South Africa Vs England LIVE SCORE (t20)

South Africa Vs England At Newlands, Cape Town, 01 December, 2020

01 December, 2020
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

191/3 (20.0 ov)

3rd T20I

192/1 (17.4 ov)

England beat South Africa by 9 wickets










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Faf du Plessis not out 52 37 5 3
Rassie van der Dussen not out 74 32 5 5
Bowling 0 M R W
Sam Curran 3 0 35 0
Jofra Archer 4 0 44 0










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Jos Buttler (W) not out 67 46 3 5
Dawid Malan not out 99 47 11 5
Bowling 0 M R W
George Linde 4 0 26 0
Anrich Nortje 4 0 37 1

Right! That's it from this game. England take the series 3-0. A lot to ponder for the Proteas. They will have the chance to return the favor when the ODI series starts. The first game of the 3-match series will begin on Friday, 4th December 2020. The action will begin at 1630 local (1100 GMT). Do join us for that game. Until then, goodbye and take care!

England skipper, Eoin Morgan, says that it was extremely pleasing. Tells both the captains got it wrong as they expected it to be a low scoring game. Morgan admits they missed their execution with the ball in the second half and credits South Africa to cash in on those opportunities. Tells Malan and Buttler were outstanding and it builds a lot of confidence in the dressing room. Morgan says that pressure situations are when you are going through tough times and says chasing a total like that after not getting off to a flier is an encouraging sign. Morgan says putting an all-around game is where they can improve. Tells they have progressed nicely as the tour has gone on. Morgan says they have a large group of guys some of which are here just for the 50-over series. Tells there is not a great deal of time to change and expects another tough series.

South Africa skipper, Quinton de Kock, admits it is disappointing not to defend 191 but credits the England players for the way they played. De Kock tells they played well and they played cleverly and they were unable to find a way to stop them. De Kock feels they have not played as badly as perceived and says playing against England was always going to be difficult. Tells they are still confident. Tells they have a lot of fresh and new faces and expects them to come with a good attitude.

For his supreme knock in this game and his overall performance in the series, Dawid Malan is named the Player of the Match and also the Plyer of the Series. Malan says that he is very happy and says that he got starts. Tells it was nice to get momentum and adds the wicket played really well. Malan admits he thought that 190 was a bit too much. Credits how they started and said the boundaries were small. Malan says he had the momentum and adds Buttler did not have the start he would have liked. So he took the charge as he had momentum and Buttler joined later. Malan says he plays the same way every time and adds sometimes it comes off sometimes it does not. Tells he has the power. Malan says that he had two sixes in his mind to finish but that boundary changed the calculation.

Stay tuned for the presentation as we will hear from both the captains and also find ut who the Player of the Match and Player of the Series is.

Earlier in the evening, de Kock won the toss and opted to bat. The hosts managed to get to 191 courtesy of brilliant batting performance and partnership from Rassie van der Dussen and Faf d Plessis. Heading to the break it looked like it was a good enough score to avoid a whitewash but that was not to be as England hunted down the target comfortably.

A lot to think about for South Africa, especially the bowling performance. They were just all over the place. The hosts have a lot to work upon before the T20 World Cup next year. Linde was the pick of the bowler and the only bowler to go under 7 rpo. The rest were taken to the cleaners. Nortje was the sole bowler to get a wicket but that was just a mere consolation as the Proteas bowler showed no fight with the ball.

Chasing 192, England did not get off to a good start as Roy's poor form continued and he departed early. Buttler started off slowly but Malan was at it from get-go. Buttler then joined the party but played second fiddle. You usually don't say that about Buttler but Dawid Malan was just brilliant. The pair added an unbeaten 167-run stand with Malan scoring an unbeaten 99, while Jos was magnificent for his 67! A comfortable chase for England who achived it without sweating a bit.

A record chase at this venue and it has been achieved with minimum of fuss. What a masterclass of chase this has been from Malan and Buttler. The tourists have outplayed, outclassed and outmuscled the hosts emphatically in the series and clean sweeped the T20 series.


A single Malan will be stranded on 99. A shortish ball around off, Malan taps it towards the off side and goes for the run. Maybe he thought he has got more runs to play for. A single it will be. England win by 9 wickets.


FOUR! Clattered over extra cover! Scores are level. Malan is on 98 now. Can he get to his 100? Full and wide outside off, Malan thumps it over extra cover for a boundary.


WIDE! Sipamla goes for the wie yorker but ends up bowling it way wide.


SIX! BANG! That is walloped! A length ball right in the slot of Malan. He clobbers it over long on for a huge six.


A length ball around off, Jos tucks it towards mid-wicket and gets to the other end.

Lutho Sipamla is back on. 2-0-32-0 from him so far.


Single to end the over! Another low full toss, Buttler manages to poke it past the bowler for one. He will keep the strike. Just 13 needed now in 18 balls. 179/1


Low full toss, Buttler looks to hammer it down the ground but mistimes it towards mid off.


FOUR! England in a hurry to finish this! Length ball around off, Buttler punches it through point and gets a boundary.  150-run stand is up between the two.


Now takes a single at deep point for one.


EDGED AND FOUR! Nothing going South Africa's way! Short ball on the body. Malan looks to pull but get a top edge which goes high in the air and fine to the fine leg fence for a boundary.


Full around off, Buttler punches it off his back foot to sweeper cover for one.


Good delivery to end the over! Full and wide outside off, Malan looks to steer it towards the off side but misses. Top over from Ngidi. Just 3 from the over. 24 needed now in 24 balls. 168/1


A brilliant yorker! Well dug out by Buttler towards the off side for one.


One more dot! Good bowling. Change of pace form Lungi. It is shortish and around middle, Buttler tucks it to the right of the bowler and wants a single but Ngidi hares at the ball and keeps Buttler on strike.


A dot! Good length and just outside off, pushed towards point for nothing.


Short and wide outside off, slapped to deep cover for one.


Full and on middle, Buttler flicks it to long on for one.


SIX! A biggie now! It's raining runs here. Tossed up and around off and middle, Malan gets down and powers it way over long on for a huge six. This is brilliant batting. Just 27 needed now. 165/1


FOUR! Crunched! Short and wide outside off, Malan punches it over extra cover and it goes to the fence.


Wide again, Malan this time reaches out and manages to get bat on ball. But it is not off the middle so it goes towards the cover fielder.


WIDE! Fires it outside off but it is outside the tramline. Malan looks to reach out and punch but misses. Wided.


FOUR! Innovation time! This is just brilliant batting. Not so good fielding though. Full and on middle, Malan brings out the reverse sweep. Nails it but it is not too far from the fielder. Well, the fielder lets it go through. A boundary.


Winds up for another big shot but this time he has to drag it from outside off. He mistimes it towards long on for one.


SIX! Buttler welcomes him with a maximum. Short and on middle, Buttler goes for the pull. He doesn't time it well as it hits it a bit high on the bat but it still goes all the way over deep mid-wicket.

Bowling change! Tabraiz Shamsi to bowl out. 3-0-35-0 from him so far.


Shortish and outside off, punched to sweeper cover for one. 49 needed in final 6. 143/1


WIDE! Length ball slipped down the leg side. Buttler looks to flick but misses. Wided.


Very full ball on middle, Malan looks to flick but gets an inside edge. It goes towars the left of the keeper and they take a run.


Yorker length and around off, Malan jams it out.


FOUR BYES! Unfortunate for the South Africans but Malan and England won't mind. Lungi goe goes for the yorker but misses his mark. Malan looks to drive but makes no connection. The ball goes past the stumps, pitches on a rough patch and goes over de Kock for a boundary.


SIX! NAILED IT! That's gone out of here! A slower short ball outside off, Malan waits for it and then thumps it way into the stand at deep mid-wicket. A 94-meter maximum. Give him 12 for that.


Full and outside off, Malan moves on the off side and drives it well but finds mid off.

Lungi Ngidi is back on now. 1-0-11-0 from him so far.


Quick single! Full and outside off, Malan pokes it towards point and keeps the strike for one. 130/1


FIFTY FOR BUTTLER! Full and on the pads, he flicks it to deep square leg for a run to get to the landmark. Struggled in the start but stayed there and is not seeing the ball like a football it seems.


Change of pace from Nortje. A slower one outside off, Buttler looks to drive but is beaten for pace.


Full and wide outisde off, Buttler squeezes it out towards point where Bavuma makes a diving save.


Good delivery from Nortje. He spots Malan making room and follows him with the back of a length ball. Malan keeps it out towards the off side for a single.


Misfield and two! Short ball outside off, it is pulled towards square leg where Temba misfields and gives away easy two.

Bowling change! Anrich Nortje returns. De Kock needs a wicket.


Single to end another expensive over. Flat and around off, Malan pushes it towards point for one. 19 from this over. Also, the single brings 100-run stand between the two. 125/1


SIX! HUGE! Poor ball from Shamsi and Malan punishes him. Full and down the leg side, Malan slog sweeps it hard and manages to slam it over deep square leg for a biggie.


FOUR! Lofted it! That is a superb shot! Another half ton from Malan. This man is just unstoppable at the moment. Tossed up ball outside off, Malan lifts it over extra cover and finds the fence. Top innings from him.


Quicker one on the pads, Jos tucks it towards short fine leg for a quick single.


SIX! Buttler goes bang and bags another six. Tossed up and outside off, Buttler stays put and slogs it over wide long on for a maximum.


Full and down the leg side, swept to deep square leg for one. That was a poor ball but Shamis get away with it.


FOUR! Buttler ends the over in style! A very good one for England. Shortish and just outside off, Buttler uses his fast hand and slashes it through cover-point for a boundary. 21 from the over. 86 more needed in 54 balls. 106/1


Full and on middle, flicked through mid on for one.


Short and wide outside off, slapped to sweeper cover for one.


WIDE! Good change up from Sipamla but unfortunately it is called wide. A good slower bouncer from him. Buttler looks to hit over the off side but is beaten for pace. Called wide for height.


Short and wide outside off, Buttler cuts it wide of the third man fielder for a brace.


SIX! Consecutive biggies! A back of a length ball outside off, Buttler is waiting deep in his crease. He swivels and thumps it over deep square leg for a huge six. 12 from first 2 and the young man is under pressure.


SIX! BANG! This is out of here. A length ball right in the slot of Buttler. Jos powers it over wide long on for a massive biggie.

Who will bowl now? Lutho Sipamla is coming back on.


Shortish and on middle, worked through mid-wicket for one. 85/1 at the end of the halfway mark. South Africa were just 66/3. 85/1


A dot! Short and just outside off, Buttler punches it well but finds the cover fielder.


Flat again, Malan works it towards mid-wicket and gets to the other end.


Flat and on middole, Buttler punches it through mid on for one.


On off, forced through the off side for one.

It has started to drizzle here!


FOUR! Swept away! Flat and on middle, Malan sweeps it hard through short fine leg and finds the fence.


Flat and on middle, this time it is tucked to deep mid-wicket for one. 77/1


NOT OUT! De Kock messes it up and Malan gets a life. Poor, poor work from the Protea skipper. Full ball on the pads, Malan flicks it through square leg. Bavuma from deep mid-wicket runs to his left quickly. He sends a bullet throw and de Kock takes the bails off. Looks like Malan is short. The third umpire has been called for. Malan is short. But hang on! De Kock has disturbed the bails without the ball in his hand. Malan will stay.

Is Malan short? This can be a big moment in the game. A bullet throw from Bavuma but hang on. De Kock has failed to collect the ball and he has disturbed the stumps with his hand. Poor from the skipper.


FOUR! Here's the boundary England need every over. Flat and wide, Malan has moved to the leg side a touch but he throws his hand at the ball and manages to drill it over cover for a boundary. Superb shot. He moves to 35 in just 18 balls.


Short and wide, Buttler slaps it to deep cover for one.


Buttler tires to go for the reverse sweep but makes no connection.


Flat and around middle, punched well but straight to the cover fielder.


Single to end the over. Short and down the leg side, Buttler goes little too hard for the pull. It goes to deep square leg off the upper half of the bat. 8 off Shamsi's first over. 69/1


Fuller and around off, Malan nudges it towards short third man with soft hands for one.


Tossed up and around off, Jos tucks it towards square leg and gets to the other end.


Short and wide outside off, Buttler cuts but can't beat the point fielder who dives to his left and stops the ball.


Short and wide outside off, Malan reaches out and pushes it through cover-point for one.


FOUR! And he is welcomed with a boundary. A flat ball around middle, Malan gets in position and reverses it through backward point for a boundary. Fine shot.

Bowling change! Time for the last game's hero to roll his arms. Here's Tabraiz Shamsi.


Single to end! Another tidy over from Linde. 61/1


Buttler goes for the reverse sweep this time but it goes to the cover region for a single as he fails to get the connection right.


Short and wide outside off, Malan forces it to sweeper cover for one.


Short and just around off, Buttler punches it through point and gets a single.


Shortish and on middle, Malan works it towards the leg side and gets to the other end.


Flat and on the pads, tucked towards square leg.


FOUR! Poor end to the over from Ngidi! A slower full toss outside off, Buttler waits for it and then creams the drive through extra cover for a boundary. England are 56 for 1 at the end of the Powerplay. They need 136 in 14 overs. 56/1


On off, Malan guides it to third man for a single.


Full on middle, Buttler drives it to long on for a single.


Full and outside off, driven through mid off for a single.


FOUR! Short and wide outside off, Malan crunches it through point for a boundary.

The no. 1 batsmen in the world has got the chance to go big again!


NOT OUT! DRS saves Malan. Indeed it is pitching outside leg. Perfect use of the review from Dawid Malan and England. Good start from Ngidi though. He starts with a fullish ball on the pads, Malan looks to flick but misses and gets hit on the pads. Ngidi appeals and the umpire raises the finger. Malan consults Buttler and takes the review. There is nothing on Ultra Edge but the Ball Tracker shows that it is pitching outside leg. Good review.

Review time! Malan has been given out LBW! That looks close, unless it is pitching outside leg.

Who will bowl the last over of the Powerplay? Lungi Ngidi it is.


Single to end the 5th over. Full ball on the pads, flicked to deep square leg for one. 11 off Sipamla's first over. 45/1


Very full and on middle, Jos flicks it to fine leg and gets to the other end.


Play and a miss! Full and just outside off, Buttler looks to drive but is beaten. Lovely ball.


Good length and around off, pushed towards the off side for a run.


Back of a length and on middle and leg, tucked towards short fine leg for nothing.


SIX! A hit me delivery from Sipamla and Malan says thank you very much. A length ball down the leg side. Malan helps it on its way over fine leg for a biggie. 14 off 3 for him. What a start.


A shortish ball around off to begin from him. Buttler looks to punch it on the off side but gets it towards mid-wicket off the inner half. A single taken. Hold on! Sipamla has overstepped. Free Hit coming up.

Bowling change! Time for Lutho Sipamla to bowl now.


EDGY FOUR! End of a successful over from Nortje. A bit expensive though. Good length and outside off, Malan looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge that races away to the third man fence. 34/1


WIDE! Nortje is not happy though. A short bumper. Just outside off but it goes well over. Wided.


FOUR! And he is off the mark in style! Short ball, very fast form Nortje. Malan swivels and pulls it through square leg. No chance for the fine leg fielder. Top way to get off the mark.

Who is in at no. 3? Here's no. 1 T20I batsman in the world. Yes! Dawid Malan, the man in form, is in now.


OUT! LBW! Nortje gets his man! Roy fails again. This time after a little start. A length ball around off and middle, Roy looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pad. They appeal and the finger is raised. Roy gets to Buttler and has a word about the review but he opts against it. Good call in the end as replays later roll in and show that they would've waste the review as the ball would've hit the leg pole.


Good length and around off, punched back to the bowler. Nortje fails to collect the ball cleanly as it hits his palm and goes to mid on. Roy says no for the run.


Shortish and just outside off, punched to cover-point for one.


SIX! Swatted away! Buttler joins the act and Nortje feels the heat. A length ball outside off, Buttler hammers it with disdain over deep mid-wicket for a biggie. Flat six.


SIX! BOOM! He will feel so much better after this one. Tossed up and on middle and leg, Roy skips down the track and powers it over the long on fence for a biggie. 18/0


Short and wide, slashes hard but straight to the point fielder. Roy is not happy with hiself.


FOUR! Swept and swept well. This should ease the nerves. Short and around off, Roy sits down and sweeps it hard and finds the gap between short fine leg and square leg. It races away to the fence.


Tries for the slog but mistimes it towards shrot fine leg off the inner half.


Goes hard this time! A flat ball just around off, Roy manages to cut it just at the last moment.


Tossed up and outside off, Roy lifts it over cover and gets two as it goes wide of the man at long off. Didn't try to go too hard. Fine stroke.


Misfield and Buttler is off the mark with a brace on the 6th ball. A short ball on middle, Buttler pulls it towards mid-wicket. The fielder there fumbles and they take two. Fine over fron Nortje too. 6/0


Back of a length and around off, punched towards the cover fielder.


EDGY! A length ball just outside off, Roy looks to punch it on the off side but it takes thick outside edge and goes to third man for one.


Good length and around off Roy pushes it towards mid on.


Another pacy fuller ball on the pads, Roy flicks it wide of the fine leg fielder for a couple of runs.

Some delay! New bat for Roy.


A full ball outside off to begin from him, Roy pushes it towards cover.

Who will share the new ball with Linde? Here's the man who was throwing rockets at the batsmen in the last game. Yes, here's Anrich Nortje.


Dot to end! Top start form Linde. Flat and outside off, Buttler punches it towards the point fielder. Just a run from the opening over. 1/0


Flicked uppishly. Full and on middle, Buttler looks to flick but it goes off the leading edge. Bounces well ahea of the mid on fielder.


Short and wide outside off, Buttler looks to cut but gets a bottom edge to the keeper.


On middle, Buttler flicks it towards mid-wicket.

We are back for the run chase! The South African players have made their way out. Jason Roy and Jos Buttler are the openers for England. They need to give England a breezy start. South Africa will begin with spin first up as George Linde is ready to bowl. Slip in place. Here we go...


Roy is up and running! Flat and outside off, he punches it to the left of mid off for one.


Tossed up and on off and middle to begin, pushed towards mid on for nothing.