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Highlights, India vs South Africa, 1st Test, Day 2 at Newlands, Cape Town: Pandya leads visitors' fightback; match in balance

Date: Saturday, 06 January, 2018 21:56 IST Match Status: Match Ended
Venue: Newlands, Cape Town

India in South Africa 3 Test Series 2018 1st Test Match Result South Africa beat India by 72 runs

Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Dale Steyn not out 16 31 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 19 4 87 4
Mohammed Shami 16 6 47 1
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Mohammed Shami not out 4 15 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Vernon Philander 14.3 8 33 3
Dale Steyn 17.3 6 51 2
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Dale Steyn not out 0 4 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 11 5 33 2
Jasprit Bumrah 11.2 1 39 3
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Bhuvneshwar Kumar not out 13 41 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Vernon Philander 15.4 4 42 6
Morne Morkel 11 1 39 2
  • So that brings us to the end of today's coverage. Hope you enjoyed it as much as Hardik Pandya did in Cape Town on Day 2. South Africa still hold the cards in this match as they lead by 142 runs, but they still have a long way to go as Pujara mentioned in his presser right now that 350 is chaseable on this pitch. But the fourth innings is nine wickets away. The only Indian bowler who impressed today was Hardik Pandya. The others need to turn up tomorrow to ensure that India stay alive in the match. But for now its time to say good bye. 

  • A intriguing day of Test cricket. Day 3 is the moving day

  • A day Hardik will remember for a long, long time.

  • A see-sawing Test still stands even... Hardik Pandya's day of glory this. Has single-handedly kept India in the match with his 93 runs and two wickets in the final hour of play. Without either contribution, India would have been staring down the barrel. Now they can go and regroup in the evening and come back with renewed vigour on day three. There is rain forecast for Sunday so that might be a factor too. One thing is assured... it promises to be another roller coaster day of Test cricket. 

  • A dream day for an Indian all-rounder outside Asia in Tests. Very rare. Well done, Hardik Pandya! 

  • After 20 overs,South Africa 65/2 ( Kagiso Rabada 2 , Hashim Amla 4)

    Shami continues. This will be the last over of the day. Shami tries all the tricks in the bag even attempts a yorker but Rabada survives them all. That will be stumps on Day 2. 

  • After 19 overs,South Africa 65/2 ( Kagiso Rabada 2 , Hashim Amla 4)

    Bhuvi is back! He bowls all the deliveries on the stumps. Amla even managed to keep a couple out with a late twirl of the bat. Risky but that is what Amla does.  

  • FOUR! Poor, really poor. Bhuvi goes very full and Amla flicks it through square leg.

  • After 18 overs,South Africa 61/2 ( Kagiso Rabada 2 , Hashim Amla 0)

    Shami comes back into the attack. Probably to get rid of the nightwatchman. He bowls from round the wicket. Rabada survives four balls and collects a brace off the fifth. Only two off it. 

  • After 17 overs,South Africa 59/2 ( Kagiso Rabada 0 , Hashim Amla 0)

    What a day it has been for Hardik Pandya. 93 runs and two wickets. He has removed both the openers. 

  • Dean Elgar never looked in throughout the day. However, he tried to fight hard but perished finally against the angel that Pandya created. India have forced South Africa to send Hashim Amla and here he is. India should try and get another wicket.

  • Pandya has done it for India again... gets Elgar caught behind. What a day he is having... whenever India have been found wanting Pandya has put his hand up. All-rounder indeed! 

  • OUT! What a day is he having! Pandya gets rid of Elgar. Angles it on a length and draws Elgar forward. It moves away with the angle and Elgar edges it to Saha who grabs it easily. Wicket number for two for Hardik Pandya. 

    Elgar c Saha b Hardik Pandya 25(54)

  • Hardik Pandya is in the game again. What a match he is having! Markram was looking good but he tried to manufacture a shot, got the leading edge and Kumar took an easy catch at backward point. Interestingly, South Africa have sent Kagiso Rabada as a night watchman.

  • FOUR! Pandya himself is disgusted with that delivery and lets out a huge roar. A juicy half-volley on the leg stump and Elgar clips it away to the deep midwicket fence. 

  • After 16 overs,South Africa 55/1 ( Dean Elgar 21 , Kagiso Rabada 0)

    Ashwin loops it around off, Elgar leaves it watchfully. He guides the second ball behind short third man for a brace. Then he takes a single past short leg. Rabada edges his very first ball against Ashwin but it dies on Kohli, who immediately signals that it wasn't a clean catch. 

  • Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack. 

  • After 15 overs,South Africa 52/1 ( Dean Elgar 18 , )

    A wicket out of nowehere. Can India strike once more before stumps? Markram is the man to fall. Four runs and a wicket off the over. 

  • That last comment jinxed it for Markram... Pandya cannot do much wrong today can he? India have the first wicket. Markram looked very good. Sort of thrown it away. Can India get one more before the end of play. Night watchman Rabada is in. Interesting. India didn't use any nightwatchmen when Virat Kohli's turn came. 

  • OUT! Hardik Pandya and Bhuvneshwar Kumar again! Pandya snares the wicket. Bhuvi takes the catch. These two have literally owned the Test so far from the Indian perspective. Markram looks to whip on the up but it takes the leading edge and Bhuvi pouches it at backward point. 

    Markram c Bhuvneshwar b Hardik Pandya 34(43) 

  • FOUR! The timing of this young man, I tell you. A full delivery, outside off, Markram crunches it through cover. 

  • For some reason... Shami looks tired. Burnt out even. Certainly doesn't look his real self.. the rhythm bowler who steams in and has the batsmen hopping. Bowled a lot of overs in the Ranji semi-final. Could that be a factor? Ishant didn't play for Delhi. This question will/should be asked. 

  • After 14 overs,South Africa 48/0 ( Aiden Markram 30 , Dean Elgar 18)

    Shami is far, far away from his best. Was the same case in the Indian innings. Hardly looked threatning in his first spell. Concedes eight off this over. 

  • FOUR! Fetch that! Another short ball. 135kph. Elgar stands tall and pulls it through midwicket. 

  • FOUR! Short and into the body, Elgar pulls it late but it rolls away to the long leg fence. 

  • After 13 overs,South Africa 40/0 ( Aiden Markram 30 , Dean Elgar 10)

    Hardik and Shami not troubling the South African batsmen at the moment. Wonder whether Ashwin would make a difference against Elgar. Only two off Pandya's over.

  • After 13 overs,South Africa 40/0 ( Aiden Markram 30 , Dean Elgar 10)

    After that boundary, Shami bowls a length ball which holds its line and Elgar gets beaten. Four off the over. 

  • FOUR! Was Rohit a bit too late to react? I think so. Elgar tries to run one down to third man but edges it. Rohit puts in the dive but is slightly slow. The ball falls short of him and races away to the fence. 

  • India need a special spell from someone to get back into the match. Here's a stat which will further create doubts for India's chances in the match. Only once has a visiting team won a Test in South Africa after conceding a 1st innings lead of 50-plus since their readmission in 1992. It happened when South Africa lost to Australia at Port Elizabeth in 1997.

  • After 11 overs,South Africa 34/0 ( Aiden Markram 29 , Dean Elgar 5)

    Elgar taps the second ball to point for a single. Markram after playing two dots scores a boundary. He again plays a good looking stroke on the final ball: a punch through backward point for a brace. 

  • FOUR! Pandya bowls it on a length and on the pads, Markram mvoes across a bit and clips it perfectly through midwicket. 

  • Hardik Pandya is into the attack. 

  • After 10 overs,South Africa 27/0 ( Aiden Markram 23 , Dean Elgar 4)

    One run in the over before drinks. South Africa lead by 104 runs. 15 overs yet to be bowled and only 45 minutes of play is left. As exciting as this Test has been, the over rate from either side has been really poor.

  • After 9 overs,South Africa 26/0 ( Aiden Markram 23 , Dean Elgar 3)

    Markram and Elgar have settled down. Bhuvi did beat Markram on one occasion but beating the outside edges isn't going to help India's cause. Four runs came in this over. 

  • FOUR! 'Timing was immaculate,' says the commentator on air. Oh yes, it was. Again on the back foot waited Markram to punch it through cover. 

  • Conditions have changed from yesterday and South Africa will now aim to score big runs here and if India don't take two or three wickets by the end of the day then that's it for them as South Africa already a lead of 77 runs.

  • After 8 overs,South Africa 22/0 ( Aiden Markram 19 , Dean Elgar 3)

    Bumrah hits the deck hard. 140kph. Markram stands on his toes and defends it to point. His second ball is on a same length but it is on the fourth stump line, Aiden blocks it back to the bowler. Goes for a full delivery on the stumps, Markram clips it towards mid on for a single. On a length and outside off, Elgar waits and defends it off the back foot. The last two balls are dots. One off the over. 

  • Much improved showing from Bumrah. Bowling with the new ball has helped... has got purchase off the pitch as well. The biggest difference though is the line he has been bowling, much tighter in this second innings. Unfortunately, lady luck has gone to South Africa thus far. Action replays of Dhawan/Vijay dismissals for Elgar/Markram in the first two overs... only they didn't go to hand. 

  • After 7 overs,South Africa 21/0 ( Aiden Markram 18 , Dean Elgar 3)

    The pitch has eased out a bit. If South Africa end the day unscathed, India would be in huge trouble. Good batting conditions at the moment and the Proteas are cashing in. The 7th over though was a maiden from Bhuvi. 

  • After 6 overs,South Africa 21/0 ( Aiden Markram 18 , Dean Elgar 3)

    Eight off the over. Bumrah is looking to take wickets but is also leaking a few at the same time. 

  • After 6 overs,South Africa 21/0 ( Aiden Markram 18 , Dean Elgar 3)

    Eight off the over. Bumrah is looking to take wickets but is also leaking a few at the same time. 

  • FOUR! Markram is a lovely on the back foot. He stands tall and punches this through cover for his fourth boundary. 

  • FOUR! Bumrah bowls one on the stumps and Markram flicks it away to the midwicket fence. Ashwin gave it a chase only to come second. 

  • After 5 overs,South Africa 13/0 ( Aiden Markram 10 , Dean Elgar 3)

    Jaffa! Bhuvneshwar bowls it in the fourth stump line and the ball leaves Elgar with the angle. The southpaw almost edged it behind. This is beautiful bowling from Bhuvi. A maiden.

  • After 4 overs,South Africa 13/0 ( Aiden Markram 10 , Dean Elgar 3)

    Elgar tucks the first ball to square leg for a single. Markram tries to block the second delivery but inside edges it past square leg for a double. Three off the over. 

  • After 3 overs,South Africa 10/0 ( Aiden Markram 8 , Dean Elgar 2)

    One beautiful chance. One half-chance. Bhuvi is creating those chances and the slip cordon must be vigilant. 

  • FOUR! Bhuvneshwar bowls this on a same length and Markram goes for the punch again only to edge it behind. The edge goes over the gully fielder and races away to the fence. 

  • FOUR! Lovely shot to get off the mark with. Markram stands tall and punches it off his back foot. 

  • It's the debutant Jasprit Bumrah who has started the opening spell with Kumar and rightly so as Shami was not effective with the new ball in the first innings. 

  • After 2 overs,South Africa 2/0 ( Aiden Markram 0 , Dean Elgar 2)

    In the air.... falls safely! Elgar, who scored a duck in the first innings, went for a pull and top-edged it. Shami gave it a chase but only manages to get fingertips to it. Huge miss this. Kohli isn't impressed. A better fielder could've converted this half-chance but Shami fails to do so. Two off the over. 

India vs South Africa, 1st Test at Newlands, Cape Town, latest update: Shami continues. This will be the last over of the day. Shami tries all the tricks in the bag even attempts a yorker but Rabada survives them all. That will be stumps on Day 2.

Day 1 report: India's progress was checked late on Day 1 of the first Test in South Africa on Friday, with the tourists 28-3 at stumps and 258 runs behind on a tough batting surface.

India lost both openers and captain Virat Kohli as they tried to limit the damage in the 11 overs faced before the close.

Highlights, India vs South Africa, 1st Test, Day 2 at Newlands, Cape Town: Pandya leads visitors fightback; match in balance

India's Virat Kohli and South Africa skipper Faf Du Plessis. Agencies

Top-ranked India had rattled South Africa's batting lineup in the first skirmishes of a three-match series between Test cricket's top two teams. South Africa, who were 12-3 and in similar trouble at the start of the day, battled their way to 286 all out in their first innings.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar's early blitz of seam bowling gave the Indians a promising start in another quest for a first series win in South Africa.

Kumar, who finished with 4-87, sent back Dean Elgar, Aiden Markram and Hashim Amla in the first five overs of the series-opener. A middle-order century stand between AB de Villiers (65) and Faf du Plessis (62), and a lower-order rally pushed the South Africans near to 300.

India's batsmen also struggled on the green surface in Cape Town. Murali Vijay went for 1, Dale Steyn returned to Test cricket for the first time in over a year to dismiss Shikhar Dhawan for 16, and Morne Morkel had Kohli for 5 with the first ball he bowled.

Cheteshwar Pujara, on 5 not out, and Rohit Sharma, yet to score, took India to the close.

"I would say it's even," Kumar said regarding the balance of power in the match.

Those 11 overs at the end of the day gave an early glimpse of the battle that's predicted to define the series between the two teams: India's vaunted batting lineup against South Africa's fast bowlers.

The Proteas picked four of those quick bowlers for the opening test, allowing Steyn, out for over a year with a right shoulder problem, to join Vernon Philander, Morkel and Kagiso Rabada in the four-pronged pace attack.

Steyn had a wicket in his first spell back as Dhawan had a swipe at a short-pitched delivery and sent a catch swirling high up into the sky. Steyn took the catch off his own bowling.

India's quicks had the first say, though, as Kumar exploited the generous bounce, swing and seam movement at Newlands that is normally designed to play into South African hands. He forced Elgar to edge behind with the third ball of the game, trapped Markram lbw with one that swung, and also had Amla caught behind.

South Africa was saved by de Villiers and du Plessis, and a solid contribution from its middle to lower order. Wicketkeeper-batsman Quinton de Kock hit 43 off just 40 balls, and the tailenders all chipped in.

"Obviously quite an intense day, but coming off after 6 o'clock, we are very happy," South Africa batting coach Dale Benkenstein said. "The guys fought hard. Those runs down there at the bottom, especially in tough batting conditions, really are vital."

Kumar was India's best bowler, but debutant seamer Jasprit Bumrah and all-rounder Hardik Pandya made two crucial breakthroughs after lunch. With the du Plessis-de Villiers partnership threatening to completely spoil India's early progress, Brumah bowled de Villiers for a memorable first test wicket.

Pandya worked hard for du Plessis' wicket, seeing an ultra-close lbw decision turned down via the decision review system before, two balls later, he forced an edge behind to dismiss the South African skipper.

Du Plessis' exit was greeted by a running, fist-pumping celebration by India skipper Kohli.

Kohli's own dismissal at the end of the day, when he nicked a short ball from Morkel, provoked an equally rowdy celebration from the South Africans.

That intensity in the field may characterize a contest where India, clearly the best team in the world after nine straight Test series victories, is under scrutiny as it almost always is to prove it can win big series away from home. Of those nine successive series wins for India, six of them have come in India, and just one has been achieved outside Asia.

With inputs from AP

Updated Date: Jan 06, 2018


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11 8 3 0 16
11 7 4 0 14
10 6 4 0 12
10 5 5 0 10
11 5 6 0 10
11 4 7 0 8
11 4 7 0 8
11 4 7 0 8
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