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Highlights, Australia vs England, 2nd Test, Day 1 in Adelaide, Ashes 2017: Honours shared on opening day

Date: Saturday, 02 December, 2017 17:44 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • Interesting 81 overs of the first-ever day and night Ashes Test. Both teams will be happy with the way things have gone on a hard-fought day. While England would be happy to have got two major wickets of David Warner and Steve Smith, Australia would be glad that they didn't lose any more after their skipper's fall. The remainder of the session went Australia's way as Handscomb and Marsh marshalled the team to safety.  But the big news of Day 1 would be the landmark attendance at the Adelaide Oval that recorded over 55,000 people. That's all we have for today and another fascinating day awaits us on Sunday. Thank you for tuning in, we hope to see you tomorrow at 8 am as well. Till then its goodbye from us.

  • We will have to wait see what Marsh does morrow.

  • After 81 overs,Australia 209/4 ( Peter Handscomb 36 , Shaun Marsh 20) Just a single over with the new ball, for Anderson and England's leading wicket taker cannot provide the wicket England were desperate for. Props to Marsh and Handscomb for sticking it out. Marsh works a single to mid wicket for a single and Handscomb takes one to square leg off the final ball of the first day of the second Test at the Adelaide Oval.

  • England take the second new ball.

  • After 80 overs,Australia 207/4 ( Peter Handscomb 35 , Shaun Marsh 19) Big deviation for Broad the second delivery seamed into Handscomb's thigh pad. Broad gets past Handscomb's outside edge. Frustarting for England. Broad completes a maiden but Handscomb has been in solid in defence.

  • After 79 overs,Australia 207/4 ( Peter Handscomb 35 , Shaun Marsh 19) Marsh blocks the first ball, leaves the second and the third, blocks fourth, leaves fifth. Not sure what he was exactly doing in the sixth delivery. In two minds perhaps.To play at it or leave it, finally gets a thin edge that lands on the ground safely.

  • After 78 overs,Australia 207/4 ( Peter Handscomb 35 , Shaun Marsh 19) Both the batsmen have got into their groove as the duo keep the scoreboard ticking with singles all around the park. 6 more overs of play left in the day. England must be itching to break this partnership. It is worth 46 already.

  • After 77 overs,Australia 204/4 ( Peter Handscomb 33 , Shaun Marsh 18) Handscomb takes a single to covers off the first ball of Anderson's over to bring 200 up for Australia. Slightly short of a length and Handscomb rocks back to play it behind for another boundary.

  • After 76 overs,Australia 199/4 ( Peter Handscomb 29 , Shaun Marsh 17) Marsh hit couple of cracking shots, one off his pads to mid wicket boundary, which the fielder does pull back in but when he was in contact with the ball and the boundary cushions at the same time and then off the last ball straight down the ground as slow outfield forces the ball to remain within the playing area. 

  • Stuart Broad takes off his jumper and is ready to begin another spell.

  • After 75 overs,Australia 192/4 ( Peter Handscomb 29 , Shaun Marsh 10) Overton to continue round the wicket. He keeps it back of a length trying the short stuff to Marsh but isn't causing any real problems. M,arsh works one off his hips for a single to backward square leg.

  • After 74 overs,Australia 190/4 ( Peter Handscomb 28 , Shaun Marsh 9) 10 overs remaining in the day. Handscomb works it along with the spin. Marsh skips down the track to flick it for a single. Another single for Handscomb to mid off.

  • After 73 overs,Australia 187/4 ( Peter Handscomb 26 , Shaun Marsh 8) Overton in his sixth over of this spell. Handscomb moves across his stumps and plays it wide of leg slip for a single. Marsh gets an leading edge off the fifth ball, was touch early into the shot there. Just a single off the over.

  • After 72 overs,Australia 186/4 ( Peter Handscomb 25 , Shaun Marsh 8) Handscomb looks comfortable against spin. Just getting feeling even the Aussies will breathe easy. He takes a single with push to point for a single.

  • Time for some spin. Ali comes on to the bowling crease.

  • After 71 overs,Australia 185/4 ( Peter Handscomb 24 , Shaun Marsh 8) Overton continues his prolonged spell. Marsh sees off a couple of deliveries and then goes after a short ball to pull it to mid wicket fence for a boundary. A fine cut for no run to finish the over.

  • After 70 overs,Australia 181/4 ( Peter Handscomb 24 , Shaun Marsh 4) How has Handscomb managed to be still out there is a mystery beyond conventional wisdom. Shaky in his approach but has some how got to 24. Two more streaky runs.

  • After 69 overs,Australia 179/4 ( Peter Handscomb 22 , Shaun Marsh 4) Good over from Overton, only one run off it. Quiet period in the match this. Marsh has found it difficult to score runs but the good thing is he has not been throwing his bat around or chasing deliveries.

  • Have to admit that

  • After 68 overs,Australia 178/4 ( Peter Handscomb 21 , Shaun Marsh 4) Marsh goes for the pull but it wasn't full blown shot but rolls his wrists to keep the ball down. He took it from the off stump almost head high to collect a couple to midwicket fence. Only two off it.

  • After 67 overs,Australia 176/4 ( Peter Handscomb 21 , Shaun Marsh 2) Handscomb is plugging away with streaky boundaries every over. England will not be bothered by the way he has scored but surely must be frustrated with the ball not finding the fielder or edge not carrying at times.

  • FOUR!  Extra bounce and Handscomb guides it just past the third slip. He didn't really looked in control but that's how most of his runs have come.

  • After 66 overs,Australia 171/4 ( Peter Handscomb 17 , Shaun Marsh 1) England field a leg gully and bowl it on the pads of the batsman to tickle it down the leg side and in that attempt end up finding that fielder. the line by Woakes has also been on the pads but Handscomb negates it.

  • FOUR! Leg gully in place and Woakes bowls it down the leg side, Handscomb does well to play it fine to collect a boundary.

  • Woakes to continue after drinks

  • After 65 overs,Australia 167/4 ( Peter Handscomb 13 , Shaun Marsh 1) Overton continues. Goes round the wicket to Marsh.  Who leaves a couple of deliveries as Aleem Dar calls for drinks on the ground. With lights switched on, the English are charged up too. They have got the wickets of two sets batsmen and now it is upto them to make the match out of it. Expectedly the visitors have struck under lights but there hasn't been any prodigious swing or seam just sticking to the basics and they have got a couple of wickets.

  • After 64 overs,Australia 167/4 ( Peter Handscomb 13 , Shaun Marsh 1) Streaky! Another streaky way to score runs, Handscomb has the habit to play it very late. Shuffles across to whip it from the middle stump to run it down fine leg for a boundary. Four off it.

  • After 63 overs,Australia 163/4 ( Peter Handscomb 9 , Shaun Marsh 1) Thev visiting side will be over the moon with Smith walking back to the pavilion. Overton has taken the prized wicket. Marsh comes out, gets forward and takes a single on the offside to get off the mark. These two have to do a lot of repair work.

  • OUT! Overton has turned it in England's favour. England were searching a way to get past Steve Smith's defence and Overton on debut has provided Joe Root with the answer. Nibs in slightly, gets Smith's inside edge onto the stumps after deviating from the pads. Maiden Test wicket for Overton, who better than Steve Smith. Steve Smith b Overton 40

  • After 62 overs,Australia 161/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 40 , Peter Handscomb 8) Smith leaves first couple of balls after using deft hands to rotate the strike with a single wide of gully. Handscomb goes deep into his crease to block the last ball, England thought there was a chance.

  • This is how the Adelaide oval is looking after the lights have taken full effect.

  • After 61 overs,Australia 160/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 39 , Peter Handscomb 8) Broad bowls another maiden to Handscomb who has looked very uncomfrtable from the outset. Digs in a short ball and handscomb goes after it but gets nothing barring a waft of air. Broad has something to say after batsman's failed attempt to pull the ball.

  • After 60 overs,Australia 160/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 39 , Peter Handscomb 8) Smith steers it past gully for a couple. Good ball by Woakes! Keeps it full and hint of away movement took a leading edge of Smith's bat but nothing to worry for Australia as it pop up. Bouncer to finish the over.

  • Chris Woakes is brought on.

  • After 59 overs,Australia 158/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 37 , Peter Handscomb 8) Broad delivers another maiden. Handscomb really needs to find the middle of his bat and its vital from Australia perspective he stays with Smith for some time.

  • After 58 overs,Australia 158/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 37 , Peter Handscomb 8)  Anderson to Smith. Quiet a pale over compared to the all the heat during the last over. Smith looks unperturbed as continues to find the sweet spot even in the shots where he isn't looking to score runs. Anderson bowls a maiden and doesn't indulge in any verbal exchange. Oh come you two. Typical modern day movie. Spectacular trailer, but boring and unenthusiastic film.

  • After 57 overs,Australia 158/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 37 , Peter Handscomb 8) All happening here in the 57th over. Broad comes onto bowl and new ball partner Anderson has come to field at short mid on, right in front  non-striker Steve Smith. Oh, boy! This is taking off. A lot is being said, lot of chatter between the two. Umpire Aleem Dar has to intervene. He comes and stands right in between the two players. Meanwhile Handscomb gets another streaky boundary down to third man. Handscomb has struggled to get his feet moving.

  • After 56 overs,Australia 154/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 37 , Peter Handscomb 4) Anderson brushes past Handscomb's outside edge. Handscomb takes a single to mid wicket to bring the 150 up for Australia. Smith times third ball beautifully for an easy two to deep mid wicket. Shuffles across and shoulders arm. Hits him on the pads and there is a loud shout but that was not going to hit the stumps. Two off the final ball to make it 5 runs off the over.

  • WOW!

  • After 55 overs,Australia 149/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 33 , Peter Handscomb 3) So far there has been some movement, but it has come after it crosses the stumps. Smith is careful and isn't trying to chase it.Anything on his body he manoeuvres it to the onside.Nervy start for Handscomb, was caught in no minds as he got an edge through the cordon for three.

  • After 54 overs,Australia 145/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 32 , Peter Handscomb 0) Sucker ball by Anderson to start the 54th over, Smith isn't falling for it. Smith punches off the back foot for a couple and in his own style takes one off the 5th ball. Handscomb pushes the last ball to covers.

  • After 53 overs,Australia 142/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 29 , Peter Handscomb 0) Broad begins from the other end. Smith arcs his back and works it for a couple through point. Handscomb gets to face last couple of deliveries but he has refrrain from touching it. Three off it.

  • After 52 overs,Australia 139/3 ( Steven Smith (C) 26 , Peter Handscomb 0) Smith shuffles across straightaway, works it on the onside for one. Anderson must be a relived man after sending Khawaja back into the shed. Unwanted pokes brings an end to his innings. Peter Handscomb strolls out to join the captain. What a start under lights.

  • OUT! Khawaja pokes at the ball that was going away, the edge flies to gully and Vince holds on to it.  Khawaja c Vince b Anderson 53

  • The covers are off. The players are out with the floodlights are on. Final session of this first day and night Test. James Anderson has the pink ball.

  • Uh-oh! Some more rain in Adelaide.

  • Word on the crowd, who have appeared in exceptional numbers on the first Day/Night Test in Ashes

  • Despite losing both the openers, Australia have done really well to make this their session. England bowlers have been sporadic, few good bursts but nothing to stamp their authority on the match so far. Missed out on a few chances and Smith continues his fidgety, but effective batting. Khawaja has looked good if you discount a couple of top edge pull strokes. 

  • After 51 overs,Australia 138/2 ( Usman Khawaja 53 , Steven Smith (C) 25) Khawaja has decided not to d anything fancy in the final over of the session. A leg gully is positioned as Overton goes round the wicket to Khawaja, he cops one on his body as he refuse to offer a short. A short ball to finish the session as Khawaja manages to evade it. Maiden over as players walk off the field to take Dinner.

Australia vs England, 2nd Test, Day 1:Interesting 81 overs of the first-ever day and night Ashes Test. Both teams will be happy with the way things have gone on a hard-fought day. While England would be happy to have got two major wickets of David Warner and Steve Smith, Australia would be glad that they didn't lose any more after their skipper's fall. The remainder of the session went Australia's way as Handscomb and Marsh marshalled the team to safety.

Preview: Australia skipper Steve Smith on Friday confirmed that the hosts would field an unchanged XI for the historic day-night second Ashes Test against England at the Adelaide Oval from Saturday.

England, on the other hand, added seamer Craig Overton to the eleven that played in the first Test in Brisbane, which they lost by 10 wickets.

Going into the pink ball fixture, England will be aiming to make full use of the moisture and seaming conditions from their pace bowling spearheads James Anderson and Stuart Broad.

England captain Joe Root (right) and his Australian counterpart Steven Smith. AP

England captain Joe Root (right) and his Australian counterpart Steven Smith. AP

In terms of pink-ball experience, England have played their first day-night Test in August this year against the West Indies, which they won by an innings and 209 runs.

This will be Australia's third consecutive day-night Test at the Adelaide Oval, besides the one played in Brisbane. Australia have won them all.

The England camp in particular seems to have retained some bitterness from the Jonny Bairstow head-butt saga and are expected to return the favour here.

Coming to team selection, the tourists' have added an extra pace option in Overton, who is likely to challenge Jake Ball for a berth. However, there was no room for leg-spinner Mason Crane, despite concerns over off-spinner Moeen Ali's finger.

In the batting department, England will expect veteran Alaistar Cook to repeat his career-best 243, which he stroked against the West Indies in the day-night affair in Birmingham.

While Cook failed to deliver in the opening Test, his partner Mark Stoneman looked good and so did the other Ashes debutant James Vince. Skipper Joe Root will look to extend his rich vein of form and guide the middle order comprising Dawid Malan, Moeen Ali and stumper Jonny Bairstow.

On the other hand, the hosts look a formidable unit with most of their top-order batsmen getting among the runs in the opening game. The opening duo of David Warner and Cameron Bancroft chased down England's target of 173 without any fuss while skipper Steve Smith set the tone in the first innings with an unbeaten 141.

It will, however, be interesting to see how No.3 Usman Khawaja deals with his weakness against spin bowling in the second game.

In the run-up to the second Test, the only concern for the Australians was the fitness of their three stellar fast bowlers Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins, but after successfully completing Thursday's practice session without a worry the trio will line up together again.

Australia: Cameron Bancroft, David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Steven Smith (Captain), Peter Handscomb, Shaun Marsh, Tim Paine (WK), Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood, Nathan Lyon.

England: Alastair Cook, Mark Stoneman, James Vince, Joe Root (Captain), Dawid Malan, Moeen Ali, Jonny Bairstow (WK), Chris Woakes, Jake Ball, Stuart Broad, James Anderson.

Updated Date: Dec 02, 2017

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 3634 125
2 South Africa 3712 106
3 Australia 3499 106
4 New Zealand 2354 102
5 England 3772 97
6 Sri Lanka 3668 97
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 6470 127
2 India 5819 121
3 South Africa 3842 113
4 New Zealand 4602 112
5 Pakistan 3844 104
6 Australia 3699 100
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 3972 132
2 India 4601 124
3 Australia 2570 122
4 England 2448 117
5 New Zealand 2542 116
6 South Africa 2058 114