'Concerned' BCCI want update from National Anti Doping Agency on new testing lab

With WADA suspending National Dope Testing Laboratory accreditation for six months, BCCI will check with NADA where the samples will be sent for testing now.

Press Trust of India, Aug 23, 2019 20:54:23 IST

New Delhi: The BCCI is set to seek an update from the National Anti-Doping Agency about its choice of laboratory for testing samples after the WADA suspended the National Dope Testing Laboratory (NDTL) accreditation for six months.

Concerned BCCI want update from National Anti Doping Agency on new testing lab

Representational image of BCCI. AFP

While the BCCI for a number of years got its sample collected by Sweden's IDTM and tested at the NDTL, being forced to come under NADA's ambit recently didn't go down too well with some cricket administrators.

"Yes, we also got our sample tested by NDTL but now we are NADA-affiliated sports federation. Naturally, we are concerned about WADA suspension of NDTL. Our question to NADA is where would the samples of our players be tested. We would like a clear update and a letter will be sent to NADA DG next week," a senior BCCI official told PTI.

"We are currently employing a wait-and-watch policy. It's NADA that had announced that they would test players during Duleep Trophy. Already the second game is on and to the best of my knowledge, there hadn't been any sample collection," the official, privy to the developments, said.

The BCCI maintained that since this is NADA's prerogative now, there is no question of paying for the tests or transportation costs.

"We are not paying any money for testing in a WADA accredited lab outside India. That is NADA's domain. All we want to know is which lab they are selecting --- Bangkok, Montreal or Doha," the BCCI official added.

There are few who think there is nothing that the BCCI should be happy about.

"BCCI's testing lab all these years was NDTL. The BCCI over the years have always equated NADA with NDTL which shows that fundamentally, their concept is not clear. The mess at NDTL is not created by NADA and it's better that they keep quiet," said a senior official of a National Sports Federation (NSF).

Updated Date: Aug 23, 2019 20:54:23 IST

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