West Indies Vs Ireland Live Score (T20)

Date: Wednesday, 15 January, 2020 22:30 IST Venue: National Cricket Stadium, St George's, Grenada Match Status: Match Ended

Ireland beat West Indies by 4 runs

Ireland 208/7 (20.0 ov) R/R 10.4

West Indies 204/7 (20.0 ov) R/R 10.2

Match Ended

  • Khary Pierre 0,
  • Hayden Walsh 0
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Hayden Walsh not out 0 1 0 0
Khary Pierre not out 0 0 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Simi Singh 4 0 36 1
Barry McCarthy 4 0 55 0

Current Partnership

0 ( 0.1 ) R/R:0

Khary Pierre 0(0)

Hayden Walsh 0(1)

Last Wicket 204/7 (19.5 over)

Dwayne Bravo 9 (7) S.R (128.57)

c Gareth Delany b Joshua Little

  • Right then, a run-fest comes to a close. Paul Stirling set the stage on fire with his remarkable knock and powered Ireland to a total which eventually proved to be enough to edge out the home team. The action now shifts to St Kitts where both the remaining T20Is of this series will be played. The first one is on 18th January at 1800 local (2200 GMT). Do join us for the coverage. Cheers!
  • Man of the Match, Paul Stirling, says it was a really good pitch and they put up a good score and they felt they were in the game throughout. Further adds the Windies were up with the rate all the time, it was touch and go throughout and they enjoyed the game and is happy to get over the line. Also says, you have different mid-sets in a T20 game as there is more freedom in this format. Ends by saying they needed to keep taking wickets, it is a daunting task watching those big men come in but they tried to take wickets at regular basis.
  • Let's talk about the last 4 overs of the run chase. It was pulsating. With 45 needed off 24 balls, Ireland started to gain control. They even went on to get a firm grip once George Dockrell bowled a 2-run 17th over, making the required equation - 43 off 18 balls. Just when we thought that Ireland will dictate terms, Nicholas Pooran and Sherfane Rutherford smashes Barry McCarthy for 27 runs in an over to nearly put the chase to bed. 16 off 2 overs is pretty straightforward to achieve in this format but West Indies somehow managed to threw it away. Craig Young came up with a superb penultimate over where he removed Pooran and gave away only 3 runs. 9 out of 10 times, a team will score 13 runs in the final over with Dwayne Bravo and Sherfane Rutherford in the middle. But that didn't happen this time around. Joshua Little kept his calm and bowled a pinpoint last over to take Ireland over the line.
  • It was a see-saw battle in literal sense! The pendulum kept swinging from one side to the another and there was never a moment that a team entirely felt in control. Chasing 209 was never going to be easy but given the firepower that West Indies possessed in their batting attack, the run chase was always on. They initiated decently in the Powerplay, not going hammer and tongs like the Irishmen and laid the foundation. Evin Lewis once again looked in supreme touch but once he got out, Ireland started to grow in the match. However, Kieron Pollard and Shimron Hetmyer's counter-punch kept the visitors on the edge of their seats.
  • What a nail-biter! Ufff...that went right down to the wire and eventually Ireland managed to hang onto this match by the skin of their teeth. They needed this win after getting thumped in the ODI series.
  • 19.6 A swing and a miss! IRELAND HAVE WON THE FIRST GAME OF THE SERIES! It is a full ball outside off, Walsh looks to heave it over the leg side but misses. Pin-drop silence here in the stadium and rightly so, their team has lost by 4 runs!
  • Khary Pierre walks in for the final ball of the game. Hayden Walsh to face the final ball.
  • 19.5 OUT! CAUGHT! Bravo gone and Ireland are ecstatic. They are on the verge of upsetting a top team in the international arena. Good length ball on off, Bravo looks to heave it away to the leg side but it takes the top edge and goes towards deep mid-wicket. Gareth Delany comes under it and takes a simple catch. 5 required from the final ball.
  • 19.4 Good length ball down the leg side, Bravo looks to flick but misses to get hit on the thigh pad. The ball rolls to the leg side. Walsh wants the single but Bravo sends him back.
  • 19.3 Two taken! Excellent running! That was a run out though had the bowler collected it, pressure though gets the better of him. It is full and on middle, this is hit down to long on. They taken one and then go for the second. The fielder fires it to the bowler who fails to collect it.
  • 19.2 SIX! Bravo using all his experience. Brilliant! Good length ball on off, Bravo hammers it over the deep mid-wicket region for a biggie.
  • Hayden Walsh is in at no. 8. He will be at the non-striker's end though.
  • 19.1 OUT! CAUGHT! Is that the end of the game? Rutherford gone and Little has done the trick. Good length ball on off, Rutherford looks to hammer it over the long on fielder for a biggie but does not time it well. It goes towards long on and Dockrell settles himself under it. He takes a simple catch and West Indies are in trouble. 13 needed from 5 balls.
  • Joshua Little to bowl the final over of the game. 12 for him to defend.
  • 18.6 Excellent nut to end with from Young. Just three runs from it and a wicket. Full delivery outside off, Rutherford drives it down to long off for a single. 13 required from the last over. Who will take the game away? Will it be the hosts or will it be the Irishmen? 196/5

West Indies Vs Ireland Live Score (T20) Quick Scorecard

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 5046 120
2 Australia 4320 108
3 England 5253 105
4 New Zealand 3449 105
5 South Africa 3537 98
6 Sri Lanka 3935 92
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 6745 125
2 India 7748 121
3 New Zealand 4837 112
4 South Africa 5193 110
5 Australia 5854 110
6 Pakistan 5019 98
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 8366 270
2 Australia 6986 269
3 England 5568 265
4 South Africa 4720 262
5 India 10645 260
6 New Zealand 6056 252