Video: A trip through Mumbai’s Dadar flower market

Right outside Dadar station, under the flyover, is Mumbai’s oldest wholesale flower market. The market’s narrow lanes are lined with stalls and wooden planks that hold the seasons’ special flowers. Everything from lilies to mogra, lotus, tulips, orchids and imported carnations can be found here, and they come fresh, cheap and in abundance.

The market is most active at 4 am when business hours begin. That’s when trucks filled with flowers from all around Maharashtra and neighbouring states arrive to unload their stock. The market goes on until evening, but its busiest hours are up till 11:30 am, that’s also when you can get good bargains.

The market is witness to frenetic activity daily. Around festivals it gets even more busy and chaotic. Despite the crowd, and filth, especially during monsoons, the wide variety of flowers make it worth a visit. For flowers, or anything flower related, the Dadar flower market is your one stop spot.

Updated Date: Jun 20, 2017 12:52:37 IST