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Highlights, India vs England, 5th Test at The Oval, Day 5, Full Cricket Score: England win by 118 runs, clinch series 4-1

Date: Tuesday, 11 September, 2018 22:56 IST Match Status: Match Ended
Venue: The Oval, London

Pataudi Trophy 2018 5th Test Match Result England beat India by 118 runs

Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
James Anderson not out 0 5 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Jasprit Bumrah 30 9 83 3
Ishant Sharma 31 12 62 3
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Ravindra Jadeja not out 86 156 11 1
Bowling 0 M R W
James Anderson 21 7 54 2
Stuart Broad 20 6 50 1
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Adil Rashid not out 20 14 3 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Jasprit Bumrah 23 4 61 0
Ishant Sharma 8 3 13 0
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Jasprit Bumrah not out 0 2 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
James Anderson 22.3 11 45 3
Stuart Broad 12 1 43 1
  • Alright, let's take a deep breath first. 

    3 T20Is, 3 ODIs and then 5 Tests. The tour comes to an end. SIGH!

    Yes, India were competitive but a few years later, when people will look back to the 2018 tour of England, the scoreline will be discussed. India won T20Is 2-1, lost ODIs 2-1 and the one that will really hurt them - this 4-1 loss in Test series. 

    Learnings, experience, regrets and what not but India have to wait to repeat the heroics of 2007. Hopefully, they will come back as a better Test team. 

    For now, thanks for being our lovely readers and enthusiast of Test cricket. We need to keep the momentum going. 

    From our in-house team of Vaibhav Shah, Devdutt Kshirsagar, Amit Banerjee, Jigar Mehta, Shubham Pandey, our freelance writers Chetan Narula, Gaurav Joshi and statistician Umang Pabari, good bye and good night. Not for too long though. Asia Cup begins in a few days time. Catch you then. 

  • Joe Root, England captain: Very gratifying. It's been a very tough series. I am sure everyone watching must be very thrilled and will know that Test cricket is in safe hands. Was slightly tensed. Both the lads played fantastically well. Credit to India for playing the way they did and our lads as well to hold their nerves. Alastair's been an exceptional player. Huge part of our dressing room the way he sets the standards. Jimmy's still got a lot to offer. In my opinion, this is the best he has ever been. We are growing all the time as a team. Thanks to all the supporters. They have been fantastic. 

  • Virat Kohli is India's man of the series.

    : Lot of credit has to go to those two young guys. Three wickets down ad Jinks got stuck with KL. And great to see those two (Pant and Rahul). The scoreline might not reflect it but but both sides know how close the series was. Test cricket is alive and it was a great advertisement of the game. The basic idea was to just go out there and play the game. Those two guys were scoring runs freely, We were not just waiting and watching. 

    Take nothing away from Pant and Rahul. We have character in the team and we need more experience in order to how close things. 

    There will be things we will sit down and think about. I think we missed quite a few. But no regret of anything. I think we have been competitive. You hardly have draws in series like this. Barring Lord's , we have not been outplayed in the series, we need to learn from mistakes. 

    Sam Curran made very important contribution. It takes character for someone to do what he does. Guy came and was fearless and he was smart as well. 

    There should be exciting finish all over ther world. I don't believe in safe cricket. The fans will come and watch when the teams want to win. 

    To Alastair Cook, you had a great career and congratulate you on your future, all the best. 

  • England's Player of the Series, nominated by India coach Ravi Shastri and captain Virat Kohli, is Sam Curran. 

    Sam Curran: It is just nice to be involved in such a historic series. (Did you think you would be the Man of the Series) Not really to be honest. It's obviously nice to contribute. I tried my best and it paid off. Definitely, I am quite a person who tries to keep it as simple as possible. For Jimmy to become the higest wicket-taking pacer was awesome. I think consistency is the main part. For instance, the stats that Jimmy and Broady have got. (On the first match) It was one of those games that if you do it once, you can do it again. (Ready for the new ball?) No not at all, Broady and Jimmy have got that for a long time. 

  • Alastair Cook is the Player of the Match. 

    Cook: Yeah, it has been the most amazing week. Great to see England win and also been a great game of Test cricket. The memories of wins and playing with other teams have stayed. The way KL and Rishabh played, tells you how tough Test cricket is. Amazing reception I have got. All my friends and family have come on day 4 and day 5. To see Jimmy go past McGrath; wicket is great. Makes it easy that I will never stand at first slip to him.

    Just been a privilege to play in this team. The hard work that goes into cricket, I will miss that, the pressure. You miss the highs and lows. It will be great to see how they develop from here. 

    This week cannot be beaten, I can walk away with my head held high. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Glenn McGrath's 563rd Test wicket was James Anderson and at that time, Anderson had only 46 wickets in his career and now after 4267 days, Anderson has gone past McGrath to become the highest wicket-taker among pacers in Test cricket. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    No of Test defeats for India under Virat Kohli in Tests:

    Till 2017 - 3
    In 2018 - 6 

  • All the Indian players line up to congratulate Alastair Cook. He takes the last walk back to the dressing room, to never return again in England whites. An emotional moment for him but even in this emotional moment, does not forget to make a kind gesture to his teammate James Anderson, who just went past Glenn McGrath's tally of 563 wickets as he asked Jimmy to lead the team out but Jimmy, obviously, refused and returned the favour. Cook led the team back to dressing room and fittingly so. 

  • James Anderson: Happy to win the game. I was not even thinking about the record. I was going through really good rhythm. Thankfully, Joe gave me the new ball. Cook has been my best mate (He breaks down speaking on Cook's last Test match). 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Most wickets by pacers in Test cricket:

    563 - Glenn McGrath
    519 - Courtney Walsh 
    434 - Kapil Dev
    433 - Stuart Broad 

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at The Oval

    And it's over... Anderson bowls Shami to become the most successful fast bowler in history of Test cricket. Oh, and England won too taking the series 4-1. 

  • OUT!  England win by 118 runs. Here's the number 564th wicket for James Anderson, as he has stumbled the stumps of Shami. He has gone past Glenn McGrath's tally of 463 wickets.  Shami b Anderson 0(3)

  • Anderson continues. 

  • After 94 overs,India 345/9 ( Mohammed Shami 0 , Jasprit Bumrah 0)

    Jadeja's gone too. The last possible chance of a draw has gone too. Bumrah the new man in. Leaves the last two balls of the over. 14 overs left but this can get over any moment now.

  • Jasprit Bumrah, right handed bat, comes to the crease

  • OUT! Beautiful from Curran, outswing and takes the edge of Jadeja's bat, this time Bairstow does not make a mistake. England just one wicket away from making it 4-1 in this series. Jadeja c Bairstow b Sam Curran 13(46) 

  • FOUR! Crisp from Jadeja, on the legs and he glances it to deep mid-wicket for a boundary.

  • Curran continues. 

  • After 93 overs,India 341/8 ( Ravindra Jadeja 9 , Mohammed Shami 0)

    Anderson continues. Bowling pretty well. Inside edge on the penultimate ball of the over fetches four. Jadeja takes a single to keep the strike. 15 overs left in the day.

  • FOUR! Inside edge off Jadeja's bat and this goes to fine leg boundary.

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at The Oval

    Ishant nicked off with that new ball. Two wickets to go. Anderson needs one. 

  • Anderson continues

  • Mohammed Shami, right handed bat, comes to the crease

  • After 92 overs,India 336/8 ( Ravindra Jadeja 4 , )

    Curran replaces Rashid and the move was certain with the new ball in hand. It was going to be difficult angle for Ishant, coming over the wicket. And he has perished doing the same. 16 overs to go in the day. 

  • OUT! The ball takes the edge off Ishant's bat and goes into the hands of Bairstow. Curran with the wicket. India 8 down now. Ishant c Bairstow b Sam Curran 5(24) 

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at The Oval

    England with the new ball in the 91st over. A school of thought says they are too late... but then 17 overs remaining and they only need three deliveries. 

  • Sam Curran into the attack now. 

  • After 91 overs,India 335/7 ( Ravindra Jadeja 3 , Ishant Sharma 5)

    New ball taken by Anderson and Anderson now comes from over the wicket to Jadeja. Ishant defends it well. He has a lot of heart we all know. Has done it on many occasions, giving support from the other end to a more able batsman. 17 overs more to go today. Anderson keeps the search for the 564th wicket, to go past McGrath. 

  • Second new ball has been taken. England need three wickets. India have to bat out 18 overs. 

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at The Oval

    18 overs to go and England haven't yet taken the new ball. This is going to be a gripping end to a gripping series. 


  • After 90 overs,India 334/7 ( Ravindra Jadeja 3 , Ishant Sharma 5)

    Rashid continues. From round the wicket to Ishant, with five fielders around his bat, he keeps on using the pads and then sweeps one for a boundary. 18 more to go. 

  • FOUR! Ishant had enough of defending and he sweeps Rashid to deep mid-wicket boundary.

  • Rashid continues. 

  • After 89 overs,India 330/7 ( Ravindra Jadeja 3 , Ishant Sharma 1)

    Jadeja is walking in to Anderson, to negate the swing. The one that comes in, he defends, the one which goes away, is left. Good strategy thus far. Chances are both the bowlers will be replaced soon. Stokes for Anderson and Moeen for Rashid. 19 overs more. India hangs on. 

  • Anderson continues. 

  • After 88 overs,India 330/7 ( Ravindra Jadeja 3 , Ishant Sharma 1)

    This is still a good track to bat on, and we are reminded of this when Ishant Sharma drives it to the point fielder. The pair hangs on. Let's see for how long. 20 more overs to go today. 

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at The Oval

    Dropped. Jadeja given a life by Jonny Bairstow... and denies James Anderson his record 564th wicket. 

  • After 87 overs,India 330/7 ( Ravindra Jadeja 3 , Ishant Sharma 1)

    Anderson continues. Almost got Jadeja in the over. Bairstow who has been superb throughout the day, drops it. Went too much to his right and could not dive in time to get the catch.

  • After 86 overs,India 330/7 ( Ravindra Jadeja 3 , Ishant Sharma 1)

    Rashid continues. There was a chance to get Ishant and it will not be surprising if these chances keep on occuring in the overs to come.

  • After 85 overs,India 328/7 ( Ravindra Jadeja 2 , Ishant Sharma 0)

    Anderson continues and the hopes of a win might have been dented but knowing how well Jadeja played in the last innings, we can hope for the two to keep on digging in there. Pant takes his own moment in the middle, closes his eyes and murmurs something, trying to calm himself down.

  • Rashid continues. Four fielders around the bat of Ishant. 

  • After 84 overs,India 328/7 ( Ravindra Jadeja 2 , )

    Pant's gone. India's hope of a far-fetched win as well. But a draw is yet possible. Ishant Sharma and his guts have the answer. Can he stay there for remaining 23 overs in the day? Can Jadeja play the best innings of his Test career? This day has swung like a pendulum. We kept our eyes on the overs remaining when the day begun, switched it to number of runs left when Pant and Rahul got going and now again to the numbers of overs left. 

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at The Oval

    And Pant has mishit it.. Continued his attacking mode and well... can you say thrown it away? Surely his wicket. Don't know about the Test, but this is a matter of time now with the new ball due. 

  • OUT! Pant tries to go big over the long-off but does not connect well, holds out at long-on where Moeen Ali does not make a mistake. Pant c Moeen Ali b Adil Rashid 114(146)

  • Rashid continues. 

  • After 83 overs,India 326/6 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 113 , Ravindra Jadeja 1)

    Anderson continues and the hopes of a win might have been dented but knowing how well Jadeja played in the last innings, we can hope for the two to keep on digging in there. Pant takes his own moment in the middle, closes his eyes and murmurs something, trying to calm himself down. 

  • Anderson continues.

  • After 82 overs,India 326/6 ( Rishabh Pant (W) 113 , Ravindra Jadeja 1)

    Rahul departs. Outdone by a rising leg spin delivery from Rashid. This was a superb knock, worthy of a standing ovation which he got from the Oval crowd. But now is India going to stick to the plan of chasing this down? The kind of shots Pant is playing, sweeps, reverse-sweeps, it does not seem so. Jadeja is the new man in. 

  • Pant takes a light break, has a drink and will continue to bat. 

Latest updates: Jadeja's gone too. The last possible chance of a draw has gone too. Bumrah the new man in. Leaves the last two balls of the over. 14 overs left but this can get over any moment now.

Day 4 report: A batting collapse saw India reeling at 58/3 at stumps after England set them a victory target of 464 courtesy superlative centuries from Alastair Cook and Joe Root, on day 4 of the fifth and final Test.

KL Rahul was batting on 46 while Ajinkya Rahane was on 10 after James Anderson scalped Shikhar Dhawan (1) and Cheteshwar Pujara (0). India captain Virat Kohli was sent back for a golden duck by Stuart Broad.

England captain Joe Root and India captain Virat Kohli. AP

England captain Joe Root and India captain Virat Kohli. AP

With seven wickets remaining, India still need 406 more runs for a win.

Earlier, Cook, playing his final match, cracked 147 while Root made 125 to help England declare on 423/8.

For the tourists, Ravindra Jadeja and Hanuma Vihari grabbed three wickets apiece.

Cook took 286 balls for a patient 147 while Root roared back with 125, his first hundred in 28 innings, as the duo put on a 259-run stand.

Toiling for 112 overs, India's jittery top order once again flopped as Dhawan (1), Pujara (0) and Kohli (0) were dismissed in quick succession.

Anderson (2/23) equalled Glenn McGrath's 563 Test wickets and is expected to break the record on Tuesday while Broad (1/17) with 433 wickets is just one short of Kapil Dev's 434-wicket haul.

Dhawan's poor run continued as he was adjudged plumb leg before to an incoming delivery from Anderson.

Pujara too fell in similar fashion as a sharp incutter breached his defence.

He wanted a DRS but was late in appealing for one.

Kohli, after a tremendous English summer where he scored 593 runs, finally got out for a duck as he nicked one off Broad to Jonny Bairstow, leaving India in tatters.

The day, though, belonged to Cook.

After remaining wicketless in the morning session of the fourth day, the visitors finally got a bit of respite as debutant Hanuma Vihari struck twice in consecutive deliveries to dismiss Cook and Root, leaving the hosts at 321/4.

The English duo, however, helped their team get a firm grip on the match before their dismissal.

Cook smashed many records en route to his 286-ball knock, laced with 14 boundaries.

The 33-year-old England opener on Monday became the fifth batsman in the history of the game to hit a ton both on debut and final game as Cook had also smashed a century in the second innings of his maiden Test -- against India in Nagpur in 2006.

The England opener also became the highest Test run scorer among left-handed batsmen as he went past Sri Lanka's Kumar Sangakkara (12,400), adding another achievement to his illustrious Test career with 12,472 runs.

Resuming the post-lunch session at 243/2, Cook and Root took England past the 300-run mark before getting dismissed on successive deliveries in the 95th over.

Incoming batsmen Jonny Bairstow (18) fell cheaply as a Mohammed Shami delivery took an inside edge and went on to hit the stumps.

Bairstow was followed by Jos Buttler, who departed without contributing. While looking for some quick runs, Buttler went down the track but offered a thick edge to Shami at backward point.

Ben Stokes and Sam Curran were unbeaten on 13 and 7 runs respectively at the time of tea break.

In the morning session, resuming at 114/2, both the English batsmen looked in solid control, making the visitors struggle for a breakthrough.

Brief scores: England 332 & 423/8 d (Alastair Cook 147, Joe Root 125; R. Jadeja 3/179, Hanuma Vihari 3/37); India 292 & 58/3 (K.L. Rahul 46 batting, Ajinkya Rahane 10; James Anderson 2/23)

With inputs from IANS

Updated Date: Sep 11, 2018

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