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Highlights, India vs New Zealand, 3rd T20I at Thiruvananthapuram, cricket result: Hosts prevail by 6 runs; win series

Date: Wednesday, 08 November, 2017 00:17 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • After New Zealand squaring the series in Rajkot, the series was decided in the last few balls as hosts turned out to be the superior side in the end. A great specatcle for the large crowds that had come in.They were made to wait long, first to get an international match and later by the rain gods, but it ended well for the fans who saw the home team lift the trophy in front of them. As always New Zealand arrived, competeted along with entertaining the audiences with gritty performances. The young team will only move forward. Speaking of which the cricket fans won't have to wait long as there another series that awaits us as neighbours Sri Lanka come for a relatively long tour onto the Indian shores, starting with 3-Test matches. The first to be played at the Eden Gardens on the November 16. We will be bringing you all the coverage and action from the Tests, as we move to white clothing and red-ball cricket. Like always was pleasure to bring you another eventful series, look forward for your company ahead, untill then it is adios.

  • Watch our man on the ground Devdutt Kshirsagar review India's hard-fought T20I series win over New Zealand live from outside the Greenfield International Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram.

  • Virat Kohli, Indian captain : Happy to get a game. This crowd deserved to get some action after having to made wait so patiently. Ever since the ODIs started, 67 turned out to be good total in the end. We thought if you take the run rate up it won't be easy to get the big shots away. Today was another case of guys pulling themselves up. Rohit and MS came up with Bumrah bowling the second last, and Hardik bowled the last over well. When Hardik got hurt, I was.. God forbid if I had to bowl the last four balls  I don't know what would have happened to the series. Forget left, I am not confident of my right-arm. Absolutely. we have won a few on the trot and it makes us proud. Surprised there haven't been more matches here, the stadium is beautiful, the outfield is wonderful and crowd made it special.

  • Bumrah: It was a good day. The slower delivery was gripping. I wanted to stick to the plan. Bhuvi and I had a chat before the innings. Our slower ball wasn't gripping, so we had to mix it with the yorkers. I was focusing ball by ball and trying to execute my ball.

  • Man of the Match and Man of the Series: Jasprit Bumrah

  • Kane Williamson, NZ captain : Its quite hard to know what was good score in the first innings. Credit to groundstaff and the crowd to turn out. Glad to get some cricket. Very good series all round played in good spirit, As soon as you roll the fingers over the ball it made life difficult, especially in this part of the world. We showed good fight. This team is probably the best team in the world. Experience mix with you, especially coming to this part of the world. Fairly new group and it's not easy, guys coming here for the first or second time. It's a tough place to play ."

  • Ishant enjoyed it!

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    India in bilateral T20I series deciders:   v Sri Lanka, Visakhapatnam, 2016 (won) v Zimbabwe, Harare, 2016 (won) v England, Bangalore, 2017 (won) v New Zealand, Thiruvananthapuram, 2017 (won)    

  • Devdutt Kshirsagar, Firstpost correspondent in Thiruvananthapuram

    Even if truncated, this has been a fabulous match of cricket. Everyone seems to be happy, right from KCA officials to the fans. Even New Zealand shouldn't be too disappointed. They put up a great fight and always kept India on their toes throughout the tour. One can make a good guess that Thiruvananthapuram wouldn't have to wait for another 29 years for their next match. Because, Greenfield's first match has been a success. The stadium was jam-packed and a match was played despite all the rain. The Indian win was just the icing on the cake.

  • Mary Kavita

    No.1 team knocked down to achieve a series win Indians reveled under pressure with margin of error very thin A glorious chance squandered, the Kiwis must feel the pain within The bowlers did the job but batsmen committed the original sin Never let the panic set in, say the experts with a grin

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    Brilliant win for India. Tight bowling, energetic fielding and focused work on the field helped defend a very small target. One of the best wins in recent times, considering they were always on the backfoot. From toss to finish

  • 7.1: Pandya bowls short of a length. A swing and a miss, but the Kiwis steal a single. 7.2: Full from Pandya. Hit straight back by de Grandhomme. A caught and bowled chance technically, but a very hard chance. No run. Pandya seems to have hurt his hand in the process of trying to catch that ball.      7:3 Pandya bowls length. De Grandhomme hammers him for a six.  7:4 Pandya varies his pace well. Swing and a miss. Wide called though. 7.4: De Grandhomme hits one behind square le. One run.  7.5: Pandya to Santner. Hit to long on. Two runs. 7.6: Santner slashes one towards third man. One run. Not enough for the Kiwis. India win by 6 runs and take the T20I series 2-1.

  • Devdutt Kshirsagar, Firstpost correspondent in Thiruvananthapuram

    Talks of Super Over have already begun. Think Pandya bowling a last over will always make fans nervous.

  • Devdutt Kshirsagar, Firstpost correspondent in Thiruvananthapuram

    Dhoni couldn't make the most of a flurry of run out chances. What does he do? Throws his one glove away. It will help him to throw the ball better. This is a surprising move; Kohli had opted for Pandya over Kuldeep. Remember the World T20 match against Bangladesh? Pandya has bowled crucial last overs before.

  • SIX! De Grandhomme hits Pandya over the ropes at mid wicket.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    What an eventful Bumrah over. Wonder who's panicking. New Zealand batsmen with their wild running or Bumrah with his inexplicable full tosses and wide ball. In any case, a run out goes India's way at a very opportune moment. 19 runs now needed off the last over. What a match!

  • After 7 overs,New Zealand 49/6 ( Colin de Grandhomme 10 , Mitchell Santner 0) Bumrah proves once again why he is a master of the death overs. A wicket of the first ball. The first ball is full. Nichols sweeps, gets a top edge and is caught at fine leg. Tom Bruce in the crease. Bumrah gets his line wrong and his clipped away for a four. Good changes of pace by Bumrah in this over. The batsmen are finding it difficult to connect. The Kiwis run on an overthrow and a throw at the striker's end catches Bruce short of his crease.  10 runs from that over. 19 needed off the last over. 

  • OUT! Bruce is run out. Running on an overthrow hurts the Kiwis bad. Bruce run out (M Pandey/Dhoni) 4(2) [4s-1]

  • FOUR! Bumrah to Bruce. Bumrah errs in length and the batsman clips it off his pads.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    Virat Kohli is sealing the deal here by opting for Bumrah for the seventh over. You always sense that your best bowler bowles the penultimate over and Kohli is spot on with his choice. 

  • OUT! Bumrah comes in and immediately gets a wicket.

  • Devdutt Kshirsagar, Firstpost correspondent in Thiruvananthapuram

    29 off 12.  Kohli and Dhoni having a long discussion. They have two options in Bumrah and Kuldeep for the final two overs and they opt for the former.

  • Mary Kavita

    Hardik gets a stunning run out, Dhawan's catch was pretty neat, Kiwis have stuttered, India's plan seems pretty concrete Kuldeep and Chahal have further turned up the heat With 29 needed from 12, India seem to be in driver's seat!

  • After 6 overs,New Zealand 39/4 ( Colin de Grandhomme 9 , Henry Nicholls 2) Chahal bowls the sixth over. A very economical one. Could be game-changing under the current scenario. Only three runs conceded. 29 runs off the last two overs.

  • After 5 overs,New Zealand 36/4 ( Colin de Grandhomme 8 , Henry Nicholls 0) Kuldeep introduced into the attack. A fine piece of fielding by Pandya gets rid of Williamson. Phillips then holes out to Dhawan in the deep. Henry Nichols and De Grandhomme are the two new batsmen at the crease. But De Grandhomme gets a flat six off the last ball. Some respite for the Kiwis.

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    Brilliant pick up and throw by Hardik Pandya. Is this piece of fielding as splendidly critical as Santner's earlier in the day. Terrific pick up and throw that shattered the non-striker's end. Turned out to be a double blow as Philips too was dismissed in that eventful Kuldeep Yadav over. Match still in a balance 

  • SIX! De Grandhomme uses his bottom hand to good effect and sends the last delivery from Kuldeep's over ovwer the long on fence. 

  • Devdutt Kshirsagar, Firstpost correspondent in Thiruvananthapuram

    Would you believe it? Pandya was fielding at long on and Kohli at midwicket. After the second ball of the fifth over, Kohli asked Pandya to swap places because he was slightly slow. The very next ball Pandya scored a direct hit. India dominating at the moment as New Zealand have lost their fourth wicket.

  • OUT! Phillips skies one from Kuldeep and gets caught by Dhawan at deep mid wicket. Glenn Phillips c Dhawan b Kuldeep Yadav 11(9) [4s-2]

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Bhuvneshwar bowled the fourth over which means that Kuldeep Yadav will be the penultimate over and as i write this, Pandya gets Williamson with a brilliant direct hit from mid-on and then Kuldeep gets the wicket of Glenn Philips. India's game to lose now.      

  • OUT! Williamson falls prey to a direct hit from Hardik Pandya at mid wicket. Williamson run out (Hardik Pandya) 8(10)

  • After 4 overs,New Zealand 26/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 7 , Glenn Phillips (W) 10) Bhuvi comes into to bowl. The Kiwis run two to mid wicket off the first ball, but Williamson had run one short. A swing and a miss off the third ball. Good pace variations by Bhuvi. Phillips gets two consecutive boundaries next, the first a lofted shot to wide long on and the second a fortuitous one between slip and the wicket keeper. Gets beaten off the last ball.

  • Devdutt Kshirsagar, Firstpost correspondent in Thiruvananthapuram

    Terrific first over from Yuzvendra Chahal. New Zealand will have to up the ante now and that's probably why Kohli has decided to finish Bhuvi's quota.

  • FOUR! Phillips gets a healthy outside edge and the ball flies between slip and 'keeper and runs away to the fence.

  • FOUR! Bhuvi bowls a seam up delivery and Phillips goes over wide long on.

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    They bring wickets with consistency and variation. Yes, both Bhuvi-Bumrah have been just phenomenal for India in last one year or so. India are well ahead now.

  • Mary Kavita

    Guptill gone, suddenly in the stands there is a zing When Bhuvi is on song you are entitled to a fling Bumrah joins the party, Ah! isn't he fast becoming the pace king? It's a joy to watch this pair - Bow down to the Masters of swing and seam!

  • After 3 overs,New Zealand 16/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 5 , Glenn Phillips (W) 2) Chahal replaces Bhuvi. Williamson looking a bit tentative. Gets an under-edge off the first ball, but no harm done. Then a brilliant piece of fielding from Kohli at cover keeps the batsmnen in check. A fumble at backward square leg off the last ball allows the batsmen to cross over for an extra run. India have not allowed the Kiwis to get away so far.

  • After 2 overs,New Zealand 11/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 2 , Glenn Phillips (W) 0) Bumrah bowls a superb over. Starts with bearting Munro's outside edge, then sends him back as Rohit Sharma takes a stunner back-pedaling towards long on. A huge wicket considering Munro was the hero of the last match with a century. Glenn Phillips joins Williamson at the crease. Only three runs from that over.  

  • Vedam Jaishankar, Journalist and commentator

    Bumrah too strikes in his first over. Prized wicket on Colin Munro. Bhuvi struck off the last ball of the first over. He and Bumrah will bowl 50 per cent of the overs. Tough to defend a small target. But these two have the ability to make the Kiwis sweat for win. Bumrah's dismissal of Munro has really brought India back into the game

  • Devdutt Kshirsagar, Firstpost correspondent in Thiruvananthapuram

    The crowd knows the importance of Munro's wicket and they went bonkers after Rohit's tumbling catch.

  • Devdutt Kshirsagar, Firstpost correspondent in Thiruvananthapuram

    A ball before Guptill's wicket, Kohli asked the deep square leg to come in and sent the square leg back. The Kiwi opener then sensed an opportunity to go over square leg but ended up playing a wrong shot. Good captaincy!

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Brilliant from Kumar says Simon Doull on air as he takes a wicket of Guptill with the knuckle ball. Make a habit of hearing it if you haven't yet. Skillful. 

  • OUT! Huge wicket for the hosts. Munro caught by Rohit back-pedaling towards long on. A fantastic catch.  Munro c Rohit b Bumrah 7(6) [6s-1]

  • After 1 overs,New Zealand 8/1 ( Colin Munro 7 , ) Guptill takes a single off the first ball and the Kiwis are underway. Munro comes down the track on the next ball and boom! The ball sails high and handsome over the wide long on fence. Bhuvi comes back with a yorker, which is squeezed out by Munro. A knuckle ball next and then another slower ball. Guptill swings and misses. Then a wicket. A wild swing by Guptill and he gets his furniture pegged back. Kane Williamson is the new man in. 

  • OUT! Bhuvi gets rid of Guptill with a fine slower ball. A blind swing from the batsman and he pays the price. Guptill b Bhuvneshwar 1(3)

  • Devdutt Kshirsagar, Firstpost correspondent in Thiruvananthapuram

    Munro likes to silence the crowd with a first ball six. He has done it again. Can he end the tour with a match winning innings?

India vs New Zealand, 3rd T20I at Thiruvananthapuram: A superb last over from Pandya under the circumstances. Conceded a six off De Grandhomme, but that was expected with 19 needed off the last over. Six runs from the rest of the over. India win the series by 6 runs and win the series 2-1.

Preview: With series levelled at 1-1, India and New Zealand will aim to outplay each other in the third and final Twenty20 International match to seal the series at the Greenfield International Stadium here on Tuesday.

But the spectators might not witness full 20-overs each side because the series decider here is under rain threat.

The meteorological office here has also predicted that the weather will be generally cloudy with a few spells of rain or thundershowers starting from Sunday till Wednesday.

India captain Virat Kohli and New Zealand captain Kane Williamson. Agencies

India captain Virat Kohli and New Zealand captain Kane Williamson. Agencies

Apart from this, it will be a thrilling contest between the two team which are evenly matches on the paper as well as on the field.

To clinch the series, India have to display a better show in both batting and bowling department while New Zealand would like to continue with the same momentum.

India, comprehensive beat the visitors in the first match at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi. In the second match, New Zealand bounced back in style and defeated India by 40 runs.

Opting to bat first on winning the toss, the visitors rode on an unbeaten quickfire century by opener Colin Munro to post 196/2 in their allotted 20 overs. Munro batted through the innings, smashing 109 runs off 58 deliveries.

In reply, the hosts could only manage to post 156/7.

So, in order to beat the visitors, Indian batsmen have to click this time. The middle-order batsmen like Shreyas Iyer, Manendra Singh Dhoni, Hardik Pandya have to click in unison.

The bowling department was also seemed struggling on the flat pitch. Apart from pacer Jasprit Bumrah, no other bowlers troubled the batsmen in the previous match.

Spinners also failed to step up to the occasion and were smashed all around the park. But, in the decider, the gloomy conditions and pitch might favour India.

India skipper Virat Kohli also have to make the plan for the Duckworth Lewis method which might come in the play.

New Zealand, on the other hand, displayed a brilliant performance. There only problem is the consistency.

In the first match New Zealand were outplayed in every department of the game and in the second match they grouped together and showed their class. So, in order to seal the deal this time they have to repeat the same performance.

The fans might see a interesting battle between both the teams if India and New Zealand played as per the expectations.


India: Virat Kohli (Captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Lokesh Rahul, Manish Pandey, Shreyas Iyer, Dinesh Karthik, MS Dhoni (WK), Hardik Pandya, Axar Patel, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj.

New Zealand: Kane Williamson (c), Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Trent Boult, Tom Bruce, Colin de Grandhomme, Martin Guptill, Matt Henry, Tom Latham, Henry Nicholls, Adam Milne, Colin Munro, Glenn Phillips (wk).

Updated Date: Nov 08, 2017

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 3634 125
2 South Africa 3589 112
3 Australia 3499 106
4 New Zealand 2354 102
5 England 3772 97
6 Sri Lanka 2914 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 5751 125
2 India 5492 122
3 South Africa 3842 113
4 New Zealand 4602 112
5 Pakistan 3279 102
6 Australia 3548 101
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 3270 131
2 Australia 1894 126
3 India 3932 123
4 New Zealand 2542 116
5 England 1951 115
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