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Zimbabwe Vs Pakistan Live Score (ODI)

Date: Monday, 16 July, 2018 IST Venue: Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo Match Status: Match Ended

Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by 9 wickets

Zimbabwe 194/10 (49.2 ov) R/R 3.94

Pakistan 195/1 (36.0 ov) R/R 5.42

Match Ended

  • Babar Azam 29,
  • Fakhar Zaman 44
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Fakhar Zaman not out 117 129 16 0
Babar Azam not out 29 36 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Tendai Chatara 6 0 34 0
Blessing Muzarabani 7 0 28 0

Current Partnership

76 ( 15.2 ) R/R:4.95

Babar Azam 29(36)

Fakhar Zaman 44(56)

Last Wicket 119/1 (20.4 over)

Imam-ul-Haq 44 (51) S.R (86.27)

run out (Blessing Muzarabani)

  • That is it from our side for this game. Pakistan have made a light work of the Zimbabwe bowling to go 2-0 up in the series. We will catch up with you again at 0915 local (0715 GMT) on Wednesday for the third ODI. Till then, ciao!
  • Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed starts by thanking the almighty. Then goes on to say that Usman khan was good for them today and later, Babar Azam and Fakhar Zaman finished the job. Further praises his strike bowler Usman Khan who he believe has been good since the Sri Lanka series and he is happy with his contribution. Implies that they have to work hard and improve in the fielding department but they are learning and getting better with each game.
  • Man of the Match Fakhar Zaman says that the wicket has been good and he has doing his best to use it to his advantage. He adds that when you're in a purple patch, you have to make most of it. Asserts that the pitch played better in the second innings and made it easier to bat on.
  • Alistair Campbell is conducting the post match presentation. He talks with Zimbabwe captain Hamilton Masakadza who starts by saying that he got at the wrong time. Further asserts that they didn't rotate the strike enough and played too many dots in the middle over. Implies that they need someone to make it difficult for the batters in the latter half of the innings. Ends by saying that he is hopeful of getting back into the contest in the next match.
  • It was never going to trouble the Pakistan batters. Their openers made the pitch look like a batting paradise as they conjured up another century stand. After Imam-ul-Haq was unfortunately run out, Babar Azam joined hands with Fakhar Zaman for an unbeaten 76 runs partnership. The latter went on to score his 2nd century in the process and propelled his team to a 2-nil lead in the series. None of the Zimbabwe bowlers could get into the wickets column, which should tell you about their sorry state in this match.
  • Wow. What a match this has been. I've never seen a more comfortable victory in years. After winning the toss, Zimbabwe chose to bat on a chilly morning and they didn't start well. Usman Khan removed both the openers but their skipper Hamilton Masakadza and Tarisai Musakanda stitched an important 62-run partnership. This was crucial as it got them to a better stage, however, both lost their wickets at the wrong time to Hasan Ali and opened the floodgates. Ryan Murray was the lone-warrior in the middle-order but no other batters contributed. His half-century did push the score to 194 for the hosts.
  • 36.1 Wide! An extra to end the game! Short and down the leg side, Babar allows it through and the umpire stretches his arms. All over, PAKISTAN WIN BY 9 WICKETS WITH 84 BALLS REMAINING!
  • 35.6 Quicker around leg, Zaman tries to cut but gets a bottom edge. It rolls to the bowler. Just 1 more needed now. 194/1
  • 35.5 FOUR! Bang! Wellington goes short on this occasion, around off, Zaman uses the depth of his crease and smashes it through cover-point. The field is up and hence there is no one in the deep to cut it off. This is now Fakhar's highest score in ODIs.
  • 35.4 FOUR! Tossed up ball landing full around middle and leg, Zaman gets down on one knee and neatly sweeps it fine down the leg side for a boundary.
  • 35.3 Driven through mid off by the batsman. One run added to the total.
  • 35.2 Flatter and around leg, Fakhar gets deep inside the crease to play the cut shot but is cramped for room. He ends up getting a bottom edge through the keeper's leg for a run. Strangely, the umpire gives it as a bye. Hmm...
  • 35.1 Tossed up ball outside off, driven through mid off for a run.
  • 34.6 Play and a miss! Tiripano bowls it full and wide outside off, Fakhar stays leg side of his delivery, throws his bat at it but fails to make any contact. 183/1
  • 34.5 The batsman picked that bouncer early and let it through to the keeper.

Zimbabwe Vs Pakistan Live Score (ODI) Quick Scorecard

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