South Africa Vs England LIVE SCORE (t20)

South Africa Vs England At Boland Park, Paarl, 29 November, 2020

29 November, 2020
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

146/6 (20.0 ov)

2nd T20I

147/6 (19.5 ov)

England beat South Africa by 4 wickets

South Africa England
146/6 (20.0 ov) - R/R 7.3 147/6 (19.5 ov) - R/R 7.56

Match Ended

England beat South Africa by 4 wickets

This Over
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Eoin Morgan (C) not out 26 17 3 1
Chris Jordan not out 3 3 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Current Partnership Last Wicket 144/6 (19.2)

3 (3) R/R: 6

Sam Curran 1(5) S.R (20)

b Kagiso Rabada

Right! The game could've gone either way. It is England who manage to cross the line once again and take an unassailable lead ahead of the last game. That's it from this game! We will look for your company for the final T20I of the series which will be played in Newlands, Cape Town on Tuesday, 1st December 2020. Join us for that game. Until then, goodbye and take care!

Eoin Morgan, England skipper, says that they had to try a little harder towards the end but feels that they had no run rate pressure like the last game. Feels a couple of big overs and they were back in the business. Tells that having players who have been in similar situations helps them. Praises Rashid for his performances and states that he was superb in the last game too but he went unnoticed. Terms him a big part of the unit. Adds that this series and the one in India is where they will try to settle down their 15 men for the T20 World Cup in 2021.

South Africa skipper, Quinton de Kock, says that Dawid batted well and Morgan led from the front. Tells that little errors frustrates them a bit but mentions it is part and parcel of the game. Feels if a couple of small things went their way, they would've been on the other side. Praises Shamsi for his performance after a poor outing in the last game.  Adds that every game that you play is different and says that the players need to learn fast and keep their heads high.

Dawid Malan is named Player of the Match for his brilliant knock. Tells that he struggled early on to get his timing right. Feels that when they were under the pump, they managed to find a way. Adds that they have got a number of match-winners in the team. Says that all the players are used to play big tournaments. On him being no.1 T20I batter in the world, Malan says that he tries not to think about that as it doesn't help him get the runs or stay in the team. Credits the bowlers for setting the game up for them.

Earlier in the game, when it looked like South Africa will be rolled over to a very low total after they lost a few quick wickets. However, Rassie and Linde stitched a fine stand of 44 to take the team's score close to 150. Adil Rashid was pick of the bowlers for England as he got 2 in his 4 overs. Archer, Jordan and Tom managed a wicket too. Eventually, the score thay they stopped the South Africans on was good enough for their batters to scale down.

The South African bowlers managed to take the game till the last over with some fine bowling. It was Shamsi who turned things around with his 3-fer. Lungi Ngidi got two wickets as well but he was taken for over 50 in his 4 overs. Nortje bowled well but he failed to get any wicket. In the end, the total that their batters put on fell a bit short and they failed to defend it.

Chasing the total, England were off to a scratchy start as Roy struggled to get going. Buttler found the fence 4 times in his little innings but he too fell early. Malan kept his end but he lost two partners quickly in Bairstow and Stokes. However, he along with skipper Eoin Morgan added valuable runs and kept the team in the chase. It was looking difficult for them but the 17th and 18th over saw Morgan and Malan break free. They got quick runs in those overs and in the end Morgan took the team over the line with one ball still left in the run chase.

A nervy chase and it ends with England on top! They take the 3-match series with one game still to go. A tough track to bat on, both the teams struggled but Malan and Morgan managed to find the boundaries just in time to help the team get over the line. Malan fell after getting to his half ton but the skipper stayed till the end to see his side get home.


There's the winning run! Shortish and around middle and leg, Jordan manages to flick it over square leg for a single. England win by 4 wickets.


A bouncer! Jordan sits under it, thinking it will be called wide. Nothing from the umpire.


Excellent running! They get two and the scores are level now. Short ball on the pads, Jordan looks to pull but gets an inside edge on the pads. The ball goes to short fine leg. Jordan takes the first. He wants the second as well. Morgan responds and they complete it.

Chris Jordan is in now. 3 needed in 4 balls.


OUT! Dragged on! Rabada gets one and this is going down to the wire. Back of a length ball outside off, Curran looks to punch it on the off side but he gets an inside edge that clatters into the stumps.


Dot first ball. Full and outside off, Sam looks to keep it out but misses.


FOUR! EDGY FOUR! That wasn't too far from getting caught behind. Good length and just around off, Morgan looks to drive but gets an outside edge. The ball goes to the left of de Kock who is wrong-footed and he fails to catch or stop the ball. Morgan and England get a streaky boundary. Luck not going South Africa's way at all. 144/5


Full and on the pads, Sam looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pad. The ball goes towards square leg. They take a leg bye. 7 from 7 now.


A dot now! Sharp bumper on middle, Sam goes for the pull but makes no connection. That was a pacy ball. But had Curran connected, it would've gone out of the park.


Morgan takes a single now. Very full ball on the pads, Morgan backs away and pokes it towards cover for one.


Another single! Length ball around off, Curran taps it towards the off side for a quick single.


Full and wide outside off, it is pushed towards third man for one.

Who will bowl the penultimate over for South Africa? It is Anrich Nortje.


Single to end the over! A mammoth one for England. A length ball around off, Morgan pushes it down to long off for one. 18 off the over and England need another 11 runs to win the game in 12 balls. 136/5


WIDE! Ngidi  tries to stay away from the firing line and bowls it wide outside off but it goes outside the tramline. Wided.

Sam Curran walks out in the middle.


OUT! TAKEN! WOW! That is a stunning take from Hendricks. Malan falls now. Is there a twist in this game? Full and wide outside off, Malan goes after it and launches it towards long off. Hendricks there, jumps and takes the catch near the ropes. However, he realizes that he will go over the ropes so lobs the ball up, goes to the other side of the ropes, gets back in position and jumps inside the play to take the catch. Terrific work.