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Highlights India vs Srilanka, 1st ODI in Dambulla, cricket score: Visitors notch crushing 9-wicket win

Date: Sunday, 20 August, 2017 21:22 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • That's it from us in our coverage of the 1st ODI between India and Sri Lanka in Dambulla on Sunday. The game ended earlier than expected, albeit unsurprisingly. The action now moves to Pallekele for the second one-dayer, which takes place on Thursday, and we hope the hosts put up a better fight on that day to make the ongoing series a little more interesting. For now, I, Amit, bid you all good night on behalf on my colleague Vaibhav as well as the rest of the Firstpost sports desk. 

  • Virat Kohli (India skipper): They (Sri Lanka) got off to a really good start. We thought we would be chasing close to 300. We really enjoyed batting together. 139/1, we had a bit to think about. The way the bowlers brought us back to the game, and the fielders really made the difference. The last three months have been great for him (Shikhar Dhawan), and he is cashing in on the form. He's a match-winner, and when he plays like that he can win you games. Really positive and delightful to watch. I feel you need to start planning 24 months before (the 2019 World Cup), try to experiment here and there. You can see a lot of surprises in the coming games. Axar is a guy who gets a bit of batting into play, plus he's a gun fielder. We thought one fielder would be enough. He's got the power and he can produce that crucial innings for you. 

  • Upul Tharanga, Sri Lanka captain: "Yes, we started really well but someone had to go get a big one. This is what we have been lacking for the last 2-3 years. Someone who stays needs to carry on. At one stage we were looking at 300 then 260 but In the end India played brilliantly. Need to play better and be more consistent with the bowling as well."

  • Shikhar Dhawan, Player of the Match: "Things are going good for me. I have that mental freedom and once you have got runs you can go out and express yourtself. Wanted to play on the merit of the ball."

  • Shikhar Dhawan is the Man of the Match for his unbeaten knock of 132 off 90 balls. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    The stand of 197 runs between Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan is also the highest for the second wicket against Sri Lanka in ODIs. The previous highest was of 188 between Gautam Gambhir and MS Dhoni at Colombo (RPS) in 2009. 

  • Turned out to be an easier chase than expected for the Indians. The Sri Lankans had some hope after Rohit threw his wicket away early with just 24 runs against India's name on the board. However, Dhawan and Kohli made a complete mockery of the Sri Lankan attack, finding boundaries with ease to keep the asking rate under check throughout the chase. It turned out to be another fine chasing knock by captain Kohli, who was unbeaten on 82 at the end of the match, though the evening belonged to another Delhiite, with Dhawan smashing 20 fours and three sixes to remain unbeaten on 132. The partnership between the two was three short of the 200-mark at the time of India completing the nine-wicket win. Has been a one-way traffic in India's favour in their tour of Sri Lanka so far, and it hasn't been any different in the ODI series. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Virat Kohli's average while chasing in ODIs:
    As a player only -59.98
    As a captain - 123.55

  • After 28.5 overs,India 220/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 132 , Virat Kohli (C) 82)

    Hasaranga bowls what turns out to be the last over of the match. Dhawan and Kohli collect a couple of singles to bring the scores to level, before the former shuffles to his left to guide the fifth ball of the over down the ground to bring up the win in style! 

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance cricket journalist

    And that's that... India never got out of 2nd gear, like in the Test series. Stupendous hundred by Dhawan, complimented by Kohli's half-century to back up the spinners' effort in the afternoon. On evidence, this too looks a one-sided series. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    This is India's biggest win by balls remaining in Sri Lanka in ODIs against Sri Lanka. The previous record was of 93 balls at Dambulla in 2010.

  • FOUR! That's it! India thrash Sri Lanka by nine wickets to go 1-0 up in the series! Dhawan shuffles to his right, and drives the fifth ball down the ground to complete the win with 127 balls to spare! 

  • After 28 overs,India 214/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 127 , Virat Kohli (C) 81)

    Malinga bowls the 28th over of the Indian innings, with the visitors drifting towards an easy victory at the moment. Kohli collects a double in the fifth delivery, before hammering the last ball down the ground off an attempted yorker. India are a hit away from victory right now! 

    India need 3 to win from 22 overs. 

  • FOUR! Stand-and-deliver by Kohli off the last ball of the 28th over! Guides a yorker from Malinga down the ground with ease! India 214/1

  • After 27 overs,India 206/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 126 , Virat Kohli (C) 74)

    Kohli runs into the Sri Lanka chinaman, tonks him over mid wicket, plays the sweep and when the bowler drops it short, he goes straight down the ground for a six! India are galloping towards the target. Probably they would like to see the big PL matches tonight. Isn't Kohli a Chelsea fan ?

    India need 11 to win from 23 overs. 

  • SIX! Swatted down the ground by Kohli on the backfoot, and that brings up the 200 for India! India 203/1

  • FOUR! Swept away by Kohli in the second delivery, this time finding the long-leg fence! The Indian captain toying with the attack himself just to remind everyone he's still out there. India 197/1

  • FOUR! Slapped away by Kohli towards the midwicket fence at the start of the 27th over! India 193/1

  • After 26 overs,India 189/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 125 , Virat Kohli (C) 58)

    DROPPED! Dhawan miscues an off-cutter from Malinga at the start of the 26th over, with the fielder running towards the boundary from midwicket failing to hold on to the chance. Nothing's going Sri Lanka's way at the moment. Eight off the over, including a boundary by Dhawan. 

    India need 28 to win from 24 overs. 

  • FOUR! Dhawan pulls a short ball from Malinga towards the square-leg fence in the fourth delivery of the over! India 189/1

  • After 25 overs,India 181/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 118 , Virat Kohli (C) 57)

    13 runs collected in Sandakan's fifth over, including a four and a six by Dhawan as he races away to 118, and seems to be in a hurry to finish the match. The two batsmen have looked unperturbed in the second-wicket partnership so far, barring a couple of anomalies. 

    India need 36 to win from 25 overs. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Fastest century for India against Sri Lanka in ODIs: (By balls)
    66 - Virender Sehwag, Rajkot, 2009
    71 - SHIKHAR DHAWAN, Dambulla, 2017*
    75 - Virender Sehwag, Colombo (RPS), 2009

  • FOUR! An inside-edge off Dhawan's bat beats the fielder stationed at midwicket, before running away to the boundary for a four! India 172/1

  • SIX! Dhawan shuffles down the track yet again, and manages to clear the boundary down the ground despite not middling the ball! That's the third six for the left-hander! India 180/1

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Fewest innings to score 11th ODI century:
    64 - Hashim Amla
    65 - Quinton de Kock
    82 - Virat Kohli
    86 - David Warner, Shikhar Dhawan
    109 - Brian Lara

  • After 24 overs,India 168/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 106 , Virat Kohli (C) 56)

    Dhawan dances down the ground and lofts the second ball of the 24th over towards long-off, barely clearing the fielder inside the circle. Collects a single a couple of deliveries later. Five off the over. 

    India need 49 to win from 26 overs. 

  • Sandakan returns to the attack in the 25th over of the Indian innings. 

  • FOUR! Dhawan lofts the second delivery of the 24th over down the ground, with the ball travelling just above the mid-off fielder's outstretched hands! India 167/1

  • After 23 overs,India 163/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 101 , Virat Kohli (C) 56)

    Eight runs scored in the 23rd over, bowled by Fernando, including a single in the second ball of the over that brings up the half-century for Virat Kohli — who hardly celebrates after getting to the milestone. 

    India need 54 to win from 27 overs. 

  • FIFTY for Virat Kohli, his 44th in one-dayers. Hardly any celebrations from the Indian captain, as he knows there's a job left to be done! Gets to the milestone with a single in the second delivery of the 23rd over. India 156/1

  • FOUR! Lofted down the ground by Kohli off Fernando! This one landed safely just short of the long-off boundary. India 163/1

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Shikhar Dhawan becomes the second Indian batsman to score consecutive centuries against SL in ODIs after Virat Kohli. 

  • After 22 overs,India 155/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 100 , Virat Kohli (C) 49)

    Three boundaries collected by Dhawan in the 22nd over of the Indian innings, with the last one getting Dhawan to his 11th ODI ton in just 71 deliveries! What a knock this has been by the player who has been in devastating form since the Champions Trophy earlier this year! 

    India need 62 to win from 28 overs. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Most 50-plus scores while chasing in ODIs: 
    69 - Sachin Tendulkar 
    50 - Jacques Kallis 
    45 - VIRAT KOHLI* 
    44 - Sourav Ganguly 

  • FOUR! Dhawan opens the face of his bat, and guides the last delivery of the 22nd over towards the third-man fence to race away to his 11th ODI ton in just 71 deliveries! India 155/1

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance cricket journalist

    And there it is... didn't take long to get there... off 71 balls. Dhawan's 11th ODI hundred... this tour has been all about his batting isn't it? From Galle to Colombo to Kandy to Dambulla... did he ever stop batting? 

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance cricket journalist

    Dhawan dropped.... he always gets a hundred when he is dropped. And he is batting on 88 now... so fair chance for him to continue that trend. He has been sublime today, continuing that run of good form he has had. When was the last time Dhawan batted so fluently for three months? Meanwhile at the other end, Virat is edging towards a quiet half-century. Easy does it. 

  • FOUR! Full and outside leg, Dhawan sweeps this one towards the long-leg boundary, moving to 96 and bringing up the team 150 in the process! India 151/1

  • FOUR! Dhawan shuffles down the track, and pats the second ball of the 22nd over down the ground to move to the 90s. India 147/1

  • After 21 overs,India 142/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 88 , Virat Kohli (C) 48)

    Kohli pulls the first ball of the 21st over, bowled by Fernando, through the gap between midwicket and mid-on to collect his sixth boundary. Moves to 47 with a single next ball. DROPPED! Dhawan gets a thick edge that carries wide of keeper Dickwella, who gets a bit of glove to it. Seven runs off the over. 

    India need 75 to win from 29 overs. 

  • After 20 overs,India 135/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 87 , Virat Kohli (C) 42)

    Four runs collected in the 20th over of the Indian innings — a quiet one for the visitors for a change — as Kohli and Co are marching towards the target in style. 

    India need 82 to win from 30 overs. 

  • FOUR! Pulled away by Kohli through the gap between midwicket and mid-on! India 139/1

  • Vishwa Fernando is brought back into the attack in the 21st over. 

  • After 19 overs,India 131/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 86 , Virat Kohli (C) 39)

    Good over for the Indians, with 11 runs coming off it, including two boundaries, both off Dhawan's bat. The 100-partnership is up between these two, and Dhawan and Kohli are now approaching their century and fifty respectively. Sandakan has leaked 33 runs off the four overs that he has bowled so far.

    India need 86 to win from 31 overs. 

  • FOUR! The second boundary of the over, and this time Dhawan dances down the pitch and drives it towards deep extra-cover! India 130/1

  • After 18 overs,India 120/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 76 , Virat Kohli (C) 38)

    Hasaranga starts his first over with a half-tracker that is dispatched towards the square-leg boundary by Dhawan, who moves to 76 at the end of the over. The partnership is now four away from touching the 100-run mark. 

    India need 97 to win from 32 overs. 

  • FOUR! Reverse-swept by Dhawan towards the third man fence, and that brings up the century-stand for the second wicket between him and Kohli! India 124/1

  • FOUR! Dhawan pulls the first ball of the 18th over towards the leg side, swatting a half-tracker from the leg-spinner on that occasion. India 117/1

  • Wanindu Hasaranga is introduced into the attack in the 18th over.

Hasaranga bowls what turns out to be the last over of the match. Dhawan and Kohli collect a couple of singles to bring the scores to level, before the former shuffles to his left to guide the fifth ball of the over down the ground to bring up the win in style!

Preview: Fresh from a 3-0 Test cricket series whitewash over Sri Lanka, India will aim to continue with their ruthless approach as the five-match One-Day International (ODI) series begins at the Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium on Sunday.

Virat Kohli's men routed the Islanders in the three Tests, posting easy wins through all-round performances. In the first Test at Galle, India registered a 304-run triumph, while in the second Test at Colombo, they won by an innings and 53 runs. The third Test saw the visitors claim a victory by an innings and 171 runs in a dominating display.

India captain Virat Kohli and Sri Lanka captain Upul Tharanga. Agencies

India captain Virat Kohli and Sri Lanka captain Upul Tharanga. Agencies

India are high on confidence following these triumphs and they need to be in the right frame of mind as they switch to the 50-over white-ball format from the five-day affairs.

Sri Lanka, with their pride and quality being questioned following the recent losses, will be desperate for redemption. Test cricket is the hardest format that exposes the gulf in quality of the teams to the limit but the limited overs matches are expected to be balanced, even though the visitors should be overwhelming favourites.

Currently eighth in the ODI rankings, Sri Lanka will be eyeing the chance to seal direct qualification for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. And out of these five matches, the 1996 World champions will have to win at least two matches to secure a place in the pinnacle 50-over competition by staving off the challenge from the West Indies. The cut-off date for direct qualification is September 30.

Sri Lanka have 88 points, 10 points more than the West Indies, which has an unenviable task in its aim of being among the seven top-ranked sides apart from host England to gain direct qualification.

The bottom four sides will need to play a qualifying event also featuring the top four sides from the ICC World Cricket League Championship and the top two sides from the ICC World Cricket League. The top two teams from this event will get to play in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

As for third-ranked India, only a 4-1 series win will ensure it stays ahead of England. Even a 3-2 win for India will mean they will slip to 113 points and behind England on decimal points owing to Sri Lanka's low ranking.

India have picked a young bowling side, having rested spin-twins Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja and fast bowling pair of Umesh Yadav and Mohammed Shami.

Left-arm spinner Axar Patel, left-arm wrist spinner Kuldeep Yadav and leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal are captain Virat Kohli's options among slow bowlers. The three youngsters will look to impress in the limited opportunities.

Mumbai paceman Shardul Thakur made a comeback into the squad. Gujarat pacer Jasprit Bumrah and Uttar Pradesh seamer Bhuvneshwar Kumar are automatic choices in the playing XI.

On the batting front, Karnataka middle-order batsman Manish Pandey is expected to bat at No.5. And the right-hander will look to justify his selection in the squad ahead of veteran southpaw Yuvraj Singh, a key member of India's 2007 World Twenty20 and 2011 World Cup-winning squads. Pandey's statemate Lokesh Rahul might bat at No.4.

Another veteran, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will also look to make the most of the opportunities as far as banishing the calls for injecting fresh legs are concerned. The 36-year-old's power-hitting is on the wane and it will be interesting to see his batting position.

For the home camp, captain Upul Tharanga and experienced middle-order batsmen Angelo Mathews and Dinesh Chandimal need to shoulder responsibility in the batting department.

Among bowlers, the fitness of pace spearhead Lasith Malinga will be the key. Sri Lanka have recalled all-rounders Thisara Perera and Milinda Siriwardana into the squad. Left-arm spinner Malinda Pushpakumara may make his debut, while pacemen Dushmantha Chameera and Vishwa Fernando will share the new ball.

Sri Lanka: Upul Tharanga (captain), Angelo Mathews, Niroshan Dickwella (wicketkeeper), Dhanushka Gunathilaka, Kusal Mendis, Chamara Kapugedera, Milinda Siriwardana, Malinda Pushpakumara, Akila Dananjaya, Lakshan Sandakan, Thisara Perera, Wanindu Hasaranga, Lasith Malinga, Dushmantha Chameera, Vishwa Fernando.

India: Virat Kohli (captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma (vice captain), Lokesh Rahul, Manish Pandey, Ajinkya Rahane, Kedar Jadhav, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wicket-keeper), Hardik Pandya, Axar Patel, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Shardul Thakur.

Updated Date: Aug 20, 2017

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