West Indies Vs Sri Lanka LIVE SCORE (t20)

West Indies Vs Sri Lanka At Coolidge Cricket Ground, Antigua, 03 March, 2021

03 March, 2021
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

131/9 (20.0 ov)

1st T20I

134/6 (13.1 ov)

West Indies beat Sri Lanka by 4 wickets










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Akila Dananjaya not out 9 9 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Kevin Sinclair 3 0 26 1
Fidel Edwards 4 0 29 1










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Jason Holder not out 29 24 1 2
Dwayne Bravo not out 4 17 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Angelo Mathews 1 0 19 0
Akila Dananjaya 4 0 62 3

A complete entertainer, that’s how we can describe the first T20I but it is Windies who have taken a 1-0 lead in the series. Still, two more games to go. The second one will be played on the 5th of March and it begins at 1800 local (2200 GMT). Do join us then. For now, it is goodbye from our side.

West Indies skipper Kieron Pollard is named Player of the Match. He says that you want your senior guys to look after the younger ones. Tells that Sinclair did the job nicely at the start. On the six sixes in the over, Pollard says that he understood how the wicket is behaving and it was needed for him to play his shots. Adds that he didn't see the two wickets that fell but backed himself to go. Says once he connected the first six, he told himself to go for it.

Earlier in the game, West Indies won the toss and opted to bowl. The bowlers delivered for them as all the 6 bowlers used by Pollard got at least 1 wicket to their name. Apart from Dickwell and debutant Nissanka, none of the Lankan batters could do anything worth noticing with the willow. McCoy with 2 wickets was the pick of the bowlers for the hosts. Others around him kept things tight too. Eventually, the Lankans fell quite a few runs short.

Then there was another twist as Hasaranga took two in two. Holder then provided a chance that was not taken by Bandara. Had that been taken, the result could have well been different but after that, both Bravo and Holder played with a lot of responsibility and took their side over the line.

What a second essay that was! Wow! In the end, it is an easy win for the Windies but there some nervous moments for them. It began brilliantly as Lewis and Simmons got them off to a flier. However, Akila then got Lanka back into the game with a hat-trick. Pollard after that smashed six sixes in Akila's next.


SIX! Holder finishes it off in style! This is a hit-me delivery from Pradeep. Full and on middle, Holder lofts it over the long on fence for a biggie. WINDIES WIN BY 4 WICKETS! 134/6

Pradeep is on!


On off, this is pushed to mid off. A good over by Bandara. 128/6


Shorter and on middle, Bravo shapes up to pull but the ball turns way. He defends it.


On middle, this is pushed down to long on for one.


Flighted ball on off, Holder pushes it to covers.


Tossed up on middle, defended.


Down the leg side, it is swept down to fine leg for one.


A sharp short one, Holder is beaten by pace as he tries to pull. 126/6


FOUR! Superb shot by Holder! Just the biggie away now. Length and outside off, this is stroked on the up through covers for a boundary.


Back of a length and on off, Holder defends it.


WIDE! A slower one but it comes out wrong. Well wide outside off. Left alone. Just the 10 needed.


Another single as this is worked through mid-wicket for one.


Length and on off, Holder pushes it through covers for one.


On off, this is defended back to the bowler.


A single to end a brilliant spell by Hasaranga! On off, this is pushed towards cover for one. 119/6


Shorter and on middle, this is pushed to the left of mid on for one.


On middle, Bravo gets his bat in front of the pad and defends.


Bravo looks to get one away. He steps out and makes it into a full toss. He hits it to mid on though.


On off, it is guided to point.


The googly, Holder looks to defend but it goes off the inner half on the leg side for one.


On middle, Bravo works it to mid-wicket. 116/6


WIDE! This one is sharp but way too short. Ducked under by Bravo!


Shorter but it is down the leg side, left alone! Wided.


On off, blocked.


NOT OUT! It is going over! Always looked like that! It is shorter and on middle, Bravo hops and looks to flick but misses. He gets his high on the pads. An appeal but the umpire shakes his head. Lanka review but they lose a review.

A review by Sri Lanka as a shout for an LBW has been turned down but this seems more in hope. It looks high.


Fuller and on middle, this is pushed down to long on for one.


On off, Holder opens the face of the bat and guides it to point.


Easy two! Angled into the pads, Holder works it through mid-wicket for a couple.

Chameera is back!


A good over by Hasaranga comes to an end! Clever from Bravo! He wants to play out Wanindu! On off, it is solidly blocked. 111/6


A little too full, it is pushed to covers.


On middle, this is worked to mid-wicket.


The paddle sweep is played, it goes towards fine leg for one.


On off, blocked.


BEATEN! This lands on off and then spins away. Holder is beaten as he tries to block.


A single to end as this is pushed down to long on. 110/6


BEATEN! THe leggie this time. It lands on off and then spins away. Beats Holder's bat as he tries to block.


Was that a half chance? This is tossed up on off, Bravo is early as he tries to loft it over covers. It goes off the inner half and just over the leaping Akila and down to long off for one.


On off, blocked.


DROPPED! Bandara has dropped a sitter and probably the game! The Sri Lanka players can't believe what has happened! This is short and on middle, Holder pulls but does not get all of it. It goes straight to the man at deep mid-wicket who puts it down. Big miss.


SIX! 7 sixes in a row to Akila! Holder it is this time! It is raining wickets and biggies here. A little too full again, This is smashed over the bowler's head for a biggie.


No he can't! On off, Bravo is solid in defense. End of a top over by him. 101/6


OUT! Two in two for Hasaranga this time and Sri Lanka won't be going down that easily. They are surely back in it. 4 wickets needed with 31 runs to go. The googly and it is not picked at all. It lands outside off and then turns back in. Allen plays down the wrong line completely. He plays outside the line. It hits his pad and the finger is raised to the appeal. No reviews left and Allen has to walk back. Hasaranga on a hat-trick. Can he do it?


OUT! No bat and that is dead plumb! Windies have lost both their reviews now! This lands outside off and then turns back in. It is the googly, Pollard looks to work it on the leg side but misses to get hit on the pads. An appeal and the finger is raised. Pollard reviews immediately but replays show three reds. Sri Lanka still in it by just.

Has Hasaranga got the Windies skipper? Pollard has been adjudged LBW but he reviews. Looks out if no bat.


Direct hit and Holder was a goner! On off, this is pushed back to the bowler who dives to his left and gets a hand to it. It rolls towards cover and Holder wants a run. The fielder gets to the ball and has a shy at the bowler's end but misses. Had he hit, Holder was well out.


On middle, it is worked to mid-wicket.


Edgy two! Shorter and on off, Holder looks to push at it, it goes off the outside edge down to third man for two. 100 up in the 7th over.


SIX! He does! He does smash it out of the park! Six sixes in an over from Pollard! A bow from him to his teammates. Akila goes round the wicket but it does not matter. He fires it on the pads and it is lofted over the mid-wicket fence. A hat-trick in the last over for Akila and all that joy has been wiped off as he has been smashed for 36 in this over. 98/4


SIX! He does make it 5 in 5! This is all muscle! This guy is so strong! Akila bowls this flatter and on off, Pollard goes back and he lofts it over the long on fence for a biggie. 6 sixes? You won't bet against him doing so.


SIX! Make that four in a row! Akila can't believe what he is watching! This time he does look to drag his length back but Pollard gets down on one knee and slog sweeps it over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum. Can Pollard now make it 5 in 5? He surely has 6 in 6 on his mind.


SIX! Make that three in a row! On off, Pollard lofts it over the long off fielder for one more six. Akila is a little too full here. He needs to drag his length back.


SIX! Back to back biggies! This is right off the middle. Fuller again and on middle, This is thumped over the bowler's head for a biggie.


SIX! That did not seem off the middle. This is tossed up but it is a little too full. Pollard lofts it high but handsomely over the mid-wicket fence.


OUT! THREE REDS AND SIMMONS HAS TO WALK BACK! He takes the review along with him! The game has turned on its head! Sri Lanka well and truly back into it now. Windies need 70 more. On middle, this one straightens and it stays low again. Simmons looks to sweep but misses. It hits him on the pad. An appeal and the finger is up. Simmons reviews but it is a waste of a review. 62/4

Simmons is a goner! He has reviewed it but it looks plumb unless there is bat.


Tossed up on off, blocked.


FOUR! Misfiled and a boundary! Not good from Perera! That should have been stopped! This is tossed up on middle, Simmons hits it hard towards mid on. It lands just short of him. He does not get his body behind the ball and hence, it goes through.


This time a single is taken as it is worked to mid-wicket.


On the pads, this is worked towards mid-wicket. Pollard wants one but is sent back.


Flatter and on off, it is pushed back to the bowler.


FOUR! Shorter and around off, this is pushed wide of mid off. The fielder runs to his left and then dives but fails to stop it. A boundary to end a superb over by Akila. 57/3


That lands just short! This lands on off and it stays low! Pollard flicks it but uppishly. It lands well short of deep mid-wicket for one.

Skipper Kieron Pollard walks out to bat!


OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Akila is running around in celebration! He is on cloud 9 as he has got a hat-trick. Sri Lanka right back into the game. This is very nicely bowled! It is tossed up outside off, it lands and then turns away. Pooran looks to drive but there is a faint edge and the keeper does the rest.

Nicholas Pooran to face the hat-trick ball.


OUT! THREE REDS AND GAYLE IS A GONER! The on-field call has to be overturned! That looked close and it has turned out to be an excellent review. Gayle bags a golden duck on his return to the Windies side. Two in two for Sri Lanka. Just what they wanted. This one lands on middle and then straightens. Gayle looks to work it on the leg side but is beaten by the turn. It hits his pad. A huge shout but it is turned down. Lanka review immediately. Replays show that Akila has got Gayle. Dananjaya is on a hat-trick.

A huge shout for an LBW not given! Sri Lanka review. Could be a good review.

Chris Gayle walks out to bat!


OUT! TAKEN! The entertainment ends as Lewis holes out! A good little inning from him. He has got his team off to a superb start. On off, tossed up and it is very full. Lewis looks to go downtown but does not get the elevation he desired. It is taken by the fielder there. Sri Lanka need a few more quickly. 80 needed.


FOUR! Fifty up in no time! Shorter and on the pads, Lewis pulls it hard over square leg for a boundary.


A dot to end but it is anotehr huge over! Shorter and on off, it is pushed to covers. 48/0


FOUR LEG BYES! This goes very fine! On the pads, Simmons looks to flick but it goes off the pads and to the fine leg fence.


A boundary saved there! Shorter and on the body, Simmons pulls, the fielder at short fine leg dives to his right and stops it.


FOUR! AND BOUNDARIES TOO! This time it is more placement than power! Fuller and outside off, this is carved through point for a boundary,


SIX! He dispatches it over long off! Length and on off, this is smashed over the long off fence for another biggie. Raining sixes.


NO BALL! Not what Sri Lanka needed! On off, it is guided down to third man for one. Simmons to face the Free Hit.


FOUR! Hammered! Stand and deliver stuff! Length and on off, Lewis smashes it over extra cover for another boundary.


WIDE! Good pace by Chameera but he bowls it well wide outside off. Wided.

Chameera is on now!


SIX! The last ball spoils the over! Simmons gets into the act now. This is tossed up on middle, Simmons heaves it over mid-wicket for a biggie. 27/0


Flatter and angled into the pads, it is worked towards mid-wicket for one.


Shorter and outside off, Simmons slaps it to covers.


Three dots in a row! On off, it is pushed back to the bowler.


The sweep is out but it is mistimed to the man at backward square leg.

Akila Dananjaya to bowl from the other end.


On middle, this is worked to the right of the bowler.


Shortish but just outside off, poked on the off side for nothing. 19 off the opening over. 19/0

The ball is lost in the bush.


SIX! Hat-trick of sixes. What a start this is from Lewis. Another short ball from Mathews. Once again not too threatening as far as the pace is concerned. It is easy pickings for Lewis. He swivels and nails the pull over deep backward square leg for another maximum.


SIX! Hammered! Two-in-two! Lewis wants to finish it off really quickly it seems. A short ball on middle, not too pacy from Mathews. Lewis swivels and hammers the pull over the deep square leg fence for a biggie.


SIX! BANG! He is off the mark in style. What a shot from him. A fullish ball around middle, Lewis pumps it over the bowler's head for a maximum.


Drifted on the pads, Lewis flicks but finds short fine leg.


Good length ball around off, Simmons pushes it towards the cover region and gets off the mark on the first ball.