South Africa Vs India LIVE SCORE (test)

South Africa Vs India At SuperSport Park, Centurion, 13 January, 2018

13 January, 2018
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

335/10 (113.5 ov)

258/10 (91.3 ov)

2nd Test

307/10 (92.1 ov)

151/10 (50.2 ov)

South Africa beat India by 135 runs










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Lungi Ngidi not out 1 4 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Jasprit Bumrah 22 6 60 0
Mohammed Shami 15 2 58 1










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Jasprit Bumrah not out 0 2 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Keshav Maharaj 20 1 67 1
Morne Morkel 22.1 5 60 4










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Morne Morkel not out 10 11 2 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Ravichandran Ashwin 29.3 6 78 1
Jasprit Bumrah 20 3 70 3










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Ishant Sharma not out 4 10 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Vernon Philander 10 3 25 0
Kagiso Rabada 14 3 47 3

So, that is it from this game! Virat Kohli's 9 Test series win as captain comes to an end. Their batting is once again under scrutiny. Was not picking Rahane the right move? Or was dropping Bhuvneshwar Kumar something they should have not done? Hindsight is a wonderful thing. For South Africa, things just keep getting better and every player is contributing in some or the other way. They would now look to inflict a whitewash by winning the third Test in Durban. It will be played on 24th of January 1000 local (0800 GMT). Till then, take care and goodbye!

Man of the Match, Lungi Ngidi, says he is very happy with the award. Further adds he cant believe it. Admits he has been in good form in franchise cricket and he feels lucky he got to debut on his homeground. opines he stuck to the basics and he got some movement of the deck which helped him. Ends by saying the pitch was on the slower side but adapting to conditions was very important.

South African skipper, Faf du Plessis, says it is a very good feeling. Admits it took a lot of hard work but feels they were on top for the majority of the Test match. Mentions they were disappointed after day one due to the last 45 minutes as they felt they gave India a sniff but credits his teammates as they showed great character to bounce back on the remaining days. Further adds anything above 250 would have been challenging. Appreciates Ngidi's performance and also says he is a very nice human being. Ends by saying Morne's catch was better than ABD's.

Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, thought the wicket was quite flat. He felt his best chance was to put some runs on the board. Admits he should have capitalized as they were in a position to take the lead. Credits the bowlers who have done well in this game as well. States he gives 100 percent out there on the field. Mentions his innings at the moment means nothing as they have lost the series. Further adds personal milestones is not something he cares about as team performances matter more. Ends by saying they tried their best but South Africa were the better team.

With a lead of 28 on a wicket which was getting even more difficult to bat. Anything above 250 would have been difficult for India to chase. The Indian bowlers did strike early but the pair of AB de Villiers and Elgar first and then Faf du Plessis towards the end ensured they get up to a total which will prove too much of a task for the Indians. Stay tuned for the presentation in a while.

India went into the second game needing a win or a draw to stay alive in the series. Losing the toss did not help their cause as South Africa elected to bat. They put up a decent total with Aiden Markram being their top scorer with 94. India in reply fell 28 short of the total. At one stage they looked like they would be conceding a big lead but courtesy a brilliant 153 by their skipper they were back in the game.

It took South Africa only a session to take the seven wickets they had to today. Parthiv and Pujara did show good intent to start off the day but a moment of madness from Pujara as he gifted his wicket to the South Africans by being run out made their task even more difficult. The rest also threw their wickets away by playing poor shots, needless shots you can say. Sharma did try to put up a fight but it was always an uphill task. For South Africa, Ngidi was the star as he picked up a 6-fer on his debut. He was well supported by the Rabada. As the pair took 9 of the 10 wickets to fall.

What a dream debut for the young man, Lungi Ngidi! Another impressive bowler to add to the lot of the already impressive pace bowlers of South Africa. He leads the team off the field and is congratulated by the Indians and also from his team members. He has single handedly ran through the strong batting line-up of the Indians, to help South Africa clinch the series 2-0.


OUT! That is it! Six-fer for Ngidi. What a debut for the young man! He has made a mark for himself against a top-class batting line-up. He bowls it full on off, Bumrah tries to drive but instead he lobs it towards covers. Philander there runs in and takes another good catch inches above the ground. So that is four good catches in this innings. All smiles in the South African camp, Ngidi is given a stump for his heroics and India are bowled out for 151! SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 135 RUNS!


The batsman tries to pull that one but misses.


FOUR! Full ball but the line is outside off, Sharma square drives it through to the boundary. 150 up for India. 151/9


Rabada is back to bowling bouncers but Ishant ducks under it.


Excellent bowling but equally well played by Ishant! Rabada follows the short ball with a yorker on middle. Ishant does really well to keep it out.


The batsman has played it to the point region.


A bumper, Sharma ducks under it.


Shorter in length on middle, Sharma defends it solidly.


Another short ball on middle, Bumrah goes for the hook but misses. 147/9


Good length outside off, Bumrah opens the face of his bat and guides it down towards third man for a couple.


Bouncer! The batsman ducks under the bouncer at the last moment.


On a length around off, Bumrah defends it.

Jasprit Bumrah is the last man in.


OUT! Fifer for Ngidi on debut! Take a bow young man. A big moment for him especially on his home ground! He has bowled with pace, aggression and also a lot of control. He bangs it short on middle, Shami makes room and tries to go big over mid on. He mistimes it and balloons a simple catch to Morkel. The South Africans are elated as they are only one wicket away from a series win.


FOUR! Not convincing but Shami wont mind! Ngidi bowls it short on middle, Shami tries to cut but it goes off the edge, over the slip cordon for a boundary.

Lungi Ngidi comes back into the attack. He is one wicket away from a fifer.


Shorter in length on middle, Sharma defends. 141/8


Bouncer! The batsman does well to evade it.


Back of a length on off, guided to point.


Bouncer! The batsman ducks under it.

Ishant Sharma walks out at no. 10. Lunch has also been extended by 15 minutes.


OUT! Yes, he has! Another blinder, the South Africans are making a habit of this in this innings! De Villiers is the man this time, what not can this man do! Rabada bowls a short ball on middle, Sharma who has played his shots in this innings goes for the pull again. He gets a top edge towards de Villiers who comes running in and dives forward to take an excellent catch inches above the ground. The umpires go upstairs to check whether it is clean and you bet it is. it is clean as a whistle. Rohit departs three short of his half ton. He did try his best but it was always going to be an uphill task. The South Africans can now smell victory.

Has de Villiers taken it? If he has it is another blinder. He dives ahead and he seems to have caught it. He is pretty sure about it but the umpires go upstairs to check.


Shorter in length on middle, Rohit mistimes his pull besides the pitch.


On a length around middle, driven back to the bowler. 141/7


Hooks this one down towards fine leg and this time he takes the run.


Almost! Another short ball which climbs on the batsman. Rohit goes for the pull but the ball just misses the glove.


Rohit makes room but Morkel follows him. Sharma defends it towards cover.


Shortish, aimed at the body of the batsman. Rohit pulls it down to fine leg but refuses the run.


Good running! Rohit moves onto 46! Morkel bowls it short, Sharma makes room and with soft hands, plays it towards covers for a couple.


Another short ball on middle, Shami ducks. 138/7


DROPPED! Very tough though! The short ball ploy almost played off. Rohit is not shy from playing his shot and he again goes for the pull. He connects well but does not keep it down. It goes towards Amla at square leg who leaps, stretches both his hands above his head but can't hang on. An excellent effort by Amla, it had to stick. A single taken by the batsmen.


Rohit makes room, Rabada bowls it short down the leg side. He goes for the pull but misses.


Third bumper in a row and Sharma ducks under it.


FOUR! Fifty-run stand up! 150 needed now! Rabada again bangs it short on middle, Rohit tries to pull but it goes off the top edge, very fine down the leg side for the second boundary of the over.


FOUR! Short and down the leg side, too easy for Sharma. He pulls it fine down the leg side for a boundary. The stand is now 46 and 154 runs more needed.


Another short ball outside off, Shami guides it down to third man but Rohit does not want the single as he wants to keep strike. 129/7


Shorter in length outside off, Shami defends it solidly.


Comes around the wicket and bowls a bouncer. It bounces way above the batsman's head and the umpire signals a wide.


Shorter in length on middle, pulled down to deep square leg for a run.


Fullish ball on off, Rohit times it through covers.


Good length outside off, Sharma lets it be.


On a length outside off, the batsman defends it onto the ground.


Fuller on middle, flicked towards mid-wicket. 127/7


FOUR! Kl Rahul should learn from that shot! Go hard at it if you are playing it. Short outside off, Shami cuts it with all his might through point for a boundary.


Bowled outside off, guided down to third man for a run.


Back of a length on off, Sharma defends it off the back foot.


Fullish on off, driven to covers.


Fuller in length on off, Sharma gets it off the inner half towards mid on.

Kagiso Rabada to bowl. He has got Rohit out a couple of times in this series and hence is brought into the attack.


Whizzes past the outside edge! Morkel bowls it on a length outside off, straightens a touch. Shami first thinks of playing at it but at the very last moment pulls his bat away. 122/7


Short and outside off, not a lot of width on offer. Sharma cuts it nicely through backward point to change strike. Shami has one ball to survive now.


Wide outside off, Sharma lets it be.


Outside off, left alone.


That has kept a little low! Nicely played by Sharma! On a length around off, jags back in. Sharma does well to adjust to the low bounce and defend it.


Back of a length outside off, Sharma guides it to point.

Morne Morkel is into the attack.


Full on the pads, he was going for a yorker but ends up bowling a full toss. Shami flicks it through square leg for a couple. 121/7


Shorter in length outside off, Shami tries to pull but gets beaten.


Length ball on off, pushed to covers.


Another ball outside off, Shami goes for the booming drive but does not connect.


FOUR! Almost got his fifer, Ngidi! Ngidi bowls a similar delivery to which he got Ashwin out. A full ball outside off. Shami goes after it but gets a thick outside edge, over the leaping gully fielder for a boundary.


Shorter in length on off, Shami defends it solidly.


Gives it air on off, driven to mid off. 115/7


Down the leg side, Sharma tries to pad it but misses. De Kock behind the stumps also does not collect it. It goes down towards fine leg for two byes.


The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.


DEFT! Nicely played! Fatter outside off, Shami waits for it and guides it down to third man for three.


FOUR! In the air.. towards Morkel but this time he has no chance in catching it. Shami heaves this full ball towards long on. Morkel there runs to his right, puts in a dive but can't reach the ball. A boundary results.


Tosses it up on off, Shami pushes it to covers.


A dot to finish! A short ball outside off, Sharma tries to drag his pull through the leg side but gets beaten. 106/7


Another risky run! Shami taps the short ball towards point and sets of for a run. Sharma obliges. The fielder at point fires a throw at the keeper's end where the short leg fielder tries to collect it but does not. No harm done in the end. Interesting Sharma went for the single there as it was the second last ball of the over.


Short outside off, Sharma guides it down to third man for a run.


Length on off, defends it solidly.


Good length on off, Sharma defends it off the front foot.


Shorter in length on off, Sharma goes on his toes to defend it.


Pushes it towards cover for a run. 104/7


The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.


SIX! BANG! India need a lot more of these. Sharma makes use of his feet, gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it over long on for a biggie.


Floats it on off, Sharma lunges forward in defense with his bat close to the pad. De Kock lets out a loud appeal as he feels it is pad first. He though is not supported by his teammates. Although replays later on show it was pad first, no Hawk Eye to follow it up.


FOUR! Rohit is on the attack! Tosses it up on middle, Sharma goes down on one knee and sweeps it through mid-wicket for a boundary.


Works it against the angle to mid-wicket.


FOUR! In the air but in the gap! Ngidi bangs in another one outside off, Shami tries to defend away from his body but it goes off the outside edge, uppishly through backward point for a boundary. 93/7


Short on middle, Shami goes for the pull but it goes off the top edge towards deep square leg for a brace.


Bouncer and the batsman does well to evade it.


Played to the point region by the batsman.


Back of a length on off, defended to point.

Mohammed Shami comes in now.


OUT! Ashwin is walking back now! This is all happening too quickly! Ngidi bowls it on a drivable length outside off, it shapes away a touch. Ashwin without any foot movement goes after it as he tries to force it through the off side. The ball takes the edge and goes to de Kock who does not drop many. Excellent bowling by Ngidi. This is what pace can do, it freezes the batsmen's legs. Lungi gets his fourth. South Africa are now just three wickets away.


Flighted ball on middle, pushes it back to the bowler. 87/6


Gives it air on off, driven down to long off for a run.


Bowls it from around the wicket and drags his length back. It turns away but it is slow turn. Ashwin has all the time in the world to rock back and slaps it through covers for a brace.


Nails the sweep shot towards deep square leg for a run.


Gives it air on middle, Sharma blocks it.


Tosses it up on leg stumps, Sharma lunges forward and defends it.


NOT OUT! A review gone for the Proteas. Ngidi bangs it in short, Ashwin sways away from the line. The ball seems to have gone straight into the keeper's gloves but the South Africans go up in appeal. The umpire shakes his head. The hosts confer and think about the review and eventually take it. Nothing on the Snicko when the ball is close to the bat. The only spike is seen when the bat is brushing the pad. Perhaps that is what Markram seemed to indicate in that mini-conference. Ash bats on. 83/6

Review time! Against Ashwin for a caught behind. Ashwin seems to be bounced out, think the Proteas, the umpire doesn't. Taken upstairs.


Length ball outside off, Ashwin feels for it but misses.


Angled down the leg side, Ashwin misses the flick.

The man in at number 8 for India is Ravichandran Ashwin.


OUT! Hardik Pandya - threw his wicket away in the first innings, does the same yet again. What is the situation of the game? How good or bad is the position of his side? These are somethings that should have been going on in his mind but sadly, these lie just in words at the moment. Ngidi banged it short but it was well wide. Pandya should have left it alone but no, he doesn't. Looks to go for the upper cut and only manages a cue end. The ball was going over slips but de Kock leaps high to his right and pouches it nicely. Another one falls for India, South Africa just 4 wickets away now.


This is blocked from the crease towards point.


Outside off, left alone.


Sharma slinks down and blocks it down. 83/5


A touch shorter outside off, guided through backward point for two.


Floated around leg, Sharma lunges to defend but gets hit on the front pad.


Maharaj is maintaining the line around leg stump, Rohit prods forward and blocks.


Sharma lunges forward and defends it off the front foot.


Floated on the pads, swept away to deep fine leg for a single.


Length ball outside off, Rohit has a feel for it but the ball just misses the outside edge of the blade. Nice bowling. 80/5


Nudged down to fine leg for a single.


On the pads, flicked away through mid-wicket for a couple.


Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.


Another edge, runs this time though. It is bowled outside off, Pandya gets an outside edge as he looks to slash it. There is a good effort in the deep at the backward point fence and a couple result.


On a length outside off, defended towards point.

Lungi Ngidi to have a bowl now.


The batsman offers no stroke and is wrapped on the pads. 75/5


Floats it up on middle, Rohit defends it solidly.


This time he pitches it on leg stump. Sharma lunges forward in defense.


Tosses it up outside off leg, Sharma plants his front foot ahead and kicks it away.


Another ball down the leg side, trying to make use of the rough outside the leg stump of the batsman. He pads it away.


Bowls a negative line down the leg side. Sharma pads it away.

Spin for the first time today! Keshav Maharaj is into the attack.


Played to the point region by the batsman. They pick up a single. 75/5


Shorter in length outside off, it stays low a touch. Sharma chops it to point.


FOUR! Just short of a length outside off. Sharma guides it through point. The fielder from gully gives it a chase, dives but all in vain. A boundary results.


Fuller on off, driven to mid on.


Back of a length on off, guided to point.


Full and outside off, Sharma goes after it away from his body but gets beaten. He should be leaving those. He could have easily edged that one.


The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery. 70/5


Fuller in length on off, driven to mid on.


Back of a length on off, Sharma guides it to point for a run.


Good length on off, Sharma defends it solidly.


The batsman works it down the leg side.

Rohit Sharma pulls out very late. Almost after the bowler delivers the delivery. Maybe he was not ready. Philander is not happy as he gives him a stare.


FOUR! Up and over! Fuller on middle, in the zone of Sharma. he flicks it over mid-wicket for a boundary.


Fuller in length on middle, eased to mid on. 65/5

Hardik Pandya walks out to the middle.


OUT! In the air... and what a catch! Morne Morkel, you beauty! He is generally not known for his fielding but he has taken an absolutely brilliant catch. Rabada bangs it short on middle, Parthiv who has played with a lot of intent since the start of play today, goes for the pull shot. He gets a top edge which flies towards fine leg. Looking at where the ball is going Parthiv would have felt he is going to get another boundary but Morkel in the deep has different ideas. He runs to his right, dives, stretches both his hands and catches it. He gets up and is ecstatic about it. Parthiv Patel cannot believe it but he has to walk back. The South Africans run towards Morkel in delight. Two early wickets for South Africa and India are now staring down the barrel. They need another 222 runs.


Played to the point region by the batsman.


FOUR! TOP SHOT! Fuller in length on middle, Patel uses the pace and punches it down to long on for a boundary.


Back of a length outside off, Patel guides it to point.


On the shorter length on middle, Sharma works it around the corner for a run.


Flicks it with the angle, on the leg side for a run. 60/4


Good length outside off, Sharma lets it be.


The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.


FOUR! Edged but runs! Philander bowls it on off, it shapes away a touch. Sharma tries to defend but it goes off the outside edge, past the diving slip fielder for a boundary.

De Kock upto the stumps now.


This ball is defended from the crease.


This is well outside off, Sharma lets it be.


Good length outside off, Patel tries to defend but gets beaten. 55/4


The batsman flicks it away with a wristy shot.


FOUR! Fabulous! Not a bad delivery there by Philander, he lands it on a length outside off, Patel drives it on the up, through covers for a boundary.


Short of a length on off, Patel defends it solidly.


Bowls a bumper on middle, Patel ducks under it.


Poor from Patel! Rabada bowls it short and wide outside off, Patel flashes at it away from his body but gets beaten.


This ball is flicked off his pads. 51/4


On a length outside off, played to point.


This is defended off the front foot onto the ground.


The batsman fails to put bat on ball.


Sharma gets a length ball on arrival, he works it away through square leg to get going straightaway.

Rohit Sharma walks out at no. 6.


OUT! Cheteshwar Pujara is run out. AGAIN. Wonder why you would try to take an extra run in a manner that isn't your strongest. The furlorn look on the Indians' faces has a tale to tell. Patel plays this delivery through point and calls for a couple. Ngidi runs after it from point and keeps the ball in play. De Villiers rushes there through gully and fires a throw to de Kock. It reaches the keeper on half-volley and he whips the bails off even as Pujara, who wanted a third, dives to get back in. The appeal is referred upstairs. Multiple looks are taken at the replays. It is seen that Pujara's bat isn't inside the crease as the bails are disturbed. The umpire wants to take no chances and continues looking at it with the magnifier. The batsman is waiting for the inevitable and finally, to the home side's delight, OUT is displayed on the big screen. This hasn't been a match that Cheteshwar would want to remember. The hosts are pumped up with an early wicket yet again and that too, of someone who could have proved to be a thorn in their flesh.

Another run out? Cheteshwar Pujara is the man in question. He dives full length but seems to be short of getting in at the striker's end. It is taken upstairs.


This is guided through gully for a couple. 47/3


Sometimes, good fielding and accurate throwing can result in a run like this case. Patel defends this towards mid on straight to Philander. He hurls a throw at the keeper's end and it hits the stumps at the end. It deflects behind and a run results. Wasn't very far from the helmet there.

Interesting. Michael Holding tells us that there are thunderstorms predicted for later in the day. To get there though, the Indians have to counter the initial storm from the Protea bowlers.


Defended towards point from the crease.


Similar length ball, blocked off towards mid on.


Patel hops up and bunts this down.


Length ball around off, blocked towards covers.


Sprayed down the leg side, Patel misses the flick. De Kock fails to stop that cleanly and a bye results. 44/3


Aggression? Fuller in line of off, driven back off the inner half towards the bowler. Philander takes it with his left hand in his followthrough, turns and hurls a throw at the stumps at the striker's end. Patel is well in but the look on his face is that of a baby which is being bullied by a burly human.


On a length just outside off, Patel mistimes his cut and chops it towards covers.


Cheteshwar pushes it towards mid off with soft hands and scampers to the other end. Good cricket this.


This is outside off, let alone.


FOUR! Not a good way to be welcomed with the ball for Vern. He bowls it wide outside off, Pujara stays back and guides it past gully and earns himself a boundary. Positive start from him this morning.

Vernon Philander to bowl from the other end. He rarely veers away from the line of the stumps and hence seeing him off would be crucial.


On a length just outside off, Patel is squared up a touch and gets it off the outer edge past gully for a brace. Pujara is laboured in his running and hence a third isn't possible. 38/3


Bouncer around off, Parthiv ducks.


Length ball from round the wicket, Patel stands tall and blocks.


First run of the day. Cheteshwar taps it towards cover-point and hares to the other end.


Close leave! Length delivery outside off, it nips in after pitching. Pujara lets it go based on the length. It passed just over the off stick and went through to the keeper. Wonder if it is easy to leave deliveries based on length on this track.


On target right away. Fuller in length, in line of the off stump, blocked off the inner half to the on side.

We are set to get underway! The home side is in a huddle, planning for the final rites of the opposition, perhaps. Imagine how good it will be to be in that side of the dressing room. Out walk the two Indians with the bat, who belong to the same part of the nation Pujara and Patel. The former will face Rabada first up. Three slips in place.

PITCH REPORT - Shaun Pollock says that it is bright and hot out there. Observes that the cracks have started to widen up and there is a lot of rough on offer for the bowlers to work with. Walks over to the pavilion end and points to a spot where the cracks are more prominent. That is the spot from where the ball has tended to misbehave he reckons. Adds that it is the area which was responsible for de Villiers' and Vijay's wicket. Ends saying that the batters would just hope that the ball bearing their number comes later or doesn't come at all. Hope. That's what his tone sounded at the middle.

We have seen this track be a up-and-down one. How to tackle the low bounce? The experts before the match put up a display and tell us that the batsmen should try and get forward to counter it. The key is to play it with a straight bat as much as possible. They show a visual of de Villiers doing the same to a ball that almost failed to let go off the pitch. The Protea batsman in that occasion got forward, got nicely low and countered it with a straight bat. If a ball has your number on it, it'll go on to disturb the woodwork behind. But if not, at least you won't end up playing it on. Fair point and we may well see Pujara doing the same, opines my colleague KI.

If the way the Protea pacers ran in was anything to go by, they'll be fresher and raring to make quick inroads when they step out today. What happens many-a-times in such a situation is, batting sides lose it in their minds much before they come to the batting crease. It is a case of demons in the mind than in reality. Pujara can be the best man to have in such a scene and he is out there in the middle after countering 40 deliveries for his 11. What does the bat-ball contest have for us today? Stay with us as we travel through it.

98 overs in the day. One side needs 252 runs, the other, just 7 wickets. This could be all over in a trice. This could crawl away and stretch to the last hour of the game. Endless possibilities, numerous hopes. Wherever you are, we are glad to have you with us for the last day of this second Test between South Africa and India played at Centurion, where there's no question of which side is on top.

... Final Day, First Session ...

The last day in this Test can be only about survival from here on. The ever-reliable Pujara is still out there but the batters on whom you'd bet your money on in such a scenario, Vijay and Kohli, are back in the hut. Expect the host bowlers to come back with more venom. That's the only choice and option that they've got. It'll culminate in a just reward for their efforts (stating the inevitable). But there's a fight to look forward to (in hope). The action is not something that you should miss. See you tomorrow at 1000 local time (0800 GMT). Adios, take care!

Earlier in the day, the Proteas were finally bundled out after they kept the tourists at bay for almost 92 overs and 258 runs. Elgar and de Villiers need mention for notching up fifties (also not to forget their 141-run association together) and Faf, too, for his stoic knock that ended two short of fifty. Without stating Philander's contribution, where he managed to stay for 26 overs with his skipper in a stand that read 46 runs, the South Africans' scorecard wouldn't have been aptly described. If at all we say, that they were restricted, it is because of Shami's four-fer and Bumrah's three.

India had about 25 overs to see off the day and 23 were bowled in actual. But they failed to come out unscathed from the passage. There was a steady flow of wickets and that has hampered them big time. The telling blow was that of Kohli, who easily looked India's best in the first essay. Rabada first, and Ngidi later, helped their side rock back the visitors who has a tall mountain of 287 runs to chase.

Hush, thank god the day's done and dusted! Don't get me wrong, these are not my words but these are what the 11 men representing India might be feeling. If you try to fight fire with wood or ice, you'd be the one getting burned or injured. But that won't be the case if you either get away from the line of fire or counter it with more fire. Yes, the talk of fire is enough to let you know that the heat is on at Centurion. South Africa are the one dominating this and only a miracle can deny them a win from here.


Patel sees off the final ball of the day with a forward defense. That's all for the day, STUMPS, DAY 4! 35/3


Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.


Defended off the front foot to Elgar.

Silly point in place. No helmet and no shin guards for him.


Oh, de Kock! When on earth will you appeal for the right ones? Floats it full outside off, Patel jams it down and it's a crowd catch to Philander at covers. 'Oh yes' yells Quinton in excitement.


Floated outside off, spins in after pitching. Patel lunges forward in defense.


Flatter outside off, pushed towards point to rotate strike.

Last over of the day, Keshav Maharaj to bowl it.


Full on off, driven back to the bowler. Ngidi hurls a throw to the keeper, just flying past Patel. He gives a long stare to the bowler, who turns back to collect his cap from the umpire. 34/3


Fuller in length, driven to mid on.


This is sprayed down the leg side, PP fails to flick it.


Short ball around off, defended from the crease.


Length ball outside off, Patel looks to leave it initially but then doesn't. Gets beaten on the inside.


Patel tries to defend this but ends up getting a thick edge through gully for a brace.

6 minutes to go to the close of the day, Ngidi will continue.


Defended off the inner half towards mid-wicket. 32/3


This takes off a bit more, Che gets on his toes and defends it down.


This is well outside off, left alone.


Outside off, defended towards point.


Pujara defends it from the crease with a straight bat.


On the pads, flicked away in front of square for a brace.


Runs for Patel after some oohs and aahs. He punches this through cover-point for a brace. 30/3


The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.


Another sound, this time no appeal from anybody in the slip cordon. Length ball just outside off, Patel has a feel for that and seems to have nicked it. Nothing from the hosts and play carries on. No Snicko to aid us here.


This is played towards point from the crease.


Huge appeal, in fact the Proteas go up in celebration here. They are cut short only by the umpire's disagreement. Ngidi angles this down the leg side, Patel gets across and looks to flick. The ball goes off something to de Kock who goes up in celebration. All the players appeal to no avail. Replays confirm that it went off the pads indeed. About de Kock though, read 18.4.


On a length from round the wicket, defended from the crease.

Now, out comes the chest guard for Parthiv Patel. He is also seen popping some pills there.


Hurled down the leg side, left alone. 28/3


The batsman defends it from within the crease.


Lovely ball, almost gone! Delivered on a length just outside off, Pujara tries to defend thinking the ball would come in. It goes on with the angle and he gets beaten on the outside. Quinton almost leaps in appeal before withdrawing it. Hang on to your breaths. The reason for this is, SNICKO SHOWS A SPIKE as the ball passes the bat. Appealing when not required and not doing so when required, that's what has happened with de Kock here. The Indian no.3 lives on fortunes here.


Look what a short ball that affects you can do. Patel hangs back expecting a barrage from Morkel as well. The pacer, realizing this, slips in a fuller one around off and middle. Parthiv chips it aerially towards mid on, where it lands just short of Philander. He ends up parrying it to his right and a run results. De Kock has his hands on his heads and has to react quickly to collect the unanticipated throw from Vern.


Similar ball, flicked away through mid-wicket for one.


On the pads, flicked to mid-wicket.


Sees off the last ball with a back foot defense. A maiden from Lungi. 26/3


This ball is flicked off towards mid-wicket.


Another length ball on a similar length, Patel hops up to defend. Doesn't climb up much and he ends up getting it off the bottom of the bat.


Oh my gosh! Parthiv Patel is down on his haunches. He fails to get this length ball, that is a touch short, away. The ball that is delivered at 136 kph, goes on to strike him on his ribs. He is down in pain as he is not wearing a chest guard. The Proteas come in to have a word with him and ensure he is all good. Good to see this sportsmanship among them though that wouldn't reduce the brutality that they will be offering to the batsmen. On another look, it is seen that the ball hit his gloves as well. Good for him as that would have reduced the impact on that. Nevertheless, he is good to go now.


This is outside off, left alone.


Ngidi comes round the wicket and lands it on a length outside off, Patel covers the stumps and lets it go.


Another leave in the over, a maiden. 26/3


This is sprayed down the leg side, Che misses the flick.


Outside off, left alone by Pujara.


Another one outside off, left alone.


This is well outside off, left alone.


Almost another! Morkel angles this on a length from outside off. Pujara misses the defense and wears it high on the pads. No damage done here.

Parthiv Patel strides out to bat next. Surprising move? Not sure. If anything, India must have sent him in as an assured nightwatchman. Or maybe a left-right combination.


OUT! Game, set, match? The frustrating look on Kohli's face and the felicity on the South Africans' says just that. Ngidi lands it on a length outside off and it nips back in viciously. What's more, it stays low as well. Kohli hops up and looks to flick it away but misses to get hit on the front pad. Dead duck. The appeal from the Proteas is just a formality and they get the umpire's nod. Virat knows he is a goner but the value that he brings to the side made him opt for the review after talking with Pujara. The Hawk Eye comes in just as a formality after the Snicko rules out an inside edge. Even the Indian skipper knows the same and he starts to walk back towards the dressing room. Stops a bit near the boundary fence to have a glance at the final decision flashed on the big screen. There are some pleasantaries exchanged with the opposition as well. India still 261 away, while the Proteas 7 wickets away from a series win. The first look at this dismissal brought back memories of the way Boult had got him back in 2016 when the Kiwis had toured India. 26/3

Gone! Kohli has been given the marching orders here. After a lot of pondering, he opts for the DRS. This one stayed low and scooted in. No chance of getting saved due to height. Inside edge? Let's see.


Defended off the back foot towards point.


On a length, Kohli keeps it out off the back foot.


Kohli gets nicely forward in defending this towards covers.


This one is flicked away through square leg for one.


FOUR! Come back, come back, shouts Kohli as soon as Pujara played that and they crossed for a run. But no need, as the ball has been timed really well. This is angled in on a length, Pujara works it through fine leg. Morkel has to run to his right in the deep, he does so and slides in an attempt to stop that. But he lands on his right shoulder and fails to keep the ball in play. No questioning his commitment but one wonders whether the lanky pacer needs to risk an injury at this stage of the game.


Another one outside off, left alone by Kohli. Second maiden on the trot for Morkel. 21/2


Another one outside off, left alone.


Well outside off, swings away as well. Left alone by VK.


Low bounce, that's what seems to be troubling the Indians here. Morne delivers it on a length around off, Kohli looks to defend it off the back foot. But the low bounce means that he ends up playing with with the bottom of his blade.


Length ball on the stumps, Virat has to hop up to keep it out.


Bowled outside off, Kohli leaves it alone.


Outside off, left alone. 21/2


Length ball straighter in line, Kohli plays it towards square leg and gets to the other end.


FOUR! Almost gone! That's what the first look showed. Length delivery aiming at the stumps, it squares Kohli up. He ends up edging it past third slip and gets a boundary. Of all the ways to get off the mark, this is the one this time for the Indian skipper and that too after 8 balls.


Around off, blocked from the crease.


Fuller in length, outside off, Kohli lunges forward and defends it.


Ngidi angles this from outside off, Virat gets solidly behind that and defends it down to the off side.


Length ball, a touch on the shorter side, outside off. Pujara minds his own business by getting his bat out of the way. A maiden over to start for the Giraffe. 16/2


Fuller in line of the stumps, clipped to mid-wicket.


This is outside off, left alone.


Well left. Che covers his stumps and shoulders arms to that one.


On a length outside off, defended towards point.


Begins with a full ball outside off, left alone by Pujara.

Another change. The tall Morne Morkel will run in with the ball now. He's on the back of a four-fer in the first innings. On his home ground, his confidence will be taller than his height.


Kohli stays put on his back foot and blocks it down. 16/2


This is outside off, left alone.


Length ball around off, defended off the back foot.


This is hurled outside off, left alone.


Bowled on off, defended back towards the bowler.

Virat Kohli walks in to bat next. I think it's time that we stop giving huge build-ups and introduction about this guy. If you want it, take this - 153.


OUT! KL Rahul, what have you done? Brain fade? Overconfidence? Wonder what else it could be. Whatever it is, the young Ngidi picks up his second Test wicket. Now the voices talking about Dhawan-for-Rahul will get louder. His face hangs down in disappointment but he has nobody else to blame but the man whom he sees when he looks in the mirror. Ngidi bowls a harmless length ball outside off. Yes, HARMLESS. Rahul could have left it alone all day long. Instead, he hits it off the middle of the bat straight to Maharaj at backward point. The fielder would have felt like participating in a catch-practise session. India lose two already. They are still 21 runs more than 250 from where they have to be at the end of the game to be on the right side of it.

Lungi Ngidi is brought into the attack now.


Lovely bowling. Seeing the previous ball come in, Pujara hangs his defensive bat out to play at that. But this one moves away from outside off beating the outside edge by not much. Clever stuff from Vern. Maiden over. 16/1


This one comes in a touch from a length outside off, Pujara defends it from the crease with a straight bat.


Well outside off and moving further away, Pujara minds his own business by letting it be.


Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.


Fuller and closer to the stumps, Pujara defends it off the front foot.

Two slips and a catcher at short mid-wicket await.


Full length ball outside off, Pujara hangs out his defensive bat at that. Gets an inside edge onto his pads. On another unfortunate day, his stumps would have been clattered as a result.


Rahul blocks it down off the front foot onto the ground. 16/1

The ball has been shown to the umpire. The seam seems to be bruised and Morkel does the right thing by taking it to the umpire rather than picking on it and taking things in his hands.


This is outside off, left alone.


This is full and outside off, driven nicely to covers.


Banged short in line of the stumps, Pujara ducks under it. QDK leaps high but still manages to only make a partial stop. A bye taken.


Length ball on off, defended from the crease.


Intent. That's writ large on this single from KL Rahul. However, Pujara's heart would have been in his mouth. The former taps this length ball towards point and sets off for a run. The latter responds without any hesitation. He would have given an after-thought to that call seeing de Villiers get to the ball but does well to make it in. AB nails a direct hit at the striker's end but Pujara is well in.


Good length on middle, defended towards mid on. 14/1


On a length around off, shaping away. Pujara guides it through backward point for a couple.


Worked with the angle towards mid-wicket.


Good length outside off, Pujara lets it be.

The man from backward point moves into the slip cordon.


Finally a run! Rahul flicks this ball down to fine leg for a run.


Length on off, defended solidly.


Good length outside off, Pujara lets it be. End of a maiden wicket for Rabada. 11/1

Cheteshwar Pujara walks out at no. 3.


OUT! Drags it on! Rabada draws first blood! An early wicket for South Africa. Rabada lands it on a length around off, jags back in and also stays very low. Vijay tries to defend but the ball takes the bottom edge and deflects onto the stumps. Not a lot Vijay could have done on that delivery. He walks back dejected and India have been rocked back early. 276 more needed.


Another ball outside off, Vijay makes a leave.


Back of a length outside off, Vijay defends it away form his body.


On a length around middle, Vijay defends it towards mid-wicket.


Fuller in length on off, eased to covers.


Ho, ho, ho! That was close to the off pole and also stays low! He lands it on a length outside off, stays very low. Rahul is beaten as he tries to defend and the ball goes agonizingly close to the off pole. We saw many a deliveries like this during the South African batting but none misbehaved from the line of the stumps. This was very close though. 11/0


Length outside off, left alone.


Just ahead of a length on off, Rahul defends it onto the ground. This is the line I am talking about, now just the swing.


On a length around off, defended solidly.


Full and wide outside off, swinging away. Rahul once again leaves it. A little closer to the off pole with the same swing and the slip cordon might be in business.


On the pads, worked to mid-wicket.


Bouncer! This bounces way above the batsman's head. Lucky to have not called it a wide. 11/0


Length ball outside off, Vijay is not interested in playing at it.


Back of a length on off, Vijay defends it off the back foot.


Angles it into the batsman, Vijay works it to mid-wicket.


Shorter in length outside off, Vijay does not play at it.


Good length on off, Vijay lunges forward and defends it.


On a length outside off, bounces a touch more. Rahul still has a lot of time to adjust and defend it onto the ground as it is a slow pitch. 11/0


He angles it into the pads and then gets it to shape away a little. Rahul does really well to not close the bat face early and instead defends it with a straight bat.


Well played and well bowled! Philander is trying to shape the ball away but is not able to do so. He bowls it on a length around off, Rahul defends it to covers.


Wide enough for the batsman to not play at it.


Philander bowls an outswinger on off, Rahul defends it by staying inside the crease.


Good length on off, Rahul defends it solidly.


Back of a length on off, Rahul taps it towards point for an another easy run. This is what India have to do, keep rotating strike, put away the bad balls and not gift wickets like they did in the first innings. 11/0


A similar shot to the boundary he hit but this time Faf has a man at deep point. So only a single. A defensive approach by Faf? Maybe because the pitch is not that hard to bat on.


Now back to leaving deliveries outside off.


FOUR! Top shot! Not an easy shot to play. Back of a length delivery outside off, Vijay rocks back and punches it through cover-point for the first boundary off the Indian innings.


Good length on off, Vijay defends it.


The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.


Another delivery outside off, a harmless ball. Rahul leaves it. 5/0


Good length outside off, Rahul opts not to play at it.


Yes, no, yes, no and to Vijay's delight Rabada slips. Gavaskar on air mentions that the calling between the two has not been good. Vijay taps the length ball towards mid on and initially calls for a run. The two hesitate again but then go through with it. Rabada runs towards the ball and slips as he reaches to it. No harm done.


Length outside off, Vijay lets it be.


Good length on off, Rahul taps it towards cover-point for a run.


Full ball outside off, wanting Rahul to go after it loosely. Rahul has learnt from his mistake on his first ball and lets it be.


Another ball outside off, comes slow off the surface, it surely did not look 142 Kph. Vijay makes a leave. 3/0


Defended off the back foot by the batsman.


Good length outside off, Vijay shoulders his arms to it.


Good length on off, Vijay taps it towards point and calls for a run. Vijay hesitates but they continue with it as Rahul responds to the initial call. Maharaj fires a wayward throw at the non-striker's end and the batsmen get an extra run.


Another ball outside off, Vijay need not play at those.


Fuller in length outside off, Vijay lets it be.

Kagiso Rabada will share the new ball!


On a length around off, Rahul defends it back to the bowler. 1/0


This was better from Rahul! He shoulders arms to a ball outside off.


Good length on off, Rahul defends it off the front foot.


Back of a length on off, Rahul defends it solidly.


Beauty! Fuller in length on off, shapes away. Rahul is drawn into the drive but gets beaten. No need of playing those especially on the first ball. He has a smile on his face but that would have been wiped off had he edged it.


Good start for India! They are off the mark straightaway! Back of a length on off, Vijay guides it through point for a run.