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Highlights IPL 2018, RCB vs CSK at Bengaluru, Full Cricket Score: MS Dhoni leads Chennai Super Kings to thrilling win

Date: Thursday, 26 April, 2018 00:20 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • Another chasing master class from the one and only Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Among the many secrets of world and life, how does MS Dhoni manage to keep his calm under such pressure situations will ever remain unknown and time and again the man will continue to marvel spectators around the world.

    Ambati Rayudu was fabulous as well, so was AB de Villiers in the first innings for RCB, De Kock played his part too. CSK are back on top of the table while RCB's bowling woes continue to frustrate Virat Kohli and Co. They remain in the bottom half with four points off the six games.

    Time to say goodnight and take care, we shall see you tomorrow for a much-awaited return leg that will see the best batting line-up taking on the best bowling unit, yes you have got it right, it will be Sunrisers Hyderabad hosting the KIngs XI Punjab. Join us as our coverage begin from 6:30 pm.

  • Dhoni: I thought at the innings break this will tough to chase because when I was keeping I thought AB batted really well to get them over 200. Thought we gave 15 runs beyond par.We also lost some key batsmen early but it's a small ground, the ball travels a lot here, there was some dew, not a lot. Overall, it went according to the script, not according to how we would have thought but went well. I batted really well. History repeats itself, I don't remember that wicket, this wicket was slow, that's why AB's innings was special. Good to be on the winning side. Happy that people are chipping in for us. Good exposure for our side. What's important in a chase is to know which bowler has how many overs left and who the captain will bowl when and you play accordingly. You will win some, you'll lose some, but the process is very important a job of the finisher is to finish and help others, sharing the experience with others, all those things really matter because I may not batting tomorrow.. Not everyone know what their strengths are. Rayudu's batting is very important, he keeps the scoreboard moving. He can clear the field also, small grounds are ideal for him, in bigger grounds while trying to power the ball he may end up losing his shape.

  • Winning captain MS Dhoni is also the Man of the Match

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    A clinical finish from CSK in the end. They were always going to be ahead after Kohli bowled out his key bowlers in 13 overs. Dhoni preys on such situations where he can take the game deep and put the lesser bowler under pressure. Those three wides in the penultimate over from Siraj showed the kind of pressure he puts on the bowlers. The interesting thing about Dhoni today was how quickly he was off the blocks. He has been accused of starting slowly, but today he hit the second ball he faced for a six. CSK are on top of the points table now and Rayudu has the orange cap, the dream return continues.

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Growing the game and creating a legacy. MS Dhoni has once again proved his real worth.

  • With this victory, Chennai Super Kings are back on top of the points table! Royal Challengers Bangalore, meanwhile, continue to occupy the sixth spot. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Most sixes in a T20 match in India:

    33 - RCB v CSK, Bangalore, 2018*
    31 - DD v GL, Delhi, 2017
    31 - India v SL, Indore, 2017
    31 - CSK v KKR, Chennai, 2018

  • Ambati Rayudu (82 off 53 balls): Unbelievable. (On batting position) I'm not really bothered. I'm hitting the ball well, so it doesn't matter where I'm batting. We had the belief. We wanted to play Chahal out, because he was looking most threatening. 

  • Virat Kohli, RCB captain: There are many things that we can look back when we look back at the end. We haven't bowled that well until now. If we can't defend 200, it's a problem somewhere. Tough pill to swallow, but great game for Chennai. They were not brave enough with the ball, and we needed to be braver with the ball when they were 70/4. The pitch has played really well, happy with that. Quality batting on both sides. Great game to watch, but as a team, we are disappointed. (On young Rayudu) He's not young, he's been around for 15 years now. He's a quality player. Deserves all the applause. (On Dhoni) Great to see him strike a few as well. Not against us. He seems to enjoy it.

  • After 20 overs,Chennai Super Kings 207/5 ( MS Dhoni (C) (W) 70 , Dwayne Bravo 14)

    Anderson is entrusted with the last over. Bravo gets a top-edge that sends the ball running away for a four, before smacking the next ball for a six. Hands the strike back to Dhoni, who finishes off in style with a six over the cow-corner fence! Vintage MSD! Chennai pull off another thriller! 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Highest targets successfully chased by CSK in IPL:
    206 v RCB at Bangalore, 2018
    206 v RCB at Chennai, 2012
    203 v KKR at Chennai, 2018

  • Ball 4: SIX! Dhoni finishes off in style! Smashes this one over the cow-corner fence! CSK 207/5

    Chennai Super Kings clinch the thriller, walking away with a five-wicket win!

  • Ball 3: Single! Bravo brings Dhoni back on strike with a single! CSK 201/5; need 5 off 3 balls

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    What a screamer that was from Dhoni. A six over third man off almost a yorker length delivery. They wanted Dhoni to turn back time but he is making time, space and every other law of physics irrelevant now.

  • Ball 2: SIX! Smoked over wide long off by DJ Bravo! Clears the fence comfortably! CSK 200/5; need 6 off 4 balls

  • Ball 1: FOUR! Top-edge off Bravo's bat, and this one flies over the keeper's glove, and away to the third man fence! CSK 194/5; need 12 off 5 balls

  • Corey Anderson to bowl the final over. CSK need 16 to win off 6 balls. 

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist at Chinnaswamy stadium

    Pressure getting to RCB bowlers. Siraj cracking low. 3 wides

  • After 19 overs,Chennai Super Kings 190/5 ( MS Dhoni (C) (W) 64 , Dwayne Bravo 3)

    Siraj bowls the penultimate over. Dot off the first ball, with three singles to follow — the Hyderabadi pacer keeping it tight in the three deliveries. Dhoni collects a six off the fifth ball, with an edge off the toe-end sending the ball over the backward point fence. Hat-trick of wides conceded by Siraj while trying to put the last delivery out of Dhoni's reach. MS collects a double off the last ball. 

    CSK need 16 off 6 balls with five wickets in hand. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    MS Dhoni becomes the first captain to score 5,000 runs in T20 cricket. 

  • SIX! This one came off the bottom-edge of Dhoni's bat, and yet sails over the backward point fence! CSK 185/5

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Highest scores for Ambati Rayudu in IPL:

    82 v RCB, Bengaluru, 2018
    81* v RCB, Bengaluru, 2012
    79 v SRH, Hyderabad, 2018

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    Dhoni has hit some scarcely believable sixes in this innings. He has a half helicopter shot where he doesn't follow through all the way but like the Bruce Lee one inch punch, he manages to get unbelievable power in the shot. He holds all the keys to the finishing act of this game as Ambati Rayudu again succumbs to a run-out.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist at Chinnaswamy stadium

    Fortuitous run out has brought another twist to the tale. RCB have got a toe hold now after Rayudu's run out by a direct throw from Umesh Yadav. This match is not over.

  • After 18 overs,Chennai Super Kings 176/5 ( MS Dhoni (C) (W) 55 , Dwayne Bravo 1)

    Anderson concedes a wide off the second ball, before firing an overpitched delivery that's promptly smacked over the umpire's head for a straight six. Rayudu slashes the ball over backward point for a four off the fourth delivery, before getting run-out off the next ball while coming back for a risky second, thanks to a brilliant direct hit by Umesh, bringing Dwayne Bravo to the crease. 15 runs and a wicket off the over. 

    CSK need 30 off 12 balls with five wickets in hand. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    This is the first century stand by a CSK pair (RAYUDU-DHONI) for the fifth or lower wicket in IPL. 


  • OUT! Rayudu's gone, thanks to a brilliant direct hit from Umesh (who makes up for the dropped catch), and CSK lose their fifth wicket! We have a twist in the chase! Superb innings from Rayudu comes to an end! CSK 175/5

    Rayudu run out (Umesh) 82(53)

  • FOUR! Slashed away over backward point by Rayudu off a back-of-length delivery from Anderson! CSK 174/4

  • SIX! Not quite the helicopter strike from Dhoni, but something close! And this one's smashed over the umpire's head like a rocket! And it brings up the half-century for MS Dhoni off just 29 balls! CSK 169/4

  • After 17 overs,Chennai Super Kings 161/4 ( Ambati Rayudu 76 , MS Dhoni (C) (W) 48)

    Siraj into his third over, and he concedes 10 off it, with Dhoni guiding the ball towards the fence behind square on the off side to end the over. 

    CSK need 45 off 18 balls with six wickets in hand. 

  • FOUR! Sliced away towards the deep backward point boundary by Dhoni! CSK 161/4

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    The game nicely poised with three overs to go, but CSK have their nose in front with two set batsmen in the middle and with Bravo to come, plus RCB doesn't have any death specialists in their ranks.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist at Chinnaswamy stadium

    Umesh Yadav's dropped catch has already proved expensive. The well-set Rayudu slammed 2 successive sixes to put Csk on the path to victory. It will be very tough for RCB unless they get wickets. They can't push the match to the end. That's Dhoni's forte

  • After 16 overs,Chennai Super Kings 151/4 ( Ambati Rayudu 74 , MS Dhoni (C) (W) 40)

    Anderson back into the attack. DROPPED! Umesh drops a sitter near extra cover after a top-edge by Rayudu, which is followed by a sarcastic clap from Kohli. Dhoni goes aerial towards deep backward point, with the ball landing just short of Mandeep. Wide conceded off the fifth ball, with Rayudu making the most of the dropped chance by smacking consecutive sixes off the last two balls. The umpire calls for the timeout, with CSK very much back in the chase by now. 

    CSK need 55 off 24 balls with six wickets in hand. 

  • SIX! Rayudu really is making Umesh pay for the dropped chance! Smashes the ball over the midwicket fence off the last ball of the 16th over. CSK 151/4

  • SIX! Rayudu clears the extra-cover fence, going inside-out in his slog! That adds salt to RCB's wounds after the dropping chance off the second delivery. CSK 145/4

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Most runs v RCB in IPL:

    648* - MS DHONI* (and counting) 
    647 - Gautam Gambhir 
    617 - Suresh Raina 

  • Corey Anderson returns to the attack in the 16th over of the innings. 

  • After 15 overs,Chennai Super Kings 135/4 ( Ambati Rayudu 61 , MS Dhoni (C) (W) 38)

    Siraj returns to the attack in the 15th over. Rayudu collects his sixth six by going inside-out in his slog, and clearing the extra-cover fence. Nine off the over.

    CSK need 71 off 30 balls with six wickets in hand. 

  • If this happens we are in for another exciting finish and more of MS Dhoni mania

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist at Chinnaswamy stadium

    Pawan Negi made the cardinal mistake of trying to push the ball through the air rather than spinning it. It took 2 massive sixes off successive deliveries for him to see the error in his way. RCB need to be sharper to see this through. Leaving it to the end will be playing into Dhoni's hands

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    Kohli has been prepared to gamble for his wickets tonight. He has bowled out his two best bowlers, Yadav and Chahal at the end of 13th over, that leaves him with his lesser bowlers at the business end of the innings. CSK are well aware of this. Dhoni immediately cashes in on RCB's limitations as he hit the first two balls of the 14th over for two huge sixes, followed by Rayudu taking his turn for another six off the fifth. Who will Kohli turn to now?

  • SIX! Rayudu goes inside-out in his slog over the extra-cover fence, collecting his SIXTH six in the process! CSK 133/4

  • Mohammed Siraj brought back into the attack in the 15th over of the innings. 

  • After 14 overs,Chennai Super Kings 126/4 ( Ambati Rayudu 54 , MS Dhoni (C) (W) 36)

    Negi's brought back into the attack, and it turns out to be a nightmare of an over, as he concedes three sixes off it. The first two are hit by Dhoni, while the third one brings up Rayudu's half-century. 19 off the over, with the 50-partnership also coming up between Rayudu and Dhoni.

  • SIX! Heaved away over the midwicket fence by Rayudu, and that brings up his half-century! Another quality knock from the Andhra native, this one holding the CSK innings together when he was running out of partners at one point. Takes 40 balls to get to the milestone. And that also brings up the fifty-partnership between the two! CSK 126/4

  • SIX! Dhoni smashes another one over long on! He is in his element right now! CSK 119/4

  • SIX! Brutal from MSD! Hit straight as an arrow, and this one whirred past the camera handlers! CSK 113/4

  • Pawan Negi back into the attack. 

  • After 13 overs,Chennai Super Kings 107/4 ( Ambati Rayudu 48 , MS Dhoni (C) (W) 23)

    Chahal into his final over, and he keeps the two batters on high alert, with neither taking any risks in this over. Concedes six off it to walk away with figures of 2/26 from four.

IPL 2018, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Chennai Super Kings, latest update and cricket score: Anderson is entrusted with the last over. Bravo gets a top-edge that sends the ball running away for a four, before smacking the next ball for a six. Hands the strike back to Dhoni, who finishes off in style with a six over the cow-corner fence! Vintage MSD! Chennai pull off another thriller!

Preview: Flying high on confidence, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will be eyeing to keep their winning momentum flowing when they face Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in an Indian Premier League (IPL) tie at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium on Wednesday.

The Mahendra Singh Dhoni-led Chennai side, who staged a comeback in the cash-rich league after two years, have yet again shown why they are considered the the IPL's most successful team.

The yellow brigade have won four of their five games and most of their batsmen have fired on more than one occassion, guiding CSK home.

Virat Kohli-led side RCB will look to move up the points ladder, while MS Dhon's CSK aim top spot. Sportzpics

Virat Kohli-led side RCB will look to move up the points ladder, while MS Dhoni's CSK aim top spot. Sportzpics

With the likes of in-form Ambati Rayudu, Shane Watson, Suresh Raina, Dwayne Bravo and the skipper himself, CSK has the ability to put a massive total on board or chase any challenging target.

In the bowling department, young Deepak Chahar and Shardul Thakur have been impressive with each bagging six wickets from five and four games respectively.

While Chahar has an economy rate of 7.60, Thakur has been a bit expensive with 9.50 runs per over.

Also, all-rounder Watson has six wickets to his name with an economy of under eight.

Leg-spinner Imran Tahir, medium-pacer Dwayne Bravo and leggie Karn Sharma have also came with breakthroughs for CSK at crucial times.

On the other hand, RCB, led by Virat Kohli are placed six in the points-table with just a couple of wins from five games.

Despite having stars like AB De Villiers, Mandeep Singh, Quinton de Kock and Brendon McCullum, Bangalore's batting has been inconsistent, except for Kohli.

The RCB skipper has accumulated 231 runs from five games, averaging 57.75.

If De Villiers, who blasted an unbeaten 90 off 39 balls in RCB's last game against Delhi Daredevils, repeats the show, life would be difficult for Chennai.

Bangalore however, has failed to find the perfect opening partnerships, which could be a major cause of concern.

In the bowling department, the spin duo of Yuzuvendra Chahal and Washington Sundar, who have bagged five and four wickets respectively, will again be eager to put a better show as CSK have struggled against spin this season.

All-rounder Chris Woakes has been outstanding so far, picking up 8 wickets, while pacer Umesh Yadav also been equally good with eight wickets.

Overall, an exciting contest will be on cards when the two sides resume their intense rivalry after two years at the batting-friendly Chinnaswamy wicket.


Royal Challengers Bangalore: Virat Kohli (Captain), Quinton de Kock(WK), Brendon McCullum, AB de Villiers, Sarfaraz Khan, Mandeep Singh, Chris Woakes, Washington Sundar, Kulwant Khejroliya, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Colin de Grandhomme, Moeen Ali, Manan Vohra, Aniket Choudhary, Navdeep Saini, Murugan Ashwin, Pawan Negi, Mohammed Siraj, Corey Anderson, Parthiv Patel, Aniruddha Joshi, Pavan Deshpande, Tim Southee.

Chennai Super Kings: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Captain/WK), Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Faf du Plessis, Harbhajan Singh, Dwayne Bravo, Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Deepak Chahar, K.M. Asif, Kanishk Seth, Lungi Ngidi, Dhruv Shorey, Murali Vijay, Sam Billings, Mark Wood, Kshitiz Sharma, Monu Kumar, Chaitanya Bishnoi, Imran Tahir, Karn Sharma, Shardul Thakur, N Jagadeesan.

With Inputs from IANS

Updated Date: Apr 26, 2018

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