Asia Cup as it happened: Sangakkara ton gives SL two-wicket win

  • Tariq Engineer
  • February 28th, 2014
  • 22:02:12 IST

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Virat Kohli: I think the bowlers did a good job. Lot of dew in the last 10 overs and we didn't expect that. Credit to the bowlers. Good effort to take it to the last over.

We could have been smarter with our batting and had 25 or 30 more runs. Jadeja was brilliant. He was magnificent with the ball.

We have to pull our socks up and play smarter cricket. Looking forward to playing Pakistan.

Mathews: My groin got a big stiff but all okay. Should be back next game. We have two games to go and still need to play good cricket. Did a good job of restricting India. And once again the champion came to the party. It is a treat to watch Sangakkara bat.

Mendis is our trump card. The spinners bowled well and I am glad for them.

Sangakkara: The dew on thew ground made it easier for me and I was lucky that I picked a few good options. My job was try to string out the match as long as possible.

Had a great opening partnership and stuttered in the middle but with Thisara Perera we know we can win it at the end.

Experience helps to soak up the pressure. It was a great team effort but experience counts sometimes. Been lucky to score runs. Been working on my fitness and able to convert starts.

That's it from us. Thanks for following along. Join us again Sunday for the big game of the tournament - India vs Pakistan.

After 49.2 overs, SL 265/8

Dropped! Dhawan puts down a sitter at mid-off when Perera tries to clear the fielders in the circle. A scampered single off the next ball gives Sri Lanka a two-wicket win over India with four balls to spare. It would not have been possible without the genius of Sangakkara.

Sri Lanka top of the table now

After 49 overs, SL 264/8

Mendis charges Shami and gets an outside edge that flies past Karthik and to the fence. The scores are tied.

After 48.3 overs, SL 258/8

OUT! Late drama. Sanga caught at short third man for 103. It was a full toss and he sliced to Ashwin, who took a good low catch coming forward. The third umpire checked the height and the catch and eventually gave Sanga out.

Sri Lanka need 7 to win. India need 2 wickets.

After 48.2 overs, SL 258/7

Sanga gets to a splendid century by whipping Shami to square leg, where Dhawan makes a hash of the diving stop and only pushes the ball to the rope.

After 48 overs, SL 253/7

Bhuvi not able to land the yorker and Sanga peppers the point boundary. Then some luck for SL, as Sanga gets an under edge that goes past everyone to the fence behind the keeper. Sanga clearly winning the battle of the Kumars here.

12 needed from 12 now. Sanga is on 99*.

After 47 overs, SL 242/7

Sanga gets down on one knee and slams Shami over cow corner for SIX! He was waiting for the slower ball. Again, the boundary off the first ball takes the pressure of the batsmen and puts it on the bowler.10 from the over. 23 needed fromo 18 balls.

After 46 overs, SL 232/7

Sanga taking a toll on Bhuvi. Again a boundary off the first ball behind point and only a diving stop by Binny prevents a second. Still, 11 from the over and as long as Sanga is around, Sri Lanka have a chance.

After 45 overs, SL 221/7

Just one from Jadeja's over after that wicket and with two left-handers at the crease, Kohli brings back Ashwin for his final over. Sanga takes a single off the last ball to keep the strike.

After 43.1 overs, SL 216/7

OUT! Jadeja is back in the subcontinent and loving it. De Silva charges him but misses the flick as the ball turns into the front pad. After a bit of a think, the umpire raises his finger. That looked good on the replays and the ball-tracker agrees.

de Silva lbw b Jadeja 9 (12b 1x4 0x6)

Jadeja producing a match-winning turn here.

After 43 overs, SL 216/6

It is Bhuvi to bowl and Sanga puts the pressure on him right away by slapping his first ball to the deep midwicket boundary. Too short from Bhuvi. He keeps it down to 4 from the last five balls though but that is another 8-run over for SL. That's more than they need at this point. 49 to get from 42 balls - or exactly 7 an over.

After 42 overs, SL 208/6

Another good over for SL, with 8 coming from it. Those runs from Shami looking increasingly important now. How will Kohli rotate his bowlers now? They have done a very good job to this point but this is their weakness.

After 41 overs, SL 200/6

Interesting choice - Rohit to bowl the 41st over. After a lot of threatening, Sanga finds the boundary off the last ball - a lofted drive over extra-cover. Also brings up the 200 for Sri Lanka. He is the difference maker.

After 40 overs, SL 191/6

Sanga chips down and lofts Jadeja over the infield and to the midwicket boundary. His 52 has come from 56 balls. In the context of the match, invaluable for Sri Lanka but it might not be enough. Sri Lanka need 74 to win from the final 10 overs.

After 39 overs, SL 183/6

Shami produces a brilliant delivery that seams off a short-ish length to beat Senanayake. Even Akram is moved to eloquence, saying, that was seam, not swing. I don't know how. But it was. Then Shami pitches it up further and Senanayake sends him packing to the point boundary.

Sanga follows that up by punching Shami past a diving midwicket fielder.

OUT! Senanayake chips the last ball straight to midwicket. An up and down over ends in the best possible fashion for India. The bowlers are doing it for them.

Senanayake c Sharma b Mohammed Shami 12 (13b 2x4 0x6)

After 38 overs, SL 173/5

Senanyake can bat a bit. India not quite into the tail yet. Just one from Jadeja's last over as the pressure mounts on Sri Lanka. The asking rate is now over 7.5 runs an over. Sanga is the key, of course.

After 36.2 overs, SL 165/5

Mathews and Sanga eschewing any risks for the time being. They understand the stakes. Meanwhile Kohli brings back Shami as he hunts for another wicket.

OUT! And it works. This was quick and seamed in at Mathews, who had moved too far across his stumps and the ball struck him on the knee roll. The umpire wasted no time in raising his finger.

Mathews lbw b Mohammed Shami 6 (18b 0x4 0x6)

After 35 overs, SL 161/4

As long as Sanga is there though, Sri Lanka will fancy their chances. He eases Rohit behind point with his trademark lazy elegance.

After 34 overs, SL 154/4

A maiden from Jadeja. The required run-rate is creeping towards 7. Normally that would be nothing but on this surface it is not gimmie. SL probably need these two bat for the next 10 overs or so to feel confident of pulling out a win.

After 33 overs, SL 154/4

After Rohit beats Sanga with one that grips and turns, Harsha says what everyone should be thinking - How on earth does Ambati Rayudu bowl ahead of him?

Just another of those mysteries surrounding Indian cricket.

After 32 overs, SL 150/4

Three men round the bat on the offisde but the thick edge from Matthews evades them all and the batsman gets two runs. Jadeha then beats him with a peach but this one sneaks past the outside edge and the offstump. Kohli has two slips in place and no wonder.

After 31.2 overs, SL 148/4

OUT! Jadeja, you beauty! Angles in to Chandimal, pitches on a good length and rips past the forward defensive stroke to knock offstump back. Chandimal was rooted to the crease. Jadeja screams and pumps his arms, with good reasons. India right back in it now. And Jadeja is on a hat-trick.

After 31.1 overs, SL 148/3

OUT! Mahela's poor run of form continues. Tries to go inside-out with the spin but only hits the ball straight to cover. Jadeja gets a wicket. The door has opened just a touch for India.

After 30 overs, SL 141/2

Karthik misses a stumping. Sanga fell over and lost the ball, which was trickling towards the keeper. The batsman took two steps outside his crease as he searched for the ball and was dead for all money. Except in his eagerness to celebrate, Karthik missed the stumps with his swipe and by the time he actually took the bails off, Sanga had enough time to swing his bat back in.

After 29 overs, SL 140/2

Rohit Sharma comes on as Kohli wrings the changes. There is a slip in place for Rohit too, which is a necessary risk. Sanga has a bit of a tough time playing actually. Seems unsure what to expect from him.

He is also so clearly a better option than Rayudu.

After 26.5 overs, SL 134/2

OUT! Ashwin has his 10oth ODI wicket. Gone one to drift in from around the wicket, then turn away to take Perera's edge. Good take from Karthik behind the stumps.

After 26 overs, SL 132/1

Shami comes back. Sanga dispatches him behind square on the legside. Brings up the 50 partnership - 52 runs from 50 balls - not what India want.

After 25 overs, SL 125/1

Ambati Raydu comes on to bowl for reasons that are still unknown. Sanga slams him straight back over his head for four. That is the appropriate response to Rayudu. Perera offers another alternative, rocking back and slamming the ball to deep midwicket. Leg byes to fine leg bring three more.

After 23 overs, SL 108/1

The classic cover drive from Sanga. Steps out to minimise the spin and meets the ball with the full face of the bat. That is not easy, folks. He just makes it look easy.

After 22 overs, SL 100/1

Sri Lanka's hundred comes up with a single. All gone a bit quiet since Sanga has come in. Most likely the calm before the storm.

After 21 overs, SL 97/1

Jadeja comes on. A single to long-on brings up Perera's 50. Taken him 62 balls. Been a mostly solid knock and one Sri Lanka needed at the top of the order.

After 20 overs, SL 93/1

Gavaskar makes the point that Ashwin is bowling much better now that he has gone back to old action. If only stories from the Indian dressing room would tumble out. Would be fascinating to find out why Ashwin is tinkering so much.

After 19 overs, SL 90/1

After a bit of quiet time, Perera picks up a length ball from middle-and-off and slams it over square leg for SIX! That came out of nowhere. Turns a good over for India into a very good over for Sri Lanka.

After 17.2 overs, SL 80/1

OUT! Thirimanne's charmed life comes to an end. Ashwin bowls one a bit quicker and he catches the batsman plumb in front of middle stump. Thirimanne went for the flick and missed.

Thirimanne lbw b Ashwin 38 (55b 4x4 1x6)

After 17 overs, SL 80/0

Dropped! Perera gets a life too. Another top edged sweep, this time off Binny. Jadeja comes charging from the boundary, puts in the dive, gets both hands to it, but the ball pops out when his elbows hit the ground.

After 16 overs, SL 76/0

Ashwin back to bowling with a more round-arm action and his rotating of the ball in his delivery stride. Very strange all of this chopping and changing. Tiger Woods changes his swing too but that's once every four or five years. He doesn't mix and match.

After 15 overs, SL 73/0

Karthik standing up to the stumps for Binny now. He looks like he is bowling cutters. Five singles accrue to Sri Lanka.

After 14 overs, SL 68/0

The two left-handers content to push the ball around for singles now. Getting in on this pitch is the hard part. Now they need to consolidate their start.

After 13 overs, SL 65/0

Binny's first over is a quiet one. Chances are he will get a second from Kohli. Needs to do well with the ball today. The slowness of the pitch should suit him.

After 12 overs, SL 61/0

Ashwin is back. A looped top edge from a sweep drops between square leg and deep fine leg. Thirimanne thriving on good fortune, promptly drives Ashwin handsomely down the ground. It is his universe. The rest of us are just living in it.

After 11 overs, SL 54/0

Bhuvi keeps bowling. The batsmen keep swinging and missing. But no wickets for India and they can only win this game with wickets. A muffled shout for lbw off the last ball looked good to me but nobody else.

Then the ball-tracker showed that was hitting middle and leg. Sigh!

After 10 overs, SL 51/0

Shami comes back and gets the Shami treatment from Perera, who picks the ball up from offstump and slams it over square leg for SIX! Top shot. A single brings up Sri Lanka's 50.

Shami's 4 overs have gone for 30. He struggles against lefties, with an average over 55 against them. It is 21 against righties. He and Bhuvi are opposites, which in theory makes for a good combination but in practice means one of them ends up struggling.

After 9 overs, SL 43/0

Bhuvi's five overs have cost just 11 runs and that's only because Thirimanne was able too pierce the offside field with a rasping drive in that over. Bhuvi has used the conditions intelligently, varying his pace and his line to keep the batsmen guessing.

After 8 overs, SL 39/0

Time for Ashwin and his new Narine-like action. Thirimanne has a look at one delivery, then takes a big stride forward and tonks Ashwin over long-off for SIX! No much mystery there. Good over for SL. India need Ashwin and Jadeja to bowl well if they are to defend their score of 264.

After 7 overs, SL 30/0

Thirimanne continuing to swing and miss at Bhuvi. Kohli removes one of the slips.

After 6 overs, SL 28/0

Thirimanne leading a charmed life. Slices Shami uppishly and Jadeja throws himself full length to his right and gets is hand to it, but can't hold on as he crashes to earth. Thirimanne rubs in the misses by pulling Shami to the square leg fence, then driving him down the ground. 11 from the over.

After 5 overs, SL 17/0

A maiden from Bhuvi, who is moving the ball both ways. A swing and a miss from Thirimanne is the most exciting moment of the over.

After 4 overs, SL 17/0

Oh dear! Thirimanne skies skies a slog off the leading edge and Dhawan and Rahane collide as they both try to take the catch and the ball goes away for four. Rahane was running towards the boundary, Dhawan in from the boundary. Neither shouted to call the other off.

Rahane's elbow collided with Shikhar's head too. That could have been much, much worse. That should have been Dhawan's catch. Is India's fielding a sign of a confused side?

Akram, joking on commentary, says India needs a calling coach now. The sad thing is they actually might.

After 3 overs, SL 13/0

Some luck for SL in the previous over, when an under edge beat Karthik and ran away to the boundary. No luck involved when Thirimanne punches Bhuvi through the covers off the backfoot. He made a hundred against Pakistan so will be confident of his form.

After 1 over, SL 1/0

And we are back. Thirimanne and Perera opening for SL. Bhuvi has the new ball in his hands. Two slips in place. He gets some swing into the left-hander, catching him on back pad as well, but the ball was going down leg.

Should be some interesting times for both sides.

After 50 overs, India 264-9

Just singles from Malinga's final over. All six balls were yorkers. In the end, both sides will be happy with the score, though SL would probably be happier than India. Jadeja finishes with an unbeaten 22, Shami with 14 surprising runs from 7 balls.

Join us again in roughly 40 minutes for Sri Lanka's chase.

After 49 overs, India 259-9

So much for what I think. Shami brutalises Mendis over long-on for SIX! Went 96 metres. He just creamed that.

One block later, he does it again. Stunning stuff. Just a clean swing of the arms through the line of the ball. Shami, you beauty!

After 48.2 overs, India 247-9

OUT! Mendis is down the legside. Bhuvi loses his balance every so slightly trying to flick and Sanga does the rest. It was mighty close, but the third umpire ruled Bhuvi's toe was on the line and not behind.

Kumar st †Sangakkara b Mendis 0 (0b 0x4 0x6)

Mendis has four wickets. Can Shami last the rest of the over?

After 48 overs, India 245-8

More luck for India. Ashwin has a wild slog at Malinga and the top edge races to third man. India putting up a decent enough total here though their bowlers will have to bowl better than they have in recent times to defend it.

OUT! Ashwin charges Malinga but misses. Malinga does not. Ashwin simply played inside the line there.

Ashwin b Malinga 18 (16b 2x4 0x6)

After 47 overs, India 237-7

Jadeja slashes at one from Mendis that kept low and it brushes Sanga's gloves on its way between his legs and away to the boundary for four byes. Some luck for India. Eight from the over.

After 46 overs, India 229-7

Malinga keeps the damage down to 4 singles and a wide. Will be interesting to see if Jadeja and Ashwin try and attack him in his last two overs.

After 45 overs, India 224-7

All not over for India yet. Ashwin and Jadeja can bat, as Ashwin proves by cutting Perera to the point boundary

After 43.3 overs, India 215-7

Stuart Binny lasts just four balls the first time he gets to bat in an ODI. His rapped on the front bat with his bat nowhere near the ball.

Binny lbw b Senanayake 0 (4b 0x4 0x6)

India have lost their last four wickets in 25 balls.

After 42.3 overs, India 214-6

Rayudu skips down the track and tries to clear the infield but plays too straight and chips as easy a catch as you will see to long-off. Some clueless batting from Rayudu and Karthik here. Rayudu should have learned from Jadeja. Either clear the ropes or keep it on the ground. He attempted to do neither

ayudu c MDKJ Perera b de Silva 18 (23b 1x4 0x6)

Jadeja has apparently had enough of playing himself in. Charges de Silva and smokes him over long-on for SIX!

After 42 overs, India 206-5

Plenty of respect shown to Mendis. Just three from the over. India will do well to get to 280 from here.

After 41 overs, India 203-5

This is not a wicket where a batsman can play his shots from the start. Rayudu and Jadeja will need to show some patience, despite only nine overs left. Better to score slowly now and quicker later than perish all at once.

After 40 overs, India 200-5

Dinesh Karthik does not last long. After cutting Mendis to the point boundary, he tries to pull a short ball over midwicket but spin takes it away from him and he can only spoon a catch to a straight-ish mid-off.

Karthik c de Silva b Mendis 4 (3b 1x4 0x6)

It was another carrom ball and got him another wicket. Mendis has turned the complexion of the game around.

After 39.3 overs, India 196-4

No hundred for Dhawan today. He tries to hoick Mendis over midwicket but is no position to play the shot and is bowled. The ball pitched just short of a length on middle and off and turned to hit middle. Kept a little low too.

Dhawan b Mendis 94 (114b 7x4 1x6)

Mathews had just moved the midwicket fielder to cover to tempt Dhawan. It worked to perfection.

After 39 overs, India 195-3

It is amazing how the PowerPlay overs produce mostly singles. Five more this time as India pick the many gaps in the field. Dhawan has moved to 94 now.

After 38 overs, India 190-3

Dhawan is into the 90s now. Just four from the over.

After 37 overs, India 186-3

Malinga is still on, which is interesting. He will have fewer overs to bowl at the death. Rayudu coming forward and play him early. Good over. Eight from it.

After 35.1 overs, India 175-3

Rahane tries to smash Senanayake inside-out against the spin but can only spoon a catch to short third man.

Rahane c Thirimanne b Senanayake 22 (27b 1x4 0x6)

Sri Lanka pick up a much needed wicket right after the drinks break.

After 35 overs, India 175-2

Rahane does well to dig out a Malinga yorker than has to dive full length to beat the throw at the non-striker's end. The ball crashes into the stumps but Rahane is home. Dhawan charges Malinga and gets a low full toss. Mistimes the shot but the leading edge still reaches the midwicket boundary.

After 34 overs, India 166-2

India have taken the batting PowerPlay, the first over of which results in four singles and a wild swipe from Dhawan at a delivery outside off that misses everything.

After 33 overs, India 162-2

De Silva returns. Rahane rocks back and pulls him to the deep midwicket boundary.

After 32 overs, India 155-2

Five runs from Malinga's 5th over. Dhawan gave him a bit of a charge but ends up with just a single. Neither Rahane nor Dhawan letting Malinga settle on a consistent length.

After 31 overs, India 150-2

A Dhawan single takes India to 150.

After 30 overs, India 145-2

Malinga is back. Sri Lanka know they need more wickets. India pick up four singles and have a good platform here. Dhawan has moved to 76 now and is looking in complete control. Will take something special to dislodge him, like it did with Kohl.

After 29 overs, India 141-2

Dhawan continues to use the sweep to excellent effect, picking up consecutive twos off Mendis. It has been a controlled knock from Dhawan today. He hasn't tried to force issue but taken what the bowling has given him.

After 28 overs, India 133-2

The offspiner Senanayake is back immediately after that Mendis dismissal. The odd ball is gripping and turning. Rahane will have too be watchful.

After 26.3 overs, India 130-2

OUT! Mendis produces a special delivery out of nowhere. It beats Kohli's front foot defense and strikes offstump. Kohli looks bamboozled as he walks off. It was the carrom ball that did it.

Kohli b Mendis 48 (51b 4x4 1x6)

India 130/2 after 26.3 overs. Ajinjya Rahane is the new batsman.

After 26 overs, India 128-1

Dhawan powerfully flicks Perera to the square leg boundary and then plays the short-arm pull over deep midwicket for SIX! All a bit too easy for the batsmen at the moment. Singles at will and enough bad balls to pick up boundaries too.

After 25 overs, India 115-1

De Silva drops it a touch short and Kohli goes all the way back, waits for the ball on this slow track, and sends it sailing over cow corner for SIX! He has 45 from 46 balls now. The ICC should consider drafting a set of Kohli rules. It simply isn't fair what he is doing to opposing bowlers.

After 24 overs, India 107-1

Perera replaces Mendis, who was not posing much of a threat. Kohli clips him off his pads to the square leg boundary. Effortless shot.

After 23 overs, India 100-1

Dhawan brings up his 6th ODI fifty with a sharp single to fine leg. India have won all 10 matches in which Dhawan has made 50 or more. Took him 68 balls to get there. The last single of the over takes India to 100.

Sri Lanka will have a big problem if these too stick around for a while.

After 20 overs, India 85-1

Just three from the over this time but Mendis still unable to find a consistent line. The 50-partnership comes up from 59 balls.

After 19 overs, India 82-1

Kohli finding the left-arm spinner harder to handle. De Silva concentrating on an offstump line, which does not allow Kohli to play that clip through midwicket. Kohli is also being cautious after the stumping attempt.

After 18 overs, India 81-1

Mendis continues and India continue to milk him for runs until Dhawan powerfully sweeps past the diving fielder on the square leg boundary. Mendis hasn't got his line right yet. Been too straight mostly and there is little turn turn on offer for the spinners.

After 16.2 overs, India 70-1

de Silva draws Kohli forward and beats him with the turn but Kohli manages to get his toe back just before the bails come off. A huge cheer went up from the Indian supporters. That was very close

After 16 overs, India 69-1

Sri Lanka introduce some not-so-mysterious spin from Ajantha Mendis. Kohli disdainfully sweeps him to the fine leg boundary. Seven from the over.

After 15 overs, India 62-1

A better over from Perera. India manage just 3 from it as he doesn't give Dhawan any room outside offstump.

After 14 overs, India 59-1

Silly me. I was thinking the rules of batting apply to Kohli. He goes inside-out against Senanayake and sends the ball screaming through the covers to bring up India's 50. Dhawan caps the over by cutting the bowler between the two men in the point region for another boundary.

After 13 overs, India 48-1

The two-paced nature of the pitch is causing Kohli some trouble. He under-edged one from the offspinner and an inside edge off Perera flew past legstump. India's batsmen will need to show some patience as they get used to batting on the surface.

After 11 overs, India 40-1

Kohli comes in and immediately things seem to ease up a little. He is a man in form and it shows in the way he just struts around. Dhawan will benefit from this too.

After 9.2 overs, India 33-1

WICKET! Rohit Sharma falls, trapped LBW by Senanayake, who was bowling from around the wicket. Rohit took a step down the wicket but the ball kept low and would have probably crashed into middle and leg.

RG Sharma lbw Sachithra Senanayake 13 (28)

After 8.2 overs, India 32-0

Matthews was holding his hamstring after bowling the second delivery and has immediately gone off the field. This will hurt Lanka -- they are playing just one frontline fast bowler. Perera will complete the over.

After 8 overs, India 29-0

Slow and steady. For batsmen brought up in the T20 era, this must be painful.

After 7 overs, India 26-0

It's tough to come up with a plan on this wicket. And the dew later in the day won't make things easier for India. What kind of total is a good one on this wicket?

After 6 overs, India 25-0

Runs starting to flow a little now. The partnership is key for India -- a big one will allow the other batsmen to play their normal game.

After 5 overs, India 19-0

Another over, another four for Dhawan. He is timing it superbly. He isn't trying to hit it hard and that's the way to go. A few balls later, another ball is dispatched to the square boundary. Dhawan is batting well can't say the same for Rohit yet.

After 4 overs, India 8-0

Matthews gave Dhawan too much room and the left-hander picked his spot on the square boundary. In the early going, India have to make the most of their chances.

After 3 overs, India 3-0

Sri Lanka's bowlers bowling a stump-to-stump largely. The low bounce means that LBW will always be in the picture.

After 2 overs, India 1-0

Angelo Matthews takes the new ball from the other end and bowls a maiden. Rohit Sharma is already racking up the dot balls.

After 1 over, India 1-0

The first ball to Rohit Sharma from Malinga kept low and that tells you something about this wicket. It isn't quick by any yardstick. Strokeplay is not the first thing on the mind of the batsmen.


Sri Lanka win the toss and elect to bowl first against India. India were looking to bowl first too but in the words of Virat Kohli: "You gotta do what you gotta do."

Sri Lanka have three spinners in their squad -- including Ajantha Mendis and India have made one change in Stuart Binny, who takes the place of Varun Aaron.

SL XI: K Perera, L Thirimanne, K Sangakkara, M Jayawardene, D Chandimal, A Mathews, C de Silva, T Perera, S Senanayake, L Malinga, A Mendis

IND XI: S Dhawan, RG Sharma, V Kohli, A Rayudu, A Rahane, D Karthik, S Binny, R Jadeja, R Ashwin, B Kumar, M Shami

India's great recent record against SL

Against Sri Lanka in the last 15 ODIs, India have won 11 matches and there has been one tied game.

Kohli was in splendid form against Bangladesh. AP

Kohli was in splendid form against Bangladesh. AP

Most head to head games in ODIs

Ind-SL 144*
Pak-SL 138
Aus-WI 135
Aus-Eng 127
WI-Pak 126
Aus-NZ 125
Ind-Pak 125


Their battered pride regained after snapping an eight-ODI winless streak, five-time champions India will look to build a winning momentum when they take on Sri Lanka in what could by their first real test in the Asia Cup.

India notched up a six-wicket win against hosts Bangladesh in their opening match of the five-nation regional tournament yesterday but their real test begins tomorrow against the Lankans who had beaten defending champions Pakistan by 12 runs.

Back on the familiar subcontinental conditions after humiliating series defeats in South Africa and New Zealand, India chased down 280 at the Khan Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium here to register their first win in nine ODIs.

Stand-in skipper Virat Kohli smashed a 122-ball 136 in a 213-run partnership with Ajinkya Rahane who returned to ODI form with a 73 to hand India a perfect start to their Asia Cup campaign.

Read full preview HERE

Updated Date: February 28, 2014 22:02:12 IST

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