United Arab Emirates Vs Zimbabwe Live Score (ODI)

Date: Thursday, 22 March, 2018 IST Venue: Harare Sports Club, Harare Match Status: Match Ended

United Arab Emirates beat Zimbabwe by 3 runs (D/L method)

United Arab Emirates 235/7 (47.5 ov) R/R 4.95

Zimbabwe 226/7 (40.0 ov) R/R 5.65

Match Ended

  • Craig Ervine 10,
  • Kyle Jarvis 7
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Craig Ervine not out 22 17 2 0
Kyle Jarvis not out 6 7 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Mohammad Naveed 8 0 40 3
Qadeer Ahmed 8 0 38 1

Current Partnership

17 ( 2.2 ) R/R:7.28

Craig Ervine 10(7)

Kyle Jarvis 7(7)

Last Wicket 209/7 (37.4 over)

Graeme Cremer 0 (1) S.R (0.00)

b Mohammad Naveed

  • Potentially sad end to Zimbabwe's journey. Now their fate isn't in their hands. They have a chance, but a slim one, and it will depend on the outcome of tomorrow's game. What was expected to be a dead rubber tomorrow has everything on offer. Whichever team wins tomorrow's clash enters the big event. We have Ireland taking on Afghanistan. Tune in tomorrow at 0930 local (0730 GMT) for the coverage. Till then, goodbye!
  • Rohan Mustafa, UAE captain says that they have missed key players during the crucial matches in the Super Sixes stages. Adds that the team has been working hard and they have changed a lot in all departments. Ends by saying that they will come hard next in the next tournament.
  • Graeme Cremer, Zimbabwe captain says that they had good partnership in the middle but it was crucial that Sean Williams had to carry on but was dismissed. Reckons that the UAE team performed well today. Ends by saying that they will pick themselves with this defeat and move on but the team is disappointed with this result.
  • Man of the Match, Mohammad Naveed says that he is happy with the award. Adds that he is successful because he tries to bowl wicket to wicket as suggested by his coach. Reckons that yorker helped him a lot towards the death. Ends by saying that he dedicates this award to his family members.
  • With the revised target, Zimbabwe needed a positive start but lost wickets early in the Powerplay. Williams and Moor, however, took the situation in their stride and stitched a fine partnership consisting of 79 runs, before the latter departed. Williams carried on along with Raza and it looked like they would win it. But some excellent bowling from the skipper Mustafa and Naveed in the death saw that the key men for the Chevrons fell at the wrong time and the game got away from them. You could say Williams' wicket was the turning point of the game, maybe even Raza's. UAE held their nerve and got the job done.
  • A rain-hit affair which was threatened to not even finish. But on this day, some heroes rose up for UAE. After losing a wicket early on, Mustafa and Shabber added 74 to steady things, before Anwar and Shahzad threaded the same amount between them not long after. But, the late impetus from Naveed really did the trick. As the rain came later and it helped their DLS score.
  • Went right down to the wire. Just 3 runs short, agonizingly close. The crowd in the stadium didn't just come to fill up the numbers. They were buzzing all day, even through the rain, kept on singing and dancing and pushed their team forward. They really wanted their team to win and qualify for the big stage. But it wasn't meant to be. Sometimes in life, it just isn't.
  • 39.6 UAE WIN BY 3 RUNS! heartbreak for the home side. The crowd goes silent, they can't believe what's happened here. Oh boy... their faces say it all. High full toss on off, Ervine swings and can only manage a top edge over cover-point for a couple.
  • 39.5 Full and outside off, Jarvis can only fetch a single with a smack to long off. Ervine needs a biggie to finish. Dinesh Karthik finished a game off the last ball against Bangladesh in the Nidahas Trophy final. Can Ervine replicate that?
  • 39.4 Another full toss, on the stumps, Ervine can only mistime it towards extra cover. Only a single. 7 off 2 needed.
  • 39.3 FOUR! Edged and away! Ervine won't mind that, nobody will mind that. Full toss on off, Ervine just swings wildly. It goes off the edge and away to the third man fence for a boundary.
  • 39.2 Follows Jarvis, who's backing away, with an excellent yorker. The batsman can only work it to deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 39.1 Fuller and slower on the stumps, Jarvis clears his front leg and whacks it towards wide long on for a double.
  • Zimbabwe need 15 to win, in the last over of the game, against the best bowler of the game. Game over? Or is there something still left?
  • 38.6 Only a single. Just 4 off the over. Well bowled, Amir Hayat. It's smacked down to long off for one. 215/7

United Arab Emirates Vs Zimbabwe Live Score (ODI) Quick Scorecard

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2 New Zealand 2829 109
3 South Africa 2917 108
4 England 4366 104
5 Australia 3270 99
6 Sri Lanka 3795 95
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2 India 7071 122
3 New Zealand 4837 112
4 Australia 5543 111
5 South Africa 5193 110
6 Pakistan 4756 97
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5 South Africa 4407 259
6 New Zealand 4784 252