'Ridiculous and childish': Shane Warne involved in spat with former England player Matt Prior over Nathan Lyon comments

Shane Warne has criticised former England wicket-keeper Matt Prior for taking a dig at Nathan Lyon after the conclusion of thrilling Headingley Test where England defeated Australia by one wicket.

FirstCricket Staff, Aug 27, 2019 17:20:41 IST

Shane Warne has criticised former England wicket-keeper Matt Prior for taking a dig at Nathan Lyon after the conclusion of thrilling Headingley Test where England defeated Australia by one wicket.

Warne, who has 708 wickets in Tests, has voiced his displeasure on Twitter over Prior's comments about Lyon when the spinner fumbled a crucial run-out chance in the dying minutes of the game followed by an LBW appeal which umpire Joel Wilson gave not out. Prior's words were in response to Lyon's previous comments during the last Ashes series where he spoke about Australian bowlers ending careers of certain England players.

Prior tweeted, "Nathan Lyon #mothercricket," which is a reference to how karma came back to haunt the Australian off-spinner.

In reply, Warner tweeted, "Excuse me? Just because Lyon knocked you over for fun, there’s still no need for that kind of silly and immature behaviour. Grow up, and enough of those stupid comments. Let’s celebrate the wonderful game of test cricket & the Ashes please!"

Prior then responded to Warne saying, "Not worried about him knocking me over mate and agree it was a fantastic game of cricket but comments made were always going to bite back as we all know." Former England cricketer Chris Adams, who played five Tests and five ODIs also took on Warne saying how the Australians are bad at taking criticism but do not think twice before making fun of other cricketers. Warne then replied to Adams, "Chris, you were nothing but a club cricketer ! So don’t even bore us with your dribble as no one is interested or cares in what you have to say! Pipe down....." England fast bowler and part of the current member of the squad Stuart Broad also joined the heated conservation when he put out his side of the story about being criticised by the Aussie cricketers.

"My stick was pretty tasty, called upon by Australians, for not walking, when I can’t think of many genuine walking Aussies? 22 players in back to back Ashes series nicked it & didn't Walk," Broad tweeted.

Warne's final tweet on the matter read, "We should all be celebrating test cricket & @benstokes38 plus the ashes. It’s ridiculous these cheap shots, just unnecessary! I’m all for banter & fun. I gave it & took it. But this is just ridiculous & childish from @MattPrior13 & the club cricketer Adams - spare me & enough !" To the same tweet, Prior replied, "Now it’s silly, immature and childish? Jeez you guys have short memories! I don’t think you can pick and choose when to hide behind “it’s just banter” and then decide it’s now childish and immature. Anyway as you say moving on..."

Warne is currently a commentator for Sky Sports, the official broadcaster of the Ashes. The fourth Ashes Test will start on 4 September at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester. While Australia will look to win the match and retain the trophy, England, after a morale-boosting win, will aim to take a 2-1 lead in the series.

Updated Date: Aug 27, 2019 17:20:41 IST

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