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India vs West Indies, Highlights, 2nd Test, Day 2 at Jamaica, Full Cricket Score: Bumrah's hat-trick leaves Windies reeling at 87/7 at Stumps

Date: Sunday, 01 September, 2019 04:16 IST

Venue: Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica

Match Ended

India beat West Indies by 257 runs

416/10 & 168/4 OV : (54.4) RR.(3.09)
117/10 & 210/10 OV : (59.5) RR.(3.53)
Match Ended:

India beat West Indies by 257 runs

Man Of the Match:

This over 59.5

  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 4
  • 0(W)


Shannon Gabriel

  • 0 (1)
  • 4s X 0
  • 6s X 0


Ishant Sharma

  • 37 (12)
  • M X 3
  • W X 2

Jasprit Bumrah

  • 31 (11)
  • M X 4
  • W X 1
Current Partnership Last Wicket

4 ( 1.0 ) R/R: 4

Shannon Gabriel 0(1)

Jason Holder 4(5)

210/10 (59.5 over)

Jason Holder 39 (35) SR: S.R (111.43)

b Ravindra Jadeja

India in West Indies 2 Test Series 2019 2nd Test Match Result India beat West Indies by 257 runs

India vs West Indies, Highlights, 2nd Test, Day 2 at Jamaica, Full Cricket Score: Bumrah's hat-trick leaves Windies reeling at 87/7 at Stumps


03:39 (IST)

Stumps, Day 2

A high quality spell of fast bowling that saw Jasprit Bumrah become the third Indian to claim a Test hat-trick is the story of the final session of play. Bumrah was responsible for six out of the seven wickets that fell in the evening session, breaking the back of West Indies batting line up.

The day started with Hanuma Vihari grafting his way to his maiden Test century, followed by Ishant Sharma notching his maiden Test fifty that pushed India past the 400-run mark on the challenging surface at Sabina Park. What next? Enter Jasprit Bumrah! Who ran in and delivered another hostile spell on his way to another Test five-wicket haul to virtually put the game beyond West Indies' reach.

India need three wickets to wrap up West Indies' innings and stand a massive chance to enforce the follow on as they are still 329 runs adrift and the way the Indians have bowled, it might not be too wishful to think that it might well be the final day of India's tour of America and the Caribbean.

Thank you all for joining us today, we look forward to your company tomorrow.

03:35 (IST)

After 33 overs,West Indies 87/7 ( Jahmar Hamilton (W) 2 , Rahkeem Cornwall 4)

Bumrah bowls the final over of the second day and Hamilton makes sure he doesn't lose his wicket in the over. Bumrah ends the day with lifter that climbs rapidly on Hamilton, who is able to hop and keep it down on the off side. Umpires calls it the close of play.

03:31 (IST)

After 32 overs,West Indies 87/7 ( Jahmar Hamilton (W) 2 , Rahkeem Cornwall 4)

Jadeja with a third maiden in a row, this time it is Cornwall who plays out the spinner. He did make it very interesting with that one leave that almost kissed the off stump. Jadeja couldn't believe his luck. He also played some crunchy drives which were stopped by Kohli in the covers before Mayank Agarwal cops one on his heel at silly point. He looks ok.


03:31 (IST)

After 31 overs,West Indies 87/7 ( Jahmar Hamilton (W) 2 , Rahkeem Cornwall 4)

Bumrah is unhappy with the missed chance as he was eyeing his 7th wicket of the innings. Cornwall has earned his first runs in Test cricket thanks to a streaky boundary and some delayed reaction from Pujara at first slip.

03:31 (IST)

FOUR! Bumrah after bowling several deliveries into Cornwall's pads and body, keeps this short as the ball rises quite a bit. Cornwall pushes at it with hard hands and edges it but Pujara is very late to react perhaps distracted by Pant's movement that was towards leg slip. Pujara dives almost after the ball has past him and Bumrah isn't happy. He might have six wickets out of the seven that have fell in this innings, but he is hungry for more. Via an outside edge to third man boundary, Cornwall earns his first runs in Test cricket.

03:29 (IST)

Most 5-fors for Indian pacers in West Indies in Tests:

3 - Ishant Sharma 
2 - Kapil Dev

03:26 (IST)

After 30 overs,West Indies 82/7 ( Jahmar Hamilton (W) 2 , Rahkeem Cornwall 0)

Jadeja continuing. He rolls his arm for another maiden. Hamilton bats sensibly for another over to defend it well. Lot of man around the bat but Hamilton remains compact in his approach.

03:25 (IST)

Indian bowlers with a six-for in Tests in West Indies:

S Gupte, Port of Spain, 1953
B Chandrasekhar, Port of Spain, 1976
Kapil Dev, Kingston, 1989
Anil Kumble, Kingston, 2006
I Sharma, Bridgetown, 2011
R Ashwin, North Sound, 2016
J Bumrah, Kingston, 2019

03:23 (IST)

After 29 overs,West Indies 82/7 ( Jahmar Hamilton (W) 2 , Rahkeem Cornwall 0)

Bumrah might just stand in one place and release the ball and chances are very high that he will find a wicket. Jason Holder becomes his latest victim. With West Indies skipper walking back, the hosts fear the danger of being bowled out under 100 and probably even today. Rahkeem Cornwall joins his fellow debutant, Jahmar Hamilton, and he gets nicely behind the line of the ball to negate Bumrah's over. Solid so far from the big man which is loudly applauded by the spectators.

03:21 (IST)

OUT! Bumrah is back for his second spell and strikes off the first ball. Short ball outside off and Holder once again going for a cross-batted swat, very similar to the shot he played in the previous over of Shami, this time the ball goes higher and it doesn't even carry towards mid off. Substitue fielder Rohit Sharma pouches the catch and Holder departs after playing couple of visually disturbing shot. Bumrah takes his sixth!!

Holder c (sub)Rohit b Bumrah 18(38)

03:21 (IST)

After 28 overs,West Indies 78/6 ( Jason Holder (C) 18 , Jahmar Hamilton (W) 2)

Ravi Jadeja quickly goes through another maiden, holding up one end. Hamilton does well to defend in the over until he attempts an expansive lofted drive later in the over, that he doesn't connect.


03:15 (IST)

After 27 overs,West Indies 78/6 ( Jason Holder (C) 18 , Jahmar Hamilton (W) 2)

Some fitness issues for Shami now as he seen holding his calf, another case of dehydration. He pops a pill a continues. Holder with an ungainly hoick down the ground after he struck a boundary down the ground, the ball lands safely with no mid off in place, they run two and Shami walks off the field.

03:11 (IST)

FOUR! Shami tries to bowl the inswinging yorker but ends up bowling a full toss that Holder is able to concet using his long levers and drive it down the ground. No mid off in place and the ball races away to the long off boundary

03:10 (IST)

After 26 overs,West Indies 70/6 ( Jason Holder (C) 10 , Jahmar Hamilton (W) 2)

Jahmar Hamilton comes out to bat for the first time in Test career and he earns his first run through a glance towards fine leg for a couple. Jadeja's over costs three runs.

03:08 (IST)

After 25 overs,West Indies 67/6 ( Jason Holder (C) 9 , )

Hetmyer is back in the hut with Shami castling him after the southpaw played a scratchy innings of 34. In manys ways it puts an end to the frustration that was building with every boundary Hetmyer was edging to third man. 

03:04 (IST)

OUT! Gone! Bumrah's chance of picking a 10-wicket haul is dashed by Shami! It was straight ball from Shami from round the stumps and Hetmyer has missed this completely, he was aiming to drive the ball down the ground but plays down the wrong line, the ball sneaks through the gap between bat and pad and hits the middle of middle.

Hetmyer b Shami 34(57)

02:59 (IST)

FOUR! Full and wide of off and Hetmyer cannot resist the temptation. Goes after it and has a good crack at it as well. He was playing away from the body but his hand eye coordination ensures that ball goes through the point for a boundary.

02:59 (IST)

After 24 overs,West Indies 63/5 ( Shimron Hetmyer 30 , Jason Holder (C) 9)

Virat places an extra slip for Jadeja. Holder blocks the first, leaves the second delivery that was close to the off stump. Defends off the backfoot, stonewalls a couple of more before trying to free his arms and drive down the ground, but the mid off is deep and comes around to ensure the over ends as a maiden.

02:56 (IST)

After 23 overs,West Indies 63/5 ( Shimron Hetmyer 30 , Jason Holder (C) 9)

Plenty of 'ohhs' and 'ahhs' in Shami's over as Hetmyer keeps chasing after deliveries outside the off stump, but fortunately for him, the ball didn't take the edge on this occasion as the packed slip cordon waited to pounce on any opportunity. Shami finishes with a beauty to beat the edge once again. Maiden. Into the last few minutes of the day's play.

02:53 (IST)

After 22 overs,West Indies 63/5 ( Shimron Hetmyer 30 , Jason Holder (C) 9)

Ishant Sharma allows a ball to slip through at point, which gives Windies a chance to add a couple of runs to their total. Jadeja draws an outside edge off the last ball of the over but the edge is only headed towards the third man ropes and not going the fielder. Looks like Bumrah is destined for a 10-wicket haul! You heard it here first.

02:50 (IST)

FOUR! Another outside edge that runs away for four. Jadeja lands a full delivery outside off that's turning away from Holder, who looks to defend the ball, but the ball takes the edge and runs away to the fence

02:47 (IST)

After 21 overs,West Indies 57/5 ( Shimron Hetmyer 30 , Jason Holder (C) 3)

Hetmyer not only living on the edge but living by it as well, in fact he collected three boundaries via the outside edges in a single over from Ishant Sharma. Windies go past the 50-run mark, Hetmyer swiftly moves to 30. Ishant's over might have cost 12 but honestly to no fault of his.

02:45 (IST)

FOUR! And again that is the third edge of the over! For the third time the ball hasn't gone to any of three slips or the gully. Frustration for Ishant. It was length ball outside off and Hetmyer goes for a booming drive, but ends up edging it between third slip and gully

02:43 (IST)

FOUR! Slightly short and outside the off stump from Ishant and Hetmyer opts to go after that, the rising delivery once again takes the edge and this time flies over the cordon to third man boundary. Fifty comes up for the Windies.

02:40 (IST)

FOUR! Full and around the off stump, almost yorker length delivery. Hetmyer pushes at it looking to drive it towards mid off, but takes a thick outside edge past the slips to the third man fence for four

02:38 (IST)

After 20 overs,West Indies 45/5 ( Shimron Hetmyer 18 , Jason Holder (C) 3)

Jadeja quickly slips in a tidy over. Hetmyer treating him with much more respect this time around. Picks up a single behind square leg from the over.

02:36 (IST)

After 19 overs,West Indies 44/5 ( Shimron Hetmyer 17 , Jason Holder (C) 3)

A boundary and a single from Ishant's over makes it a five-run over. Visuals also show that Jasprit Bumrah is fine and standing in the team balcony with his cap on, looks like he will be coming onto the field soon.

02:36 (IST)

FOUR! That's a crisp shot from Hetmyer. Hangs back in his crease to this slightly wide ball outside off, which is pitched back of a length and he opens the face of the bat to firmly push it square of the wicket on the off side. Mayank Agarwal gives it a chase and almost pulls it back in play but comes in contact with the skirtings before releasing the ball.

02:32 (IST)

After 18 overs,West Indies 39/5 ( Shimron Hetmyer 12 , Jason Holder (C) 3)

Jadeja beats Jason Holder with a classical left-arm spinner's delivery that drifts in, pitches on length and spins away sharply. Holder on the defensive prod misses it completely and so does Pant behind the stumps, it does take a piece of the 'keeper's glove but the ball skims away to the fence for four byes. Outstanding second over from Jadeja. Replays confirm it was a stumping chance for Pant as Holder's back leg was dragged out of his crease.

02:29 (IST)

After 17 overs,West Indies 35/5 ( Shimron Hetmyer 12 , Jason Holder (C) 3)

Ishant as always is round the wickets to the left-hander, he looks for that delivery that angles in and then straightens after pitching, he does get one past the edge of Hetmyer but no damage done. Maiden over.

02:26 (IST)

After 16 overs,West Indies 35/5 ( Shimron Hetmyer 12 , Jason Holder (C) 3)

Ravindra Jadeja into the attack for the first time in the match. Hetmyer, look like is going to take his chances against the left-arm spinner. He hits him for a couple of boundaries, but the second one was far from convincing. Indians will not mind this at all.

02:26 (IST)

FOUR! Hetmyer is once again down the wicket and this time he goes straight, he doesn't get the elevation he wanted but he just about manages to beat the mid off fielder to his left. Second boundary of the over.

02:24 (IST)

FOUR! Hetmyer charges down the pitch and takes the attack to the new bowler Ravindra Jadeja. Skips down the wicket and heaves it across to mid-wicket fence.

02:22 (IST)

After 15 overs,West Indies 26/5 ( Shimron Hetmyer 3 , Jason Holder (C) 3)

Ishant comes into the attack to complete Bumrah's over after he walked off the field after some niggle. The first ball was taken on the full and worked away for a couple by Holder before Ishant took over. Ishant has some trouble with the foothole at the landing area for the bowlers, something Bumrah pointed out early in the innings, perhaps that was the cause of the issue. A member of the groundstaff is hammering a brick to flatten the landing area. Shouts of a leg before against Holder but the Umpire denies it. The ball came in late but was hitting high reckons the bowler and tells his captain who decides against the review. Yep, the ball-tracking vindicates what Ishant thought.

02:17 (IST)

Update: Oh dear! Bumrah is seen holding his left calf one after one delivery in his seventh over. He recieves some medical treatment and decides to leave the field of play. Going purely by the expression of Bumrah and the fact that he is able to walk off the field without any assistance seems like a precautionary measure and not very serious, but we will keep you posted as soon as we have an official word.

02:14 (IST)

After 14 overs,West Indies 24/5 ( Shimron Hetmyer 3 , Jason Holder (C) 1)

Virat Kohli puts down a catch at third slip and Shami's chance of getting his amongst the wicket goes down. Hetmyer pushed hard at the ball with outside edge flying towards the Indian captain, who is couching in the cordon and also gets two hands to the ball that is over his head but doesn't hold on. He missed a similar chance in the previous Test. Two runs come from the over.

02:08 (IST)

After 13 overs,West Indies 22/5 ( Shimron Hetmyer 2 , Jason Holder (C) 0)

Bumrah is operating on a different plane altogether. This is simply stuff of dreams. Claims another five-wicket haul. Incredible stuff. Captain Jason Holder is strides out with the bat. There was an appeal for a caught behind early in the over against Brathwaite and Kohli did think of reviewing it but resisted the opportunity, turned out to be the right call. However, it counted for very little as Bumrah got his man couple of balls later. Bumrah's figures so far 6-1-10-5 *jaw dropped*

02:05 (IST)

OUT! Oh my world, Bumrah is the master!!! The previous ball, that was overpitched to the rest of the world was just a set up, a bait, a concealed envelope with a message in a language only knew how to read, understand and fathom. He keeps this delivery full outside off as well and gets this one to shape away this time around. Brathwaite, who among all the batsmen was leaving the ball with some maturity has been truly outwitted. He has the feel for it after scoring the boundary, trying to push it towards mid off, but the away movement takes the edge to Rishabh Pant as Bumrah has five wickets out of five! What a magnificent bowler!

Kraigg Brathwaite c Pant b Bumrah 10(38)

02:01 (IST)

FOUR! Finally a little respite from the absolute zippers he is bowling. He pitches it full outside off and Brathwaite cashes in. He drives it neatly through the covers for a boundary.

01:57 (IST)

After 12 overs,West Indies 17/4 ( Kraigg Brathwaite 6 , Shimron Hetmyer 1)

Brathwaite trying to show his resolve as Shami runs in to bowl after the short break. Brathwaite is watching the ball ever so closely and leaving the ones outside the off stump alone. Shami slants one in that Brathwaite tucks it for two behind square leg.

01:55 (IST)

After 11 overs,West Indies 15/4 ( Kraigg Brathwaite 4 , Shimron Hetmyer 1)

Another gem of an over from Bumrah. Sharply gets one to come back into Hetmyer who leaves it on length. Then Bumrah breaches through Hetmyer with the ball cutting him in a half. Brathwaite took a single off the first ball to mid wicket, which was the only run from Bumrah's over. Drinks taken. What an breathtaking passage of play this has been if you're an Indian fan. Another golden page in the legend of Bumrah.

01:50 (IST)

After 10 overs,West Indies 14/4 ( Kraigg Brathwaite 3 , Shimron Hetmyer 1)

Shami continues from the other end as Hetmyer has joined Kraigg Brathwaite in the middle. West Indian is once again exposed with their innings in total disarry, the pressure creates some indecision on the first ball of the over with Brathwaite needing to dive in to make his ground, however the Vihari missed the stumps with his throw. Maiden

01:48 (IST)

Unstoppable Bumrah! 

01:47 (IST)

After 10 overs,West Indies 14/4 ( Kraigg Brathwaite 3 , Shimron Hetmyer 1)

01:44 (IST)

After 9 overs,West Indies 14/4 ( Kraigg Brathwaite 3 , Shimron Hetmyer 1)

Bumrah etches his name among the history of great Indian bowlers. He might be just 13 Tests old but he is already a legend. What an unplayable bunch of deliveries. What an incredible over. Campbell, Brooks and Chase become the victims. Great review by Kohli and the slip cordon. Bumrah is simply out of this world. Irresitible.

01:36 (IST)

OUT! Has it got him? No. YES! Bumrah has a Test hat-trick! The ball swung in, very similar to the delivery that got Brooks, Chase's head was falling over as he went to flick the incoming delivery. Bumrah believes there was an edge and doesn't even appeal but Kohli tells him the bat hit the pad first and takes the review after umpire too felt that it was not out. Few others in the slips also suggest the bad didn't hit the ball. And guess what they are right!. Massive celebrations begin.  Bumrah becomes third India to claim his hat-tick and etches his name in the annals of Indian cricket.

Roston Chase lbw b Bumrah 0(1)

01:35 (IST)

OUT! Two-in-two for Bumrah! My word, he is unbelievable here. Straight and full, swinging in and that has hit him right in front. Length ball that kept coming in from way outside off and struck the back pad. He was looking to go across the line and misses it by some distance.

Shamarh Brooks lbw b Bumrah 0(1)

01:33 (IST)

OUT! Got him! Bumrah is on fire! Another peach from the quick. It was a length ball that is directed across Bravo, who just tries to defend the ball, not that he had any other choice. KL Rahul swoops to his right to take a smart low catch. 

Darren Bravo c Rahul b Bumrah 4(8)

01:29 (IST)

After 8 overs,West Indies 13/1 ( Kraigg Brathwaite 3 , Darren Bravo 4)

Bravo tucks it for a couple on the onside behind square for a couple before there is a loud shout for a leg before wicket. Kohli signs Mohammed Shami it is slightly high and then don't opt for a review after the umpire deems it not out. Three came from it.

01:27 (IST)

After 7 overs,West Indies 10/1 ( Kraigg Brathwaite 3 , Darren Bravo 1)

Bumrah strikes in his third over. He has Campbell edging off the fourth ball, but the couple of deliveries early in the over were also worthy of noting. He began with a yorker that was swinging into the left-hander, Campbell did well to keep it out, but Bumrah then angled one across to beat his outside edge and then after a defensive push, he snuffs out Campbell. Darren Bravo's first delivery is slanted into his pads that he clips for a single to fine leg. 

India vs West Indies, LIVE Cricket Score, 2nd Test, Day 2 at Jamaica Latest Updates: Bumrah bowls the final over of the second day and Hamilton makes sure he doesn't lose his wicket in the over. Bumrah ends the day with lifter that climbs rapidly on Hamilton, who is able to hop and keep it down on the off side. Umpires calls it the close of play.

Day 1 report: India reached stumps at 264-5 on Friday after a tight opening day of the second and final test against the West Indies as opposing captains Virat Kohli and Jason Holder led their sides with bat and ball.

After Holder won the toss and put India in, Kohli top-scored with 76, while his counterpart struck with three key wickets at vital times to end with 3-39 from an economical 20 overs.

Hanuma Vihari, who made 93 as India won the first test, again proved difficult to dislodge, going to stumps on 42 not out off 80 deliveries. Rishabh Pant was undefeated on 27, with the pair putting on 62 runs so far for the sixth wicket.

The visitors reached 0-36 in the seventh over before paceman Holder brought himself on and struck with his fifth ball, having K.L. Rahul caught at slip for 13.

Debutant off-spinner Rahkeem Cornwall broke through to have Cheteshwar Pujara caught at point for six in the 17th over to reduce India to 2-46, but this brought captain Kholi together with Mayank Agarwal for a steadying partnership of 69.

Agarwal got to 55 off 127 balls before their stand ended at 3-115 midway through the second session, with Holder having the opener caught at slip.

Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane put on another 49 runs for the fourth wicket to take India past tea, before Rahane was caught by debutant wicketkeeper Jahmar Hamilton off Kemar Roach for 24.

Kohli became Holder's third wicket 13 overs later at 5-202, Hamilton taking another catch to end a sterling inning, off 163 balls, including 10 fours.

Vihari and Pant (27 not out) frustrated the bowlers to put on 62 before stumps, on an engrossing first day in which the West Indies battled hard to rebound from a crushing first test defeat and end with a series draw.

India won the first test by 318 runs. It was its biggest away win by runs in test cricket, and Kohli's 27th win from 47 tests as India captain, equaling M.S. Dhoni's record for wins at the helm of the national team.

Full Teams:

India Team PlayersVirat Kohli (c), Ajinkya RahaneMayank AgarwalJasprit BumrahRavindra JadejaMohammed ShamiRishabh Pant, Cheteshwara PujaraKL RahulIshant SharmaHanuma Vihari

West Indies Team PlayersJason Holder (c), Kraigg BrathwaiteDarren BravoShamarh BrooksJohn CampbellRoston ChaseRahkeem CornwallShannon GabrielShimron Hetmyer,  Kemar Roach, Jahmar Hamilton

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Updated Date: Sep 01, 2019