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India vs New Zealand, Highlights, 1st Test Day 4 at Wellington: Southee, Boult lead Kiwis to 100th win

Date: Monday, 24 February, 2020 06:17 IST

Venue: Basin Reserve, Wellington

Match Ended

New Zealand beat India by 10 wickets

165/10 & 191/10 OV : (81.0) RR.(2.36)
348/10 & 9/0 OV : (1.4) RR.(6.43)
Match Ended:

New Zealand beat India by 10 wickets

Man Of the Match:

This over 1.4

  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 1


Tom Latham

  • 7 (4)
  • 4s X 1
  • 6s X 0

Tom Blundell

  • 2 (6)
  • 4s X 0
  • 6s X 0


Ishant Sharma

  • 8 (1)
  • M X 0
  • W X 0

Jasprit Bumrah

  • 1 (0.4)
  • M X 0
  • W X 0
Current Partnership

9 ( 1.4 ) R/R: 5.4

Tom Latham 7(4)

Tom Blundell 2(6)

India in New Zealand 2 Test Series 2020 1st Test Match Result New Zealand beat India by 10 wickets

India vs New Zealand, Highlights, 1st Test Day 4 at Wellington: Southee, Boult lead Kiwis to 100th win


06:09 (IST)

New Zealand take the Wellington Test and thereby ensure that they won't lose the two-match series but it is the series win that will spur the home side at Christchurch, where Neil Wagener will return to the squad. India will have lot to ponder in the days ahead of the second Test if they have to restore parity and register an important away win. The second Test might still be a few days away, more cricketing action coming your way as India meet Bangladesh today in the Women's T20 World Cup, do follow our website for all the coverage. Until we meet next, it is a goodbye from us.

05:56 (IST)

Kane Williamson, winning captain: Outstanding effort over the space of four days. We know how strong India are all around the world. The effort in the first innings and then a competitive total with the bat was great. The lower order runs are important to get a bit of a lead. So allround team effort. Didn't know what to expect from the pitch on the morning of the Test. I suppose, because it wasn't as windy this week, there was a bit more swing. The bowlers were brilliant but a real team effort. Kyle was brilliant. he has been throughout the summer, in white-ball cricket as well. He has made his effort with ball, bat and in the field. So great debut for Kyle, contributed in a number of ways. Southee's mindset wasn't of one with a point to prove. He wanted to operate as best as He just wanted to lead with the ball. Having his good mate (Boult) at the other end was good help for him too. Left-arm, right-arm combination can be wonderful. We know India can bat for days, so many world class players the patience both of them showed was great. Blundell's injury is alright, he said his pain level is 2/10, so that's fairly good.

05:53 (IST)

Virat Kohli: The toss turned out to be very important. We were not competitive enough. The first innings lead put us under a lot of pressure. Overall, we did put in a good effort but we could've had more discipline. You don't want to be too hard on guys. Prithvi  played just two overseas Tests. He'll figure it out his way. He will score runs. 

05:52 (IST)

Southee, Player of the Match: Great win. I think to beat Indian side is very pleasing. Pleasant change coming back to home conditions. Effort throughout everyone was great. Think this morning was a massive time in the game, we were looking to get couple of wickets before the new ball. A little less wind around, it tends to swing a bit more. The more you back you get back into the rhythm. Reasonably happy as a bowling unit to take 20 wickets. The pitch had a little bit more there than usual. Tennis-ball bounce.

05:45 (IST)

Yet another disappointing Test defeat for India outside the sub-continent. Yes, toss was a huge factor here and the visitors were pegged back early by batting first under challenging circumstances. However, when they did get their chance second time around they should have shown better resistance. You cannot blame the external factors for that.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
05:45 (IST)
05:44 (IST)

Most matches taken to complete 100 Test wins:

441 : New Zealand*
432 : India
320 : Pakistan

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
05:44 (IST)
05:41 (IST)

New Zealand winning a Test against India by 10 wickets:

Christchurch, 1990
Wellington, 2002
Wellington, 2020*

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
05:41 (IST)
05:41 (IST)

This is India’s first Test defeat since their lose to Australia at Perth in 2018. (After nine Tests)
This is New Zealand’s 100th Test win.

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
05:41 (IST)
05:38 (IST)

That's it! Blundell with the winning runs! Flicked away Bumrah through square leg to register 10-wicket win over the number 1 ranked Indian side.

It is New Zealand's 100th victory in Test! A very special moment in Black Caps cricket history at the Basin Reserve. It is also India's first defeat in World Test Championship.

A comprehensive victory for Kane Williamson's men as handshakes and hugs are exchanged.

05:35 (IST)

After 1 overs,New Zealand 8/0 ( Tom Latham 7 , Tom Blundell 1)

Latham with a supreme punch-drive through covers for a boundary for the first runs off the second innings, a clip through square leg earns him three. A leg before shout against Blundell is turned down off the final ball, a single via an inside edge levels the score for the Kiwis.

05:33 (IST)

Best match figures for New Zealand v India in Tests:

11/58 : Richard Hadlee, Wellington, 1976
10/88 : Richard Hadlee, Mumbai, 1988
9/100 : Hedley Howarth, Nagpur, 1969
9/110 : Tim Southee, Wellington, 2020*
9/114 : Simon Doull, Wellington, 1998

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
05:33 (IST)
05:32 (IST)

FOUR! That made such a great sound of the bat! Latham with a confident and a firm push through the covers and to get New Zealand off to a stylish start

05:31 (IST)

Tom Blundell and Tom Latham are out in the middle again. Ishant Sharma to bowl, with three slips and a gully in place. Can India pick up a wicket or two to delay the inevitable?

05:26 (IST)

Excellent bowling from Southee and Boult with De Grandhomme also chipping in to take a wicket on day four morning, dismissing India for 191 in the second innings, setting the match for New Zealand win. They will need nine runs to inflict India's first first loss in World Test Championship.

05:26 (IST)

Things have faded away from India fairly quickly. On a sunny day and ideal batting conditions they have lost six for 47 this morning, which is very disappointing. There was lack of intent and clarity in their approach and the batsmen paid the price for it. This is going to be India's first defeat in the World Test Championship.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
05:26 (IST)
05:24 (IST)

Most 5-fors for New Zealand in Tests:

36 : Richard Hadlee
20 : Daniel Vettori
13 : Chris Cairns
10 : Chris Martin, Danny Morrison, Tim Southee*
9 : Neil Wagner

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
05:24 (IST)
05:20 (IST)

ALL OUT! Jasprit Bumrah becomes the final man to be dismissed as Southee claims a five-wicket haul. Very full ball outside off and Bumrah jams it away, but it comes off the edge and substitue Daryl Mitchell, sticks out his hand out to snaffle it. He is happy. New Zealand are happy and India clearly aren't.

Bumrah c (sub)Daryl Mitchell b Southee 0(3)

05:20 (IST)

OUT! Fantastic effort in the deep from Trent Boult as he takes a brilliant catch down at fine leg. Rishabh Pant shuffles across his stumps, is down on his knee to play the slog sweeps behind square. Boult dives forward, takes the catch inches off the turf, and gives a thumbs up. He has taken the catch for his mate and given him the chance to pick a five-for. Both the bowlers have taken four wickets each.

Pant c Boult b Southee 25(41)

05:18 (IST)

After 80 overs,India 190/8 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 25 , Mohammed Shami 1)

De Grandhomme has a wicket to his name finally. Ishant Sharma is back in the hut. New Zealand will now have the new ball available and will most likely take it

05:14 (IST)

OUT! De Grandhomme has his man! He has bowled outside off throughout the day and now lines one on the stumps, Ishant Sharma with a slight shuffle misses the line of the play with the ball thudding into front pad. Looked adjacent and Pant convinces him out of taking the DRS. He too walks back.

Ishant lbw b de Grandhomme 12(21)

05:11 (IST)

After 79 overs,India 189/7 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 25 , Ishant Sharma 12)

A short leg and leg gully along with a conventional slip and a gully in place as Jamieson bowls the first over after drinks. Ishant puts India ahead with a slap over covers while Pant a boundary in the over too. Jamieson has looked a bit off colour today, maybe still getting used to the rigours of Test cricket.

05:08 (IST)

FOUR! Misdirected bouncer down the leg side and Pant swivels to pull it to fine leg boundary for a four.

05:08 (IST)

FOUR! Ishant Sharma backs away and thrashes a short ball over covers for a boundary that puts India ahead.

05:03 (IST)

After 78 overs,India 180/7 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 21 , Ishant Sharma 7)

De Grandhomme into the bowling attack and he produces a chance off his third ball but Tim Southee of all the people has put down a regulation chance at short mid off. Ishant, looking to drive on the up, lifts the ball in the air, straight in Southee's palms and out it drops. De Grandhomme has been doing his best to provide rest for his quicks and has gone wicket-less in the match and here was his chance to get one for himself, his more established bowler hasn't done him a favour. He may need to buy him a drink later. Speaking of which it is time for drinks, of the other kind, obviously. India trail by three runs.

04:59 (IST)

After 77 overs,India 178/7 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 20 , Ishant Sharma 6)

First bowling change off the morning, Jamieson is into the attack. Begins with a short ball and Pant just ramps it over the slips for two, there was no pace on the ball, it was bowled at 114 kmph thus not carrying all the way. Takes the single off the next ball and then couple of ugly wafts that doesn't connect to the ball from Ishant Sharma. India now just five runs away from making New Zealand bat again.

04:56 (IST)

After 76 overs,India 175/7 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 17 , Ishant Sharma 6)

Couple of crisp shots through covers for Ishant Sharma, first for two and then for his first boundary of the innings, he does have a half-century to his name that he scored in India's last overseas tour to West Indies and backs himself with the bat. Chance gone down? Boult turns to over the wicket for the last ball hits Sharma on the pads, and the ball flies to the fielder at short leg who puts it down, not sure if there was inside edge.

04:53 (IST)

FOUR! Nice shot from Ishant Sharma, earning his first boundary. Offers the full face of the bat to the ball coming in with the round the wicket angle and punched through cover point for four.

04:49 (IST)

After 75 overs,India 169/7 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 17 , Ishant Sharma 0)

Pant picks up a brace through mid wicket early in the over before treating Southee like a spinner, going down on his knees and smattering the delivery which is well outside off stump to mid wicket boundary. India now 14 behind.

04:49 (IST)

FOUR! Pant with an ungainly hoick across the line but it has come off for him as he picks up a boundary to mid wicket. All's good as long as it earns four runs.

04:47 (IST)

After 74 overs,India 163/7 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 11 , Ishant Sharma 0)

Pant collects a single off the last ball of the over to retain strike for the next over. Kane Williamson is going for the kill and not opting to rest Southee or Boult, who are in a personal race to five wickets, for the new ball. Probably De Grandhomme and Jamieson will bowl with the new cherry that is six overs away.

04:44 (IST)

After 73 overs,India 162/7 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 10 , Ishant Sharma 0)

New Zealand inching closer and closer. India are now staring innings defeat and rather bitter humiliation. The critics have been waiting to rip into Virat Kohli's Test team and they might have got a chance. Ashwin doesn't review, which wouldn't have been overturrned but wouldn't have cost them a review either, Ishant Sharma is on the floor after facing his first delivery and that is one way of looking at India's state in the Test.

04:39 (IST)

OUT! Southee is now getting in competition with Boult in a race to who picks up a five-wicket haul as he traps Ravichandran Ashwin with a ball that pitches on middle and holds its line, on impact the off and middle stump were visible and just gave an impression it could be sliding down the leg side but Aleem Dar raised his finger and Ashwin didn't opt to review. He did look at Pant but he kept walking. He was looking to play across but the bat never came down in time. New Zealand three wickets away now.

 Ashwin lbw b Southee 4(11)

04:34 (IST)

After 72 overs,India 161/6 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 9 , Ravichandran Ashwin 4)

Boult once again changing the angle midway through the over to test Ashwin, who is upto the task as well, plays out an uneventful maiden. The second new ball is due in eight overs.

04:30 (IST)

After 71 overs,India 161/6 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 9 , Ravichandran Ashwin 4)

Pant plays a couple of aggressive strokes in Southee's over, the second one, especially gives an indication of perhaps what is to come as India look to run down the deficit. Still 22 runs behind.

04:30 (IST)

FOUR! Pant goes up and over this time. Short and wide delivery, slashed over the slips for a boundary.

04:29 (IST)

FOUR! Short ball that sits up nicely for Pant, who swats it away to deep mid wicket boundary.

04:27 (IST)

The same old story of this Indian batting line-up against the swinging ball. No resistance whatsoever. Tour after tour, matches after matches the batsmen are making the same mistake – poor off-stump awareness. 

The start couldn't have been much better for New Zealand whereas for India yet another fourth day defeat in a 'SENA country' seems inevitable.  

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
04:27 (IST)
04:27 (IST)

After 70 overs,India 153/6 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 1 , Ravichandran Ashwin 4)

Huge opportunity for Pant to pull off something special. New Zealand will be well aware of his attacking instincts and will test him from time to time. He picks a single of the final ball of Boult's over to retain strike.

04:25 (IST)

he same old story of this Indian batting line-up against the swinging ball. No resistance whatsoever. Tour after tour, matches after matches the batsmen are making the same mistake – poor off-stump awareness. 

The start couldn't have been much better for New Zealand whereas for India yet another fourth day defeat in a 'SENA country' seems inevitable.  

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
04:25 (IST)
04:21 (IST)

After 69 overs,India 152/6 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 0 , Ravichandran Ashwin 4)

After Boult, Southee has now bagged an early wicket for himself, he too struck in the second over of the morning that he has bowled. Ravi Ashwin comes out to bat on a pair but is off the mark with a boundary to fine leg fence. India need 31 to make New Zealand bat again and save some blushes. New Zealand can sniff a win.

04:21 (IST)

Most wickets for New Zealand v India in Tests:

65 : Richard Hadlee
40 : Daniel Vettori
30 : Tim Southee, Trent Boult*

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
04:21 (IST)
04:17 (IST)

OUT! The start gets bad to worse for India on day four! Southee hits timber. Vihari, the other overnight batsmen has his off pole pegged back. Terrific delivery from Southee, pitched on off stump, right in the channel, this ball holds its line and Vihari plays outside it, expecting the away movement. Smart thinking from the right-arm-quick using his angle perfectly. Hits the top of off and India are now six down with still 35 runs in trail.

Rahane c Watling b Boult 29(75)

04:17 (IST)

After 68 overs,India 148/5 ( Hanuma Vihari 15 , Rishabh Pant (W) 0)

Boult has provided New Zealand with a perfect start getting rid of Indian middle order mainstay Rahane in the third over of the day. India still trail by 35 with Rishabh Pant coming in and has already had a tight shout for a leg before in the first four balls he has faced.

04:10 (IST)

OUT! There is the edge! There is the wicket for New Zealand and there goes Ajinkya Rahane! Trent Boult has struck in the third over of the day and they have netted the big fish in Rahane. The left-arm quick went round the stumps, created the angle, by slanting the ball in and it straightened after pitching. Rahane has a feel for the ball, hangs his bat looking to defend it in front of his eyes, gets a genuine nick and the ball nestles into the mittens of Watling. India now looking down the barrel.

Rahane c Watling b Boult 29(75) 

04:08 (IST)

After 67 overs,India 148/4 ( Ajinkya Rahane 29 , Hanuma Vihari 15)

Southee starts from the other end. Two slips and a gully in position for Vihari. Hint of away movement. A short cover is also stationed. Vihari quietly sees out a maiden.

04:04 (IST)

After 66 overs,India 148/4 ( Ajinkya Rahane 29 , Hanuma Vihari 15)

Boult begins with a bouncer that goes across, Rahane sways out to let it go. He comes forward to drive but the ball angled across comes off the outside half of the bat that rolls past the gully for a boundary as India are off the mark on day four.

04:02 (IST)

FOUR! Rahane drives a slightly pitched up delivery and gets a thick-ish outside edge that is in air for a while but away from gully. First runs for the day and it is a boundary to wide third man.

03:59 (IST)

The dhols can be heard in the background as Trent Boult stands on top of his mark to get the play on day four underway. India's biggest hope, Ajinkya Rahane, is on strike and the visitors would want him to stay there till the end of the day. Hanuma Vihari is on the other end. The game is far from over folks, Rishabh Pant has two centuries away from home, he looked alright in the first innings before some miscommunication while running, so there is still more than just a ray of hope but first India need to knock off the 39 runs that are in deficit. One slip and a gully in place. You have been warned, this could be a massive day. Let's go!

03:50 (IST)

Sights like these!!

03:39 (IST)

Few Black Caps fans make early entry on day four in Basin Reserve are they expecting an early finish to the Test as well?

Latest Updates, 1st Test, Day 4 India vs New Zealand: That's it! Blundell with the winning runs! Flicked away through square leg to register 10-wicket win over the number 1 ranked Indian side. It is New Zealand's 100th victory in Test! A very special moment in Black Caps cricket history at the Basin Reserve. It is also India's first defeat in World Test Championship

Day 3 report: Trent Boult followed up his counter-attacking cameo innings of 38 to take three wickets, including that of Virat Kohli, to put New Zealand on top against India at the end of the third day of the first Test on Sunday.

The visitors, who had not lost any of their seven previous International Cricket Council World Test Championship matches, were 144-4 at the close of play at the Basin Reserve, still 39 runs behind and staring at their potential first defeat.

India’s hopes on Monday will rest with vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane, who was on 25, and Hanuma Vihari (15), with Rishabh Pant and Ravichandran Ashwin the only remaining players likely capable of building a total they can defend.

Boult added it was too early to determine what kind of total they would be comfortable chasing with India still having some resistance in their lineup.

“I hope I don’t have to bat again,” he said with a grin.

“If I do my job we won’t be chasing too much. It’s a very good wicket (and) we know that we have to be on the ball.

“We can’t be walking around feeling we’re well ahead of the game because there is a lot of cricket to be played.”

Boult added dismissing Kohli for 19 had been important in putting pressure on India’s batting lineup.

“Almost every time we miss, he hits and he hits it well and gets boundaries,” Boult said.

“From our point of view, we were trying to dry that up and for me personally using the wicket and the shorter ball was a good plan to try and control his run rate.”

The hosts had established a 183-run first innings lead after they were dismissed for 348 before lunch with Colin de Grandhomme, debutant Kyle Jamieson and Boult counter-attacking to bolster their advantage.

De Grandhomme and Jamieson put on 71 runs before Boult then shared in a 38-run, 10th-wicket stand with Ajaz Patel, who held up the other end as the pace bowler scored all of the runs in their partnership.

“Batsmen don’t get out anymore,” Ashwin told reporters of the stubborn resistance by New Zealand’s bowlers. “Lower order batters do put a price on their wickets.”

Ashwin also said it was too early to determine what direction the match might go.

“There’s six sessions to go in the game and we’re not even at the stage where we can think about what’s a good score to defend,” he added.

“If you can get as close to the first innings score as they did then we might present ourselves an opportunity to do something, but that’s very far away in the game.”

With inputs from Reuters

Updated Date: Feb 24, 2020