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Highlights, IPL 2018, MI vs SRH at Mumbai, Full Cricket Score: Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Mumbai Indians by 31 runs

Date: Wednesday, 25 April, 2018 00:32 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • So that's it from us today. It was a disappointing effort from Mumbai Indians today, let alone the performance. They were brilliant in the first half of the match, bowling out SRH for a paltry 118 and it appeared that this is the time in the tournament that Mumbai will bounce back to winning ways. In the end, we know that they are far away from being at their best. Some problems ahead for MI going into the tournament but not really for SRH, who are back to winning ways after two disappointments in between. 

    We will be back tomorrow with another match from IPL 2018 and it is a mouth-watering one, between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings. Till, then, bye-bye and good night.  

  • Catch our correspondents Vaibhav Shah and Devdutt Kshirsagar review Sunrisers Hyderabad's victory over Mumbai Indians from outside the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai

  • Rashid Khan, MoM: Thanks to almighty Allah for the performances. Feels quite good to come back good. It was very needed for me as well for my future in cricket. Had a good chat with coaching staff Moody, Muralitharan and Laxman, and they gave me all the motivation. Just be relaxed, and that's what I did today and got success for that. That is the only thing he (Murali) always says. You always have to be relaxed, calm and do the basics right. This game is all about enjoyment. The more you enjoy, the better you perform. 

  • Kane Williamson, SRH captain: Tough surface, without a doubt, we were expecting more from bat. We wanted to go to 140 mark. So much happening in T20 cricket so guess we were outstanding. Altogether a fantastic second half. we are still to put in collective performance but good to get the result today. There is depth in our squad after number of injuries, had a different balance in the side. Best part was how guys engaged. We took early wickets and had good fun in second half. 

  • Rashid Khan is the Man of the Match for his figures of 2/11 from four overs, including a maiden! 

  • Siddharth Kaul (4-0-23-3): Feeling great. Feels really awesome when it comes to pressure times. I think the domestic season has gone really well. I was doing my basics right, and it works every time. (On guidance from senior pacers in SRH camp) Bhuvi is there, and before that Ashish Nehra was there and I learn a lot from them. It helps me out when I come out to the pressure situations. 

  • ​What a performance from Siddarth Kaul. He was energetic, on point and always ready to take on the opposition.

  • Rohit Sharma, Mumbai Indians captain: We've got ourselves to blame for that. 118, we should've been able to get it. Sunrisers showed a lot of character. Very happy with how the bowlers bowled. You need to pitch it in the right areas to get offer from the pitch. Batters let us down again. There are so many things I can talk about. We don't want to put our heads down. we want to come back stronger. It's always nice when you get 118 on the board, you needed to show some intent. We always knew it was going to be tough. Shot-making wasn't going to be easy. They bowled in the right areas. Few of our shots were poor including mine. 

  • Lowest totals successfully defended in IPL (20-over match):

    116 - CSK v KXIP, Durban, 2009
    118 - SRH v MI, Mumbai, 2018*
    119 - KXIP v MI, Durban, 2009

  • 31 runs!! Out of all the games which Mumbai have lost, this - a low scoring game - will affect their net run rate the most. Don’t think it will matter now. But just underlines what an atrocious performance Mumbai put forward today.

  • SRH successfully defended 118 runs today 

    - the lowest total defended by them in IPL
    - the lowest total defended by any team at Wankhede in IPL 

  • Lowest totals for MI in IPL:

    87 v SRH, Mumbai, 2018*
    87 v KXIP, Mohali, 2011
    92 v DD, Mumbai, 2012
    92 v RR, Jaipur, 2013
    92 v SRH, Visakhapatnam, 2016 

  • And it’s sealed. This is Mumbai’s fifth loss. Defeats like these shatter teams. And the whole team has to take responsibility for this. Shambolic performance. Mumbai Indians would find it extremely difficult to bounce back from this. Afraid this could be it for them in this season.

  • After 18.5 overs,Mumbai Indians 87/10 ( Jasprit Bumrah 6 , )

    Mustafizur collects a single off the second delivery of the penultimate over, with Thampi returning to the attack. Bumrah swings his bat, but can only go so far as mid on off the fourth delivery to collect a single. And it's all over in the fifth delivery, as Mustafizur pulls, and gets caught by Hooda at midwicket to bring the curtains down to a shambolic batting performance by Mumbai! 

    Sunrisers Hyderabad win by 31 runs! 

  • Extraordinary performance by SRH's bowling unit. Inspired comeback by the orange army led by an equally able leader. They missed out with the bat and it will be addressed going forward, but tonight how good were their bowlers! Everybody turned up to defend a small total. Second time this season without their strike bowler, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, they have shown depth in their bowling and managed to defend 118. Incredible!

  • OUT! Sunrisers Hyderabad win by 31 runs! What a memorable evening this turned out to be for the men in orange! Mustafizur is the last man dismissed, getting a top-edge off a pull, and getting caught at deep midwicket! MI 87 all out! 

    Mustafizur c sub (Hooda) b Thampi 1(3)

  • Thampi brought back for the penultimate over. This should be cakewalk for the Sunrisers now. 

  • After 18 overs,Mumbai Indians 85/9 ( Jasprit Bumrah 5 , Mustafizur Rahman 0)

    Kaul into his final over. DROPPED! Tough chance for Dhawan in the slips, after Bumrah gets a top-edge, with the batsman collecting a single nevertheless. Swing and miss for Hardik off the next two deliveries, with the pressure only increasing on his shoulders. He perishes off the fourth delivery, getting a top-edge that results in a catch for Thampi at third man, effectively putting an end to Mumbai's hopes of collecting their second win. Bumrah pulls towards the long leg fence for a four off the penultimate ball, with a dot to follow. Five runs and a wicket off the over.

    MI need 34 off 12 balls with 1 wicket in hand. 

  • FOUR! Pulled away towards the long-leg fence by Bumrah! Looks like he wants to drag his team close to the 100-run mark, even if the target's well beyond his reach! MI 85/9

  • OUT! That should seal Mumbai's fate! Hardik Pandya perishes while looking for a big hit, getting a top-edge that ends up in a catch to third man! Kaul's on fire, as he grabs his third wicket! MI 81/9

    Hardik c Thampi b Kaul 3(19)

  • Sunrisers’ game to lose now. Mayank Markande has played a few hands in domestic cricket but his Punjab teammate got the better of him. Despite the pressure, Hardik Pandya is as cool as a cucumber. In fact plays out a maiden against Rashid. The 18th over will most probably decide the winner of the match.

  • After 17 overs,Mumbai Indians 80/8 ( Hardik Pandya 3 , Jasprit Bumrah 0)

    Rashid bowls his final over. Hardik decides to farm the strike now, and decides to skip the singles that are on offer. Maiden for Rashid, as he signs off with stunning figures of 2/11 from four overs. And we have a vulnerable Bumrah on strike the next over. 

    MI need 39 off 18 balls with 2 wickets in hand. 

  • Rashid Khan brought back for his final over of the innings. 

  • After 16 overs,Mumbai Indians 80/8 ( Hardik Pandya 3 , Jasprit Bumrah 0)

    Hardik collects a single off the first ball. McClenaghan's trapped plumb lbw off the second, with umpire Ravi not wasting a second in raising his finger. McClenaghan goes for the review straightaway, but there isn't an inside-edge that could save him. Kaul bags another off the last ball, trapping Markande lbw — this one also plumb. Suddenly, SRH are favourites to walk away with two points at the end of the game. 

    MI need 39 off 24 balls with 2 wickets in hand. 

  • OUT! Another easy decision for the umpire, as Kaul traps Markande plumb lbw! Barely an movement of the feet from Markande, and this would've crashed between the middle and leg stump! MI 80/8

    Markande lbw Kaul 1(2)

  • Sunrisers Hyderabad firm favourites, I reckon now. The pitch has become slow in the second innings. Suryakumar Yadav has set the foundation but then threw it away. He took forever to leave the field. Hardik Pandya needs to produce something special here.

  • OUT! Kaul strikes in his third wicket, collecting his first wicket, as McClenaghan is sent back for a duck! The New Zealander goes for the review straightaway after the umpire doesn't waste a second in raising a finger. No contact between bat and ball, and the decision is as plumb as it can get. MI 78/7

    McClenaghan lbw Kaul 0(2)

  • OUT! Thampi gets the set Suryakumar Yadav, who holes out to Rashid at backward square-leg! Well-struck by the batsman, but unfortunately didn't account for the fielder stationed near the boundary! Thampi strikes in his first over, with Mumbai in serious trouble right now! MI 77/6

    Suryakumar c Rashid b Thampi 34(38)

  • Basil Thampi brought on in 15th over for the first time. Sunrisers know with 44 needed from the last six overs, MI will need to play some strokes. Who would have thought that while chasing 119 the number of balls remaining in the innings would come into the equation?

    SRH missed an opportunity to bat out their 20 overs losing eight balls in their innings, how much will it count in the end?

    And Thampi gets the settled Suryakumar Yadav, who went for the big shot, it was in offing and the wicket brings Sunrisers back in this, won't be wrong to say if they have their noses ahead at this moment.


  • SRH have never beaten MI at Wankhede in IPL before today. They have played three and lost all of them.

  • Basil Thampi brought into the attack for the first time in the 15th over. 

  • After 14 overs,Mumbai Indians 75/5 ( Suryakumar Yadav 33 , Hardik Pandya 1)

    Rashid into his third over, and he nets the dangerous Pollard first ball — with Dhawan taking a fine catch at slip after a late cut from the West Indian. Another quick delivery next ball, this time to new batsman Hardik Pandya. Hardik gets off the mark with a single off the third delivery. Googly to end the over, with Hardik nearly chopping the ball onto his stumps. The umpire signals for the second timeout, and the situation's 50-50 right now.  

    MI need 44 off 36 balls with 5 wickets in hand. 

  • Suryakumar Yadav is standing firm amidst the wickets and just as I type this even Pollard has played an unforgivable shot. This game is about taking it as deep as possible and the onus is on Suryakumar Yadav to see this through.

  • OUT! Superb catch by Dhawan at slip, and Rashid bags his second, dismissing Pollard along the way! The Trinidadian thought a late cut would be a good idea off the quicker delivery, but somehow didn't account for Dhawan's agility at slip. MI 73/5

    Pollard c Dhawan b Rashid 9(6)

  • After 13 overs,Mumbai Indians 73/4 ( Suryakumar Yadav 32 , Kieron Pollard 9)

    Pollard smashes the ball over long on first ball. Gets an inside-edge off the next delivery that sends the ball away to fine-leg, collecting a single to bring Surya back on strike. Suryakumar drives the ball towards cow-corner off the final delivery, coming back for a second, with Nabi saving two runs with a fine effort. 11 off the over. 

    MI need 46 off 42 balls with 6 wickets in hand. 

  • Change of ball fours deliveries into the 13th over. Will that have an impact on the course of the match? Let's find out. 

  • SIX! That's smoked away over long on by Pollard! Pitched full by Shakib, and in the arc, there's no missing out on a big hit for the Trinidadian! MI 68/4

  • Kieron Pollard's last eight IPL knocks:

    21*, 5, 0, 28, 7, 9*, 7, 13

  • After 12 overs,Mumbai Indians 62/4 ( Suryakumar Yadav 29 , Kieron Pollard 1)

    Rashid into his second over. Krunal lofts the ball towards deep midwicket, but gets only one. Rashid misses out on a return catch after Surya chips the ball back to the bowler. The ball was quite low, and Rashid couldn't quite react as quickly as he would've wanted. Krunal cuts the ball behind point off the third delivery, collecting his fourth boundary in the process. The southpaw doesn't last much longer though, getting trapped lbw two balls later, though it takes SRH a review to overturn the umpire's original decision of 'Not Out'. Pollard walks out and lofts the ball down the ground first ball. Pandey, the man at long on, nearly misjudges the trajectory of the ball, and just about manages to latch on to the ball to prevent it from running away for a boundary. 

    MI need 57 off 48 balls with 6 wickets in hand. 

  • So after being ransacked by left-handers (Chris Gayle and Suresh Raina) in the previous two games, Rashid has got the wicket of a Krunal Pandya today. Keiron Pollard has been sent in. Rashid still has 13 balls left in his spell and those will hold the key which way the game will go. Good day for him to return to form, his team needs him the most today. Props to KW for going for the review straightaway.

  • OUT! After an unsuccessful appeal for lbw by Rashid against Krunal, SRH decide to review. Three reds, and Krunal's walking back to the dugout! The young spin sensation breaks the 40-run stand for the fourth wicket! MI 61/4

    Krunal lbw Rashid 24(20)

  • FOUR! Cut away behind point by Krunal off Rashid! Has been a difficult couple of overs for Mumbai, and this one should put some pressure on the bowler for now. MI 61/3

  • After 11 overs,Mumbai Indians 55/3 ( Suryakumar Yadav 28 , Krunal Pandya 19)

    Krunal collects a single at the start of Shakib's second over. Appeal for lbw after Surya misses out while attempting a heave towards the leg side. Another quiet over for Mumbai, with just three singles coming off it.

    MI need 64 off 54 balls with 7 wickets in hand. 

  • Shakib brought back in the 11th over of the innings. The Suryakumar-Krunal partnership has been a positive one so far, but Mumbai still aren't out of danger yet. 

  • After 10 overs,Mumbai Indians 52/3 ( Suryakumar Yadav 27 , Krunal Pandya 17)

    Rashid's brought into the attack in the 10th over, unleashing a googly off the third delivery. Surya pulls towards deeps square-leg off the fourth delivery, collecting only a single. Krunal keeps the strike with a single off the last delivery. Just two off the over. 

    MI need 67 off 60 balls with 7 wickets in hand. 

  • Rashid Khan in his last three IPL matches:

    49/1, 55/1, 31/0

  • Rashid Khan finally brought into the attack in the 10th over of the innings. 

  • Mumbai Indians fans have found their voice once again in the last couple of overs. Williamson is making a lot of field changes and the Mumbai batsmen are adjusting smartly to it.

  • After 9 overs,Mumbai Indians 50/3 ( Suryakumar Yadav 26 , Krunal Pandya 16)

    Kaul into his second over, and Krunal starts off with a cracking drive through the gap between extra cover and mid off, collecting a boundary in the process! Williamson moves the slip fielder to midwicket in response, and Kaul follows it up with a sharp length delivery outside off. Short ball to Krunal off the fourth delivery, with the batsman getting floored on this occasion. Krunal though, fights back, and collects back-to-back boundaries off the last two deliveries. 12 off another fine over for Mumbai Indians, with the umpires signalling the first timeout of the second innings. 

  • FOUR! Back-to-back fours for Krunal Pandya, this one going straight down the ground! And that brings up the 50 for MI! MI 50/3

IPL 2018, Mumbai Indians vs Sunrisers Hyderabad at Mumbai, latest update and cricket score: Mustafizur collects a single off the second delivery of the penultimate over, with Thampi returning to the attack. Bumrah swings his bat, but can only go so far as mid on off the fourth delivery to collect a single. And it's all over in the fifth delivery, as Mustafizur pulls, and gets caught by Hooda at midwicket to bring the curtains down to a shambolic batting performance by Mumbai!

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma and Sunrisers Hyderabad captain Kane Williamson. Sportzpics

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma and Sunrisers Hyderabad captain Kane Williamson. Sportzpics

Defending champions Mumbai, on the other hand have a tough task to rediscover themselves after slumping to their fourth loss in five games.

Mumbai had started their campaign with three losses on the trot before registering their first win over Royal Challengers Bangalore, but the three-wicket defeat to Rajasthan Royals on Sunday has once again put them under tremendous pressure.

With nine games left before the play-off stage, Mumbai find themselves in a tight situation to win at least seven of them to improve their chances. As such, a win over SRH on Tuesday is imperative to keep them in the hunt.

Barring local boy Suryakumar Yadav's heroics with the willow, Mumbai have very little to boast of this season, with the other batsmen yet to deliver.

Yadav has had a consistent run of good scores in the opening slot, leaving him four short of reaching the 200 mark for the season, while skipper Rohit Sharma struck one match-winning knock of 94 against RCB.

Mumbai's biggest misery in batting has been the repeated failures of West Indian Keiron Pollard and his compatriot Evin Lewis, at the top while the all-rounder duo of Pandya brothers — Hardik and Krunal — have also failed to impress with the bat this season.

In the bowling department, the pace duo of Jasprit Bumrah and Mustafizur Rahman have been right on the money while Mitchell McClenaghan has got among the wickets despite finishing with a higher economy rate. The Pandya siblings have done a decent job with the ball.

Meanwhile, despite a three-match winning streak, Sunrisers find themselves at the lower half of the IPL table, thanks to the successive defeats to Kings XI and CSK.

While captain Kane Williamson has been in superb form, carrying the batting on his shoulders to amass 230 runs in five games, the other batsmen, including opener Shikhar Dhawan, have not given him adequate support.

Wicketkeeper-batsman Wriddhiman Saha has been particularly below par with a tally of just 62 runs and may soon make way for Shreevats Goswami.

Among other batsmen, Yusuf Pathan showed glimpses of his old attacking self against Rajasthan with a quick 27-ball 45, but still lacks consistency.

The bowling unit looks formidable with Bhuvneshwar Kumar leading the pack in the company of youngsters Siddarth Kaul, Billy Stanlake and T.Natarajan.

Afghan leg-spinner Rashid Khan along with Bangladesh's Shakib Al Hasan will aim to contain the fancied Mumbai line-up in the middle overs.

(With inputs from IANS)

Updated Date: Apr 25, 2018

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