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Highlights India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test, Day 5 in Delhi: Match drawn, hosts win series 1-0

Date: Wednesday, 06 December, 2017 16:58 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • That's it from us here. India weren't able to repeat the 3-0 whitewash they inflicted on Sri Lanka earlier in the year and could only manage a 1-0 win. The two sides meet again in the limited overs series starting on the 10 December. We'll see you then. Thank you and goodbye!

  • Virat Kohli, India captain:  It has been a personally satisfying series for me. It was kind of a revelation that I can play in Tests the way I can do in ODIs. When I wasn't captain, it was difficult to think of situations. When I was finding my feet in Test cricket, I was under pressure. When I got to a milestone, I relaxed. Now, it's a lot different. We've always believed that Rohit can change the game in the lower middle order. He's grabbed his chances really well. (On the fielding in the slips) Ajinkya has always been a gully fielder because you need to have good reflexes in that position. You can teach players to field at slips but it is difficult to learn that at gully. (On resting for the limited overs series) Last time I took a break, it was very difficult to handle. But my body is wanting it right now. It has taken a toll in the last couple of years and right now is the perfect time to take a break before South Africa.

  • Dinesh Chandimal, Sri Lanka captain: It was a really good series. Apart from the Nagpur Test, we played some really good cricket. Most important thing was to execute the plans. (On Angelo Mathews' form) Of course, we got Rangana and Mathews, who are the most experienced in the team. Every player looks up to him. When Angelo performs well, the youngsters will watch him how to go about it. (On youngsters) Credit goes to Dhananjaya and Roshen Silva. They played some really good cricket. Really happy with the way we played. (On his form) Before I came here, I did a lot of hard work and changed my technique a bit and finally it has paid off for me. (On the playing conditions in Delhi) It was a tough time. In Sri Lanka, we aren't used to this, so we struggled for the first two days. Today is a fantastic day. Feels like Sri Lanka.

  • Virat Kohli wins the man of the match and the man of the series awards for his excellent batting display.

  • The players are shaking hands. Sri Lanka have drawn the Test match and this has been a commendable performance from them. They put up a gritty performance in Kolkata before collapsing in the last few sessions, were miserable in Nagpur but in Delhi they have been absolutely magnificent. All the batsmen stood up right from Dhananjaya de Silva to the debutant Roshen Silva. India might have felt that they have a chance when de Silva retired hurt but Dickwella and Roshen stitched up a solid stand. 

  • After 103 overs,Sri Lanka 299/5 ( Roshen Silva 74 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 44) Dickwella goes for wild slog sweep, only he knows what he was thinking there, missed the ball, fortunately for him it was away from his off stump. Plays one uppishly on the off side that goes to the point fielder on the bounce. Sweeps the fourth ball to the square leg fielder. Blocks the fifth calmly and cuts it through cover point for one. He will retain the strike. 

  • After 102 overs,Sri Lanka 298/5 ( Roshen Silva 74 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 43) Before the start of the over, the umpire has a word with Kohli, surely it has to do with time and how long they plan to stretch the game, less than 40 minutes remaining.Dickwella takes a single to deep mid wicket, the only run off the over.

  • After 101 overs,Sri Lanka 297/5 ( Roshen Silva 74 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 42) Ashwin into his 32nd over. Silva waits for the ball to turn and calmly and tucks it around the corner for one. Dickwella's premediated sweep shot could have been fatal for him as it ballooned off top edge, but with no square leg in place it means the players can only exchange a single.

  • After 100 overs,Sri Lanka 295/5 ( Roshen Silva 73 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 41) Players long shadows can be seen beside the pitch as Jadeja begins his 37th over. Dickwella sweeps the first ball for no run to square leg. He missed the sweep on the third ball but because Jadeja is over the wicket to the left hander bowling into the rough it is difficult for him to bring it into the stumps, no harm done. Dickwella picks two with another sweep to backward square leg. Jadjea fired the last ball, which Dickwella fails to cut and Saha cops it on his body as the ball bounces off the rough.

  • After 99 overs,Sri Lanka 293/5 ( Roshen Silva 73 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 39) Silva stonewalls Ashwin for six deliveries as the match is inching towards what looks like a certain draw now. The duo has added 88 runs so far.

  • After 98 overs,Sri Lanka 293/5 ( Roshen Silva 73 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 39) Jadeja gets some turn as his flights one, but it way outside off stump going further away, easy leave for Silva. Rarely we get to see Jadeja toss one. Back to darting into the batsmen as Silva pushes for one through cover point. Dickwella is sweeping with much ease for single, he took it from outside the line of stumps, so it was a safe shot. The fifth ball stayed very low, almost sneaked under Silva's bat if not for the bottom edge. Silva gets to pitch of the ball and takes one to long off.

  • After 97 overs,Sri Lanka 290/5 ( Roshen Silva 71 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 38) Dickwella blocks the first ball, shoulders arms to the second, tried to work one on the on side but a leading edge from his bat falls safely on the offside. Plays his favourite sweep for a single to square leg for one. Roshen Silva returns the strike with a single to long leg.

  • Sri Lanka need 122 to win the Test, will they fancy to knock a few to level the series? Surely not, but, imagine having that thought...

  • After 96 overs,Sri Lanka 288/5 ( Roshen Silva 70 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 37) After blocking a couple of deliveries, Silva turns the strike to Dickwella, who takes his time to mark his guard, post which he sweeps it to fine leg for another single. A push to mid on by Roshen Silva to finish the over.

  • We are into the last hour of play. Can India still sneak in a couple wickets and send panic amongst the Lankan camp?

  • Jadeja to continue post drinks.

  • After 95 overs,Sri Lanka 286/5 ( Roshen Silva 69 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 36) After playing dots to the first two deliveries, Silva tucks it through square leg for a single. Dickwella takes the ball on the full and carves it to square on the off-side a single as players take drinks for the one final time in this Test series.

  • After 94 overs,Sri Lanka 283/5 ( Roshen Silva 67 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 35) Jadeja continues round the wicket with footmarks outside Dickwella's of stump.One that turns it slightly sharply is tapped down, which could have easily gone back onto the stumps, but he stood tall to protect his wickets. Dickwella perempts to play the paddle off the last ball but didn't get it right. 

  • After 93 overs,Sri Lanka 283/5 ( Roshen Silva 67 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 35) Ashwin continues as India look to break the partnership that has already work 70. Roshen Silva picks one off the back foot to the square of the wicket. One slip and forward short leg and slip for Dickwela. The southpaw pulls it off his hips for a couple behind square, plants his front foot across the line and paddles it round the corner for a single. Ends with a boundary ball.

  • FOUR! Ashwin drops it short again and He has been whacked through cover point rightfully.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    India's last chance might well have slipped through wicket-keeper Saha's gloves. Misses an easy stumping of Dickwella as he fails to collect a Jadeja delivery with batsman stranded well down the pitch. 

  • After 91 overs,Sri Lanka 270/5 ( Roshen Silva 57 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 32) Jadeja to Silva. A four through point off the second ball. The last ball produces a golden opportunity for the Indians. Dickwella comes down the track and is beaten. Stumping missed. When wickets are key with time running out, it is a terrible miss. The ball spun away from the rough making it difficult for Saha, but that chance should have been taken by a wicketkeeper of the calibre of Saha.

  • FOUR! Silva cuts a wide one from Jadeja and gets an easy boundary.

  • FOUR! Dickwella gets a four with a sweep shot that could well have gone to the fielder at backward square leg.

  • Amit Banerjee, Firstpost correspondent in New Delhi

    Some more entertainment at Kotla as a stray kite lands near Kohli. Meanwhile, the floodlights are in full use, and light could possibly a factor henceforth. Gritty stuff from the Lankan middle-order, with debutant Roshan Silva rising to the occasion in the absence of Dhananjaya, getting his maiden half-century in the process. India’s body language starting to go negative now. The momentum in the visitors' favour at the moment.

  • After 90 overs,Sri Lanka 261/5 ( Roshen Silva 53 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 27) Jadeja continues. There is a kite on the field and Kohli has it! Nothing much happening with the cricket. The kite and Kohli trying to control it attracts a lot of mirth in the stands. One run from that over. The reserve official takes the crumpled kite away. 

  • After 89 overs,Sri Lanka 260/5 ( Roshen Silva 52 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 27) Ishant to Dickwella. Round the wicket. Cramps Dickwella for room. It will be interesting to see how long India persist with a pacer, given the fading light in the smog-clad Delhi. Back to over the wicket for Silva. Some awkward footwork by the extra cover fielder. The last delivery is slow, loopy and full. Played away quietly. Only two runs from that over.

  • After 88 overs,Sri Lanka 258/5 ( Roshen Silva 51 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 26) Spin for the first time after tea. In comes Jadeja. He has already taken three wickets in this innings and a lot will depend on how he goes now. Two fours in that over, as Roshen Silva brings up his first Test fifty. Jadeja comes back to beat Silva's outside edge with some turn. Eight runs from that over.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    Sri Lanka have exceeded expectations. A score of 250 for 5 is excellent for a last day rearguard action. India need a surge going into the last hour to have any chance of winning this.

  • FOUR! Another boundary for Silva and that is his first Test fifty .

  • FOUR! The first ball is on-driven with ease by Silva. Jadeja is greeted with a boundary.

  • After 87 overs,Sri Lanka 250/5 ( Roshen Silva 43 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 26) Ishant to Silva. Starts with a full delivery, but soon that customary short ball comes out. Silva ducks underneath. The next ball is full and Silva hangs his bat at it. Fine diving stop by Ashwin at backward point. Single nevertheless, and that brings up Sri Lanka's 250. Ishant back to round the wicket for Dickwella. Short of a length. Played away to midwicket for no run. Solid defence off he last ball. Just a single off that over.

  • After 86 overs,Sri Lanka 249/5 ( Roshen Silva 42 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 26) Shami round the wicket to Dickwella. The first ball slants away from the left-hander. The next ball is fuller. Left alone. That is followed by a snorter, but very well played by Dickwella. Arches back and brings out the ramp shot. Collects four at third man. Good cricket all round. Shami switches to over the wicket. Sprays one full and wide. Dickwella square drives. Ishant looks ungainly at the fence, but cuts off the four. One run. A single to Silva off the last ball. Six runs from that over.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    India desperately need a breakthrough at this stage. The second new ball was the last throw of the dice and Kohli needs a far more attacking field to apply pressure and get the wickets.

  • FOUR! Ramp shot from Dickwella off a short delivery from Shami. Boundary at third man.

  • After 85 overs,Sri Lanka 243/5 ( Roshen Silva 41 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 21) Ishant to Silva. A full delivery followed by a shorter one that holds its line outside off stump. Then gets the ball to nip back in. The crowd is getting behind the local boy. Two more deliveries that comes back into the batsman. He is getting the ball to nip back into the Lankan batsmen sharply. The last delivery holds its line outside off. Maiden.

  • After 84 overs,Sri Lanka 243/5 ( Roshen Silva 41 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 21) Shami continues. Two runs off the first two balls. Shami then bowls one short of a length and induces an edge from Dickwella, but much to the Indians' dismay, the ball flies between the second slip and gully and runs to the fence. Dickwell lives dangerously. Two more runs off the next three balls.

  • FOUR! Edged by Dickwella and the ball flies to the fence through slip and gully.

  • After 83 overs,Sri Lanka 236/5 ( Roshen Silva 39 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 16) Ishant to bowl the next over. Round the wicket to the left-handed Dickwella. The first ball is short and wide and moving further away. Dickwella throws his bat at it and the ball flies to the backward point fence. Streaky boundary to start the over. The next ball is full and moving away. The third ball comes back and Dickwella is caught in two minds. Wanted to leave that, but ends up stabbing the ball down. A single off the fourth ball. Ishant switches back to over the wicket to Silva. Loses direction and the ball runs away for four byes. A single off the last ball. Ten runs from that over. 

  • FOUR! Wayward from Ishant. Wide on the leg side, the ball averts the batsman and 'keeper and runs away to the fence. Byes.

  • FOUR! Dickwella slashes a wide and short one from Ishant and fetches a boundary at backward point.

  • After 82 overs,Sri Lanka 226/5 ( Roshen Silva 38 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 11) Right then, we are back after Tea. Sri Lanka have thwarted the Indians so far, and will look to somehow conserve these five wickets. The loss of Chandimal and Mathews were massive from the Lankans' point of view. Shami starts off proceedings and the first delivery is short of a length. Roshen Silva hops back to defend. Good variation of length. The next two balls are pitched up, looking to induce the batsman into a false shot. The fourth ball is short again, followed by a fuller delivery, which is quietly played away by Silva. The last ball moves a shade away after pitching. Maiden to start off.    

  • Sri Lanka might have lost only a wicket in the session, but it is Dhananjaya de Silva's lost due to injury that will hurt them the most. The young batsman went on to notch a fantastic ton in the fourth innings of the match, shame that he had to walk off after suffering from cramps and back issues.  Fortunately for Lanka, Roshen Silva has looked extremely good in the middle with Dickwella coming out for the last 15 minutes of play. Virat Kohli and company will try and knock visitors out in the final session. India have 184 runs in the bank, which Lanka are unlikely to get, expect the home side to resort to very attacking tactics for the final session.

  • Amit Banerjee, Firstpost correspondent in New Delhi

    Sri Lankan fan Gayan Senanayake led the crowd seated at the old clubhouse in a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ for Jadeja, fielding at extra cover. The birthday boy responds with a little dance of his own. Doesn’t hurt having a bit of fun in a crucial session. A lot of discussions and planning in both dressing rooms right now, I would imagine

  • After 81 overs,Sri Lanka 226/5 ( Roshen Silva 38 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 11) Only one over with a new ball for India. As Sri Lanka battle out another session losing only Chandimal's wicket. Ishant completed his ninth over of the innings giving away a boundary off the first ball as Dickwella plays out the rest of the over safely.

  • FOUR! Dickwella finds the gap. Solid hit through the covers, Vijay could have put in the dive to stop that, he chose simply to escort the ball to cover fence

  • Second New ball taken. Ishant Sharma will have a go with brand new cherry.

  • Amit Banerjee, Firstpost correspondent in New Delhi

    Floodlights starting to come on at the Kotla right now, with a few minutes to go for tea. Has been another superb session for the visitors in the current scheme of things, led by the heroic efforts of Dhananjaya, who retired hurt a while ago after completing his ton. Also getting pretty cold out here, thanks mainly to the overcast conditions and the breeze. Wonder what it will be like in Dharamsala and Mohali, which lie further north.

  • After 80 overs,Sri Lanka 222/5 ( Roshen Silva 38 , Niroshan Dickwella (W) 7) Jadeja comes back after going for the boundary off the first ball. He lines up five dots post the four. Sri Lanka are gunning down over by over as another session coming to its end. Couple of more overs remaining before players take tea. This very mature batting from the Lankans. The pitch isn't the best for the bowlers but still to grind it out against some world class bowlers is commendable.

India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test, Day 5 in New Delhi: The players are shaking hands. Sri Lanka have drawn the Test match and this has been a commendable performance from them. They put up a gritty performance in Kolkata before collapsing in the last few sessions, were miserable in Nagpur but in Delhi they have been absolutely magnificent. All the batsmen stood up right from Dhananjaya de Silva to the debutant Roshen Silva. India might have felt that they have a chance when de Silva retired hurt but Dickwella and Roshen stitched up a solid stand.

Day 4 Report: India was closing in on victory in the third test against Sri Lanka on Tuesday, setting the tourists a massive target of 410 and reducing them to 31-3 at stumps on day four.

Pollution continued to bother players, with one Sri Lankan player vomiting on the pitch. Sri Lanka coach Nic Pothas said his players were clearly bothered by the pollution levels that have left a thick haze swirling around the ground.

India declared at 246-5 in the second innings, batting aggressively to garner as many runs as possible even though they got off to a poor start as Murali Vijay (9) was caught behind.

India captain Virat Kohli and Sri Lanka skipper Dinesh Chandimal.

India captain Virat Kohli and Sri Lanka skipper Dinesh Chandimal.

Ajinkya Rahane (10) was promoted to number three but fell cheaply.

Shikhar Dhawan (67) and Cheteshwar Pujara (49) added 77 runs.

"We had instructions to score quickly so we could present a target for Sri Lanka today. We had to shift gears otherwise I would have batted differently. We are in a good situation now that they are three wickets down. We will try to finish the game tomorrow," said Dhawan after the day's play.

"Not everyone in our team is from Delhi. So the situation isn't a standalone for Sri Lankan players. The sun hasn't come out much so it hasn't helped reduce pollution in these past few days. I have grown up here and don't think playing was a problem. It was not hampering us," he said about the heavy haze that has enveloped the ground during the match.

Pollution has reached hazardous levels in Delhi during the game, leaving several players gasping for breath.

Earlier in the morning, Suranga Lakmal showed discomfort owing to the pollution and vomited on the field.

Virat Kohli completed his 15th test half-century off 55 balls before being caught at long on off Lahiru Gamage.

Kohli added 90 runs with Rohit Sharma (50 not out) for the fifth wicket. The latter scored his eighth test half-century off 49 balls.

Sri Lanka's chase didn't begin well. Sadeera Samarawickrama (5) was caught at gully off a fiery short-ball from Mohammed Shami (1-8).

The umpires deemed light too poor for pace bowlers. India deployed their spinners and Ravindra Jadeja (2-5) knocked over two more Sri Lankan wickets.

Sri Lankan coach Nic Pothas was not happy with the light situation. "It was a bit of coincidence that a wicket fell off pace. And then suddenly the umpires said that the light was not good enough. Then the spinners came on and we lost two more wickets," he said.

"The players are clearly in discomfort but we have decided to not speak about it. We want to get on with the game," he said.

Dimuth Karunaratne (13) was caught behind and then nightwatchman Lakmal (0) was bowled to leave the visitors tottering at the close of play.

Earlier in the day, Sri Lanka were bowled out for 373 in their first innings.

Dinesh Chandimal (164) added 30 runs with Lakshan Sandakan (0 not out) for the final wicket.

India had declared their innings on at 536-7 after Virat Kohli (243) had scored his sixth test double hundred on day two.

India lead the three-match series 1-0 after winning in Nagpur by an innings and 239 runs. The first test in Kolkata was drawn.

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Updated Date: Dec 06, 2017


Pos. Team P W L D Pts.
14 9 5 0 18
14 9 5 0 18
14 8 6 0 16
14 7 7 0 14
14 6 8 0 12
14 6 8 0 12
14 6 8 0 12
14 5 9 0 10

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1 India 3499 125
2 South Africa 3589 112
3 Australia 3499 106
4 New Zealand 2354 102
5 England 3511 98
6 Sri Lanka 2914 94
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2 India 5492 122
3 South Africa 3842 113
4 New Zealand 4602 112
5 Australia 3327 104
6 Pakistan 3279 102
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1 Pakistan 2990 130
2 Australia 1894 126
3 India 3932 123
4 New Zealand 2542 116
5 England 1951 115
6 South Africa 2058 114