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Highlights, Australia vs England, 2nd Test, Day 5 in Adelaide: Hosts win by 120 runs, lead 2-0

Date: Wednesday, 06 December, 2017 11:45 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • A charming Test match, which began to slip from Australia's grasp, after the home side dominated close to two and a half days. England displayed a hardy fight to 'swing' the match back into the balance, before captutilating aginst Mitchell Starc and company on Day five afternoon. Lot of things for Root and England's team management to fix before they head for the third Test. They desperately require an extra zip in their pliant pace attack. Batsman from the top six need to put their hand up and take the responsibilty to provide more support to their captain. Moeen Ali has looked like a half-cooked all-rounder, Anderson's lieutenant, Broad, has been virtually missing in the first two Tests. England management might even be tempted into ringing the Crown Prosecution Service and see, if in any way they can help their side defend the urn. England do have some time before they head to Perth, where they haven't won since 1978. If England have to retain the urn, they must defy history by winning at WACA or at least peter out a draw. That's all we have for you, from the first ever Day and Night Ashes Test, which produced some great cricket with the pink ball in the night sky reminding us, the new dimension it provides to the long format, along with some picturesque memories to take back as well. Thank you for joining us, until we meet next, its a goodbye. 

  • The spin wizard, drops in a suggestion of adding Mark Wood to the bowling attack

  • The Turbanator enjoyed it!

  • There is the fan club, take the defeat on the chin and move ahead. Classy.

  • Agony for the English continues...

  • Steve Smith : Ahh little bit. We always had the faith and believed in our side (When asked if he was nervous last night). We got our lengths right today, we knew it if we get one or two wickets things can happen quickly. Pleased for the boys. Really proud of their achievements. Shaun was phenomenal. I think it was an incredible hundred. People have been asking the question, I haven't thought about it a lot. Fortunately we won the game, doesn't make the difference anymore. Four from four? or Three for three. Forgot about the Brisbane, sorry (chuckles). Support has been amazing. The Barmy Army have been pretty amazing too.

  • Shaun Marsh, MoM : Unbelievable felling to get a Ashes 100. The way the bowlers came out and finished the job was amazing. Looking forward to playing at my hometown, Perth. Extremely happy.

  • Shaun Marsh is named the Man of the Match for his brilliant century in the first innings.

  • Joe Root, England captain : We had high hopes. The way we went about yesterday has to be the benchmark for the rest of the series. Very showed a lot of character, especially bowl them out for 138. was disappointing, but we are still in the series. (Regarding the decision to bowl first after winning the toss) Easy to say that now, if you saw the conditions with ball moving around.  Fair play to Shaun Marsh, he played really well. The support we have had has been outstanding. Barmy Army has been behind us over the last few days.

  • We will have some post match reactions, first up will be the England skipper.

  • England will have to win all the remaining games, i.e. at Perth, Melbourne and Sydney to win the series, in order to retain the Ashes, they will have to win two of the next three Tests and draw out one.

  • Australia win the second Test by 120 runs, lead the series 2-0. 

  • OUT! Bowled'em! Bairstow gets an inside edge back on to his stumps. His middle pole knocked out. Starc is credited with the final wicket finishes with a five-wicket haul. What a way to celebrate to win.

  • After 84 overs,England 229/9 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 32 , James Anderson 0) Classy cover drive by Bairstow and a pull over square leg for single to keep the strike of the final ball to retain strike.

  • After 83 overs,England 224/9 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 27 , ) Couple of streaky twos through gully for Broad as he kept finding an edge to sneak in in the gap through gully before he got one to edge to the keeper. Starc knew the wicket was around the corner. He kept bowling in excess off 145. James Anderson will be the last man to walk out to bat.

  • OUT! There is the edge! It was just a matter of time. Broad kept going deep into his crease even on full deliveries. Fatal technique by Broad, he gets the angled bat down when he didn't really have to but alas that leaves Australia one wicket away. S Broad c Paine b Starc 8

  • After 82 overs,England 220/8 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 27 , Stuart Broad 4) Hazlewood starts with a really full delivery, Broad was on the backfoot assuming a bumper first up, he got an inside edge onto his back leg, which was far away from his stumps. Hazlewood gets the line wrong as he attempts another swinging yorker, it continues to swing after passing the stumps away from a diving Paine for four byes. Broad gets the flick he has been looking to play for two to deep square leg. Turns the strike over the next ball. Bairstow finishes with a couple to midwicket.

  • After 81 overs,England 211/8 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 25 , Stuart Broad 1) Starc's swing can rattle best of the batsmen in the world, Overton is a number 9 batsman on his debut, very tough to expect him to play that. Broad gets an outswinger first up. Manages to take the single off the next ball. Bairstow drives it deliciously past mid off past for four.

  • OUT! Overton gone. Easy decision for Dar this time. Starc bowls the perfect delivery. Starts on the off stump, lands on good length, comes back in to hit Overton on his pads right in front. C Overton lbw Starc 7

  • Second new ball available. And Australia take the new ball, which brings Mitchell Starc back into the action.

  • After 80 overs,England 206/7 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 21 , Craig Overton 7) Overton drops it on the off side towards cover and sets off for a quick single. Early calll by the batsman and a dive in the end allows him to complete the run. Cummins banging in back of a length to Bairstow, who played the cut well but not past gully. Cummins bowls a rising bouncer to end the over, which Bairstow ducks under.

  • After 79 overs,England 205/7 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 21 , Craig Overton 6) Bairstow flicks it from outside off to mid wicket for a single. Overton manages to turn over the strike with a single to mid on. He plays itwith the spin, keeping it along the ground.They need less than 150 now.

  • After 78 overs,England 203/7 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 20 , Craig Overton 5) Bairstow begins the 78th over with nice drive down the ground for two, gets to the other end off the next ball with a single to deep point. Overton edges it again off a short of a length delivery that falls just short of Khawaja at gully. He is riding on the edge.

  • After 77 overs,England 200/7 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 17 , Craig Overton 5) The crowd claps as England reach the 200-landmark after Bairstow took the run off the first ball. Overton looks more comfortable against Lyon than he has looked against the pace of Cummins. 

  • After 76 overs,England 199/7 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 16 , Craig Overton 5) Bairstow keeps the scoreboard ticking with another single off the second ball. Cummins finds the edge again and this time the ball flies to third slip who is standing slightly ahead of the rest, but he hasn't held onto it. Cummins digs it in short and Overton just about gets himself out of the 140.5 kmph bouncer

  • DROPPED! Bancroft under the helmet at third slip as given Overton a let off, more importantly, Cummins, who has bowled superbly, is denied a wicket. It was low catch, but something you are expected to hold on at this level.

  • After 75 overs,England 198/7 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 15 , Craig Overton 5) Bairstow picks a single off the first ball after which Overton manages to keep the rest of the five balls out with Lyon changing his angle from round the stumps to over the wicket for a couple of deliveries.

  • After 74 overs,England 197/7 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 14 , Craig Overton 5) Cummins finds the edge, but again it falls short and wide of the slip and it goes through the gap to third man fence. England will gleefully take those runs. Overton looked out of shape when in was trying duck under a short of a length delivery. It was not very short but Overton chose to duck and was hit on his ribs. Well, that will sting him, as he lays on the ground holding his rib region. He is vincing in pain as the medical staff runs out.  The drinks have been called out.

  • After 73 overs,England 193/7 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 14 , Craig Overton 1) Overton gets off the mark with singled tucked around the corner, Bairstow finishes with a couple in the vast gap on the offside. 

  • After 72 overs,England 189/7 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 11 , Craig Overton 0) England's top scorer of the first innings, on his debut, Craig Overton, walks out with England needing over 160. He won't be on strike though. Bairstow takes the single off the third ball to backward square leg. Overton gets three balls to face, which he manages to keep it out.

  • After 71 overs,England 188/7 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 10 , ) Lyon gets the wicket off the last ball of the over. Moeen looks to sweep the ball the pitched on middle and off, he was always running the risk of an leg before wicket and when the ball rapped on his pads after it missed the bat, Aleem Dar raised his finger. M Ali lbw Lyon 2

  • OUT! Moeen Ali has to go. Lyon strikes in his first over. Well, Australia are running through the England's batting line up. Ali reviews it and tell you what, the impact – umpire's call, hitting wickets – umpire's call. It could have gone anyway. For now, Ali heads to the pavilion and Australia march towards taking a 2-0 lead.

  • Nathan Lyon into the attack

  • After 70 overs,England 188/6 ( Moeen Ali 2 , Jonny Bairstow (W) 10) Cummins starts off really well. Getting some steep bounce. Bowls a beauty off the third ball that was very close to Bairstow's outside edge. Australian quicks have been right on the money on Day 5 afternoon.

  • Pat Cummins comes into the attack. Nathan Lyon has also began to warm up as he looks to open his shoulders. Likely to bowl in the next over.

  • After 69 overs,England 188/6 ( Moeen Ali 2 , Jonny Bairstow (W) 10) Hazlewood is getting prodigious lateral movement off the pitch. The first ball off the over darted in Bairstow, forcing him to use his bat, he did well to keep it out. After the third ball that remained slightly low the fourth ball nipped back in again, this time through Bairstow, splitting him in halves. Increbile bowling, insanely tough batting. Starc with the reverse, Hazlewood with massive seam movement, both bowling at 140+ is a nightmare. Who wants to be a batsman?

  • After 68 overs,England 187/6 ( Moeen Ali 2 , Jonny Bairstow (W) 9) Starc goes back to over the wicket. After three dot balls, Strac lured Bairstow to bring his bat down to the fourth ball, as he got an outside edge that falls short of Smith at second slip, the awkward bounce didn't allow the Australian captain to get behind it, the ball brushes his arm and runs down the third man boundary.

  • After 67 overs,England 182/6 ( Moeen Ali 2 , Jonny Bairstow (W) 4) Hazlewood is bowling fast here, the one that got Root was delivered at 148 clicks. He is on fire. Ali looked to play the drive on the up but he didn't time it right, was in the air for a while, but fell short of the cover point fielder. Hazlewood completes another maiden.

  • After 66 overs,England 182/6 ( Moeen Ali 2 , Jonny Bairstow (W) 4) Bairstow gets off the mark with a impressive cover drive that raced off the turf. Starc continues round the wicket, he gives him some width to free his arms and Bairstow begins confidently.

  • After 65 overs,England 177/6 ( Moeen Ali 1 , Jonny Bairstow (W) 0) Moeen Ali gets the first run of the day with a streaky inside edge to square leg. But, it was fifth ball that Hazlewood did the trick as the fast bowler continued to bowl the nagging line and length. Bairstow joins Ali in the middle. Last recognised batting pair is in, is in very very early.

  • OUT! Goodness me... Is that it? All the promise which was made last night by Root is forgotten next morning. Hazlewood with match, potentially the series turning wicket. The urn might have to be returned. Unless there is another surprise. In the corridor of uncertainty, forcing Root to play at it, slight away movement, takes the edge and Paine does the rest. Very similar to the ball bowled to Woakes. He didn't add a run to his overnight score. J Root c Paine b Hazlewood 67

  • After 64 overs, England 176/5 (Joe Root 67, Moeen Ali 0) Mitchell Starc... round the wicket! Starc is gettting the old ball to reverse. Maiden.

  • After 63 overs, England 176/5 (Joe Root 67, Moeen Ali 0) Hazlewood provides Australia with an early break. Woakes is more than able batsman, but his second Test is over. Out comes the left-handed Moeen Ali. Pressure on Root!

  • OUT! Hazlewood strikes! Woakes got a faint nick to Paine. Aleem Dar did hear something and raise his finger. Woakes used the DRS. The TV umpire saw nothing on the HotSpot, but a spike on the snicko was enough for him to stay with the on-field call. Drama begins off the 2nd ball of the final day. Just tells us how the day is going to pan out. C Woakes c Paine b Hazlewood 5 (10)

  • Here we go! Woakes will be on strike. Hazlewood with the ball!

  • WFH for the win!

Day 4 Report:  James Anderson produced his best bowling performance ever in Australia to drag England back into the inaugural day-night Ashes test, and skipper Joe Root posted an unbeaten 67 to bring an unlikely upset closer to reality.

England, after losing the series-opener by 10 wickets last week in Brisbane and being bowled out for 227 to concede a 215-run first-innings deficit in the second test, reached 176-4 at stumps on Tuesday.

That leaves Root's lineup with three sessions remaining on Wednesday and six wickets in hand to score the 178 runs required to reach a victory target of 354.

Australia's Steve Smith and England's Joe Root. AFP

Australia's Steve Smith and England's Joe Root. AFP

England's record for a successful fourth-innings run chase was 332-7, set in Melbourne in 1928. After surviving the night session on the fourth day for the loss of only two wickets, there's growing confidence of a broken record.

A crucial 78-run partnership between Root, who faced 114 balls and had an lbw decision against him overturned on 32, and Dawid Malan (29) guided England through most of the night session. After Malan was bowled by Pat Cummins late, Chris Woakes went in as night watchman and survived eight balls to be 5 not out at stumps.

"We are a good amount of runs short but are in a fantastic position," Anderson said. "We have got batters in the shed to get us close."

England was completely behind the game at the Adelaide Oval until Australia skipper Steve Smith opted not to enforce the follow-on for the night session on Monday.

It backfired badly, with Anderson and Woakes taking two wickets each as Australia slid to 53-4 with the ball seaming and swinging wildly around under lights.

It didn't get better in daylight hours for the home team, with Anderson returning 5-43 — his first five-wicket haul in Australia and 25th in in his test career — and Woakes taking 4-36 to skittle Australia for 138 in the first session on Tuesday. No Australian batsman surpassed 20 in the second innings.

"We're delighted to be in this position to have any sort of chance of winning — which we didn't think we would have after the first couple of days," Anderson said. "It'd be a huge win ... it's very rare that a team declares then loses."

England reached dinner at 68-2 after losing Alastair Cook (16) and Mark Stoneman (36), setting the scene for a big night session for the Australian bowlers.

It didn't happen — possibly because the ball was already 28 overs old by the time the lights were turned on rather than hard, shiny and new, and also because there was a lack of composure from the Australians.

Smith didn't review an early lbw decision against Cook when he should have, then burned two umpire referrals in the space of three balls on desperate attempts to have Root and Malan dismissed when the umpire had ruled not out. That meant the Australians had no more reviews.

Root, meanwhile, used his referral to perfect advantage, asking for a review after he was given out lbw, when England was 101-3, and having the decision overturned when the tracker technology showed the ball from Nathan Lyon was going over the stumps.

Also under review will be Smith's decision not to send England back in to bat on Monday night.

"In hindsight, we didn't get an opportunity to bowl with the new ball under lights," Australia bowling coach David Saker said. "Maybe we got it wrong. But if we come out of this winning the game, which I still think we will, you can say it was justified in some way.

"The past two days haven't gone to plan but I still think we're in front. If we get (Root's) wicket in the morning, the game changes."

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Updated Date: Dec 06, 2017


Pos. Team P W L D Pts.
14 9 5 0 18
14 9 5 0 18
14 8 6 0 16
14 7 7 0 14
14 6 8 0 12
14 6 8 0 12
14 6 8 0 12
14 5 9 0 10

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 3499 125
2 South Africa 3589 112
3 Australia 3499 106
4 New Zealand 2354 102
5 England 3511 98
6 Sri Lanka 2914 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 5257 125
2 India 5492 122
3 South Africa 3842 113
4 New Zealand 4602 112
5 Australia 3327 104
6 Pakistan 3279 102
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 2990 130
2 Australia 1894 126
3 India 3932 123
4 New Zealand 2542 116
5 England 1951 115
6 South Africa 2058 114