ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: 'People remember only the bad days,' says Afghanistan's Rashid Khan after recording tournament's worst bowling figures

Used to being showered with accolades for game-changing performances recording the World Cup's worst bowling performance has been humbling for Rashid Khan.

Press Trust of India, Jun 21, 2019 16:09:49 IST

Southampton: "People forget 10 good days and conveniently remember that one particular bad day", says Rashid Khan of the criticism that came his way after he recorded the World Cup's worst bowling figures in a forgettable outing against England.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: People remember only the bad days, says Afghanistans Rashid Khan after recording tournaments worst bowling figures

File image of Rashid Khan. Reuters

To top it all, there was also a mocking tweet by Iceland Cricket, a nation that is yet to find its feet in the sport.

Used to being showered with accolades for game-changing performances, the ignominy of recording World Cup's worst-ever bowling performance (9-0-110-0), against England, has been a humbling experience for the world's top spinner.

"I am not thinking too much about that match. People forget 10 good days and conveniently remember that one particular bad day. They don't like to remember what Rashid did on previous 10 days," Rashid told PTI in an exclusive interview on the eve of their match against India.

Rashid is the world's number three bowler in ODIs and tops the T20 chart.

"I would focus on the mistakes I committed in that match and rectify those in the coming matches. No point thinking about the criticism. I need to keep things simple," added the 20-year-old, putting up a brave front.

Asked if his relationship with skipper Gulbadin Naib has strained for voicing his displeasure at change of captaincy, Rashid said, "Neither do I play for Gulbadin nor for the cricket board (ACB) but for Afghanistan".

Rashid and Afghanistan's other superstar Mohammed Nabi had raised objections when Gulbadin replaced Asghar Afghan as the skipper for the World Cup, something that didn't go well with the country's cricket board.

Following five straight losses, plenty of conspiracy theories are floating including Rashid's relationship with Gulbadin.

"I think there is no problem in my relationship with Gulbadin. I support him as much as I did when Asghar was the captain. If I supported Asghar 50 per cent on the field, Gulbadin has my 100 per cent support," he said.

"Right from the time we landed in England, no one has spoken about the issue. I think it was blown out of proportion by the media. Some of us have been playing together for 15-16 years. So if nothing has happened in more than a decade, then what can suddenly change in a day or two."

But when it comes to his take on change in captaincy, Rashid chose to stick to his guns.

"That tweet by me or Nabi, wasn't in support of Asghar. We raised our voice for the betterment of Afghanistan cricket," the 20-year-old spinner, who is an important member of IPL team Sunrisers Hyderabad said.

Rashid calls it a principled stand and not against any particular individual.

"Had someone else been appointed captain, my stand wouldn't have changed. That wasn't the right time to change the captain. I have nothing personal in supporting Asghar. I am not the only person who's saying that. The whole world is saying that," he said.

Rashid then explained why he felt that the time was not appropriate to change captaincy.

"We were going to play a big event like the World Cup. The combination didn't seem like Asia Cup and if you tinker with the combination before a big tournament, it's not a great thing. That was the reason for the tweet," he said.

He did acknowledge that not playing enough games against big teams has been a huge factor for the Afghans.

"Actually, we haven't played a lot against teams like Australia and England and that pressure is also there. On a stage like the World cup, suddenly the pressure increases when you play against big sides and that can affect the performance," Rashid reasoned.

"This is the first time, we played South Africa in an ODI. We played New Zealand and Australia after the 2015 World Cup. If you play a team once in four years, you are bound to face problems. As players, we understood we need to work harder," he added.

He did accept that Afghanistan need to work on their bowling. "As a bowling unit, we need to do more. Yes, we have been struggling in pace bowling department. I think we need to have proper 140 kph plus bowlers. We need these bowlers in these conditions. It's not that we will get these kinds of bowlers in a year. It will take time," said Rashid.

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Updated Date: Jun 21, 2019 16:09:49 IST

World Cup 2019 Points Table

Team p w l nr pts
India 9 7 1 1 15
Australia 9 7 2 0 14
England 9 6 3 0 12
New Zealand 9 5 3 1 11
Pakistan 9 5 3 1 11
Sri Lanka 9 3 4 2 8
South Africa 9 3 5 1 7
Bangladesh 9 3 5 1 7
West Indies 9 2 6 1 5
Afghanistan 9 0 9 0 0

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 3631 113
2 New Zealand 2547 111
3 South Africa 2917 108
4 England 3663 105
5 Australia 2640 98
6 Sri Lanka 3462 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 6420 123
2 India 6807 122
3 New Zealand 4763 113
4 Australia 5470 112
5 South Africa 5193 110
6 Pakistan 4756 97
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 7365 283
2 England 4253 266
3 South Africa 4196 262
4 Australia 5471 261
5 India 7273 260
6 New Zealand 4056 254