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Highlights, India vs Afghanistan, Only Test, Day 2 at Bengaluru, Full Cricket Scorecard: Hosts defeat Afghans by an innings and 262 runs

Date: Friday, 15 June, 2018 18:05 IST Match Status: Match Ended
Venue: M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru

Afghanistan in India Only Test 2018 One-off Test Match Result India beat Afghanistan by an innings and 262 runs

Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Umesh Yadav not out 26 21 2 2
Bowling 0 M R W
Yamin Ahmadzai 19 7 51 3
Wafadar 21 5 100 2
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Wafadar not out 6 2 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Umesh Yadav 6 1 18 1
Ishant Sharma 5 0 28 2
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Hashmatullah Shahidi not out 36 88 6 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Ishant Sharma 7 2 17 2
Umesh Yadav 7 1 26 3
  • That's it from us as far as this match was concerned. The cricket might be over but remember Egypt are playing Uruguay in the FIFA World Cup 2018. 

    Do follow the live blog here

  • Our correspondent Shubham Pandey analyses India's comprehensive win over Afghanistan from Bengaluru. 

  • A beautiful gesture by the Indian team captain Ajinkya Rahane. His teammates were posing with the trophy and he invited the Afghanistan team along. 

  • Most wickets fell in a day's play:

    27 - England v Australia, Lord's, 1888 (Day 2)
    25 - Australia v England, Melbourne, 1902 (Day 1)
    24 - England v Australia, Oval, 1896 (Day 2)
    24 - India v Afghanistan, Bangalore, 2018 (Day 2)*

  • Shikhar Dhawan is the Man of the Match.

    Shikhar Dhawan, Man of the Match: Really happy about the way I have been playing. It's good that we finished the match early because we will feel more fresh before going to Ireland. It was a damp pitch. Of course the ball was doing a bit but I was clear in my mind as to what I wanted to do. Feels special to have scored a hundred before lunch. First of all, I would like to congratulate them because they have reached here. I would like to wish them Eid Mubarak because it is a special day for them. And if cricket is growing, we can't ask for any more. I would like to thank the audience who have come and supported Test cricket. 

  • Ajinkya Rahane, India captain: Special feeling to lead your country. We wanted to be ruthless. Guys like Shikhar and Vijay got those hundreds, Rahul chipped in and Pandya was magnificent at the end. We didn't wanted to take it lightly. Important to stick to our basics. Important to create some good habits, but credit to Afghnistan, they were fantastic. From here on it is only upwards and onwards for them The way their bowlers, even their seamers were bowling, especially in the third session yesterday.

  • Asghar Stanikzai, Afghanistan captain: Thanks to ACB and BCCI board to give us this opportunity. We hadn't played a Test match before this and we've learnt a lot. In future when we will play Test matches we will know how to play against a Full Member side. India is number one side. Yes we are surprised, we have a very good side.  We know Test cricket is very different. We have a lot of time and camps to work on our weakness. When you play like that it is upsetting. Thanks to the crowd as well, supporting both side, it felt like we were in Kabul.

  • Least runs conceded by India to win a Test match: (Extras excluded)

    207 v Afghanistan, Bangalore, 2018
    218 v England, Leeds, 1986
    222 v New Zealand, Auckland, 1968

  • Lowest totals at Bangalore in Tests:

    103 - Afghanistan v India, 2018*
    109 - Afghanistan v India, 2018*
    112 - Australia v India, 2017

  • Least balls bowled by India to win a Test:

    399 v Afghanistan, Bangalore, 2018*
    554 v Australia, Mumbai, 2004
    569 v Bangladesh, Dhaka, 2007

  • Biggest wins for India in Tests:

    Innings & 262 runs v Afghanistan, Bangalore, 2018*
    Innings & 239 runs v Bangladesh, Dhaka, 2007
    Innings & 239 runs v Sri Lanka, Nagpur, 2017

  • Afghanistan lose their first Test by a huge margin of an innings and 262 runs. People will raise questions on their Test status now and they should know that those questions are not wrong in context of their loss. They should also know that because this was their first Test, others would be lenient as well. It is only going to get tougher from here. Afghanistan should know that this was their first Test and not the last and they can take challenge from the same as well as motivation. The journey begins. All the best, Afghanistan.

  • Teams to be dismissed twice in a day:

    India v England, Manchester, 1952 (Day - 3) 
    Zimbabwe v New Zealand, Harare, 2005/06 (Day - 2) 
    Zimbabwe v New Zealand, Napier, 2011/12 (Day - 2) 
    AFGHANISTAN v INDIA, Bangalore, 2018 (Day - 2)*

  • This is the first Test match to be completed inside two days in India. Overall, this is the 21st and second such Test in Asia. 

  • India have dismissed Afghanistan twice in two sessions and beat them by an innings and 262 runs. It is as comprehensive as it gets. Jadeja missed his fifer but he won't mind this has been an outstanding collective effort from the bowlers. 

  • OUT! Ashwin bowls a off break and Mujeeb left it all alone only to see the ball crash onto his stumps. 

    Wafadar b Ashwin 0(7)


  • After 38 overs,Afghanistan 102/9 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 35 , Wafadar 0)

    Jadeja almost has his fifth wicket but the ball beats Wafadar's outside edge marginally... India's wait for a win and Jadeja's fifer continues. 

  • After 37 overs,Afghanistan 102/9 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 35 , Wafadar 0)

    Shahidi continues to fight a lone battle. He is batting on 35 off 85. Can he see them through to stumps? 

  • After 36 overs,Afghanistan 98/9 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 31 , )

    Jadeja has his fourth wicket. Can he have a fifer? This is the only interesting thing left in the match... 

  • OUT! India one wicket away from an innings win. Mujeeb's patience runs out and he hammers one straight into the hands of Umesh Yadav at mid on. 

    Mujeeb c U Yadav b Jadeja 3(8)

  • After 35 overs,Afghanistan 96/8 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 30 , Mujeeb Ur Rahman 2)

    Ishant Sharma bowled a couple of 'hit me' balls and Shahidi cashed in on both of them. Eight came in the over. 

  • FOUR! Full delivery, outside off and Shahidi hammers it over cover.

  • FOUR! Shahidi goes back for this short ball and cuts it through point. 

  • After 34 overs,Afghanistan 88/8 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 22 , Mujeeb Ur Rahman 2)

    Jadeja concedes only run in the over. His performance in this innings so far has been great: 7-2-15-3. 

  • After 33 overs,Afghanistan 87/8 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 21 , Mujeeb Ur Rahman 2)

    A terrific over from Ishan Sharma. Beautifully set up Ahmadzai to send him back to the hut. 

  • It's a shame that there is no one can who can put any effort with the bat along side Hashmatullah, who has shown great patience with the bat. Ishant Sharma gets another over...He will look to end the misery of Afghanistan today.

  • OUT! Ishant bowled short balls, followed it up with a full delivery and then delivered the knockout blow: the yorker. Ahmadzai misses the line and the ball disturbs the furniture. 

    Ahmadzai b Ishant 1(15)

  • 21 wickets have been fallen today in this Test - the most in a day's play in a Test in India. The previous most was 20 on day-3 in a Test between India and Australia at Mumbai in 2004. In India and South Africa Tests which played at Nagpur in 2015, 20 wickets were fallen on day-2.

  • After 32 overs,Afghanistan 85/7 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 21 , Yamin Ahmadzai 1)

    Jadeja keeps Afghainstan under pressure with his dot balls and frugal overs. Two came in the over. 

  • After 31 overs,Afghanistan 83/7 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 20 , Yamin Ahmadzai 0)

    Ishant Sharma comes back into the attack and bowls a maiden. Afghanistan are hanging in there... 

  • After 30 overs,Afghanistan 82/7 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 20 , Yamin Ahmadzai 0)

    Jadeja takes a wicket and bowls a maiden. We have seen this before, haven't we? India three wickets away from the victory. 

  • OUT! Jadeja strikes once again. Keeps it full and fast, around off and Rashid tries to cut it and chops it on. 

    Rashid Khan b Jadeja 12(9)

  • Three wickets remaining between Afghanistan and their first Test loss. Quite painful this game. Two days back Afghanistan awaited their first Test. Now, they await their first Test defeat. Simmons would have filled register with the learnings from this match. Guess the dressing room will be sombre right now.

  • After 29 overs,Afghanistan 82/6 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 20 , Rashid Khan 12)

    Shahidi and Rashid have started milking singles. 

    Ashwin's 10th over: 1, 0, 2, 1, 1, 0.

  • After 28 overs,Afghanistan 77/6 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 17 , Rashid Khan 10)

    Rashid Khan is not giving up on scoring opportunities. Collects two 3s in Jadeja's 4th over. 

  • After 27 overs,Afghanistan 70/6 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 16 , Rashid Khan 4)

    Ashwin continues to lure batsman into playing drives and Shahidi keeps playing those. Has been successful so far... 

  • FOUR! Ashwin slights it outside off, Shahidi opens the bat face and drives it through point. 

  • After 26 overs,Afghanistan 66/6 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 12 , Rashid Khan 4)

    One leads to two and Afghanistan have lost two wickets in three overs. Can India bowl them out today itself? 

  • FOUR! Rashid opens his accound with a sweep in front of square on the leg side. 

  • OUT! Jadeja with his favourite line and length. Bowls it fast and keeps it around off, Zazai lunges forward to defend but the ball turns away and hits the top of the off stump. 

    Zazai b Jadeja 1(9)

  • After 25 overs,Afghanistan 62/5 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 12 , Afsar Zazai (W) 1)

    Ashwin to continue his spell. Zazai, the new batsman, to face his first delivery and he consumes five dots before opening his account with a single. 

  • After 24 overs,Afghanistan 61/5 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 12 , Afsar Zazai (W) 0)

    It is Ravi Jadeja who breaks the stand. It is only fitting that it was a maiden. 

  • Well..Well..Well...Stanikzai heads back to dressing room after spending a good time at the crease. Played the worst possible shot to get out. Have the gates opened again? We will find out soon.

  • OUT! 'No patience,' Sunil Gavaskar's two words sum up this dismissal. Asghar Stanikzai, visibly frustrated after consuming a few dots, goes down the track to play a big shot. But he only manages to mistime it to Dhawan at cover. 

    Stanikzai c Dhawan b Jadeja 25(58)

  • Change of ends for Umesh first. Change of ends for Ashwin now. It is a little strange saying this but wickets are not coming for India. India would have loved to finish things off today but this is a sort of fightback from Afghans.

  • After 23 overs,Afghanistan 61/4 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 12 , Asghar Stanikzai (C) 25)

    Ashwin replaces Umesh. Spin from both the ends. Ashwin bowled slightly quicker throughout the innings and the end result was a maiden. 

  • After 22 overs,Afghanistan 61/4 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 12 , Asghar Stanikzai (C) 25)

    Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. Will he make an impact straighaway? Nope, he doesn't. But he does well to keep the Afghanistan batsmen on their toes. 

  • After 21 overs,Afghanistan 60/4 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 11 , Asghar Stanikzai (C) 25)

    The over starts with a boundary and then Yadav bowls five consecutive dots to end it. 

  • FOUR! Umesh Yadav pitches it up and Stanikzai clips it through midwicket. 

  • After 20 overs,Afghanistan 56/4 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 11 , Asghar Staanikzai (C) 21)

    Afghanistan's total has crossed 50 and these two look set now. They have shown that you can bat on this track if you apply yourself. 

India vs Afghanistan, LIVE cricket score, Only Test, Day 2 at Bengaluru, Latest updates: India have dismissed Afghanistan twice in two sessions and beat them by an innings and 262 runs. It is as comprehensive as it gets. Jadeja missed his fifer but he won't mind this has been an outstanding collective effort from the bowlers.

Day 1 Report: Debutants Afghanistan clawed back with five wickets in the final session to spoil India's run feast, built on rollicking centuries from openers Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay as the hosts reached 347/6 at stumps on the opening day of the one-off Test on Thursday.

All-rounders Hardik Pandya (10 not out) and Ravichandran Ashwin (7 not out) survived a few scares before heading back when the umpires dislodged the bails for the day, affected by two rain interruptions at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium.

While India ruled the roost in most parts of the three sessions, Afghanistan had their moments in the second and final session with the wickets of Dhawan (107), and the quick dismissals of Vijay (105) and KL Rahul (54) off consecutive overs.

Troubled by two rain breaks during which Vijay found himself stuck in the 90s, the Tamil Nadu opener kept his composure to notch up his 12th Test hundred in the final session.

Highlights, India vs Afghanistan, Only Test, Day 2 at Bengaluru, Full Cricket Scorecard: Hosts defeat Afghans by an innings and 262 runs

Indian captain Ajinkya Rahane (R) and Afghanistan skipper Asghar Stanikzai. Sportzpics

Vijay hit pacer Wafadar for a four over point to bring up his ton and together with Rahul, who by then had registered his half-century, forged a valuable 112-run stand for the second wicket.

With his 12th Test ton, Vijay also became the batsman with most first innings centuries without one in the second innings.

But soon after reaching his century off 143 deliveries, Vijay found himself trapped leg before by Wafadar even as the review did not help his cause.

The visitors struck in the very next over when pacer Yamin Ahmadzai induced a faint inside edge off Rahul which uprooted his off-stick, and as a result brought Pujara and Rahane together.

Rahane survived a caught behind decision early in his innings before being saved by a review but failed to make the most of the opportunity as Rashid Khan caught him plumb in front after two frustrating sessions.

Rashid could have immediately got his second Test wicket in the form of the dangerous Pujara, who on 30 was dropped at first slip by Mohammed Nabi.

But Nabi soon rectified the mistake with a superb catch at leg slip to pack back the Saurashtra batsman off the 17-year-old spinner Mujeeb.

India immediately lost another wicket when stumper Dinesh Karthik (4) departed off an unnecessary run-out with the scoreboard at 334/6.

Thereafter, Ashwin and Pandya joined forces and the duo played out the rest of the day cautiously.

Earlier, opting to bat after winning the toss, India got off to a breezy start with Dhawan smashing a quickfire century to pile up 158/0 at lunch in the lop-sided opening session.

Dhawan looked in sublime touch right from the start, punishing the pace duo of Ahmadzai and Wafadar for glorious boundaries before taking his Sunrisers Hyderabad teammate Rashid to the cleaners.

Dhawan looked unstoppable and got to his seventh Test ton in a mere 87 balls even as the Afghan spin trio of Nabi, Rashid and Mujeeb seemed all at sea with this format.

For the Afghans, Ahmadzai was the pick of the bowlers with a couple of wickets while Wafadar, Rashid and Mujeeb contributed with one wicket apiece.

With inputs from IANS

Updated Date: Jun 15, 2018

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