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Highlights, cricket result, Pakistan vs World XI, 2nd T20I at Lahore: Perera's blitz helps visitors level series 1-1

Date: Wednesday, 13 September, 2017 23:22 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • So.. the World XI have squared off the series, making the 3rd T20I to be played on Friday the decider, where the winner takes it all! Great game for the fans in Lahore in fact all across Pakistan and the World. It is fun bringing you the live coverage of the 2nd T20I, we look forward to your company on Friday as well. Do tune in, until then see ya!

  • Hassan Azam, Freelance writer at the Gaddafi stadium

    A positive and relaxed looking Micky talked about how important it is for players to experience such nail biting situations to develop as cricketers alongside answering other questions in the post match press conference.

  • Faf du Plessis , World XI captain : We needed it to keep the cup alive. I thought we bowled much better and kept them to a lower score. Yeah, you have to take it in your stride and see it how it goes. Last night we were disappointed but we wanted to make things right tonight. Amla ensured there wasn't a collapse and hung in there smart batting by Perera as well, we will try and see if we can do the same day after. I expect the third match to be in similar conditions and hope to continue the form.

  • Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Ahmed: We didn't increase, we have to credit World XI. Both Amla and Perera batted beautifully. Yes, the players are young, so it is a learning curve for the youngsters. We were slightly sloppy in fielding and that cost us the match. Score was decent, if the bowling was executed well, we could've won the match. 

  • Thisara Perera  is adjudged the Man of the Match:  First of all it is huge honour to play for World XI. Can't say anything really happy day. Hash told me stay till the last moment, we can chase it down, I think I listened to him. I play similarly in situations for my country as well and this has become a habit now. It is a dream come true to play, I had some goals as a player and this is one of them. Thanks to Pakistani fans.

  • After 20 overs,World XI 175/3 ( Hashim Amla 72 , Thisara Perera 47) Raees had the chance to become the hero once again as he ran in to defend 13 off 6 balls, but he wasn't supported by his fielders when he needed to. He began with a wide ball on the off side, then a misfield allowed Perera to return for a second run at long off. Perera smashes it down the ground for a single to long off. Amla skies one off the third ball but the ball lands in no man's and they scamper for two runs. A timely single of the 4th ball to give Perera two balls and six runs away from the target. Raees misses his length and full toss is smashed straight to end the game and level the series 1-1.

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    What a finish. Lahore is charmed. Thisara Perera brings out his Thor hammer to play and muscles his team to a win in the second T20 game to keep the series alive. It could have been a different finish if Shoaib Malik had taken a simple catch at the boundary in the penultimate over. Crucial innings from Amla too as he kept his end going but in the end, he was too drained to play the big shots. Thisara Perera, in typical fashion, hit 5 sixes and no fours in his knock of 47 off just 19 balls. Cricket in Pakistan is alive and kicking.    

  • Absolute humdinger! World XI were in it, because of the ever reliable Amla stood till the end but it need a Perera like impetus to chase down the total. Stunning game of cricket! The spectators would have loved it, though would be disspointed with the result but a must have their money's worth!

  • Hassan Azam, Freelance writer at the Gaddafi stadium

    Thisara keeps his nerve to finish off the game in the grandest style possible as the ground starts to empty. Fans are leaving with a smile on their face; being thoroughly entertained and knowing the game on Friday becomes a must win cracker jack of a match.     

  • Perera wins it with a SIX straight down the ground!  World XI win by 7 wickets and with one ball to spare! Series level 1-1

  • After 19 overs,World XI 163/3 ( Hashim Amla 69 , Thisara Perera 38)   What an over, this has been, Malik dropped Perera off the 4th ball on long off. One fo the better fielders in the Pakistan side has put down a regulation catch. Two sixes and a drop has given Raees, 13 in the bank. can he defend off the final six balls?

  • Hassan Azam, Freelance writer at the Gaddafi stadium

    You can see empty seats around the ground owing to people leaving early to make due for traffic difficulties however what fans do remain are all on the edge of their seats now.    

  • SIX! Short in length and Perera pulls it away for another six! Over mid wicket this time. He has hit the pants off that. Fierce hit!

  • SIX! of the first ball. Pressure straightaway on Sohail Khan. Perera hits high and handsome, he prefers the straight boundary too. This has turned out to be a good move to send him early.

  • After 18 overs,World XI 142/3 ( Hashim Amla 69 , Thisara Perera 19) Raees delivers a brilliant over just when needed. He went for a six but ensures to keep it to 8 off the over. Amla tries all the fancy flicks and paddles which do not look good when he is doing it, neither it comes off. 33 off 12 possible? Certainly, Game on!

  • After 17 overs,World XI 134/3 ( Hashim Amla 68 , Thisara Perera 11) There is an appeal off the first ball for a caught and bowled by Sohail Khan. The soft-signal was not out and replays confirm the ball bounced before going onto the pads and then to the bowler. 41 off 18 with Perera'a big shots and Amla guiding him along there should get over the line.

  • Hassan Azam, Freelance writer at the Gaddafi stadium

    Although every one associated with the series, fans and players alike, know that the Independence Cup has a far greater meaning attached to the event than the result, the plethora of international stars on display do not become house hold names without a visceral adherence to competitiveness. I remember a former Pakistani player say once; doesn't matter if its the galli or the ground, its got to be all in or nothing. The World XI will do their best to win it in the last three.

  • SIX!  Slower ball and Perera hoicks it over the onside. Clears the midwicket fence. Much-needed six, this is getting interesting now.

  • After 16 overs,World XI 124/3 ( Hashim Amla 66 , Thisara Perera 4) Sloppy by Pakistan, the misfields helps them to get an extra run off the first ball, couple of boundaries endables them to collect 12 runs off the over

  • FOUR!  Raaes misses the length and Amla drills it past the cover fielder for another boundary. That was raced off the bat and along the turf.

  • After 15 overs,World XI 112/3 ( Hashim Amla 55 , Thisara Perera 3) Shadab Khan goes for 6 singles off the six balls. Whenever there si a fall of a wicket, the World XI are making sure they do not get in too many dot balls. Perera gets off the mark with a single on the onside and continues to take singles without risking his wicket. He needs to play sensibly which he seldom does.

  • Hassan Azam, Freelance writer at the Gaddafi stadium

    Plenty of options up for grabs for Sarfraz to finish the innings with however I beleive Rumman will play a major role as some what of a specialist at the end of the innings. Seems like World XI are keeping David Miller in the hut to write andifferent ending to the script. Expect alot of cutters and slower ones.

  • After 14 overs,World XI 106/3 ( Hashim Amla 52 , ) The plan was working well with singles off the over and one big hit but Faf pays for getting greedy. 4 singles of the first four balls and then a six, but Faf wanted more and went for the shot. Interestingly Thisara Perera walks out ahead of David Miller

  • OUT!  Mohammad Nawaz has his man. faf looked to repeat what he did the previous ball but doesn't get the timing right this time and neither the distance. Caught at deep cover. c Shadab b Nawaz 20 (14)

  • SIX! Faf jumps down the pitch and looks to go straight again. It doesn't come out right from the sweet spot but gets just enough over the line.

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    Hashim Amla is anchoring this chase brilliantly so far and has collected a half century to show for his effort. He has mostly pushed and nudged it in the gaps, but hasn't been shy of taking a few calculated risks either to make sure his team doesn't go too far behind the required run rate. Faf du Plessis took a few balls to play himself in but he also opened up with a nonchalant six over long off against Shadab Khan. With Miller, Collingwood, Thisara still to come, World XI is slightly ahead at the moment but it will only take a couple of good overs to swing the balance in Pakistan's favour.

  • FIFTY! Amla runs two to get to his fifty but the umpire catches the short-run and deducts one off Amla but that still doesn't stop him from raising his bat for what has been a simply elegant batting effort. Albeit he has got some more work to do.

  • Hassan Azam, Freelance writer at the Gaddafi stadium

    In the bus shuttle on my way to the ground with the other fans, I could not help notice how the fans who were discussing all sorts of scenarios they would love to witness in the imminent future, graciously entertained the idea of World XI win. I doubt if the sentiments remain unchanged as visitors chase this score down.    

  • After 13 overs,World XI 96/2 ( Hashim Amla 49 , Faf du Plessis (C) 13) Simple and clear batting by both the batsmen. Take singles off the over and smash one bad ball for a boundary. Faf goes downtown this time to make it 10 off the over. World XI close to 100.

  • After 12 overs,World XI 86/2 ( Hashim Amla 47 , Faf du Plessis (C) 5) World XI get a move on in this over, courtesy Amla's big hit. A couple of singles and and six helps them collect 8 runs of the over. There was loud shout against him, he was on his backfoot and seemed close but the umpire has turned it down.

  • SIX! Hashim Amla takes the aerial route and he goes straight to collect a maximum. Amla really keeping the team in it.

  • After 11 overs,World XI 78/2 ( Hashim Amla 40 , Faf du Plessis (C) 4) 6 singles of every delivery ensures World XI get 6 runs. There was a run out appeal on the fourth ball and it seemed a tough decision for the 3rd umpire, matter of a frame, the benefit of doubt goes perhaps to the batting side, nothing in it actually. Good time to get in some quiet overs.

  • After 10 overs,World XI 72/2 ( Hashim Amla 37 , Faf du Plessis (C) 1) Faf joins his countryman Hashim Amla in the middle. A couple of balls bounce a little oddly and a quiet over of just 2 runs is a good thing for Pakistan. Faf gets off the mark on the 5th ball of the over.

  • Hassan Azam, Freelance writer at the Gaddafi stadium

    Tim Paine seemed to be playing the supporting role to Amla's risk free accumulation of runs. An interetsing move to send him at number 3, might have been to give him an opportunity to settle before he would have cut looses. In any case, Faf is here as arguably the best batting pair of the World XI goes for this run chase.    

  • OUT! Bowled'em! Grubber. Paine tries to make room and looks to play it through off side but the ball just doesn't rise at all. Unfortunate end.

  • After 9 overs,World XI 70/1 ( Hashim Amla 36 , Tim Paine (W) 10) Shadab Khan introduced into the attack and Amla makes room and slog sweeps over mid wicket for a superb six, after Paine takes a single off the first ball. Amla and Paine exchang 3 more singles and dot to finish.

  • After 8 overs,World XI 60/1 ( Hashim Amla 28 , Tim Paine (W) 8) Superb over by Imad Wasim. Just four off it. Single to long-on off the first ball. Sarfraz as always marshalling and encouraging his troops, shouting advice every ball.There was a run out chance in the over of the fifth bal, but the fielder at cover fielder didn't pick it up cleanly.

  • After 7 overs,World XI 56/1 ( Hashim Amla 26 , Tim Paine (W) 6) Mohammad Nawaz brought into the attack. Sarfraz likes to shuffle his bowlers. 7 runs of the 7th over, 50 comes up for the World XI. 

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    A full-length stretch from Shoaib Malik at fine leg sends back Tamim Iqbal. The years roll on but folks like Collingwood and Malik stay ageless in the field. Tim Paine is again batting at number 3 for World XI. Inexplicable tactic keeping Faf du Plessis and David Miller waiting in the dugout. Perhaps Faf wants to ensure this team appears like a World XI and not a South Africa XI if Faf himself or Miller is seen batting with Amla.    

  • FOUR! Paine drops down to one knee and paddles it over short fine leg and trickles down to fine leg. Risky but it comes off well.

  • After 6 overs,World XI 49/1 ( Hashim Amla 24 , Tim Paine (W) 1) Tim Paine joins Amla in the middle. Amla starts it with a couple of the first ball and takes a single to mid off to rotate the strike. Tamim falls on the 3rd ball couple of singles and a dot of the final ball ends the first powerplay. You could say both teams will be happy with how things have gone so far. World XI get almost to 50 and Pakistan could have given more if they didn't pick Tamim's wicket

  • OUT! Tamim times it well but a diving Shoaib Malik not only denies him a boundary but also ends his stay in the middle.   c Malik b S Khan 23 (19)

  • After 5 overs,World XI 44/0 ( Tamim Iqbal 23 , Hashim Amla 20) Ruman Raees brought into the attack.  And he starts off well.  Amla takes a single off the first ball. Tamim isn't given any room and he has resort to defending first couple of deliveries. Flicks on the onside for a single. 

  • Rajesh Tiwary, Freelance cricket writer

    An exhibition from Amla in the fourth over. T20 format doesn't take anything away from his natural poise and grace. First a stand and deliver through covers that didn't allow anyone in the field to move followed by a check drive back past the bowler in the same over. There have been talks of match tickets being too expensive but those who turned up would have got their money worth watching those two shots from Amla.    

  • Hassan Azam, Freelance writer at the Gaddafi stadium

    Talk about a straight bat! Amla just punched the ball straight past the bowler for a boundary and the crowd gave him a huge cheer. Lahorites, apart from being gracious hosts, also recognize quality when they see it. On my way to the stadiums in the shuttle bus service, fans were vehemently entertaining the possibility a World XI win to set up the final game on Friday. Looking at the score after 4 overs, they are on their way.

  • After 4 overs,World XI 41/0 ( Tamim Iqbal 22 , Hashim Amla 18) Usman Khan gets a taste off the evergreen Hashim Amla. These two asre forming a superb partnership up front. Two boundaries and three singles help Pakistan get 11 runs of the over.

  • FOUR!  Glorious by Amla! Stunning shot again! This time wide of mid off

  • FOUR! WOW! WHAT A SHOT!  Hashim Amla you beauty! Times it beautifully and the fielder just strolls only to pick the ball from the ropes. Such a delight to watch him bat!

Update - ​​​​​​Perera wins it with a SIX straight down the ground! World XI win by 7 wickets and with a ball to spare! Series level 1-1

Report, 1st T20: A brisk half-century by Babar Azam helped Pakistan to a 20-run victory over a World XI on Tuesday, the first match of a Twenty20 series which the hosts hope will lead to international cricket returning to their country.

Azam entertained the near-capacity crowd of 25,000 at the Gaddafi Stadium by smashing 86 off 52 balls, hitting 10 fours and two sixes in Pakistan's total of 197-5.

The World XI's star-studded batting lineup was then restricted to 177-7 as Pakistan took the lead in a three-match series.

Cricket returns to Pakistan after 8 years as Faf du Plessis will lead World XI against Sarfraz Ahmed's side for 3 T20Is. Image courtesy: Twitter @ICC

World XI captain Faf du Plessis and Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed. Image courtesy: Twitter @ICC

"I want to dedicate this innings to the people of Pakistan because it's always nice to play in front of home fans," Azam said of his man-of-the-match winning knock.

Eight years after a terror attack on the Sri Lanka team bus in Lahore caused major teams to shun Pakistan, the country's cricket board is hoping the series will help to win back the confidence of test-playing nations.

The second game will be played on Wednesday, followed by the last match on Friday.

"It was a good game, I thought Pakistan played exceptionally well," World XI captain South Africa's Faf du Plessis said. "I thought it was a 180 wicket, so maybe we gave away 20 runs too many. Our bowling was possibly one-dimensional - they had a lot of variety, spinners, left-arm, right-arm.

"It was a great occasion to play here, and as soon as we walked into the field, it was just a normal game."

Morne Morkel, one of five South African players in the World XI, made an early breakthrough when Fakhar Zaman (8) was caught in the lone slip in the first over after Du Plessis won the toss and opted to field.

But Azam, playing his only second international match at home, then blunted the World XI's attack with a 122-run partnership off 81 balls with Ahmed Shehzad (39).

With sharper fielding, though, both batsmen could have been removed earlier. Ben Cutting couldn't hold onto a low one-handed catch off his own bowling which could have dismissed Shehzad on 7. Azam survived on 64 when David Miller misjudged an overhead catch at long-off in Morkel's return spell.

Darren Sammy, the West Indies' world Twenty20 winning captain, broke the stand with a brilliant low catch at fine leg off Cutting in the 15th over.

Azam followed in the next over as he fell to Lahore-born South Africa leg-spinner Imran Tahir, when Miller didn't miss a second opportunity in the deep.

Shoaib Malik (38 off 20 balls) lifted the total with a little cameo and Imad Wasim (15 not out) hoisted Thisara Perera for two sixes in the last over which went for 21.

Hashim Amla (26) and Bangladesh's Tamim Iqbal (18) gave the World XI a promising start to its run-chase with a 43-run stand. But left-arm seamer Rumman Raees dismissed both batsmen in the last over of batting powerplay.

Du Plessis (29) briefly threatened the Pakistan total, hitting four boundaries and a six. But the hosts struck back with leg-spinner Shadab Khan (2-33) removing Du Plessis and Miller (9).

Sammy (29 not out) reduced the margin of defeat by hitting three sixes.

With inputs from AP

Updated Date: Sep 13, 2017

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 3634 125
2 South Africa 3589 112
3 Australia 3499 106
4 New Zealand 2354 102
5 England 3772 97
6 Sri Lanka 2914 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 5599 124
2 India 5492 122
3 South Africa 3842 113
4 New Zealand 4602 112
5 Pakistan 3279 102
6 Australia 3474 102
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 3270 131
2 Australia 1894 126
3 India 3932 123
4 New Zealand 2542 116
5 England 1951 115
6 South Africa 2058 114