South Africa Vs Pakistan LIVE SCORE (t20)

South Africa Vs Pakistan At The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, 12 April, 2021

12 April, 2021
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

140/9 (20.0 ov)

2nd T20I

141/4 (14.0 ov)

South Africa beat Pakistan by 6 wickets










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Shaheen Afridi not out 7 7 1 0
Mohammad Hasnain not out 0 0 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
George Linde 4 0 23 3
Beuran Hendricks 4 0 27 0










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Heinrich Klaasen (C) (W) not out 36 21 4 1
George Linde not out 20 10 0 2
Bowling 0 M R W
Shaheen Afridi 3 0 30 0
Mohammad Nawaz 3 0 29 0

Right then! The first game was a thriller, but this one not so much. South Africa have comprehensively outplayed Pakistan today and they have leveled the series. The series is nicely set up and the third match would be very crucial. The next T20I is on 14th April, 14:30 Local (12:30 GMT). Do join us then for the coverage. Till then, goodbye, take care and stay safe!

George Linde, Man of the Match, says it is never easy to bowl in the Powerplay, they did have a couple of game plans going into the game and it worked for them. States they had a game plan to keep the field in and they could have a wicket. Adds he did not bowl that well previously but he started well and just wanted to keep the momentum going. Reckons the wicket was okay to bat on. Ends by saying, Markram played an unbelievable knock from them and he feels it was a good wicket and it was a good game overall.

Heinrich Klaasen, the skipper of South Africa, says he is very pleased with how things went and that is why he has a smile on his face. Adds Magala did not start off that well but came back strongly and he is a quality player. Adds the wicket is good to bat on and he feels his bowlers bowled really well and they wanted to play aggressive cricket but smart cricket and the balance was right. Adds they played cow boy cricket in Pakistan where everybody just swung and that is not what they wanted and they wanted to play a lot smarter. Ends by saying the young players are quality players and it is all about execution.

Babar Azam, the skipper of Pakistan, says that their batting collapsed and they lost early wickets which didn't help their cause. Gives full credit to the South African bowlers for doing well with the ball. Admits that their batters were a bit too aggressive and they couldn't get any partnerships going and therefore couldn't finish strongly. Says that the players weren't complacent and that he has full confidence in his team that they can bounce back.

The Pakistan bowling wasn't that bad but they just did not have enough. They needed early wickets but they did not get many. Still though, Qadir was impressive but he did not get a lot of support from the other end.

A thumping win then for South Africa! To be very honest, it was their bowlers who set it up for them after restricting Pakistan to a low score. The South African openers got them off to a very good start. Markram then continued his good form and scored a half ton. There was a period where they did lose a couple of wickets quickly but to no avail as Linde and Klaasen ensured they finish the game.


A quick single does the job! A yorker by Afridi, on off. Klaasen digs it to the off side and they take a quick run. SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 6 WICKETS! THE SERIES IS LEVEL 1-1! 141/4


SCORES LEVEL! On off, this is pushed towards cover for one.


SIX! Just the two runs away! Shorter and on middle, Linde stands tall and pulls it hard and over the square leg fence for a biggie.


A yorker outside off, this is jammed through point for one more.


SIX! Just the 9 needed now! Fuller and on middle, Klaasen lofts it over mid off and it goes all the way for a biggie.


Fumble and two! A full toss, it is pushed down to long on. The fielder fumbles and two is taken.

Bowling change! Shaheen Afridi is back into the attack.


Full ball on the stumps. Klaasen drills it to long on keeps the strike. 124/4


FOUR! Half tracker and punished! Klaasen pulls it to the square leg. The fielder there puts in a dive but this was timed too well for anyone to stop it.


Loopy ball, around off. Played down to long on by Linde. One run is taken.


Dropped! Tossed up in the slot. Linde looks to go over long but doesn't middle it. The fielder settles under it, only to realise that the ball is going to land behind him. Two runs taken.


Tossed up, around off. Drilled down to long on for one.


Short ball on the leg pole. Pulled away to deep mid-wicket for one.


FOUR! Nicely played! This is shorter and outsied off, Klaasen rocks back and pushes it through covers. Boundary. 114/4


On middle, defended.


FOUR! Clipped nicely! A low full toss, Klaasen works it behind square on the leg side. This one races away to the fence.


Another single as Linde pushes it through covers.


On off, it is pushed through covers for one more.


FOUR! Shorter and outside off, Klaasen waits for it and then guides it through point for a boundary.

Bowling change! Faheem Ashraf is now into the attack.


100 up for South Africa! Outside off, it is hit uppishly again but this time in the gap through covers for two. 100/4


Just short! This is the googly, it is outside off and there is extra bounce. Linde looks to cut, it goes off the top edge towards point but lands short.


SIX! That is a lovely shot! Picked his spot to perfection! The mid on is up and this is tossed up around middle, Linde whips it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.


Shorter and on off, this is pushed to covers.

George Linde walks out to bat.


OUT! TAKEN! This time there is an edge! THe conventional sweep is played! This lands on middle and then spins away. It takes the edge and Rizwan does the rest. Van Bijon does not last for long and Pakistan have a sniff here.


Almost another one! Van Bijon looks to play the reverse sweep. This lands on off and then turns away. Goes pretty close to the glove and Rziwan takes it.


Flighted ball, outside off. Tapped to covers with soft hands for a quick single. 92/3


Flatter ball on the stumps. Pite van Biljon tucks it to the leg side and looks for one. But Nawaz is quick to get to the ball.


Flighted ball, around off. Defended by Pite van Biljon.


Drops his length this time. Klaasen pulls it way to deep mid-wicket for one.


Loopy ball, outside off. Pite van Biljon pushes it past covers and gets one.


Flatter ball, on the pads. Clipped to deep mid-wicket for one.

Pite van Biljon walks out to bat now!


OUT! TAKEN! The leggie strikes and the dangerous Markram is gone! Tossed up in his slot and Markram looks to go big, but gets more height than distance on that one. Faheem Ashraf is the man at wide long on, he settles under it and takes it. 88/3


Full toss outside off. Klaasen drills it to long off for one.


Flighted ball on the pads. Klaasen goes for the sweep but gets the inside edge on the pads.


Tossed up, around off. Klaasen defends it well.


Loopy ball on off, drilled to long on for one.


SIX! FIFTY! Poor ball and punished! A half tracker by Qadir, Markram hangs back and pulls it deep over deep mid-wicket.


Drops his length again. Klaasen pulls it wide of deep mid-wicket and picks up a couple. 80/2


Loopy ball on off. Swept away to deep square leg for one.


FOUR! Edged but still counts as four runs! Shorter ball on off. Markram goes for the cut again but gets the outside edge past short third man and to the ropes.


FOUR! Shot! Short ball on the stumps, Markram makes room for himself and flays it past covers.


Fuller ball, this is clipped to backward square leg for one.


Tossed up on off. Markram comes down the track and pushes it to long on for one.


Single to end the over. Length ball, around off. Markram waits for it and the runs it to third man for one. 67/2


Fuller this time, around middle and leg. Clipped away to mid-wicket.


Length ball, around off. Markram pushes it to mid off. The ball was in the air for a while but drops well short of the fielder.


SIX! This is one shot that he plays really well! Length ball, outside off. Markram bends his knee and smokes it over extra cover fence.


Short ball and way over the Markram. Wide given.


Back of a length this time, around middle and leg. Klaasen punches it to long on and gets off the mark.


Length ball, on middle and leg. Defended by Klaasen.


OUT! TAKEN! Mohammad Hasnain has his revenge! Length ball, outside off. Lubbe looks to go over mid on but hits it straight to Babar Azam there. 58/2


FOUR! Excellent shot! Low full toss on the pads. Lubbe bends down and clips it towards the backward square leg fence.


Full ball, on the pads. Lubbe misses his flick.


FOUR! The fielder went for the catch and the ball went to the ropes! Length ball, on middle. Lubbe clips it way, the ball would have dropped short of deep mid-wicket. The fielder runs in and dives forward, the ball hits his shin and then runs way to the fence.


FOUR! Trashed away! Back of a length, outside off. Lubbe pulls it past mid on to the ropes.


Full ball on middle. Whipped to deep square leg for one.


Outside off, it is left alone. So a superb comeback after going for a biggie on the first ball. A wicket and just the 7 runs. 45/1


Back of a length and on middle, Lubbe defends it.


On middle, this is pushed down to mid on for one.

Who will come out now? Wihan Lubbe is out at 3.


OUT! TAKEN! There is the first wicket which Pakistan desperately needed! Hasan Ali is the provider. The change in field and the change in bowling has done the trick. It is a slower one on middle, Malan is early in the flick and hence, hits it straight up in the air. There is a deep mid-wicket in place and he takes it. Is this the start of something for Pakistan. 97 needed in 93.


Good length and on middle, defended.


SIX! Smacked! Stand and deliver stuff! The game is running away from Pakistan! This is short and on middle, Malan stands tall and hammers it over the mid-wicket fence.

Bowling change! Hasan Ali is brought into the attack.


DROPPED! It was a very tough chance though! This is fuller and on middle, this is hit back towards the bowler. It is hit back hard. Hasnain is taking evasive action but does go for the catch too, it hits his hand and drops out. 38/0


FOUR! Up and over! Third boundary in the over. This is fuller again, Markram stands tall and lofts it over mid off for another boundary.


Fuller this time and on off, Markram looks to hit it too hard through the off side, he gets an inside edge towards mid-wicket.


Gets his length right! Bowls it on a length and on middle, blocked.


FOUR! Consecutive boundaries and MH is under pressure. This is through the off side. Length and outside off, width on offer. This is slapped through covers for a boundary.


FOUR! Welcome into the attack, Hasnain and South Africa are cruising along! Shorter and on middle, this is pulled hard through mid-wicket for a boundary.

Mohammad Hasnain is into the attack now.


SIX! Connects and connects well! Length ball and this is smoked over mid-wicket fence. It could have been an excellent over for Pakistan but the last ball spoils it. 26/0


Swing and a miss! Length ball, outside off. Malan looks to go towards the leg side but misses.


Screamer by Afridi! Fires a yorker on the pads and Malan falls over while blocking it out.


Muted appeal and turned down. Length ball, lands on off and comes with the angle. Markram is hit on the pads and the ball rolls to the off side. A leg bye taken. It was probably going down leg.


Misses out on that one! Short ball and Malan goes for the pull but gets the inside edge on his pads.


Length ball, on the stumps. Malan clips it to mid-wicket for one.


SIX! That is as straight as an arrow and Nawaz goes for 12 from his first. Perfect start for South Africa! Markram this time uses his feet, gets to the pitch of it and lofts it over the bowler's head for a biggie. 18/0


FOUR! Too short and put away! Probably was worried about the batter using his feet! This is shorter and outside off, Markram cuts it through point and it races away to the fence.


Flatter and on middle, this is pushed back to the bowler.


Sees Markram come down the track and bowls it shorter, it is pushed back to the bowler.


Nicely played for one! Leans into it and strokes it down to long off for one.


Markram comes down the track and pushes it to mid on for one.

Who will share the new ball? Time for some spin, Mohammad Nawaz is on now.


A single to end then! Length and angling away. Markram looks to defend, it goes off the outside edge down to third man for one. 6/0


A huge appeal from Afridi but it is in hope! Shorter and this one lands and comes back in. Markram looks to flick but misses to get hit high on the pads.


FOUR! This is not a good field for a bowler who is bringing the ball back in. Easy for Markram! This is full and it tails back in from middle, Markram works it through the vacant mid-wicket region for a boundary. Off the mark in style.


We bowled! This ons is angled away from the right-hander, this lands on off and swings away. Markram is beaten as he tries to block.


South African are underway! Malan takes a few steps ahead, this one is fuller and it does come back in. Malan is almost off balance as he works it to mid on. Keeps his balance and takes one.


Starts off right on the money! Length and this one shapes back in from off, Malan keeps it out.