South Africa Vs Sri Lanka LIVE SCORE (test)

South Africa Vs Sri Lanka At The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, 03 January, 2021

03 January, 2021
Starts 13:30 (IST)
Match Ended

157/10 (40.3 ov)

211/10 (56.5 ov)

2nd Test

302/10 (75.4 ov)

67/0 (13.2 ov)

South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 10 wickets










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Vishwa Fernando not out 2 11 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Lungi Ngidi 10 3 44 0
Anrich Nortje 14.3 1 56 6










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Lungi Ngidi not out 14 18 3 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Vishwa Fernando 23.4 0 101 5
Asitha Fernando 19 5 61 2










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Vishwa Fernando not out 1 7 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Lungi Ngidi 15 5 44 4
Anrich Nortje 19 2 64 2










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Aiden Markram not out 36 53 4 0
Dean Elgar not out 31 27 5 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Vishwa Fernando 4 0 23 0
Asitha Fernando 4 1 20 0

That's your lot for the day. It was a ruthless show by South Africa to win the Test series and now they will prepare for the challenge in Pakistan. For Sri Lanka, it was a tour to forget and they will return home to host England. We look forward to your company for future games. Until then, it's goodbye and cheers!

South African skipper, Quinton de Kock doesn't think it was a revenge series for them and mentions that after a year like 2020, they just wanted to get off to a good start in their next season. Tells that he is quite impressed with a lot of performances and adds that the seniors also fulfilled their roles. Mentions that Keshav Maharaj was a bit unlucky but he understands his role. Confirms that there is no major injury concern with Maharaj. Praises his four seamers and feels that they will get better with more experience. Shares that it's mixed emotions travelling to Pakistan as he is keen to play some cricket but the bubble life can be frustrating.

Sri Lankan skipper, Dimuth Karunaratne starts by saying that they had a good start with the bat but then suddenly lost a few quick wickets. Feels that they fought back hard but only in patches. Counts the positives and names Kusal Perera who performed well and also praises Asitha Fernando and Vishwa Fernando. Hopes to take the positives into the England series. Shares that Mathews might come back, Chandimal is also recovering and that's good news for them. Feels that they can dominate at home and they have a couple of spinners to trouble England.

DEAN ELGAR GETS THE MAN OF THE MATCH AND SERIES AWARD! Says that he was frustrated after getting out in the 90s in the first Test but he just wanted to keep that aside. Adds that he had some success in these conditions and it's great to contribute. Regarding his improved scoring rate, Elgar jokes that they are now calling him the Kusal Perera of South Africa. Mentions that he is not taking a lot of unnecessary risks and this is something that has come with experience. States that he just looks to score and stay positive. On the upcoming tour of Pakistan, Elgar shares that he has never been there and it's going to be an awesome challenge, something that every cricketer has to experience. Talks about his partnership with Markram and tells that they have worked really hard and opening the batting for the same team in domestic cricket has helped. Feels there is good chemistry between them and they help each other in getting better.

There were big hopes from the pair of Dimuth Karunaratne and Niroshan Dickwella but they encountered a motivated South African bowling attack. Lungi Ngidi and Anrich Nortje bowled a hostile spell and then it was the same old story with the Lankan batting. Lutho Sipamla finished things off and Sri Lanka managed to set a target of only 67 which was easily overhauled by the home team.

The evening of Day 2 was all about the Sri Lankan fightback with Dimuth Karunaratne and Lahiru Thirimanne leading the charge. They added 85 for the second wicket and things started to return to normalcy for the visitors. However, a mini-collapse in the evening pushed them back slightly. They entered Day 3 ahead by 5 runs and with the hope to build a big lead.

Getting bundled out for only 157 in a little over 40 overs on Day 1, as a team, you are always behind the 8-ball. That was the case with Sri Lanka as well. Dean Elgar and Rassie van der Dussen compounded their misery with a record partnership for the second wicket at this venue. Through Vishwa Fernando's magnificent 5-wicket haul, the touring team did make a little comeback but a deficit of 145 on this pitch was always going to haunt them.

The Islanders were decimated in Centurion and the script didn't change much in Johannesburg. Depleted by injuries, they fielded a second choice XI and it was a brave decision by Dimuth Karunaratne to bat first on a spicy Wanderers pitch. Soon that call was proved to be wrong as Anrich Nortje ran amok and destroyed their batting with a 6-wicket haul. Not to forget Wiaan Mulder's contributions too as his first spell showed the African bowlers the path after an unconvincing beginning.

Commanding victory for South Africa and they win their first Test series since 2018. By doing so, they have also avenged their last Test series loss against Sri Lanka. Job well done by the Proteas!

Just a little over 30 minutes taken by South Africa to score the remaining runs. The South African balcony is ecstatic and the players are now getting together to congratulate each other. Mark Boucher will be a very satisfied coach and Quinton de Kock is also happy as he starts his Test captaincy stint with a series win.


That's the winning run! Floated around middle and leg, Elgar tucks this one towards deep mid-wicket and takes a single to celebrate with his hands up. South Africa win by 10 wickets and take the series 2-0!


Floated around middle and leg, Elgar pushes this one softly towards long on and takes a couple of runs. Scores level with that two runs.


A back foot defense to complete a maiden over. 3 needed more. 64/0


Gets behind the line of the fuller length ball and pushes it back to the bowler.


On and around off, defended from the crease to covers.


Outside off, left alone.


The batsman has just watchfully blocked this out.


Good length delivery outside off, pushed off the back foot to covers.


FOUR! Put away! Short and wide outside off, Elgar doesn't need a second invitation to attack it. He rocks back, makes room and whacks it through covers. 64/0


Flatter and on middle, helped in the gap at mid-wicket for a run.


Floated around off, Markram plays that one towards cover for no run.


Floated ball around off, Markram defends it towards cover.


Shortish around off, Markram works this one towards mid-wicket.


Floated around leg, Elgar tucks this one towards deep square leg for a run.


Hurls across a good length delivery outside off, shaping away, Aiden shoulders arms. 58/0


Angles in a length ball on middle and leg, Markram works it through mid-wicket for a couple of runs. Under 10 needed now.


Short in length and outside off, Elgar forces it off the back foot to deep cover for one.


Excellent delivery! Angling into the batsman on a length and nipping away, Elgar pushes at it and misses.


Tries to tempt Elgar by bowling a full ball wide outside off, the southpaw is not going after it.


Good length delivery outside off, shaping away, Markram stays back and punches it to sweeper cover for a run.


Length ball around off, punched towards point for another run. 54/0


Another two. This time a length ball around off, Markram plays it through the cover-point area and comes back for the second.


Good length ball outside off, Markram plays it towards gully. The fielder gets a hand to it and takes the pace off the ball. It rolls behind and a couple is taken. 50 partnership with that couple between Markram and Elgar!


MISFIELD AND FOUR! A fullish ball outside off, Markram prods forward and drives this one past the fielder at covers, who fails to stop that and the ball races away to the fence.


Length ball outside off, Markram watches it go through to the keeper.


Length ball in the channel outside off, shapes away, Markram lets it go.


Whoa! This is a shot Elgar never plays. Attempts to muscle his drive through the cover region but he misses the ball badly. With no pressure, Dean is trying something out of his comfort zone. 45/0


FOUR! Nicely placed! Back of a length ball around off, shaping back in, Elgar hangs back inside the crease and steers it through the gap between gully and point.


Pitches it up and around off, Elgar mistimes his drive off the inner half to mid on.


Stays on the back foot to a good length ball and pushes it to covers again.


The batsman has just blocked that from his crease.


A length delivery outside off, punched from the back foot to covers.

Dasun Shanaka to bowl.


Length ball around off, Markram is compact in his front foot defense. 41/0


Beaten! That one kept low. A length ball around off, shapes away a little, beating the outside edge of Markram's bat as he tries to push.


Fuller length outside off, Markram shoulders arms to it.


Length ball, a bit of away shape, outside off, Markram pushes it towards covers.


Good length ball on middle, Markram watches it closely and blocks it out.


Shortish around middle, Elgar rocks back and pulls it away towards deep square for a single.


FOUR! Boom! Width on offer outside off, fuller in length, Markram attacks it with all his might and bludgeons his drive through covers. 27 needed more! 40/0


Gets behind the line of the delivery and pushes it to mid off.


A length delivery just outside off, staying a bit low, Markram defends it well from the crease.


Stays on the back foot and uses the angle of the bowler to work it in the gap at mid-wicket. A couple is taken.


Shortish and on off, it's punched off the back foot to point where the fielder fumbles slightly but no run taken.


Pops up in the air... DROPS SAFELY! Vishwa runs in from 'round the wicket and digs in a short ball on middle. Markram jumps to fend it off and it takes the shoulder of his bat. It lobs in the air but dies down near the surface. No short leg there otherwise he would have been in business.

Vishwa Fernando to continue from the other end.

Dean Elgar is not ready and pulls out. Asitha aborts his run midway and returns to his mark.


Nice bumper to finish the over. A short ball around middle and leg, Elgar ducks and then tries to pull but it misses his bat through to the keeper. 34/0


Length ball around off, Elgar pushes this one towards extra cover.


FOUR! SHOT! A wide ball outside off, Elgar throws his hands at that one and plays through the gully region to collect his second boundary of the over. South Africa look in a hurry here.


Length ball around off,  Markram pushes this towards point and takes a quick single.


Shortish on middle, Elgar pulls this one towards deep square leg for a single.


FOUR! What a dessert to get after Lunch. A short and wide ball outside off, Elgar punches this one off the back foot through the covers.

Welcome back for what could be the final session of this Test series. Funny things have happened in cricket but the chances of anything other than a South African win here looks next to impossible. Only 43 runs left for a win and Sri Lanka would like to avoid a 10-wicket loss. Let's see how things pan out.


A satisfying session for South Africa! Their bowlers did an incredible job to bundle out Sri Lanka this morning and restricted their lead to only 66. The African openers had a little period of 5 overs to negotiate before Lunch and they did that safely by scoring 24 runs. Another 43 needed for a clean sweep and we will be back to finish the formality at 12.40 pm local (1040 GMT).


Back of a length ball on off, Aiden Markram punches it off his back foot to cover-point. That will be LUNCH ON DAY 3! 24/0


A length ball on middle and leg, nudged through mid-wicket for a couple of runs.

Is that taken? Kusal Mendis is claiming the catch. Umpire Erasmus is unsure and walks up to his partner. They have a chat and decide to go upstairs. Sri Lanka are very sure about it and almost leaving the ground for Lunch. Soft signal is out. Let's find out. It has touched the ground, the soft signal is overturned and the Lankan players return to bowl the remaining balls of the over.


NOT OUT! A close one this. A fuller length ball outside off, Markram looks to drive but gets an outside edge towards the slip cordon. Mendis from second slip dives across to his left and claims the catch. Markram stands his ground and the umpires send it upstairs by giving the soft signal as out. Replays show the ball has touched the ground as Mendis caught it. There is enough conclusive evidence to overturn the soft signal and the third umpire flashes NOT OUT on the big screen. Markram survives.


No run.


Back of a length around off, Markram pushes this one towards point.


Length ball around middle, Markram stands tall and defends it back to the bowler.


Works a full ball to the right of mid-wicket and collects a single.  45 needed more! 22/0


Loopy and full on off, Markram presses forward in defense.


Tossed up ball on off, a googly, defended by Markram.


Misfield and FOUR! Very full in length outside off, Markram drills his drive to the left of mid off. Shanaka moves there, slides but it goes through his legs for a boundary.


Too full in length on middle, Elgar flicks it through mid-wicket for a single.


Full and floated on middle, knocked wide of mid on for a run.


Length ball around off, Elgar defends this one with soft hands towards gully. 15/0


Length ball around middle, Markram tucks this one towards deep square and takes a single.


Nicely punched off the back foot. A back of a length ball around off, Markram rocks back and punches this one through the covers and collects a brace.


Back of a length ball around off, Markram hops and keeps this one out.


Length ball around off, Elgar pushes it towards point and calls his partner for a quick single.


FOUR! Nicely done. A length ball around off, shaping away. Elgar plays that with soft hands towards the gap between slips and gully and collects a boundary. Nice bit of wristwork by the southpaw.


Movement back into the batsman with extra bounce, Markram keeps it out with one hand. 7/0


Too full and on off, Markram drives again but this time towards mid off.


Fuller in length and on off, Markram drives it back to the bowler.


On a length and around off, it's blocked well of the back foot.


Lands it on a length close to off, shaping away, Markram pushes it with an angled bat to point. Initially, he looks for a run but then he realizes that he has hit it too well. There is a fielder in the vicinity and immediately, Markram shouts a loud no.


Starts with a gentle good length ball outside off, Aiden shoulders arms.

Asitha Fernando to bowl from the other end.


First runs for Elgar. A length ball around off, Elgar pushes it in the gap at covers and comes back for a brace before the fielder returns the ball. 7/0


Length ball around off, Dean pushes it towards covers.


Beaten! A length ball around off, shapes away after pitching. Elgar looks to defend but the ball beats the outside edge on its way to the keeper.


Length ball outside off, Elgar allows it go through to the keeper.


A length ball around middle, bounces a tad extra and hits Markram high on his bat. He tucks this one towards mid-wicket and takes a run.


FOUR! SHOT!  Not a good way to start when you are defending peanuts. A short and wide ball outside off, Markram rocks back and forces this one through cover-point for his first boundary.