South Africa Vs India LIVE SCORE (t20)

South Africa Vs India At The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, 18 February, 2018

18 February, 2018
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

203/5 (20.0 ov)

1st T20I

175/9 (20.0 ov)

India beat South Africa by 28 runs










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Manish Pandey not out 29 27 0 1
Hardik Pandya not out 13 7 2 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Dane Paterson 4 0 48 0
Junior Dala 4 0 47 2










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Junior Dala not out 2 3 0 0
Tabraiz Shamsi not out 0 2 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4 0 24 5
Jaydev Unadkat 4 0 33 1

That's all we have from this game. Another lop-sided game, another win for India. Will the plot change? South African fans would definitely hope for that. The second T20I shall take place on February, 21st in Centurion at 1800 local (1600 GMT). Do join us for that as well. We take your leave for now. Goodbye and cheers!

Victorious Indian skipper, Virat Kohli says he tweaked his glute while batting and didn't want to risk it so preferred to move out of the field. Is really proud of the boys the way they showed up today. Calls it a team batting performance as everyone chipped in. And then is out of words to describe Bhuvneshwar Kumar's effort with the ball. Isn't disappointed with the score that they got on the board as he feels they never let the run rate dropped below 10 at any point. On what was the message given to his boys, he opines it message was simple that they're are here till the 25th and they have to enjoy every bit.

Man of the Match, Bhuvneshwar Kumar is really delighted to have picked up a 5-fer. Says he keeps it simple by bowling in good areas and mixing it up. States he saw what the hosts' bowlers did - took the pace off to make matters worse and he did exactly that to reap the rewards. Reckons it's a special feeling when you perform well in tough situation.

South Africa skipper, Jean-Paul Duminy is really disappointed with today's performance. Is happy to have pulled things back after the big Powerplay in the first innings. Lauds his bowlers for doing the job. Rues the dropped catches on the field and admits that it does cost you the games. Takes the blame on him and other senior players as they failed to take the responsibility.

A lot and lot of soul-searching to do for the home side. They bowlers bowled well in the death but the fact that they leaked too many upfront asked too much on the part of the batters to do the job. Apart from Reeza Hendricks and Farhaan Behardien none of the batsmen got going and in the end, they suffered yet another shambolic defeat. Hang in as we have the presentation coming up for you...

The run chase never took off to be honest. The Indian bowlers were right on the money and they dented the hosts by picking up two wickets inside the first five overs. Bhuvneshwar Kumar was just outstanding and impressed one and all by picking up his maiden 5-wicket haul in T20Is. The others chipped in with breakthroughs at regular intervals apart from Jasprit Bumrah, who remained wicket-less. But his acrobatic effort in the field should nullify that.

India continue to dominate proceedings in the colored clothing. They have yet again outclassed the Proteas in all the facets of the game. Firstly, they were put into bat and they scaled a huge total of 203 on the board. It was Dhawan who anchored the innings with useful contributions from the rest. At the halfway stage, given the nature of the surface, it seemed like the Indians are at least 15-20 runs short but... it proved to be too much in the end.


That's it! India win by 28 runs to go 1-0 up! Unadkat bowls a slower short ball outside off, Tabraiz Shamsi looks to pull but doesn't connect.


Slower delivery on off, Shamsi swings and misses.

Tabriaz Shamsi is the last man in.


OUT! Unadkat has one to his name as well. Hurls a cutter, wider outside off, Andile Phehlukwayo swings hard across the line but gets a top edge towards point where Chahal takes a sitter. Can India bowl South Africa out?


Shortish ball on middle and off, Phehlukwayo pulls it through mid-wicket and gets two to his name.


Waits for the slower one to come to him and when it comes he looks to go hard at it. Gets a bottom edge on the bounce to Dhoni.


FOUR! A boundary to begin the final over. Very full on off, Phehlukwayo tries to dig it out but gets an edge down to third man.

35 needed off the final 6 balls. South Africa need to do a Yuvraj Singh here. Jaydev Unadkat to bowl the last over.


Was that a catch? Fuller in length, Dala brings his bat down at the right time. He squeezes it out towards point where Rohit dives to his left to stop it. 169/8


Andile drills it through mid off for a single.


The batsman gets a leading edge on that one. One run added to the total.


Fullish in length, driven through cover for one.


Length delivery outside off, dabbed towards third man for a single.


Driven through mid-off by the batsman. One run added to the total.


FOUR! Waist height no ball from Bumrah. Maybe, it slipped out of his hands. Andile is taken aback by it. Puts his bat to it and gets it off the outer edge towards Dhoni who fails to stop it due to the bad bounce. It deflects off his pads and goes down to third man for a boundary. Jasprit immediately apologizes. Free Hit coming up next.

Junior Dala walks out next to bat.


OUT! It's a team Hat-trick for India! South Africa are falling like nine pins here. Paterson cuts it towards Pandya at backward point who half-stops it and concedes a run. The pair goes for the second even as Hardik recovers in time and returns a throw to Dhoni who takes the bails off. Paterson fails to make it in even with the dive. It's not even taken upstairs. End of an eventful-match-winning over. 159/8

Dane Paterson to face the hat-trick ball.


OUT! And it's a FIVE-FER for Bhuvneshwar Kumar. His maiden in this format. What a performance! Another delivery on the stumps, Morris comes and doesn't waste anytime. Smacks it down the ground towards Raina at long on. He manages to hold onto as he catches it near the fingertips. Now then, can he pick up a hat-trick?

Chris Morris is the new man in.


OUT! Another one bites the dust! Career-best figures for Bhuvi now. Fuller ball, on the stumps, Klaasen clears the front leg and lofts it down the ground. Didn't get any meat behind the shot and it's a simple catch to Raina at long on. Can Kumar pick up a 5-fer?


Goes back and pulls it straight back towards the non-striker. The ball deflects off his partner's pads and rolls towards mid on. Bhuvi himself runs to the ball and by the time he retrieves, they take a brace.


HK hits a fuller delivery down to long on and comes back for a couple. Good running!

Andile Phehlukwayo is the new man in.


OUT! Got him. Bhuvi picks up his third and that certainly should be the final nail in the coffin. Slower delivery, around middle and off, Hendricks looks to slog it across the line but gets a thick top edge. It goes straight up in the air and Dhoni calls for it. Settles nicely under it to send the South African opener back.


FOUR! More runs! The crowd loves it. 15 have come from this over and South Africa need another 50 to win. Slower delivery outside off, Klaasen goes hard at it. Gets an edge which goes over short third man and trickles away to the fence. 154/4


SIX! What a strike that is! Absolutely pummeled! Waits back to a short ball and smites it with a flat-bat down the ground for a maximum.


Hendricks lofts it down to long off where it goes on the bounce to Dhawan. A single added to the total.


Dhoni fumbles! Bowls a full toss on the stumps, Heinrich misses to get bat on ball and Dhoni behind the stumps fumbles. Concedes a bye.


Wide! Pandya bangs in a short one, it rises and goes over the head of Klaasen.


On a back of a length outside off, Hendricks stays leg side and punches it towards sweeper cover for a single.


Punched off the back foot through cover for one.

Hardik Pandya comes back. South Africa need one big over.


FOUR! Right through the gap. Really played that well. Reeza makes room to a fuller delivery and opens the face of the bat to get it between the gap at backward point and short third man. A boundary results! 65 required off 24! 139/4


Makes some room and square drives it towards point to pick a single.


Backs away to a length delivery and hits it down to long off for one.


Reeza tries to pull that one but failed to connect it.


FOUR! Up and over! Hendricks is keeping them in the hunt! Gets underneath a fuller ball and lofts it over mid off for a boundary.


Bowls a clever slower delivery, RH gets down to sweep but misses.

Heinrich Klaasen is the new man in.


OUT! Chahal strikes on the last ball of the spell! He breaks the stand that was blooming. Is that the game for India? We shall find out. Floated delivery on the stumps, Behardien dances down the track to go big but is done in by the flight. Mistimes his lofted shot to long on where Manish Pandey comes a few yards in to take it and put an end to the 81-run association. The hosts need to score 5 more than 70 in 30 balls. 129/4


Chance of a run out! Reeza cuts it towards Rohit at point and takes him on. The Indian opener returns a throw to Chahal who fails to collect it. A single taken.


FOUR! Sliced over! Runs have started to flow for SA! Chahal sees the batsman giving the charge and hence drifts it wider outside off, Hendricks still goes after the lofted shot and ends up slicing it over point to find the fence.


Floated ball outside off, Reeza gets down and plays the slog sweep. It goes towards deep mid-wicket where Pandya comes running in and overruns it but recovers in time to keep them down to a couple.


Drops it short on middle, FB goes back and pulls it through backward square leg for one.


Quicker and flatter through the air, gets it to skid off the pitch, Farhaan gets an inside edge on the pads.

Yuzvendra Chahal to bowl out. Can he pick up a wicket?


Fuller delivery on off, drilled through extra cover for one more. 9 off this over, good comeback from Jasprit after being hit for a biggie on the very first ball of the over. 83 needed from 36 balls. 121/3


Foxes the batsman with the slower delivery. Behardien swings and misses.


Low full toss outside off, RH once again stays leg side and powers it over cover but will get just a single.


This is Bumrah at his best! Fires in a pinpoint yorker, Reeza makes room but couldn't dig it out. It rolls on a couple of bounces to Dhoni behind.


Slower ball on a length outside off, pushed towards cover for a single.


SIX! Welcome Bumrah, says Farhaan! Jasprit starts the spell with a fuller delivery veering on the pads, Behardien moves across and dumps it beautifully over deep square leg for a maximum to start the over.

Jasprit Bumrah is back on. He has bowled just one over and has given three runs.


Maiden T20I fifty for Reeza Hendricks! He has fought well. Can he start to fire now? Ball - Tucks the length delivery in front of square on the leg side and scampers across for a brace. 112/3


Slower delivery, angling in on middle, Reeza tucks it through mid-wicket and calls for two. The throw comes in to Dhoni who collects and tries to disturb the stumps but misses. Moves to 49 does Reeza.


Punched through the cover for a single.


Stands tall looks to dab it away but couldn't put bat to ball.


FOUR! Crashed away! Slower ball, shorter in length and outside off, Farhaan slaps it uppishly past a diving Rohit at backward point for a boundary.


Slower delivery outside off, Behardien looks to run it down but fails to do so.

Jaydev Unadkat is back into the attack.


Oh, yes he does! Superb delivery to end the over! Loops it up around middle and it turns away past the outside edge to the keeper. 103/3


FOUR! More runs! Yuzi is taken for runs today! Flatter delivery outside off, turning away, Reeza goes back and slaps it through cover-point to find the fence. 14 already from the over. Can he finish well?


FOUR! Shot! Chahal floats it up outside off, Hendricks gets down and murders the slog sweep over mid-wicket for a boundary. It also brings up the 50-run stand between the two.


Drives it down to long on for a single.


Wide! Pushes it too wide outside off, FB doesn't play at it. This time it's called as a wide.


FOUR! Beats the man at backward point! Tossed up delivery outside off, Farhaan gets into the position early and reverse sweeps it past Unadkat at short third man to pick up another boundary.


Farhaan was standing way to across and hence Chahal drifts it further away from him. He leaves it alone expecting a wide which is not given by the umpire.


FOUR! Some runs here for South Africa! Hendricks gets a freebie on the pads, he walks across and flick-pulls it over square leg for a boundary to end the over. 115 needed off 54 balls. 89/3


Behardien comes down the track and toe-ends the drive towards Dhawan at mid off for a single.


Another slower delivery, angling in on middle, Reeza works it through square leg to get to the other end.


Calls for two and gets it comfortably! Hendricks walks across to this slower length delivery and clips it through mid-wicket.


Fullish again outside off, Behardien chips it aerially over cover for a single.


Fuller in length and on the stumps, lofted down to long on for a single.


Flatter on the stumps, Reeza goes back and works it through mid-wicket for one. 79/3


Just short! Flatter outside off, Hendricks ends up slicing it towards backward point. Unadkat stationed there dives forward but the ball lands just short.


Outside off, driven through covers for a single.


Floated around off, pushed through covers. Seeing the bowler run after that and hence there being no one to collect the throw at the bowler's end, Behardien calls for two. The batter rush for the second as well. Meanwhile, Raina does the mopping up in the deep and fires a throw at the bowler's end but misses. Could have been close had he hit.


SIX! BAM! Nice, clean shot. Tossed up delivery around off, Behardien charges down the track and hits it straight over the bowler's head for a maximum.


Floated outside off, lofted on the bounce to sweeper cover for one.


Length ball on the pads, Farhaan looks to flick it but gets a thin edge. The ball goes on the bounce to Dhoni. Perhaps the change of pace made the ball not carry to him. 68/3


FOUR! Misses the yorker, does Hardik. Behardien doesn't miss out though. It turns out to be a low full toss on the pads, Behardien gets some bat on that one. The ball races away towards fine leg. Unadkat rushes to his right from deep square leg and puts the dive but is unable to stop that.


Short in length, Hendricks pulls it to deep square leg for a single.


Slower delivery on a length around off and middle, clipped through square leg for a single.


On a length around middle, worked away round the corner.


Well done, Yuzi! Fuller outside off, driven towards mid off. Chahal gets to his right from covers and dives to stop the ball. He also hits the stumps at the bowler's end but Reeza is well in.


Another cover drive fetches Hendricks a single. Six runs off this over. 61/3


Loopy ball around off, Farhaan gets forward and pushes it through covers for one.


Punched off the back foot by the batsman. One run added to the total.


Floated around middle, turned through mid-wicket for one.


Flatter outside off, Reeza goes back and slaps it through covers for one.


Tossed up on off, eased through mid on for one.

Spin time. Yuzvendra Chahal is brought into the attack. Can the Proteas be able to deal with him this evening?


Beaten all ends up! Length ball on off, it moves in, beating the batsman on the inside. 55/3


FOUR! Nicely played. Short and outside off, Hendricks stands back and cuts it over backward point for a boundary.


WIDE! The batsman tries flicking a ball that is down the leg side. The umpire has signaled a wide.


Behardien plays it with an angled bat and guides it to third man. They pick up a single. He gets off the mark.


Short in length, pulled through square leg for one.

Farhaan Behardien walks in next. 156 off 82 needed.


OUT! Another one bites the dust! Miller's short stay at the crease comes to the end. He looks to take the aerial route yet again. This is a fuller ball from Pandya at a slower pace. David lofts it over mid on. Dhawan backtracks from there and holds on to it with ease. These aren't easy ones to take, mind you, but Shikhar has done well. South Africa's troubles mount.


WIDE! Banged short, that passes over the batter's head.


SIX! Excellent effort from Jasprit Bumrah. But the new rule change has aided South Africa here. This delivery is slogged towards fine leg by Miller. Bumrah has his eyes on the ball and he jumps to keep the ball in play before returning the throw after recovering. However, the on-field umpires want to have another look. It is seen that Bumrah took a couple of steps back and first treaded on the ropes before jumping in the air to keep the ball in play. Thus, it is a biggie as the last contact was on or beyond the ropes and not in the field of play.

Hardik Pandya is brought into the attack.


Timber, at the other end though! This full delivery on the stumps is punched down the ground. It hits the stumps at the other end. The ball deflects towards mid on but doesn't result in a run. Just three of this one and South Africa finish the Powerplay at 41/2. 41/2


Similar delivery, but the height is more on this occasion as Hendricks misses the flick.


Stifled appeal, turned down. Length ball angling in, Reeza misses the flick and gets rapped high on the front thigh. An appeal comes in, turned down immediately.


Short in length, pulled through backward square leg for one.


David flicks this through mid on and gets a brace to get off the mark.


Bumrah runs in from round the wicket and hurls it on a length around off. Miller stands tall and clips it to mid-wicket.

Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the final over of the Powerplay.

David Miller is in at no. 4.


OUT! Don't know if Raina's innings with the bat justified his comeback, but this catch certainly shows why he was and still is regarded one of the best fielders India have. This is bowled full on middle and leg, Duminy was unable to find the gaps and hence decides to take the aerial route. He flick-chips it in the air towards square leg. Raina runs back there from inside the circle even as Chahal runs in from the deep. The calling was clear enough for the former to pouch that with ease. The elation on his face after catching that is justified. South Africa lose two inside the first five overs. 38/2


Straight ball around middle, clipped towards mid-wicket for one.


Quick run. Duminy taps it towards mid-wicket and hares to the other end.


Angling away on a length, JP stands back and guides it straight to short third man.


Length ball on the stumps, defended off the back foot.


Around middle and leg, worked away through mid-wicket for one. A slight fumble from Rohit there allows the run to be completed easily.


On a length around middle and leg, clipped away through mid-wicket for a brace. That gets him going. 35/1


Short in length, pulled to mid-wicket.


Glided towards point for a single.


Length ball slanting away, Hendricks moves across to the off side to heave it to the on side. Misses the ball completely.


Length ball, Duminy misses the flick and the ball goes off the thigh pads towards square leg for a leg bye.


Length ball around middle and leg, a bit of shape in is seen on that. Reeza gets an inside edge onto the pads and the ball rolls to the off side, resulting in a single.


On a length around middle and leg, worked away through mid-wicket for one. A successful over from Kumar ends. 30/1

Skipper Jean-Paul Duminy replaces Smuts in the middle.


OUT! Kumar provides the breakthrough! Excellent catch from Dhawan. Full length ball on off and middle, Smuts looks to clip it away to the on side. Ends up getting a top edge that stays in the air perennially. It floats towards mid-wicket. Dhawan from the deep comes forward a bit and hangs onto that comfortably. It was the knuckle ball and hence Smuts was through with his shot a bit early. The Proteas need 175 more to win.


Length ball on the pads, worked away through mid-wicket for one.


SIX! Eased away! Yes, the result and this description may not match but that's how it is. Full outside off, Hendricks just chips it aerially over mid off. Such is the contact that the bail soars over the fence easily.


Kumar delivers it around off and middle, Smuts comes down the track and blocks it to the on side for one.


Hurled on a length on leg, flicked away off the pads for one.


FOUR! Third boundary of the over, the best of the lot. Overpitched outside off, Smuts clears his front leg and drives it through the gap between mid off and covers for a boundary. 14 runs off this over. 20/0


FOUR! Mistimed but has enough. This is bowled on a length on the stumps, Smuts looks to go over the bowler's head. Does so but off the outer half. Has enough on it to clear mid on and go to the fence.


Flicked away off the pads through square leg for one.


Almost edged! Length ball angling away, Hendricks looks to drive on the up but misses.


WIDE! Ouch! Hope Unadkat is alright. He slips and falls as he delivers this one, thereby losing control of the ball. Ends up spraying the delivery well outside the tramline. It goes on a couple of bounces to the keeper. The others check on him and he is good to continue.


FOUR! Shot! Length ball angling away, Reeza stands tall and punches it through covers. The fielder there puts in the dive but is unable to make contact with the ball. The ball races away to the fence.


Fuller on the stumps, pushed back to the bowler.

Jaydev Unadkat to steam in from the other end. No slips for him, though a ring stands in guard on the off side.


How could that miss the stumps as well as the edge? This is hurled on a length around middle. The ball nips away just a touch after pitching. Smuts stays back and looks to whip it away to the on side but ends up missing it completely. The ball passes just over the stumps. Kumar cannot believe it. Decent start for India. 6/0


Full and swinging away just a touch, Smuts looks to go downtown but misses.


This one is punched off the back foot towards covers.


Edged! On a length outside off, Hendricks gets squared up a touch. Gets it off the outside edge towards third man for a single. Off the mark in not a great fashion.


Fuller on the stumps, turned through mid-wicket for a single.


FOUR! South Africa and Smuts are off in a flash! Hurled on a length outside off, Jon-Jon stands back and punches it through point. Pandey dives to his right from backward point but can do nothing to prevent the ball from racing away to the fence.

Welcome back. 204 will be the figure the Proteas will be after. Jon-Jon Smuts and Reeza Hendricks are the openers for South Africa. Bhuvneshwar Kumar will start with the ball first up. One slip in place.