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SUP vs VEL Highlights and Match Recap, Women’s IPL T20 Challenge 2019 Final Match, Full Cricket Score: Supernovas clinch title

Date: Saturday, 11 May, 2019 23:19 IST Match Status: Match Ended
Venue: Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur

Women Final Match Result Supernovas beat Velocity by 4 wickets

Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Sushma Verma (W) not out 40 32 3 1
Shikha Pandey not out 1 6 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Lea Tahuhu 4 1 21 2
Anuja Patil 3 0 19 1
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Lea Tahuhu not out 2 8 0 0
Radha Yadav not out 10 4 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Shikha Pandey 3 0 17 0
Hayley Matthews 2 0 17 0
  • So, Supernovas clinch the inaugural Women's T20 Challenge trophy in emphatic fashion. We have witnessed some top-class cricketing action over the past few days, and now it is time to say goodbye as the tournament comes to a close. 

    However, the cricketing carnival does not end here. The mighty Chennai Super Kings take on Mumbai Indians in the final of IPL 2019 in Hyderabad. Do join us for that game which promises to be a cracker of a contest. Until then, it is goodbye from us! 

  • Jemimah Rodrigues is Player of the Series:

    Rodrigues: I think we did pretty well in the end. Hats off  to Radha. To fight back and come back was great achievement. Credit goes to the team to play like that. There were nerves. Once Harry di started the hitting, we knew she was going to finish things off. Important for me to get consistent at international level.

  • Harmanpreet Kaur, Supernovas captain and Player of the Match: "I knew if I  played till the end i could win this game. I had A chat with Lea to give me the strike.  When I  got out, a lot of though was coming into my mind. I was happy with the approach Radha showed, so I think Radha is the superstar. I only did half the job.  I think partnership between Lea and me was very good. She was very calm and played in a confident way."  

  • Supernovas emerge as a triumphant side! 

  • Mithali Raj, Velocity captain: After the crumble at the top of the batting order, the stand between Sushma and Amelia brought us back. It could have been one-sided contest. I knew my team will fight back. Overall, the girls have done really well from first game to the last. If we have regular matches like this, girls will get exposure. Vaidya bowled really well. Bowling was inexperienced but they tried their best and stuck to plan. We came as underdogs and the way we played was great. The Indian team banks on Harmanpreet to win the T20 World Cup next year. 

  • FOUR!

    That's it!

    What a thrilling encounter! Supernovas pull off a sensational victory, and Radha Yadav does it in some sensational style to guide Supernovas to a thrilling four-wicket win. 

  • WICKET! Drama in the last over! Captain Harmanpreet, who was looking eager to seal the match, is caught by Hayley Mathews at deep cover off Amelia's delivery! Is there a twist in the tale? Harmanpreet Kaur c Hayley Matthews b Amelia Kerr 51

  • Score after 19 overs, Supernovas 115/5 (Harmapreet 51, Tahuhu 2)

    The match heads to the final over, with Supernovas on the verge of victory. Harmanpreet has got to her fifty and will look to finish proceeding as soon as possible. 

  • FIFTY! A well-deserved fifty for Harman coming in a real tough time. With victory in sight, will she and Tahuhu take Supernovas beyond the finish line? 

  • Score after 18 overs, Supernovas 112/5 (Harmapreet 49, Tahuhu 1)

    Two sixes in the over from Harmanpreet has all but taken Supernovas into the drivers' seat. An expensive over from Vaidya with 15 runs coming off it. We are in for a thriller! 

  • Score after 17 overs, Supernovas 97/5 (Harmapreet 34, Tahuhu 1) 

    Seven runs off Ameila's over and suddenly, the Supernovas look like as if they are going to take the game away. A boundary from Harmanpreet as Supernovas need 25 runs to win off 18 balls. 

  • FOUR! Harmanpreet sweeps in through the deep square leg as Supernovas inch towards the team 100. Boundaries are flowing now! 

  • Score after 16 overs, Supernovas 90/5 (Harmapreet 27, Tahuhu 1) 

    Two wides off Jahanara's over. Two fours as well. A productive over for Supernovas as both the fours come from captain Harmanpreet. Not the way Jahanara would have wanted to continue after picking up two crucial wickets. 

  • Score after 15 overs, Supernovas 77/5 (Harmapreet 17, Tahuhu 0) 

    The comeback is on! Harmanpreet is charged up and a four and a six have all of a sudden taken Supernovas back in the game. They will be desperate for more of these now. 

  • Score after 14 overs, Supernovas 64/5 (Harmapreet 4, Tahuhu 0) 

    Jahanara is in top form. Two wickets in her last two overs and Velocity are on top. A closely-fought contest already. Harmanpreet and Tahuhu will have to give everything now. 

  • Snehal Pradhan, freelance cricket writer

    It's game on now with Sciver gone. The England all rounder has had a forgettable tournament, especially with the bat. And with Harmanpreet being a notoriously slow starter, there is every chance that the RRR will climb significantly. But what a statement from Jahanara Alam, after being left out of the first game. 

  • WICKET! Jahanara does the damage as Devine is clean bowled! It's turning out to be nightmare for Supernovas and there is an unexpected momentum shift in the game. Devine b Jahanara Alam 3 

  • Score after 13 overs, Supernovas 61/4 (Harmapreet 4,  Devine 1) 

    This is brilliant stuff from Devika. Just two runs from the over as Velocity gradually begin to steal the momentum from Supernovas. 

  • Score after 12 overs, Supernovas 59/4 (Harmapreet 3,  Sciver 2) 

    More and more pressure on Supernovas. Jahanara Alam has struck at the right time, seeing off Natalie Sciver. Things are not looking good for Velocity, and they cannot afford any more dot balls. 

  • WICKET! Bowled em!Jahanara Alam delivers a fierce one and rips the off-stump as Sciver departs. She is ecstatic, and why not! The pendulum is swigling, but right now Velocity is on a comeback. Sciver b Jahanara Alam 2

  • Score after 11 overs, Supernovas 55/3 (Harmapreet 1, Sciver 1) 

    An economical over from Devika. One wicket, a big one, and just two runs from the over. Velocity have not given up and they still have a chance in the match. 

  • Snehal Pradhan, freelance cricket writer

    There it is, as I was saying, the leg spin of Devika making a difference. Along with Kerr, the leggies have put some life into this defence. Two new batters at the crease now, one more wicket will make this interesting. But one of the new batters is the best hitter of spin in the world. 

  • WICKET! Punia loses her focus, and as a result she is stumped by Sushma Verma. A wider delivery from Devika Vaidya. Is this the beginning of another colapse?  Priya Punia st Sushma Verma b Devika Vaidya 29

  • Score after 10 overs, Supernovas 53/2 (Priya 29, Jemimah 22) 

    Supernovas go past 50, but lose Jemimah for just 22 runs. A soft dismissal as Amelia takes a comfortable catch while Jemimah attempts a straight drive. 

  • Snehal Pradhan, freelance cricket writer

    Devika Vaidya's introduction has made things interesting, and she's getting turn. Made the Indian team as a bowler who can bat, now is playing as a batter primarily, but was good to see her get turn. Can she be the differentiator for Velocity? 

  • WICKET! A fuller-length delivery from Amelia, and Jemimah tries to drive it down but Kerr takes a comfortable catch. Much-needed breakthrough for Velocity. Rodrigues c and b Amelia Kerr 22

  • Score after 9 overs, Supernovas 48/1 (Priya 28, Jemimah 18) 

    Just two runs coming off Devika Vaidya's first over. Mostly fuller length deliveries, but Priya and Jemimah continue to run in singles

  • Score after 8 overs, Supernovas 46/1 (Priya 27, Jemimah 17) 

    Just one boundary from this over.Seven runs coming off Amelia's first over. The partnership between Priya and Jemimah is now 37. 

  • Score after 7 overs, Supernovas 39/1 (Priya 22, Jemimah 15) 

    Jemimah delivers with a welcome boundary. A much-needed one for Supernovas who were under real pressure. Supernovas need more of these or the asking rate will only keep rising. 

  • FOUR! Lofted and driven straight down the ground from Jemimah. Placed the shot well, gets the exact length she anticipates. A welcome boundary for Supernovas. 

  • Snehal Pradhan, freelance cricket writer

    Just one wicket down in the Powerplay and it feels like a job half done. Priya Punia has been the surprise package, she isn't known for her strike rate but she's showing a side of her game that is very encouraging. With some work on her fitness, she could evolve further. 

  • Score after 6 overs, Supernovas 33/1 (Priya 21, Jemimah 10) 

    Jahanara Alam is introduced into the attack. Bowls four dots off her first four deliveries. Concedes just one run. Velocity will need more of overs like these and wickets if they are to win the tournament. 

  • Score after 5 overs, Supernovas 32/1 (Priya 20, Jemimah 10) 

    Ekta Bisht delivers some slow ones, and only one run come from her over. A relief for now at least for Velocity. Will they continue to stop Supernovas from scoring? 

  • Score after 4 overs, Supernovas 31/1 (Priya 19, Jemimah 10) 

    Rodrigues joins the party with two fours. Supernovas are gaining momentum and Velocity will need to do something here and do not have much time. What different can the bowlers do here? 

  • Score after 3 overs, Supernovas 21/1 (Priya 19, Jemimah 0) 

    Priya Punia is in attack mode. She slams three fours as Supernovas get back in the game. 12 runs come off Shikha Pandey's expensive over. Rodrigues is yet to open her account. 

  • Score after 2 overs, Supernovas 9/1 (Priya 7, Jemimah 0) 

    Supernovas suffer an early blow after they lose Chamari Athapaththu due to a run-out. Priya Punia had hit a four just before the dismissal, with seven runs coming off  Hayley Mathews' first over. 

  • WICKET! Early breakthrough for Velocity as Athapaththu is run-out. Athapaththu rushes back for the third after completing two runs but a fine throw from Bisht to keeper Sushma Verma completes the dismissal.  Athapaththu run out (Ekta Bisht/Sushma Verma) 2

  • FOUR! Hayley Mathews comes round the wicket, but Priya times the hit well to drive it through the off-side. 

  • Score after 1 over, Supernovas 2/0 (Priya 1, Athapaththu 1) 

    Good start by Shikha Pandey as only two runs come off the first over. Velocity does not have huge score on the board and they would want to repeat more such efforts as shown by Pandey. 

  • Priya Punia and Chamari Athapaththu make the walk to the middle to begin Supernovas' run chase. Shikha Pandey to open Velocity's bowling.

  • Score after 20 overs, Velocity 121/6 (Shikha 1, Sushma Verma 40) 

    Velocity end their innings at 121-6, thanks to contributions from Sushma Verma and Ameia Kerr. Not the total they would have expected, but the bowlers will hope to do their job and defend this tough total. The Supernovas bowlers did a fantastic job, with Lea Tahuhu taking two wickets. 

    Will Supernovas chase this down or will Velocity defend this? Join us very shortly for the run-chase. 

  • SIX! Sushma brings up the first six of the final! Smashes it towards long-on 

  • Score after 19 overs, Velocity 108/6 (Shikha 0, Sushma Verma 29) 

    A good comeback over from Poonam. Breaking the partnership, conceding just one run. What more can Supernovas ask for right now! 

  • WICKET! Partnership broken! Amelia departs for 38 as Harmanpreet completes the catch at cover. Breakthrough for Poonam Yadav and Supernovas. Amelia Kerr c Kaur b Poonam Yadav 36 

  • Score after 18 overs, Velocity 107/5 (Amelia 36, Sushma Verma 28) 

    Supernovas look desperate to break this partnership. Seven runs off Sciver's over. Amelia and Sushma keep the scoreboard ticking. How far will they get?  

  • Score after 17 overs, Velocity 100/5 (Amelia 35, Sushma Verma 22) 

    100 up for Velocity. Eight off Devine's final over as the momentum starts to shift. Three overs to go, can the duo get their team towards 140? 

  • Snehal Pradhan, freelance cricket writer

    Bit of a fight back from Kerr and Sushma. Let's not forget, Kerr has an ODI double hundred against her name. And this is the chance Sushma needs to stake a claim to the Indian team. They need to time their attack well, probably start looking for boundaries around the 18th over. 

  • Score after 16 overs, Velocity 92/5 (Amelia 29, Sushma Verma 20) 

    Sushma Verma finishes the 16th over with a four as she plays a sweep shot through the square leg. The partnership between Sushma and Amelia has gone past 50. 

  • Score after 15 overs, Velocity 84/5 (Amelia 28, Sushma Verma 13) 

    Amelia begins the over with a boundary. Four singles coming from it apart from the four. Going at a run-rate of a little bit above five, 150 seems a huge ask from here. 

  • Score after 14 overs, Velocity 76/5 (Amelia 22, Sushma Verma 11) 

    The Supernovas have now started conceding extras. Another two wides coming off Sciver's over. A total of seven runs from it. 

LIVE Score, WIPL 2019 Final, Supernovas vs Velocity: What a thrilling encounter! Supernovas pull off a sensational victory, and Radha Yadav does it in some sensational style to guide Supernovas to a thrilling four-wicket win.

WIPL 2019, Supernovas vs Velocity Today’s Final Match Preview: Supernovas will take on Velocity in the final of the Women's T20 Challenge 2019 at Jaipur on Saturday.

All three teams including the Trailblazers won one game each but Supernovas and Velocity qualified for the final with a higher run rate than the Smriti Mandhana-led side.

Supernovas qualified for the final with a win over Velocity in the previous match of the tournament as Velocity, who had registered a victory against Trailblazers, adopted the rule of cautiousness in the chase.

Instead of chasing the target of 143, Mithali Raj and Co decided to get past the mark of 117, which they needed to have a better run rate than Trailblazers.

However, on Saturday, revenge will be on their minds as both teams face for the second time in space of three days.

Supernovas' Jemimah Rodrigues was declared the player of the match in the previous tie for her sublime unbeaten 77. Velocity will look to keep the teenager quiet this time but Supernovas still pack a lot of punch with the presence of Harmanpreet Kaur, Sophie Devine and Chamari Athapaththu.

Meanwhile, Poonam Yadav, Natalie Sciver and Radha Yadav form the foundation of their bowling attack.

Danielle Wyatt, Mithali Raj are once again expected to shoulder the batting responsibilities of Velocity while Shikha Pandey and Amelia Kerr will look to restrict their opponents to a modest total this time around.

Supernovas and Velocity full squads

Supernovas 2019 Team Players List: Harmanpreet Kaur (Captain), Anuja Patil, Arundhati Reddy, Chamari Athapaththu (Sri Lanka), Jemimah Rodrigues, Lea Tahuhu (New Zealand), Mansi Joshi, Natalie Sciver (England), Poonam Yadav, Priya Punia, Radha P Yadav, Sophie Devine (New Zealand), Taniya Bhatia (WK).

Velocity 2019 Team Players List: Mithali Raj (Captain), Amelia Kerr (New Zealand), Danielle Wyatt (England), Devika Vaidya, Ekta Bisht, Hayley Matthews (West Indies), Jahanara Alam (Bangladesh), Komal Zhanzad, Shafali Verma, Shikha Pandey, Sushma Verma (WK), Sushree Dibyadarshini, Veda Krishnamurthy

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Updated Date: May 11, 2019


Pos. Team P W L D Pts.
14 9 5 0 18
14 9 5 0 18
14 9 5 0 18
14 6 8 0 12
14 6 8 0 12
14 6 8 0 12
14 5 8 0 11
14 5 8 0 11
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Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 3631 113
2 New Zealand 2547 111
3 South Africa 2917 108
4 England 3663 105
5 Australia 2640 98
6 Sri Lanka 3462 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 5372 125
2 India 5669 121
3 South Africa 4488 115
4 New Zealand 3729 113
5 Australia 4342 109
6 Pakistan 3846 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 7365 283
2 England 4253 266
3 South Africa 4196 262
4 Australia 5471 261
5 India 7273 260
6 New Zealand 4056 254