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Highlights T10 League at Sharjah, Punjabi Legends vs Kerala Kings: Legends beat Kings by 8 wickets

Date: Friday, 15 December, 2017 23:33 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • After 1st over: Punjabi Legends 9/1 (U Akmal 0 (1), S Malik 2 (3))  

    Good first over from Sohail Tanvir.  Just nine runs and an important wicket of Luke Ronchi. Shoaib Malik and Umar Akmal at the crease now for the Legends

  • OUT! Luke Ronchi 2(2) b Sohail Tanvir c Plunkett

    Ronchi departs early. trying to force the scoring, but good bowling from Tanvir. Early blow for the Punjabi Legends

  • Good effort from the Kerala Kings to get to 114. Paul Stirling carrying his bat through. Useful contributions from Eoin Morgan and Nicolas Pooran in the end. At a point it seemed the Kings may struggle to cross hundred thanks to some good bowling from the Legends, but in the end the Morgan-led outfit will b satisfied

  • After 10th over: Kerala Kings 114/4 (Stirling 46 (29), Pooran 19 (6))  

    Faheem gives 12 runs in the last over. Stirling's innings takes the Kings to a pretty good total in the end. Legends who must win to stay in contention need to bat well in the second innings to overhaul the target

  • After 9th over: Kerala Kings 102/4 (Stirling 41 (26), Pooran 14 (4))  

    Big over for the Kings. 21 runs from the over. First Stirling, then Pooran. Some exquisite shots for maximum. Not the over Hasan Ali or the Legends were looking for

  • After 8th over: Kerala Kings 81/3 (Sterling 34 (23), Pooran 0 (1))  

    Chris Jordan with an excellent over in the circumstances. Removed the dangerous Shakib Al Hasan and conceded just 7 runs. Brilliant effort from the Englishman

  • OUT! Shakib Al Hasan 7 (6) b Chris Jordan c Shoaib

    A frustrated Shakib tries to clear the long-off boundary but is caught in the deep. Kings losing their way

  • After 7th over: Kerala Kings 74/3 (Stirling 28 (20), Shakib 6 (4))  

    Bopara with another fine over. Giving away just nine runs. Stirling is leading the charge for the Kings, but needs more support from the other end if the Kings are to put a mammoth total

  • After 6th over: Kerala Kings 65/3 (Stirling 22 (16), Shakib 4 (2))  

    A good is slightly ruined by a misfield on the final ball that leads to a boundary. But Dawlat will be happy with his effort, especially with Pollard's wicket. Just 7 runs come off it. Legends [ulling things back a bit

  • OUT! Kieran Pollard 0(3) b Dawlat c U Akmal

    Pollard departs for a duck after being caught in the deep

  • After 5th over: Kerala Kings 58/2 (Stirling 19 (12), Pollard 0 (2))  

    A successful over for the Legends and Bopara removes the dangerous Morgan. Just nine runs come from it. Kieran Pollard has made his way to the crease, so expect fireworks

  • OUT! Eoin Morgan 21 (13) b Ravi Bopara C Luke Ronchi

    A brilliant catch from Ronchi at Third Man to dismiss the Kerala Kings skipper. Big wicket for Legends as Morgan was looking dangerous

  • After 4th over: Kerala Kings 49/1 (Sterling 18 (10), Morgan 21 (12)) 

    A decent over from Chris Jordan, especially after being hit for a boundary off the second ball by Sterling. But 11 runs is a decent return in this format for the bowling side

  • After 3rd over: Kerala Kings 38/1 (Sterling 14 (8), Morgan 15 (8)) 

    Morgan gets into the act. A four down the ground and a six over square leg later in the over. Fourteen runs come from the Hasan Ali over

  • After 2nd over: Kerala Kings 24/1 (Sterling 13 (6), Morgan 3 (2))

    Expensive over! Dawlat struggling with his line and length. Five wides followed by a six from Sterling spoild the over for the Legends

  • After 1st over: Kerala Kings 11/1 (Sterling 6 (3), Morgan 1(1))

    Eventful first over. A boundary to start off from Walton beofre he perished to a poor shot. Faheem then dropped Sterling off his own bowling and was punished for it as Sterling finished the over with a six

  • OUT! Chadwich Walton 4(2) c&b Faheem 

    One shot too many for Walton. After hitting Faheem for a boundary on the first ball, Walton comes down the track only to top-edge a short delivery. Easy catch for Faheem. Eventful start!

  • FOUR! What a way to starts the innings! Kerala Kings underway with a boundary!!

  • The players are out on the field. The third match of the day between Punjabi Legends and Kerala Kings is about to begin! 

  • Punjabi Legends won the toss and elected to field first

  • Maratha Arabians 131/5 after 10 overs. (Rossouw 49, Imad Wasim 9)

    ​​WHAT A WIN FOR MARATHA ARABIANS! Rossouw remains unbeaten till the end and smashes two six in last two balls to the clinch the match for his team. Imad Wasim starts the over with a six and then it was all Rossouw's show. 

  • Maratha Arabians 110/5 after 9 overs. (Rossouw 37, Imad Wasim 0)

    ​​TWO BIG WICKETS! Fernando turns around the game. First Whiteley fails to make it to the crease he gets run out and then Bravo finds the fielder at long-off. Maratha Arabians need 16 runs from the last over. Can they do it?  

  • Maratha Arabians 99/3 after 8 overs. (Rossouw 36, Whiteley 0)

    ​​OUT! Scintillating stuff! Rambukwella gets rid of Van der Merve but also gives away 16 runs in the over. Rossouw ends the over with a six over long on and they now need 27 from last two overs, 

  • Maratha Arabians 83/2 after 7 overs. (Rossouw 29, Van Der Merve 16)

    ​​Costly over by Lahiru Madushanka. Van der Merve picks the slower one and deposits it in the stands over mid-wickets while Rossouw also hits one six by going down on his knees and sending it to fine-leg stands.

  • Maratha Arabians 68/2 after 6 overs. (Rossouw 22, Van Der Merve 8)

    ​​Another good over from Sri Lanka Cricket. T de Silva concedes just one four and total of 9 runs. The Arabians need 58 more in 24 balls. 

  • Maratha Arabians 59/2 after 5 overs. (Rossouw 19, Van Der Merve 1)

    ​​OUT! Finally a much needed breakthrough! Hales flicks one straight off Madushanka to deep squareleg fielder and he goes after making 32, Madushanka ends the over strongly, giving away just five runs. 

  • Maratha Arabians 54/1 after 4 overs. (Rossouw 16, Alex Hales 32)

    ​​The Arabians cross the 50-run mark in the fourth over. Hales, once again, shows his class. Hales flicks the first ball towards the fine-leg and then Rossouw smashes a six over covers. The deep fielder drops the catch as he slips. Hales then uses his legs to hit another boundary over fine-leg. Good over for the Maratha Arabians. 

  • Maratha Arabians 33/1 after 3 overs. (Rossouw 7, Alex Hales 21)

    ​Hales is looking in good form. After smashing a four over mid on, Hales lofts one over mid-off for a six. He then gets a thick outside edge for another four as Madushanka concedes 15 runs in his first over.

  • Maratha Arabians 18/1 after 2 overs. (Rossouw 7, Alex Hales 6)

    ​Shehan Jayasuriya bowls the second over. Hales gets going in the second ball with a four over bowler's head. Rossouw then picks up a slower ball and hits a huge six. Costly over by Jayasuriya.

  • Maratha Arabians 4/1 after 1 over. (Rossouw 0, Alex Hales 0)

    ​Vishwa Fernando removes the dangerous Kamran Akmal in the first over. Akmal makes room to smash a back of the length ball but misses it completely. Just four runs from the first over. 

  • Team Sri Lanka Cricket 125/4 after 10 overs. (Chandimal 37, T de Silva 8)

    End of the innings! Van der Merwe bowls a good final over as he concedes just 8 runs. T de Silva hits one four in the over while skipper Chandimal remains unbeaten on 37.

  • Team Sri Lanka Cricket 117/4 after 9 overs. (Chandimal 36, T de Silva 1)

    OUT! Another slower one and another wicket. Bravo's delivery completely bamboozles Rambukwella as he departs after playing a good knock of 28. Apart from one four, Bravo bowls a decent over.  

  • Team Sri Lanka Cricket 117/4 after 9 overs. (Chandimal 36, T de Silva 1)

    OUT! Another slower one and another wicket. Bravo's delivery completely bamboozles Rambukwella as he departs after playing a good knock of 28. Apart from one four, Bravo bowls a decent over.  

  • Team Sri Lanka Cricket 109/3 after 8 overs. (Chandimal 29, Rambukwella 22)

    Rambukwella shows his power in the big stage. Two sixes in Mohammad Amir's along with a no ball and a wide. Rambukwella nails one over long-off and follows it up with a powerful pull over midwicket. 

  • Team Sri Lanka Cricket 92/3 after 7 overs. (Chandimal 28, Rambukwella 9)

    Good over from Van der Merwe consdering the state of the match. He concedes 11 runs as Sri Lanka found him hard to hit. However, Rambukwella manages to hit two boundaries in the over.

  • Team Sri Lanka Cricket 81/3 after 6 overs. (Chandimal 26, Rambukwella 0)

    OUT! Good over from Dwayne Bravo as he removes Jayasuriya for 28. Jayasuriya comes down the track but completely misses a slow, dipping ball. He gives away just 5 runs.  

  • Team Sri Lanka Cricket 76/2 after 5 overs. (Chandimal 23, Jayasuriya 27)

    No respite for Maratha Arabians as Zahoor Khan gave away 13 runs in his first over. Jayasuriya plays a cheeky paddle shot for a boundary in the third ball, Chandimal, on the other hand, smashes a short ball towards fine-leg for a six.  

  • Team Sri Lanka Cricket 63/2 after 4 overs. (Chandimal 15, Jayasuriya 21)

    Runs keep coming for Sri Lanka. Imad Wasim looks our of sorts as Jayasuriya and Chandimal ​smash 23 runs in the over. Jayasiriya hits two huge sixes over the midwicket while Chandimal comes up with two fours in the last two balls. 

  • Team Sri Lanka Cricket 39/2 after 3 overs. (Chandimal 5, Jayasuriya 8)

    Out! Viljoen sends back dangerous-looking Rajapaksa. The batsman cuts a wide delivery but takes a good low catch inside the circle. Rilee Rossouw. Shehan Jayasuriya joins Chandimal in the middle and soon smashes back to back fours to end the over. 

  • Team Sri Lanka Cricket 25/1 after 2 overs. (Chandimal 5, Rajapaksa 15)

    ​Mohammad Amir gives away 11 runs in his first over, including two fours fours. Rajapaksa smashes one over covers in the third ball while Chandimal pulls one over short midwicket.  

  • Team Sri Lanka Cricket 14/1 after 1 over. (Chandimal 1, Rajapaksa 10)

    OUT! Hardus Viljoen strikes in the very first over after Munaweera sends one straight to third man fielder. Despite the wicket, Viljoen concedes 14 runs. B Rajapaksa finishes the over with a six over square-leg.

  • Solid bowling display! 

  • That's the scorecard of Bengal Tigers!

  • The next match is between Maratha Arabians and Team Sri Lanka Cricket. 

    Virender Sehwag of Maratha Arabians win the toss the he elects to bowl first,  

  • Bengal Tigers 105/7 after 9.1 overs. (Naveed 14, Anwar Ali 11)

    Usama Mir bowls the final over as Naveed finishes the game off with a six straight down the ground. A fantastic win for the Bengal Tigers, who did not lose their despite regular fall of wickets.

  • Bengal Tigers 99/7 after 9 overs. (Naveed 5, Anwar Ali 5)

    Anwar Ali's two sixes off Jordan almost finishes the match. The scores are level and they need one more run from the final over. Jordan's lengths didn't do the trick this time.

  • Bengal Tigers 85/7 after 8 overs. (Naveed 14, Anwar Ali 5)

    After a good over by Hasan Ali, Brathwaite concedes 18 runs thanks to three superb sixes from Aamer Yamin. The bowler has his revenge in the 5th ball by trapping Aamer in front of the wickets but now Bengal Tigers need 15 runs from 12 balls.

  • Bengal Tigers 63/6 after 7 overs. (Anwar Ali 1, Aamer Yamin 0)

    Once again, Hasan Ali, once again, shows how he can turnaround the games with his spells. He shatters the stumps to send Sammy away and then Miller hits one high in the air as Faheem Ashraf takes a good catch under pressure. Just three runs came from Ali's over along with two vital wickets.

  • Bengal Tigers 60/4 after 6 overs. (David Miller 15, Darren Sammy 6)

    Faheem Ashraf returns to attack and bowls a good one. Apart from a four from Sammy in the fourth ball, others deliveries did not leak many runs. It's getting tougher for Bengal Tigers. David Miller is the key here. 

  • Bengal Tigers 53/4 after 5 overs. (David Miller 14, Darren Sammy 1)

    Leg-spinner Usama Mir concedes 13 runs from his first over.From first three balls, Miller scores 10 runs including two boundaries over midwicket. Bengal Tigers need 47 more runs in five overs.


That's it from us. It was an action-packed day in the T10 Cricket League. We will be back again tomorrow bringing you all updates from the competition. Sincere apologies for the technical difficulty

Day 1 report: Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi's hat-trick lit up the opening night of the inaugural T10 League here, helping his Pakhtoons side beat the Virender Sehwag-led Maratha Arabians by 25 runs.

File image of Dinesh Chandimal . Reuters

File image of Dinesh Chandimal . Reuters

In the tournament opener, Kerala Kings rode on Irish Paul Stirling's unbeaten 66 to beat Bengal Tigers by eight wickets at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium here on Thursday.

Afridi claimed the hat-trick with the first three balls to break the backbone of the Arabians, who were on track with England's Alex Hales striking a 26-ball unbeaten 57, in their chase of 122.

The explosive Pakistani leg-spinner's victims included South Africa's Rilee Rossouw, who holed out to Afridi's first ball, caught by a fine diving catch at long-on by Najibullah Zadran before his second delivery trapped West Indian Dwayne Bravo plumb in front.

Sehwag became the third victim of Afridi's hat-trick, trapped in front by an in-dipping slider.

Interestingly, this was Hales' first outing since the incident outside a Bristol nightclub that led to him and all-rounder Ben Stokes' suspension from England duty.

With inputs from IANS

Updated Date: Dec 15, 2017

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