to get a balanced and unbiased view on the protests.

So far, the amateur and professional filmmakers who have signed onto the project have amassed more than 200 hours of material from the Occupy protests. More than 100 supporters have contributed $2,385 for the project.


Updated Date: Oct 19, 2011 22:11 PM

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