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Highlights, Australia vs Pakistan, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match, Full Cricket Score: Warner, Cummins star in Australia's win

Date: Wednesday, 12 June, 2019 23:03 IST

Venue: The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton

Match Ended

Australia beat Pakistan by 41 runs

307/10 OV : (49.0) RR.(6.27)
266/10 OV : (45.4) RR.(5.86)
Match Ended:

Australia beat Pakistan by 41 runs

Man Of the Match:

This over 45.4

  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0(W)


Shaheen Afridi

  • 1 (6)
  • 4s X 0
  • 6s X 0


Pat Cummins

  • 33 (10)
  • M X 0
  • W X 3

Mitchell Starc

  • 43 (9)
  • M X 1
  • W X 2
Current Partnership Last Wicket

1 ( 1.0 ) R/R: 1

Sarfaraz Ahmed 0(0)

Shaheen Afridi 1(6)

266/10 (45.4 over)

Sarfaraz Ahmed 40 (48) SR: S.R (83.33)

run out (Glenn Maxwell)

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match 17 Match Result Australia beat Pakistan by 41 runs

Highlights, Australia vs Pakistan, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match, Full Cricket Score: Warner, Cummins star in Australia's win


22:50 (IST)

Quite a game of cricket it was! Especially for Pakistani fans. Must have taken them through different range of emotions. Pakistan started poorly but them came back strongly with the ball to restrict Australia to 307 despite David Warner scoring 107. Imam ul Haq and Mohammad Hafeez looked comfortable in chase only for a middle order collapse to ruin everything. At the end, Hasan Ali and Wahab Riaz gave Pakistan some hope with useful cameos but they failed eventually.

That's it from our side for tonight. We will see you all tomorrow for India vs New Zealand match. Good night!

22:48 (IST)

Aaron Finch, Australia captain: They certainly took it close. It's always tough when you've got guys like Hasan and Wahab coming out and swinging. When they get on a roll it can be tough to stop. Disappointing we didn't bat out 50 overs, when you go in with an extra better. We probably tried to go too hard too early and ended up 20-30 runs short. But great we still got the two points despite not finishing off. 

22:42 (IST)

Sarfaraz, Pakistan captain: Definitely very disappointing. Lost three wickets in 15 balls from 140/3and that’s why we lost the match. Hasan Ali batted well, I batted well. Definately, we conceded too many runs at the start of the innings expect Amir other bowlers didn't bowl really well, After 20 overs we came back really hard. For me this was a 270-280 pitch. Unfortunately we didn't score big runs. India vs Pakistan big match, we will try our best.

22:38 (IST)

David Warner, MoM: We must credit Pakistan for the way they bowled, they made it hard for us to drive down the ground. They gave me no width, I had to adapt and there was a bit of movement early on. It means a lot to me to get a hundred. 

22:34 (IST)

David Warner is Man of the Match for his knock of 107

22:32 (IST)

Full credit to Aaron Finch for this captaincy. He could have easily held Starc back, but opted for the attacking option and it has paid dividends. Two wickets in one over ensured Australia win comfortably.  Australia haven't been at the best at this tournament, but are still finding a way to win. 

Gaurav Joshi, Freelance cricket writer at Taunton
22:32 (IST)
22:30 (IST)

Australia beat Pakistan by 41 runs!

Pakistan bowled out for 266! After 46 overs,Pakistan 266/10 ( Shaheen Afridi 1 , )

OUT! Sarfaraz run out (Maxwell) 40(48) 

Pakistan's resistance has come to an end with skipper Sarfaraz getting run out as they get bowled out for 266. Australia take home a 41-run win.

22:29 (IST)

After 45 overs,Pakistan 266/9 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 40 , Shaheen Afridi 1)

Starc has poured cold water on whatever hopes Pakistan had. Got Riaz out with faintest of nicks. The ball straightened a bit as Riaz looked beaten but keeper and bowler were interested after it was given not out. Finch finally took a review and there was some spike on UltraEdge. Starc removed Amir immediately as he chopped the yorker onto his stumps. Shaheen Afridi has come out to bat now. 

22:24 (IST)

WICKET! Amir b Starc 0(2)

The strike bowler Starc strikes and the match is almost over for Pakistan. Starc went for a yorker as Amir inside edged it onto the stumps. 

22:21 (IST)

OUT! Riaz c Carey b Starc 45(39)

Massive moment in the game. Faint edge does the job for Australia. Starc got the ball to go past Riaz's bat. Looked innocuous but the keeper and bowler were excited. Finch finally decided to go for a review and replays showed there's some spike on UltraEdge. 

22:19 (IST)

After 44 overs,Pakistan 263/7 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 39 , Wahab Riaz 45)

Riaz steered the full toss on first ball to third man to complete a tight double. Had to dive in the end to be safe. Six off the over. Riaz is batting pretty well, middling his shots. 45 more needed.

22:17 (IST)

Pakistan need to play this smartly, Starc has two overs left out of the last seven. Cummins is done, so a lot rests on Richardson, Coultner-Nile and one over from Maxwell. Wahab has played brilliantly and Sarfaraz has to be there at the end. Richardson does bowl a lot at the death in the BBL and death over specialist. 

Gaurav Joshi, Freelance cricket writer at Taunton
22:17 (IST)
22:14 (IST)

After 43 overs,Pakistan 257/7 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 37 , Wahab Riaz 41)

Riaz's onslaught has forced Finch to go back to his strike bowler, Starc. The pacer didn't really trouble the duo much with the partnership now standing at 57. Three off the over. 51 more needed.

22:08 (IST)

After 42 overs,Pakistan 254/7 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 36 , Wahab Riaz 39)

Wahab Riaz is playing an important cameo here with Sarafraz rotating the strike. The crowd has found its voice back. NCN back into attack. Bowled a slower ball into the slot as Riaz smoked that over cow corner for a six. 10 runs added. 54 more needed.

22:06 (IST)

SIX! That was put into the slot by NCN and Riaz crashed the over cow corner without breaking a sweat

22:05 (IST)

After 41 overs,Pakistan 244/7 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 34 , Wahab Riaz 31)

Maxwell back into attack and Pakistan are back into the game. 14 off the over. Maxwell began with a tossed up ball as the thick inside edge ran past the wicket for a four. Next ball was also a looping one and Riaz crashed that over long on for a six. 64 more needed.

22:03 (IST)

SIX! Flighted delivery from Maxwell and Riaz gets the perfect connect this time to smoke it over long-on

22:02 (IST)

FOUR! Thick inside edge but that runs past the wicket to to the fence. Riaz was really lucky there

22:00 (IST)

After 40 overs,Pakistan 230/7 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 32 , Wahab Riaz 19)

Cummins into his last over. Finds Sarfaraz's outside edge on first ball but it runs down to third man for a single. Two off the over. Cummins finishes with figures of 10-0-33-3. 78 more needed.

21:57 (IST)

After 39 overs,Pakistan 228/7 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 31 , Wahab Riaz 18)

NCN replaces Starc into attack. A busy over for Pakistan. Few singles and a double before Riaz slapped the short ball over cow corner for a maximum. 11 off the over. 78 more needed.

21:54 (IST)

SIX! This one was slapped. Short ball from NCN and Riaz got into the position early to thrash it over cow corner

21:52 (IST)

After 38 overs,Pakistan 217/7 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 29 , Wahab Riaz 9)

Cummins continues as well. Got the first ball to nip back in as the inside edge off Sarfaraz's bat went onto the thigh before rolling down to slips. Three off the over.

21:47 (IST)

After 37 overs,Pakistan 214/7 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 27 , Wahab Riaz 8)

Starc continues. Riaz spotted a full delivery and went for a powerful drive as the outside edge flew past Smith in slips for a four. Seven off the over

21:46 (IST)

FOUR! Riaz threw everything behind that shot as Starc bowled a fuller delivery. Outside edge but it raced past the slip fielder

21:44 (IST)

After 36 overs,Pakistan 207/7 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 25 , Wahab Riaz 3)

Cummins also now called back into attack. Just two from the over. Sarfaraz still hanging in there. Let's see what he can do.

21:41 (IST)

After 35 overs,Pakistan 205/7 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 24 , Wahab Riaz 2)

Starc called back into attack by Finch. Five off the over. Australia want to wrap this match soon. Pakistan not left with too many people to do the job now. Disappointing batting display today.

21:35 (IST)

After 34 overs,Pakistan 200/7 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 21 , Wahab Riaz 0)

The defiance of Hasan Ali is over. He got two fours before departing . Played a beautiful cover drive off a half-volley before slamming the short ball over covers. Richardson stuck with short length but Hasan couldn't find the connect as the top-edge off a pull shot flew to fine leg fielder. Wahab Riaz now joins Sarfaraz. 200 up for Pakistan. They need 108 more.

21:32 (IST)

OUT! Hasan Ali c Khawaja b K Richardson 32(15)

The cameo is over. Richardson went short again. Hasan Ali went with the pull shot again but the connect was missing as the top-edge was taken at fine leg.

21:32 (IST)

FOUR! Another brilliant shot! A bit of width on offer, it was short and Hasan Ali slammed it over covers

21:31 (IST)

FOUR! Fuller delivery from Richardson. Hasan waited for the ball to come onto the bat as he drilled it through extra cover

21:28 (IST)

After 33 overs,Pakistan 191/6 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 20 , Hassan Ali 24)

Nobody today hit the shots as good as Hasan Ali is doing at the moment. Maxwell bowled one on middle, short of length and Hasan crashed that over long-on for a six. Nine of the over. Some good entertainment for the crowd. Pakistan would want him to stay there for long.

21:26 (IST)

SIX! Another cracking shot from Hasan Ali. Maxwell put one short on middle as the batsman crashed it over long-on

21:25 (IST)

After 32 overs,Pakistan 182/6 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 18 , Hassan Ali 17)

Hasan Ali has decided to counter-attack. He sees no logic in hanging back, so he went with a pull shot as Richardson bowled shot. And the slap shot was placed into stands behind square leg. The next full delivery was crashed over long-on. 14 off the over.

21:23 (IST)

SIX! Another maximum. This time Hasan Ali went down the ground. The delivery was full as the batsman played the cracking shot

21:22 (IST)

SIX! Excellent shot. Richardson opted for the bouncer and Hasan Ali slapped that over deep square leg 

21:20 (IST)

After 31 overs,Pakistan 168/6 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 17 , Hassan Ali 5)

Hasan Ali has come out to bat. Also, Maxwell is back into attack. Ali went for an inside out cut off a half-tracker but the outside edge flew past the keeper for a four. Eight off the over. 

21:19 (IST)

FOUR! Hasan Ali went inside out for a cut but the outside edge went past the keeper to the third man fence

21:16 (IST)

After 30 overs,Pakistan 160/6 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 15 , )

The horrible day comes to end for Asif Ali. Richardson hit the hard length again but this became big on the batsman who was in a hurry to fend it off but edged it to the keeper. Five off the over.

21:15 (IST)

WICKET! Asif Ali c Carey b K Richardson 5(8)

Cross seam delivery from the hard length does the job for Richardson. It kicked up on its way to Asif Ali who was hurried in his shot. Tried to cut it fine but ended up edging it to the keeper.

21:12 (IST)

After 29 overs,Pakistan 155/5 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 11 , Asif Ali 4)

Another over for Finch! He's more confident of his bowling than that of Maxwell. Asif Ali had a horrible day in the field today, let's us see what the explosive batsman can do with the bat. Six off the over.

21:10 (IST)

After 28 overs,Pakistan 151/5 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 9 , Asif Ali 2)

Pakistan took a risk on the first ball as Sarfaraz called for a single with a drop at covers. Warner was quick as lighting with his shy at the stumps but he couldn't find the direct hit and Malik survived. Not for long though as Cummins got one to move back in to cut the batsman into half. The inside edge was taken by Carey who dived to his left. Pakistan in deep trouble now. 

21:06 (IST)

OUT! Shoaib Malik c Carey b Pat Cummins 0(2)

Pakistan in deep trouble now. They are five down. Has the collapse begun? Cummins got the ball to move back in to cut Malik into half as the inside edge was taken by Carey by diving to his left. 

21:05 (IST)

After 27 overs,Pakistan 146/4 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 8 , )

Another soft dismissal for Pakistan. This time Hafeez gives away his wicket. A big loss for Pakistan. Went to thrash the full toss from Finch over cow corner but lost control on the shot as it went to Cummins in the deep. Sarfaraz got a four on the first ball with a sweep shot while Carey also missed a stumping chance.

21:01 (IST)

OUT! Hafeez c Starc b Finch 46(49)

Another soft dismissal! The Finch experiment has worked. It was a full toss and that should have been crashed out of the park but Hafeez failed to control his shot and played it to mid-wicket fielder.

21:01 (IST)

FOUR! Tossed up ball and Sarfaraz makes the most of it as he gets down on his knees to play the sweep shot to perfection

20:59 (IST)

After 26 overs,Pakistan 139/3 ( Mohammad Hafeez 45 , Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 2)

Just when Pakistan looked in complete control, Imam threw away his wicket. Tried going after a legside short ball and ended up gloving it to the keeper. Skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed comes to the middle and gets off the mark with a shot on leg. Three off the over.

20:56 (IST)

Imam-Ul-Haq becomes the third Pakistan batsmen to perish to the short ball. Cummins was brought into the attack to get the wicket and gets the break through. A lack of game sense by Imam, he could easily seen Cummins' spell off. There was no need to take any risks, Pakistan have this game under control. 

Gaurav Joshi, Freelance cricket writer at Taunton
20:56 (IST)
20:54 (IST)

OUT! Imam c Carey b Pat Cummins 53(75)

Imam, what have you done! He throws away his wicket with a soft dismissal. It was pitched short and on leg. The ball would have gone for a wide but Imam went for a pull shot and gloved it to the keeper. 

20:54 (IST)

After 25 overs,Pakistan 136/2 ( Imam-ul-Haq 53 , Mohammad Hafeez 44)

NCN got Hafeez to edge one but it went wide of slip as Cummins had to put in a dive to cut off a boundary. Imam brings up his 6th ODI fifty with a drive down the ground for a four.

20:52 (IST)

FIFTY! FOUR! A top innings for Imam on a tough pitch. Reaches to the milestone with a big drive down the ground.

Australia vs Pakistan LIVE SCORE, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match Update: Pakistan's resistance has come to an end with skipper Sarfaraz getting run out as they get bowled out for 266. Australia take home a 41-run win.

Australia vs Pakistan LIVE SCORE, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match Preview: Mohammad Amir will hope to enjoy another landmark occasion in Taunton when Pakistan face Australia there in their World Cup match on Wednesday.

The group fixture at southwest county Somerset's headquarters sees Amir back at the ground where he made his return to first-class cricket in England three years ago.

Amir was the rising star of world cricket when his career came to a stunning halt during a Lord's Test in 2010 after both he and new-ball partner Mohamed Asif were caught bowling no-balls on the orders of then Pakistan captain Salman Butt as part of a newspaper sting operation.

The trio all received five-year bans from cricket and jail terms.

That same 2010 season had seen Amir produce a superb display of swing bowling in taking three for 20 as Pakistan dismissed Australia for just 88 on the first day of a 'neutral' Test at Headingley.

Those skills remained intact as Amir marked his 2016 return to the first-class game in England in 2016 with a haul of three for 36 against Somerset at Taunton.

All three wickets — including that of former England opener Marcus Trescothick — owed much to late swing.

The intervening years have not been easy for Amir, however, and he almost missed what is his first World Cup after taking just five wickets in 14 matches before a recent one-day international series in England.

Amir did not bowl in the washed-out first match against England and missed the last four games with chicken pox. England won the series 4-0.

But having been left out of Pakistan's preliminary squad for the World Cup, the 27-year-old made it into the final 15.

His World Cup debut was a rare Pakistan highlight after they slumped to 105 all out against the West Indies, with Amir taking three for 26 in a seven-wicket loss at Trent Bridge.

He was in the wickets again at the Nottingham ground, but this time in a winning cause, with two for 67 as Pakistan surprisingly beat tournament favourites England by 14 runs last week.

But Pakistan's progress was checked by a total washout against Sri Lanka at Bristol.

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