Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Mohammad questions role of professional coaches in modern-day game

Pakistan lost a full series against South Africa before going down to Australia and Shoaib Mohammad said the team needs mentor more than a coach.

Press Trust of India, Apr 02, 2019 16:27:09 IST

Karachi: Former Pakistan opener Shoaib Mohammad has questioned the need of professional coaches in modern cricket saying their role is overrated and a majority of them are failures as players.

Lashing out at Pakistan head coach, Mickey Arthur, after the team suffered a 0-5 drubbing at the hands of Australia in a five-match ODI series, Shoaib said just a coaching degree doesn't guarantee success.

Representational Image. Getty Images

Representational Image. Getty Images

"If you look at the number of international coaches nowadays and those in the past, you will notice majority of them were failures or average in their playing days. There are exceptions but majority are failures as players," Shoaib, who is the son of the legendary Hanif Mohammad and played 45 Tests for Pakistan, told 'GTV news'.

"I think it is wrong to assume that if you have a coaching degree at any level you can be a good and successful coach. If a person has played top level cricket successfully he has a far better chance at succeeding at management and coaching," he added.

Pakistan lost a full series against South Africa before going down to Australia and the 58-year-old said the team needs mentor more than a coach.

"No number of written words, software programs or simulations of a particular situation in a cricket match can replace the experience, vision and psychological understanding a professional top player has," he said.

"He is far more likely to succeed in helping groom and guide a player or help a player who is facing motivational or technical problems. A degree in coaching is helpful but only if you have played cricket at the highest level," he added.

Shoaib went on to cite examples of former India captain Sunil Gavaskar and Pakistan's Javed Miandad, saying they succeeded without the help of professional coaches.

"How did players like Hanif Muhammad, Sunil Gavaskar or Javed Miandad pile up records without coaches? They didn't have coaches but they had mentors and that is what is needed in cricket."

Shoaib said he is sceptical about Pakistan's chances in the World Cup because apart from the Champions Trophy title, he had seen little progress in the team.

"Since the Champions Trophy it has been downhill in Test cricket and ODIs, so is the Australia series drubbing a surprise?"

"In the last three years what is unfortunate is these coaches they have not been able to help even one batsman.

"Our players have not been able to build up their ability to play long innings, develop game sense, show patience when required or have proper stroke selection or finish matches. This was very visible in the series against Australia," he said.

Updated Date: Apr 02, 2019 16:27:09 IST


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