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Highlights, India vs England, 2nd ODI at Lord's, Full Cricket Score: Eoin Morgan and Co win by 86 runs

Date: Saturday, 14 July, 2018 23:51 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • Time for us to take your leave! As always thank you for your company and see you around for the deciding ODI on Tuesday. However, there is a lot of action before we get there. Super Sunday in store for all the sports fans: Gentlemen's final at the Wimbledon where Kevin Anderson takes on Novak Djokovic, before France and Croatia battle out for the ultimate prize in the Football world. Good friends at the desk will be running the blog producing some quality content, do tune in!

  • Joe Root: Always felt that throughout the summer, not to over complicate things and make use of the opportunity. The way we have been playing in this summer has been excellent. That's the most important thing. If we are playing well and there are other guys put above me, that's a great thing. We were excellent. Outstanding performance to beat a side like India. I think we learnt from our mistakes in the previous games. I think the important thing is that we always learn. The crucial part of one one-day cricket is you are looking to stay at the top.

  • Joe Root is the Man of the Match for his magnificent century.

  • Eoin Morgan, England captain: I thought we bounced back really well, similar to the T20 series. Challenges against spin and we learnt from our previous games and improved too. Joe set things up and Dave (David Willey) did well in the end. The bowlers put on a clincial performance. It is my home ground and it's good that it worked out well. I would have batted in any other game. The way he plays against spin and accumulates an innings is excellent. He has been a glue for us in the last three years. His batting has progressed this summer and it has had an effect on his bowling as well. His approach against top batsmen early on was impressive as well. I hope it is. A ground we like playing. We do get support up north. 

  • Virat Kohli, India captain: I think we started off pretty well with the bat. It was a  good wicket. It got slower in the later half. But when they got three wickets in the middle overs, that's where we could never really recover. Credit to the bowlers they bowled good line and length. We are always going to test characters of new guys. We expect Umesh and Kaul to do the job. It is a great thing to test their characters. We are going to put this behind us. Those three wickets early on did play massive role. Moeen and Rashid are good bowlers in this format. They kept it tight and created pressure in middle overs. When you are chasing a big score, you need partnership and not lose wicket. This thing comes up again and again, when he (MS Dhoni) plays like that. One day he is called the best finisher and then people say these things and jump to conclusions when he does not perform. We had an off day as a team and not just him. When we lost in Cardiff, we were very calm and composed. England deserved to win.

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords

    India were never in this after Virat Kohli got out. Rahul's dismissal didn't help matters. Never mind how Dhoni played, India didn't have enough in their middle order to chase this down. At the same time, it shouldn't be forgotten how England's spinners bowled. 3-80 in 20 overs between Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid... some effort that. Drew the series for England. It's 1-1 going into Leeds. Sets up a cracker. 

  • England beat India by 86 runs in second ODI to level series 1-1, with one game to play

    A well-deserved victory for Eoin Morgan and his men! An execellent outing for the home side that saw an all-round performance at The Lord's to register the victory in the second ODI. Joe Root returned to form and led the way with a fine century and the bowlers, especially English spin bowling pair Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid were outstanding today. Applied the choke and picked regular wickets. Pacers played their part as well. Liam Plunkett ended with 4 wickets. David Willey's half-century lower down the order was the catalyst that saw English side bolt past 300 and that made massive difference in the end.

    Lot of Indian batsmen got start but nobody could kick on to get a big one. Just like the T20 series, ODI series is tied at 1-1 and the decider to be played at Headingly. Should be interesting!

  • After 50 overs,India 236/10 ( Kuldeep Yadav 8 , )

    Chahal gets forward and punches on the off side for a couple and then pulls it over mid wicket for another two. Gets a boundary via an outside edge and then holes out to long on off the final ball of David Willey. England win, series 1-1.

  • FOUR! Thick edge from Chahal and he is into double figures. Through the vacant first slip.

  • After 49 overs,India 227/9 ( Kuldeep Yadav 8 , Yuzvendra Chahal 4)

    Kuldeep Yadav plays out a maiden over from Plunkett. Just a reminder it was penultimate over of the match. Plunkett completes his 10 overs taking 4 wickets for 46 runs. 96 needed off the final over.

  • After 48 overs,India 227/9 ( Kuldeep Yadav 8 , Yuzvendra Chahal 4)

    Always a lovely moment when a tail-eneder scores runs off a proper cricketing shot! Chahal will remember this shot at The Lord's for a long, long time! Lots of yes and no off the final ball as Chahal had given up but the fielder misses the stumps not once but twice as Yuzi puts in the dive to get back in.

  • FOUR! Gorgeous straight drive from Yuzi! Smiles all round besides bowler Willey. Leans forward and brings the straight bat down to drive it past mid off. Chahal celebrates with raising his bat towards the balcony. Kuldeep cannot stop laughing. This is Chahal's highest ODI score

  • After 47 overs,India 222/9 ( Kuldeep Yadav 7 , Yuzvendra Chahal 0)

    Two wickets in an over for Liam Plunkett. Kaul departs after scoring his maiden run in ODI cricket. Number 11 batsman Yuzvendra Chahal with a delightful forward defence. Plunkett sprays one down the leg side for 5 wides!

  • OUT! Siddarth Kaul is penultimate wicket to fall. Plunkett has another one. Rushes into Kaul as the ball hits him on the back leg. Kaul calls for a referral, but its no good. England a wicket away 

    S Kaul lbw b Plunkett 1(2)

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords

    Bit of a booing for Dhoni... crowd wants him to go bang bang and finish this... cricket doesn't always work like how people want it to. 

  • OUT! MS Dhoni perishes. Skips down the wicket and tries to whack it over mid wicket but holes out to deep midwicket. Stokes claims the catch and Plunkett gets the wicket with a slower off-cutter.

    MS Dhoni c Stokes b Plunkett 37(59)

  • After 46 overs,India 215/7 ( MS Dhoni (W) 37 , Kuldeep Yadav 6)

    Dhoni denies a single off the second ball to Kuldeep and draws 'boo' from the crowd. Still no attempts of the big shout. A wide and single off the penultimate ball of the over .

  • After 45 overs,India 213/7 ( MS Dhoni (W) 36 , Kuldeep Yadav 6)

    Dhoni's plan is to tire the English bowlers for the decider at Headingly, I reckon. Three singles off Plunkett's eighth over. No attempts for the big shot from any of the two the batsman.

  • After 44 overs,India 210/7 ( MS Dhoni (W) 34 , Kuldeep Yadav 5)

    Sanjay Manjerekar questions the point of this approach in a chase whose required rate is now close to 19 runs per over. Two singles of the 44th over. Willey completes his 7th over.

  • After 43 overs,India 208/7 ( MS Dhoni (W) 33 , Kuldeep Yadav 4)

    Mahendra Singh Dhoni reaches the 10,000 ODI runs behind the trio of Sachin, Sourav and Dravid to become the fourth Indian to join the elite club. Six runs off the over. India still need 115 off the last 7 overs.

  • FOUR! Wide on off and length from Plunkett. MS Dhoni throws his hands to drive it through covers. MSD moves to 9999 runs in ODI cricket.

  • After 42 overs,India 202/7 ( MS Dhoni (W) 28 , Kuldeep Yadav 3)

    Short ball by Rashid and Dhoni rocks back to muscle it down the ground for four two. Stokes did put in the dive and officially saves two for his team, but the replays weren't conclusive. Mike Atherton on ai says, 'It should have been a boundary'. India go past 200. Five off the over. 121 needed off 48 balls. The required rate is over 15. 

  • After 41 overs,India 197/7 ( MS Dhoni (W) 24 , Kuldeep Yadav 2)

    Dhoni squeezes out the full ball as Plunkett searches for the blockhole. Dhoni tucks it to backward square leg for one. Kuldeep gets a single off the fourth ball and there is a leg before shout against Dhoni, more of inquiry than an appeal. Single off the final ball as Dhoni will keep strike for the 42nd over.

  • After 40 overs,India 194/7 ( MS Dhoni (W) 22 , Kuldeep Yadav 1)

    One Yadav replaces another. Kuldeep has walked in after the wicket of Umesh. Rashid has delivered another fine over of leg spin bowling, giving away just two singles and picking his second wicket of the match. 129 needed off 60 balls.

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords

    Umesh with a wild slog... just proves the point that without Bhuvi, this is a very long tail. India do really need Bhuvi and Bumrah fit, don't they? Suddenly, so much seems wrong with this line-up and it is not an over reaction. The cracks have been there, just been papered over nicely. 

  • OUT! And Umesh departs! Number 8 Umesh Yadav can't resist the temptation of the flighted delivery and goes for the wild slog and misses. The ball turns and Buttler removes the bails with Yadav's trailing leg away from the crease.

    U Yadav st Buttler b Adil Rashid 0(2)

  • After 39 overs,India 191/6 ( MS Dhoni (W) 20 , )

    India struggling. Plunkett gets the wicket in his first over of his new spell, leaving Dhoni and the tail with an improbable task.

  • OUT! Another remarkable piece of wicketkeeping from Jos Buttler behind the stumps! Plunkett gets a wicket of a poor delivery. It was way down the leg side and Pandya chased it getting a tickle. Nifty work by the 'keeper, who moves to his left and puts in the dive strecthing his arm out to hold on to a fine grab.

    H Pandya c J Buttler b L Plunkett 21 (22)

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords

    Pretty much the final nail in India's coffin... they have run out of batsmen. And with Bhuvi missing, this is a long tail which will probably not wag. Unless Dhoni pulls out a miracle at Lord's. 

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords

    It's a little ponderous that Dhoni-Pandya haven't showed more urgency. But its also worth wondering if England have given them any hit me balls... not really. The spinners have clutch-controlled this innings and India are struggling for one... getting a taste of their own medicine... if not in terms of wickets. A wicket here will further strangle India, perhaps that's a factor in their minds. 

  • After 38 overs,India 187/5 ( MS Dhoni (W) 17 , Hardik Pandya 20)

    Rashid starts off with a beautiful leg break with ball beating the sweeping Pandya. Dhoni steps out and nudges it to deep midwicket for a couple. Super over from Rashid giving away just 5. 136 needed off 72 balls. Required rate moving towards 12 now. Is MSD going to target the quicks, now that Moeen has completed his spell. Rashid has two more overs left.

  • After 37 overs,India 182/5 ( MS Dhoni (W) 14 , Hardik Pandya 18)

    Moeen Ali has bowled out his quota of 10 overs and he ends up with just 42 against his name with the prized wicket of Virat Kohli. Seven off his final over, with MSD failing miserably trying to take the ball from wide outside off to smash it wide off long on, misses and tumbles over after the ball crashes into his pads. Loud shout from Buttler behind the stumps. Umpire nods his head in denial.

  • FOUR! Strong bottom hand from Hardik Pandya as he whips it through mid wicket. Two fielders in the field converge but couldn't prevent a boundary

  • After 36 overs,India 175/5 ( MS Dhoni (W) 13 , Hardik Pandya 12)

    After Hardik turns the strike off the first ball and then Rashid lines five consecutive dots against MS Dhoni. 13 off 26, is MSD going to take the match very deep? Or he wants to Hardik to take the responsibility of the scoring?

  • After 35 overs,India 174/5 ( MS Dhoni (W) 13 , Hardik Pandya 11)

    Dhoni resumes after drinks with a much-needed boundary. Pandya slices past point for three runs and England make use of DRS after Ali insisted on it. Hardik had gor some glove while playing the reverse sweep. 10 off the over. 148 needed off 90 balls.

  • FOUR! MSD jumps out of his crease and was looking to launch Moeen Ali over mid wicket, lot straighter than where he intended as the ball runs away to mid wicket fence.

  • After 34 overs,India 164/5 ( MS Dhoni (W) 7 , Hardik Pandya 7)

    Asking rate has now rose to almost 10 runs an over. Couple of singles off the last two balls off Rashid's over. India need 159 off 96 balls. These two should get on with now!

  • After 33 overs,India 162/5 ( MS Dhoni (W) 6 , Hardik Pandya 6)

    Moeen into his 8th over. Hardik and Dhoni exchange strikes with singles off first two balls. Hardik stays in his crease and uses the pace of the quicker one bowled by Ali to glide it past short third and collect three. MSD is always ready for that extra run. Three dots from Ali to complete another neat over.

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords

    Mounting run rate has its first victim... for the first time English spinners have done the trick against Indian batting. Raina is gone and the asking rate is already crossing 9/over. India are in the doldrums at the moment. A Dhoni-Pandya special is needed here. In a way, this game has highlighted again how top-heavy this Indian batting is... 

  • After 32 overs,India 157/5 ( MS Dhoni (W) 5 , Hardik Pandya 2)

    Hardik Pandya is in at number 7 and he is off the mark as well. Raina misses out on his half-century and more importantly departs at a crucial juncture. A line I was not imaging I would say at the start of the match but England's spin twins have turned the game, with some disciplined bowling.

  • OUT! Gone! Was the wrong'un from Adil Rashid and Raina, who was looking the slog sweep the ball out of the park – misses. The ball crashes into the middle stump and India have lost half their side.

    S Raina b A Rashid 46 (63) IND 154/5

  • After 31 overs,India 154/4 ( Suresh Raina 46 , MS Dhoni (W) 4)

    Should been down to five runs off the over, but a wild overthrow from the cover fielder, which Buttler isn't able to collect it allowing Raina to take the single. Six off it, including two leg byes of the first ball when MSD missed the sweep, but the ball rolled off the front pad through first slip.

  • After 30 overs,India 148/4 ( Suresh Raina 44 , MS Dhoni (W) 2)

    Another quiet over from Adil Rashid. India need to find boundaries. Raina must take onus as he is the well set batsman. MS Dhoni isn't able to rotate the strike easily either.

  • After 29 overs,India 146/4 ( Suresh Raina 43 , MS Dhoni (W) 1)

    Moeen Ali slips in another superb over, giving away just a single run off the over. England spinners are making it difficult for these two.

  • After 28 overs,India 145/4 ( Suresh Raina 42 , MS Dhoni (W) 1)

    Raina tickles it on the leg side for a couple. MS Dhoni gets off the mark with a strong push down to long off. Raina and MS Dhoni have huge task of maintaining the asking rate and not lose their wickets.

  • After 27 overs,India 140/4 ( Suresh Raina 38 , )

    Jason Roy puts down Raina as he gets another life. Is this a part of the ploy by England. Raina drove Ali on the offside and the ball was surging past Roy, almost head high, misjudges it, gets two hands to it and then leaves the field with the physio. However, England get the big fish and all is forgotten. In comes MS Dhoni!

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords

    Raina is dropped... but Moeen Ali is on top of his game here... traps Virat last ball of that over... the skipper doesn't refer to DRS as he knew straight away... ball turning a lot more here. The chase has just got trickier even though one great chaser to another... Virat to Dhoni.. quite a reception for him. A school of thought suggested maybe Pandya to be sent up to hit out the spinners. 

  • OUT! Massive wicket this! Has Moeen Ali turned the game in England's favour. Pinned Kohli to the crease as he tried to flick it through the midwicket. England celebrate. Virat heads back. Doesn't even consult Raina for a review. He knew that would crashed into the middle stump. Big moment in the game this!

    V Kohli lbw Moeen Ali 44 (56) 140/4

  • After 26 overs,India 137/3 ( Virat Kohli (C) 44 , Suresh Raina 36)

    Rashid too starts getting some turn and collects five singles off the over. Raina and Virat motoring along.

  • After 25 overs,India 132/3 ( Virat Kohli (C) 42 , Suresh Raina 33)

    Moeen Ali continues. Spin from both ends. Raina makes use of his feet to skip out and play it wide of long off for a brace. Virat is building the chase nicely as he aims to take it deep. Missed out on the century in the previous game, he has a big chance of getting it today. Six off it. At the halfway stage India still need 191.

India vs England 2018, 2nd ODI at Lord's, latest update and cricket score: Chahal gets forward and punches on the off side for a couple and then pulls it over mid wicket for another two. Gets a boundary via an outside edge and then holes out to long on off the final ball of David Willey. England win, series 1-1.

1st ODI, report: Kuldeep Yadav's superb six-wicket haul laid the platform for India's eight-wicket win over England in the first one-day international at Trent Bridge on Thursday.

Left-arm wrist-spinner Kuldeep took an ODI-best six for 25 as England were dismissed for just 268 after India captain Virat Kohli won the toss.

England captain Eoin Morgan and India captain VIrat Kohli. Agencies

England captain Eoin Morgan and India captain VIrat Kohli. Agencies

Ben Stokes (50) and Jos Buttler (53) tried to rebuild the innings with a stand of 93 after Yadav had reduced England to 82 for three before they too succumbed to the spinner.

India finished on 269 for two with Rohit Sharma 137 not out after putting on 167 for the second wicket with Kohli (75).

Victory, achieved with a mammoth 59 balls to spare, put India 1-0 up in a three-match series that continues at Lord's on Saturday.

Brief scores

England 268, 49.5 overs (J Buttler 53, B Stokes 50; Kuldeep Yadav 6-25)

India 269-2, 40.1 overs (R Sharma 137 no, V Kohli 75)

Result: India won by eight wickets

With inputs from AFP

Updated Date: Jul 14, 2018

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