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Highlights, India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd T20I at Mumbai: Dhoni, Karthik guide hosts to tense win

Date: Sunday, 24 December, 2017 23:00 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • That brings us to the end of the match and the series. What a year it has been for Indian cricket team which will soon start its overseas adventures at the turn of the new year. Firstpost will bring you detailed coverage of all developments in cricket as always, so keep following. Good night, Merry Christmas!

  • Rohit Sharma (Indian captain): We were playing with seven batters and Washington. Whatever target were set up, we backed our batsmen to get it. Very happy with the way we played in ODI and T20 series. It was a team effort. Each and every guy put in a lot of effort and had done their homework thoroughly. They were ready for the challenge. A lot of them were playing their first-second game and they showed a lot of maturity. It was our job as team management to back them. They did what was expected of them. There were a few hiccups, as in Dharamsala, but it taught us a lot.

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Most wins for a team in a calendar year in international cricket:   38 - Australia, 2003 37 - INDIA, 2017* 35 - Australia, 1999  34 - Pakistan, 2011 

  • Jaydev Unadkat (Man of the Match and Series) : Things went really well for me. Had some plans for myself. Been long since that year. Has been a fruitful year. Have got opportunities whenever I have performed well. I was always eager to make my comeback. Was really eager this time, and thankful to the management and the captain. You keep on motivating yourself. To come out well (from domestic circuit) gives you a lot of confidence. Just give my best whenever I get the chance. I think that (bowling well in both limited-overs and first-class) has come to me with maturity in the domestic circuit. Been playing a lot of cricket in the IPL. Got all the confidence in the mind. 

  • Jaydev Unadkat named the Man of the Match and Man of the Series for his fantastic bowling performances. An economy rate of 4.88 in this series.

  • The Sri Lakans are getting some advice from Dhoni, and they are all ears.  

  • Thisara Perera, Sri Lankan captain : As a captain Im really proud of my bowling unit. Last few months we really improved our fielding also. I think we learned lots because we know India is big team at the moment. We learned lots of things from last 3 T20s. As bowlers, we done pretty well today also. We have to recover batting. Merry Christmas. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Wankhede erupted in joy as MS Dhoni came out to bat, MS Dhoni finished off it in style and Wankhede again erupted in joy.

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    India in a bi-lateral T20I series of three matches:   v Australia, 2016 - Won  v Sri Lanka, 2016 - Won  v Zimbabwe, 2016 - Won  v England, 2017 - Won  v New Zealand, 2017 - Won  v Sri Lanka, 2017 - Won

  • Jigar Mehta, Firstpost correspondent at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai

    Crowds demanding a six from Dhoni but he finishes it off with a four. The crowd is delighted. There is a huge roar. India have walloped this series 3-0.

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Most wins for India against an opposition in T20Is:   10 - Australia, SRI LANKA* 6 - Pakistan, South Africa  5 - Bangladesh, England 

  • After 19.2 overs,India 139/5 ( Dinesh Karthik 18 , MS Dhoni (W) 16) Thisara in for the last over. Two runs and the scores are level. The next ball is turned away to square leg. The fielders have given up chase. India win by five wickets and win the T20I series 3-0. Kudos to Sri Lanka for giving a good fight even with a lightweight total.  

  • Jigar Mehta, Firstpost correspondent at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai

    Good length was the way to go, Pradeep tried for a yorker ended up conceding a six and the match.

  • FOUR! On the legs from Thisara and Dhoni turns it away for a boundary. That's the match for India.

  • After 19 overs,India 133/5 ( Dinesh Karthik 18 , MS Dhoni (W) 10) Pradeep to Karthik. The second ball is hit back by Dhoni. Just out of reach of the bowler. Karthik heaves the next ball to deep mid-wicket for two. Karthik tries to get a bit cheeky. The scoop doesn't come off. Heaves the next ball away to deep mid-wicket again. The fielder covers a lot of ground in the deep. A couple again and India get within touching distance. 9 needed off 7 balls. Some A lot of fingernails being chewed away. And Pradeep bowls a rubbish ball. Releases the pressure with a friendly full toss and Karthik sends it way into the stands at mid-wicket. 3 needed off the last over.

  • Jigar Mehta, Firstpost correspondent at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai

    That six should seal it for India. Poor poor execution.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    Lanka need to be watchful against a wide or no-ball. That would ease the pressure off India. Of course Dhoni in such situations would be an asset. Important to put bat to ball in these conditions. Karthik messed it up by missing the ball. Made up with a brace next ball. Pradeep choked in the last ball. Delivered a full toss. Slammed for a six. Down to  3 runs in the last over. Lanka have blown it 

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    Turning out to be a close game. Runs not coming as easily as expected. There is some bounce and seam movement and that is making batting a challenge. India need at a little more than a run a ball. 15 runs from just two overs to go. Can't leave too much for the end. Need a couple of big hits now. Otherwise a run every ball to keep pressure till end on bowlers.

  • SIX! Juicy waist-high full toss and Karthik deposits it deep into the stands at mid-wicket.

  • Jigar Mehta, Firstpost correspondent at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai

    15 needed Off 2 overs, it's getting a bit tensed. Pradeep will bowl the penultimate over. SL need a wicket as soon as possible.

  • After 18 overs,India 121/5 ( Dinesh Karthik 7 , MS Dhoni (W) 9) Thisara to Karthik. Five runs off the first five balls. India are doing it easily now. Not a surprise with MSD at the crease. Then cramped by one that comes in. A half-hearted appeal. No run. 15 needed off 12 balls.    

  • Jigar Mehta, Firstpost correspondent at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai

    The crowd, that had gone silent, heaves a huge sigh of relief as the Hawk eye shows missing Dhoni's stumps. 20 needed Off 18 balls. This is India's game to lose.

  • After 17 overs,India 116/5 ( Dinesh Karthik 4 , MS Dhoni (W) 7) Chameera to Pandey. And a wicket. Bowled through the gate. Big wicket for Sri Lanka, but it may be a bit too late. MS Dhoni walks down the steps of the pavilion to tumultuous applause. 'Finisher par excellence'. There looks to a ball change meanwhile. Dhoni gets a four. Pat the 'keeper. Looked more intentional than an edge, that shot from Dhoni. A drive for two. The batsmen scampers through. MSD is a gazelle between the wickets still. There is a big appeal for LBW against Dhoni. Not out, says the ump. The Lankans are adamant. They review. But the ball would have comfortably gone over the stumps. Dhoni survives. SL had to take that review, but have lost it now. 20 runs needed off the last 18 balls.

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Manish Pandey's lack of footwork once again did him and India have now two new batsmen at the crease. Wankhede erupts in joy as MS Dhoni comes out to bat.

  • FOUR! Dhoni gets an edge, or did he intentionally run it down past the 'keeper? 

  • Jigar Mehta, Firstpost correspondent at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai

    The dew effect is palpable as they are changing the ball.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    Manish was batting superbly. He seemed to be the only batsman comfortable with the pace and bounce of the pitch. He was hanging back and playing late at times. But every now and then stepping out and smashing the ball to mid-wicket and covers.  He stayed back for the Chameera delivery that jagged back, went through his outside-arc descending bat and smashed into stumps. A fine 32 from Manish. Match heading for a close finish now

  • Jigar Mehta, Firstpost correspondent at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai

    Even before Pandey could look back on his shattered stumps, the crowd had erupted in Dhoni.....Dhoni chant. There is a defeaning roar as he walks down the pavilion stairs. But hey don't forget to beauty from Chameera, he has bowled his heart out today and deserved that wicket.

  • OUT! Pandey gone. The ball came sharply back and goes through the gate. Pandey was stuck at the crease and saw his furniture disturbed.    Manish Pandey b Chameera 32(29)

  • After 16 overs,India 108/4 ( Manish Pandey 32 , Dinesh Karthik 3) Pradeep to Pandey. Dinesh Karthik has joined Pandey in the middle. A single off the first ball and that's the 100 for India. A two and a single off the next three balls. And then a four. Pandey again and he has taken charge. This chase should now be an easy one. 28 runs needed off 24 balls.

  • Jigar Mehta, Firstpost correspondent at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai

    Looks like there is lot of dew in the outfield. The bowlers are wiping the cherry after every delivery. Might be definitely making it difficult to grip the ball.

  • FOUR! Pandey into the act again. Cut through cover for a boundary past the fielder at the fence who put in a despairing dive.

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Manish Pandey is changing gears and at the right time, too to give India momentum. Meanwhile, Hardik Pandya has been dismissed and Dinesh Karthik has come out to bat to take India home.

  • After 15 overs,India 99/4 ( Manish Pandey 26 , ) Shanaka into the attack. Consecutive boundaries for Pandey. He has put his feet on the gas paddle now. Pandya drives handsomely and collects two at sweeper cover. And then he gives his wicket away. Attempts the fancy ramp shot and ends up guiding it to the 'keeper's gloves. He is livid with himself.     

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    Good over for India despite the loss of Hardhik Pandya. Nearly changed the fortunes of the innings with 12 runs coming off it. Unfortunately Pandya edged an attempt to guide a short-pitched ball over the keeper and was caught behind. India need  37 runs off the last 5 overs

  • Jigar Mehta, Firstpost correspondent at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai

    Pandey with 2 fours in 2 balls releases all the pressure. Manufactured the first shot by charging down the track and made the bowler make mistake off the next ball which ended up being a full toss. But wait, there is a twist in the tale, Pandya edges one to the keeper. Well, well, Dhoni doesn't walk out, crowd is disappointed, Karthik it is.

  • OUT! Pandya gone. Trying to run it over the 'keeper's head. Edges and is caught behind. Soft dismissal.      Hardik Pandya c Dickwella b Shanaka 4(4) 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Unlucky dismissal for Shreyas Iyer who was limping last over but this time around, he was run out by not running but it was because of Akila who touched the ball and hit the stumps which was hit straight back by Manish Pandey.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    Tough luck for Shreyas Iyer. He was hampered by a hamstring but wanted to continue batting. His backing up a long way was to keep up with Manish Pandey's aggressive running between the wickets. But was unfortunately run out when bowler Dhananjaya got a hand to a smashing straight drive from Manish. The ball hit non-striker's end with non-striker Shreyas out of crease. Useful 3rd wicket partnership

  • FOUR! Consecutive boundaries from Pandey. Full toss disappears to the mid-wicket fence.

  • FOUR! Pandey comes walks the track, swivels and dispatches it to the mid-wicket boundary.

  • After 14 overs,India 87/3 ( Manish Pandey 17 , Hardik Pandya 1) Dananjaya into the attack. A wicket off the second over. Iyer was backing up too far and is caught out of his crease as a stinging straight drive from Pandey takes a touch of the bowler's fingers and onto the stumps at the non-striker's end. The big-hitting Hardik Pandya is the new man in. Pandey drives straight off teh fifth ball. Past the bowler and a mix-up in the deep among  the Lankan fielders. Four. Six runs from that over.

  • Jigar Mehta, Firstpost correspondent at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai

    What a sad way for Shreyas' innings to come to an end. SL have broken through at a crunch moment. There is a buzz in the crowd as Hardik comes on strike. Shreyas played with Patience on a tricky wicket, but was unfortunate with the dismissal.

  • FOUR! Pandey goes straight back again and the Lankans make bit of a hash of the fielding in the deep.

  • OUT! Iyer gone. Run out at the non-striker's end. He was limping. Hit straight back by Pandey. Dhananjaya gets a hand to the stumps and Iyer is caught short of the crease.     Shreyas Iyer run out (Dananjaya) 30(32) 

India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd T20I in Mumbai: Thisara in for the last over. Two runs and the scores are level. The next ball is turned away to square leg. The fielders have given up chase. India win by five wickets. Kudos to Sri Lanka for giving a good fight even with a lightweight total.

Preview: After overpowering Sri Lanka to clinch the series 2-0, India will look to continue their winning streak and clean sweep the series in the third Twenty20 International (T20I) at the Wankhede Stadium on Sunday.

Rohit Sharma and Thisara Perera. AFP

Rohit Sharma and Thisara Perera. AFP

On a triumphant run, India have been flamboyant in their approach to outclass Sri Lanka by 93 and 88 runs in the first and second encounters respectively. The hosts will hope to repeat the same form and outplay the visitors in the dead rubber.

Ranked fourth in the T20I rankings, India will bank on their fearless batting led by skipper Rohit Sharma and fellow opener Lokesh Rahul who have looked on top of their game.

Supporting them will be batsmen Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, Manish Pandey and Dinesh Karthik who have the calibre to demolish the Sri Lanka which has failed to look up to the mark.

In the bowling department, pacer Jasprit Bumrah — who currently tops the T20I bowlers' list — will spearhead the unit alongside fellow new ball seamer Jaydev Unadkat.

However, wrist-spinners Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav, who have caused plenty of trouble to Sri Lanka throughout the series, will once again remain the key to pick crucial wickets.

For Sri Lanka, experienced all-rounder Angelo Mathews has added to the worries for the side after being ruled out of the final rubber following a hamstring injury in the previous match.

The visitors will, however, hope top order batsmen Niroshan Dickwella, Upul Tharanga and Kusal Perera to play match-winning knocks to salvage their side some pride and consolidate a victory before returning home.

The bowling, which has looked rather ineffective for Sri Lanka will need to reform strategies with the likes of skipper Thisara Perera, Nuwan Pradeep and Akila Dananjaya to try and trouble the formidable India batting line-up.

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Updated Date: Dec 24, 2017


Pos. Team P W L D Pts.
5 4 1 0 8
5 4 1 0 8
6 3 3 0 6
5 3 2 0 6
6 3 3 0 6
5 2 3 0 4
5 1 4 0 2
5 1 4 0 2

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 5313 121
2 South Africa 5154 117
3 New Zealand 3886 102
4 Australia 4599 102
5 England 5029 97
6 Sri Lanka 4374 95
Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 7594 122
2 South Africa 6911 117
3 England 7496 117
4 New Zealand 7081 114
5 Australia 6376 112
6 Pakistan 4877 96
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 3763 130
2 Australia 2513 126
3 India 4341 124
4 New Zealand 3013 116
5 England 2402 114
6 South Africa 2551 111