South Africa Vs England LIVE SCORE (t20)

South Africa Vs England At Buffalo Park, East London, 12 February, 2020

12 February, 2020
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

177/8 (20.0 ov)

1st T20I

176/9 (20.0 ov)

South Africa beat England by 1 run










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Dale Steyn not out 5 2 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Moeen Ali 4 0 22 1
Tom Curran 3 0 41 1










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Chris Jordan not out 0 0 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Dale Steyn 4 0 33 1
Lungi Ngidi 4 0 30 3

Right then, that's all we have from this electric match! England choked towards the end. Next up, in Durban, the second T20I will be played on 14th February at 1800 local (1600 GMT). We are hearing that the weather will be good this time around. Looking forward to your company then. Cheers!

South African skipper, Quinton de Kock, says that it was quite interesting towards the end. Smiles and says that it was very tight but they knew at the halfway stage that if they keep the basics right they could end up winning. Feels it's always tough to bat in the last five overs. States that he was calm as winning or losing is something you can't control. On Bavuma, he replies that he has worked really hard on his batting and it's great to see him bat the way he is at the moment. Tells that they will enjoy tonight and from tomorrow will plan for the next game. Signs off by saying that it's important to stay ruthless throughout and hopes to seal the next one.

MAN OF THE MATCH, LUNGI NGIDI says that it was not a great day but is pleased with the way he bowled the last over. Says that he started to get the rhythm and all of a sudden England were on the back foot. Adds that it's a fast-paced format and it's how you bounce back. Mentions that not panicking under pressure was the key and shares that he was told that his job was to get wickets.

England skipper, Eoin Morgan, terms it an outstanding game of cricket. Says that experiences like these with World Cup around the corner will benefit the team. Adds that both teams left everything on the field and admits that in all the three departments they can do better. Praises South Africa for bouncing back and credits Lungi Ngidi for his spell. On Jason Roy, Morgan calls him the game-changer and considers his top three as the best they have ever produced. On his own form, Morgan replies that he would have liked to see it through but he will continue with the method he follows. Mentions that they are a great bunch of boys and learning a lot from each other.

Earlier in the evening, South Africa too lost their way with the bat after the first 10 overs. At one stage they looked like getting to a target close to 200, if not more, but some accurate death bowling by England stifled their charge. Chris Jordan was superb at the death whereas the spin pair of Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid left their impact. Stay tuned for the presentation...

England will be stunned! They have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Chasing a tricky target, two partnerships involving Jason Roy put them in control. His stand with Jonny Bairstow was fiery while with his skipper, he kept things under control. Suddenly there was pandemonium after the departure of Jason Roy. South Africa got an opening and barged into it with full force. A few more wickets followed making it tough for England as they required 23 off 12 balls. This was when Eoin Morgan stepped in and the Three Lions amassed 16 runs from the penultimate over, although they lost their skipper in the process as well. Lungi Ngidi then bowled one of the best last overs you will ever see and reversed the chokers tag on England, at least for this evening.

What a finish! Nerve-wracking in the literal sense! Phew! We just survived a few Super Overs in the recently concluded T20I series involving India and New Zealand and nearly ran into another one here at the Buffalo Park. Superb last over by Lungi Ngidi. He had just 6 to defend and managed to do that with some efficient and smart bowling.


OUT! Run out! SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 1 RUN! Ngidi sticks with the slower ones. He delivers it full and outside off, Rashid tries to drive but it takes the inner half and rolls towards mid-wicket. They cross for a run. Attempt for the non-existent second but Steyn has calmly under-armed his throw to the keeper and de Kock takes the bails off. Big celebration in the middle. Chokers, who?

Adil Rashid is the new man in. England need 3 runs off 1 delivery.


OUT! Whoa! Ngidi, you beauty! A clever dipping full ball around off, Moeen steps down for a big shot but is early into the shot again. It goes through and lights the stumps. The crowd roars.


SAFE! Inside edge! Ngidi angles in a slower delivery around off, it's on a length and Ali shuffles across to flick. It seems to have struck him on the pads and deflects in front of square leg. They take a couple. South Africa review but as mentioned earlier, there was some bat involved.

DRS time! It's all happening out there. Ngidi has appealed for an lbw. Not given. Quinton de Kock opts for the referral.


Swing and a miss! On a length outside off, slower in pace, Moeen is early into the swing of his bat and misses.

Chris Jordan is the new man in but Moeen Ali will be on strike.


OUT! Another one bites the dust! This match is going right down to the wire, folks! Ngidi deceives the batsman with a slower delivery this time. On a length around middle, Curran mistimes his shot aerially towards deep mid-wicket and Miller takes the skier safely. Morgan is having a tensed look near the boundary line.


Slower full ball on middle and leg, Curran brings his bottom hand into play and whips it through square leg for a brace. 5 needed off 5!

Tom Curran is the new man in. England need 7 from the 6 deliveries. Lungi Ngidi to bowl the final over.


OUT! It's a legal delivery. Anti-climatic! Morgan tries to finish it in a flourish but holes out. Is there a twist in the tale? Hendricks angles in a full ball on middle, Morgan tries to smoke his slog sweep over wide long on but fails to get enough meat behind the shot. Bavuma makes no mistake in the deep. The umpire goes upstairs to check for the front foot no ball. Beuran is JUST fine. 171/6

Morgan holes out! But the umpire wants to check the front foot. The replays show that it's touch and go. Too close to say. The third umpire also checks the back leg but it never cut the side crease.


SIX! This is absolutely incredible from Eoin Morgan! 14 off the last three balls and the equation is now 7 off 7! Hendricks delivers it full and outside off, Morgan makes room and pumps it all the way over covers for a maximum.


FOUR! Shot! Oh, wow! That's a beauty! Right what the doctor ordered for England. Hendricks over-corrects his length and bowls it full around off, Morgan rifles his drive through extra cover.


FOUR! Vital boundary! Hendricks goes for a slower short ball again, it's around middle and leg, Morgan stands tall and pulls it thunderously behind square leg.


Another single down to long on. The pressure is on with the RRR climbing up a bit more.


Too full in length on middle and leg, Morgan jumps back and forces it down to long on for a single. 22 needed off 11 balls!


Good shot! Full in length and outside off, Moeen hangs back and strokes it through the line. The sweeper cover fielder moves across to his right to collect the ball and the batsmen take a couple. 5 from the over, a very good one by Ngidi. 155/5


Picks out the point fielder. Slower short ball outside off, Morgan delays and cuts but fails to beat the fielder. A single is taken.

Moeen Ali is the new man in.


OUT! Stokes holes out! The crowd is in action, they are loving it. They can sense something here. Ngidi bowls a clever off cutter outside off, on a length at 115 kph, Stokes tries to slog sweep but finds David Miller at deep mid-wicket. Ben flops with the bat! 26 needed off 14 balls and this match is heading for a close finish.


Slower delivery, on a length outside off, Morgan moves across and drags it off the inner half. It rolls to the right of short fine leg for a single.


A touch short in length close to off, Stokes plays a reverse-batted shot towards short third man for a single.


Beaten completely! Ngidi angles a length ball away from the batsman, Stokes winds up for a big shot down the ground but misses. Lungi turns to appeal for a caught behind but he is the only one doing so.

Lungi Ngidi is back on. 2-0-20-0 so far from him.


FOUR! Morgan doesn't miss out! Hendricks lets out a direction-less short ball, angling down the leg side, Morgan pulls it wide of short fine leg and fetches a boundary. 28 needed off 18 balls. 150/4


Lucky for the bowler! Shortish and around leg, Stokes pulls it straight towards short fine leg where the fielder makes a tumbling stop. Either side of him and it would have been a boundary.


A length ball outside off, it's lofted over mid off for one.


A well-directed shorter one by Beuran. Morgan tries his best to put bat on ball but fails.


FOUR! Bang! That's flat-batted over the bowler's head. Hendricks serves a back of the hand slower one, short and wide outside off, Morgan waits and waits and waits before launching it down the ground for a boundary.


A length ball angling into the batsman, Stokes works it through mid-wicket for a run.


Uses the angle of the bowler and works it through mid-wicket for a run. 11/2 in the last two overs and South Africa are in with a shout. 139/4


Good length ball close to off, angling in, Stokes ends up defending it back to the bowler.


Played to the point region by the batsman. They pick up a single.

Ben Stokes walks in to bat. Can he along with Morgan finish the game for the visitors?


OUT! Phehlukwayo's happy knack of picking wickets continues... He delivers a length ball around off, Denly attempts to heave it across the line but fails to pump it over the rope. It travels in the deep and falls straight into the lap of Rassie van der Dussen at deep mid-wicket. Andile is pumped up.


Fractionally short in length around off, Denly gives the charge and packs a punch through extra cover. It races away and the long off fielder moves across to his left to make the stop. He parries the ball in front of him before collecting it and that allows the batsmen to take the second run.


Fuller length ball around off, Morgan gets across and eases it to long on for a run.

Andile Phehlukwayo to bowl out. 3-0-27-1 are his figures so far.


Slower short delivery around off, Denly tries to pull but misses. It probably strikes him on the shoulders. Fantastic over by Beuran, 6 runs and a big wicket of Roy from it. 134/3


Shortish and around middle, angling in, Morgan moves back and defends it towards mid-wicket. The ball rolls in the gap and they cross.


The batsman picked that bouncer early and let it through to the keeper.


Width on offer outside off, Denly throws his bat at it and it flies off the outside edge to third man. One run taken.

Joe Denly is the new man in. He was in exemplary form during the ODIs and would like to partner his skipper to see this chase off safely.


OUT! Roy is fooled by Hendricks. Change in angle by the bowler. He steams in from 'round the wicket and digs in a slower bouncer around off. It takes an eternity to reach the batsman and Jason doesn't have the patience to wait for it. He tries to wheel a pull shot but is way too early into the shot. The top edge is induced and it's an easy catch for Ngidi at short fine leg. Superb knock by Roy but getting out this way will hurt him. 46 needed off 34 balls!


FOUR! Blazed away! That raced away to the fence in the blink of an eye. Back of a length ball around off, Roy hangs on the back foot and pulls it emphatically to the deep mid-wicket fence.

Beuran Hendricks is into the attack for the first time. Strange tactic from Quinton. 50 needed off the remaining 6 overs.


FOUR! Powered away! Short in length and outside off, Morgan goes deep inside the crease and plunders his pull shot to the wide long on fence. 4-0-25-0, Shamsi is done with the ball for the evening. Tidy one but his team needed wickets from him. 128/2


Played to the mid-wicket region by the batsman. One run added to the total.


Leans forward and eases his drive to long on for one.


Shout for an lbw! Huge cry from the bowler in fact but the umpire remains unmoved. Flighted delivery again, landing full around middle and turning down, Roy fails to flick and it goes off his pads to point. They cross for a leg bye. Spinning down and would have missed leg is our assumption.


Full and flighted on off, Morgan brings down a straight bat and drives it to long off for a single.


Slashes and misses! Short and outside off, turning away, Morgan tries to cut but misses.


A slow dipping full toss on off. It lands close to the popping crease and Morgan digs it out towards extra cover for one. 7 from the over, 58 needed off 42 balls! 120/2


Very full and around off, Jason drills his drive to extra cover and scampers across to the other end.


Short in length outside off, Roy turns to pull but fails to connect.


FOUR! Well played! Too full in length around off, Roy moves across the stumps and whips it across the line. Calls for two but once it beats the in-ring fielder at mid-wicket, it's always a boundary.


Back of a length ball on off, Morgan camps back and steers it behind square leg for a run.


Swing and a miss! Steyn deceives the English skipper with a slower one. Fuller in length and outside off, Morgan swings his bat early and misses. Smiles exchanged between Eoin and Dale!

Dale Steyn is back on. 3-0-26-1 so far from him.


Loopy delivery, full and outside off, Morgan mistimes his drive to the right of the cover fielder and scampers across to the other end. There is a shy at the striker's end but Roy is safely in. 6 from the over but runs are coming thick and fast from the other end. 113/2


Drops it short and in the line of the middle stump, Roy gets back and punches it to extra cover for a run.


Fullish and around leg, Morgan eases it down to long on for one.


Beaten! Some visible spin there. Flighted and around off, spinning away, Morgan tries playing straight but gets beaten.


Shortish and on off, Roy pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a single.


Flatter and shorter around leg, Roy moves back and forces it to wide long on for a couple. No pressure exerted by the Protea bowler.


FOUR! Consecutive boundaries to close the over! Shortish ball, drifting down the leg side, Morgan moves across and pulls it wide of short fine leg for a boundary. 12 from the over, the RRR is now 7.8! 107/2


FOUR! Aerial but wide of the flying point fielder. Short in length and outside off, Morgan slaps it square of the wicket on the off side and picks up the fence. 100 up for England!


Roy nearly makes a complete mess! Slower length ball around middle and leg, angling down, Jason shuffles across for the paddle shot but is early into it. Luckily for him, it takes the inner half of his bat and gets deflected towards short fine leg. A single has been taken.


Fractionally short in length and outside off, Morgan steers it off his back foot to point and collects another run.


Slower again, on a length outside off, Roy slaps it off his back foot but finds extra cover. Still a run has been taken.


Phehlukwayo steams in from 'round the wicket and angles in a slower full ball on middle, Morgan drives it through extra cover and runs the first run hard. The plan is for the second run but it's not on.


Knocks a full ball down the ground towards long on for a run. England need 83 more at the halfway mark! 95/2


Flashes and misses! Shamsi bowls it short and wide outside off, Morgan goes back to play the square cut but misses. De Kock gets excited for a second.


Goes down on one knee and sweeps a full ball towards fine leg. They cross for a single.


Loopy delivery landing around leg and turning in, Roy jumps back and tries to flick but misses. It goes off his pads to backward point.


Flighted and full around off, Eoin drives it off his front foot to sweeper cover for a run.


Short in length outside off, spinning away, Morgan punches it off his back foot but finds the extra cover fielder.


Full on middle, Morgan whips it to the deep mid-wicket region for a single. 92/2

Eoin Morgan, the English skipper, walks in to bat now.


OUT! LBW! Phehlukwayo strikes and the hosts needed this wicket. The 72-run stand is broken. Good length ball on middle and leg, Bairstow looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. The South African players put in an appeal and the umpire agrees with them. Bairstow has a talk with his partner but decides against the review. South Africa are elated.


Short of a length on off, Roy punches it to cover for a single.


Fullish on middle, Bairstow looks to flick but it takes the inside edge and gets hit on the pads. Another run.


EDGY! Length ball on middle, Roy looks to flick but it takes the inside edge and goes onto hit the pads. The ball rolls to the off side and the batters take a single.


Good length ball on off, Bairstow looks to cut but it takes the bottom edge and goes towards the off side. The batters cross for a single.


FOUR! 5th fifty for Jason Roy in T20Is. It has come in just 22 balls, the joint-second fastest for England. Excellent innings from him so far. Short ball on middle, Roy pulls it to the deep square leg region for a boundary. 87/1


Tosses this one up on middle, Bairstow makes room and then looks to drive. The ball takes the inside edge and goes to short fine leg. A single taken.


Shorter one on middle, Roy tucks it to the leg side for a single.


Flatter one on middle, Bairstow flicks it to deep square leg for a single.


Top edge but safe! Floated ball on middle, Roy looks to play the reverse sweep but it takes the top edge and lobs over the keeper's head. The short fine leg fielder collects it but cannot stop the batters from taking the single.


Shamsi starts with a floated ball on middle, Bairstow works it to deep mid-wicket for a single.

Here comes the magician. Tabraiz Shamsi to spin his web now.


FOUR! Beautifully done. Good length ball on middle, Roy moves to the off side and then sweeps it to the fine leg region for a boundary. 78/1


On a length on off, Bairstow drives it to long off for a single.


On a length on off, Roy guides it to short third man for a single.


Short delivery on middle, Bairstow pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a single.


NOT OUT! Bairstow has made it in! Good length ball on off, Bairstow punches it towards point. The batters want a couple and they take off. The fielder fires in a very accurate throw, right on top of the stumps and de Kock is quick to take the bails off. They appeal and the on-field umpire takes it upstairs. The replays roll in and they show that Bairstow had dragged his bat in.

A run out appeal has been taken upstairs. Bairstow looks in but let's see what happens.


Phehlukwayo starts with a short delivery on off, Roy punches it to long off for a single. 50-run stand is up between the two.

Andile Phehlukwayo is on now.


Slower short ball around off, Bairstow pulls it to short fine leg for a single. England are 68/1 after the Powerplay overs, same as South Africa. Going neck and neck! 68/1


Back of a length ball on off, Bairstow taps it to the point region and takes off for a single. The fielder has a shy at the keeper's end but misses. Would not have mattered though.


Slower one on middle, Jason flicks it to mid-wicket for a single.


FOUR! This is an excellent start for England. Full delivery on middle, Roy flicks it past the diving mid-wicket fielder and into the fence for another boundary.


Good length ball on middle, Roy pushes it to the off side.


SIX! What a shot that is! Slower ball on middle, Roy makes room and lifts it dead straight over the bowler's head for a biggie. Great flourish of his bat!

Lungi Ngidi is back on. 1-0-7-0 are his figures so far.


Another slower one on off, Roy works it to deep mid-wicket for a single. 10 from the over! 55/1


Slower full toss on middle, Jonny flicks it to the deep mid-wicket region for a single.


Another slower one outside off, Bairstow looks to pull but fails to get any bat on it.


This time, Jonny defends this slower ball on off to mid off.


FOUR! 50 up for England in quick time! A back of a length ball outside off, Bairstow punches it to the deep point region for a boundary.


FOUR! Cut away! Width outside off, Bairstow does not miss out as he cuts it through the point region for a boundary.


Now some respite as this one does not go to the fence. Floated on off, Roy plays it wide of long on and gets a brace. Massive over for the tourists. It releases all the pressure that was built by Steyn by picking up the wicket of Buttler. 22 off it. It would be interesting to see whether Smuts gets the ball again after this. 45/1


FOUR! 20 runs off the last 4 balls. Flatter it comes, flatter it goes! Flatter on middle, Roy smacks it over mid on. Miller runs to his left and dives but the ball goes wide of him and to the fence. De Kock's plan to give the ball to Smuts is backfiring badly here.


SIX! Roy is destroying Smuts. He is under the pump here and Jason is loving every bit of it. Floated on off, Roy stands and delivers this over the long off fence for a biggie. The Englishman is loving it.


FOUR! This one is over extra cover. Roy is going after the spinner here. Flighted on off, Roy goes inside-out over extra cover for a boundary.


IN THE AIR..TAKEN..OVER THE ROPES! SIX! Floated on off and middle, Roy heaves it over mid on. The ball goes high in the air and Miller in the deep takes it but the momentum takes him over the ropes. He tries to release it but cannot do so outside the rope.


Smuts starts with a very full ball on off, Roy squeezes it towards mid off.

JJ Smuts to have a bowl now.


FOUR! Poor ball to finish a good over from Steyn! Full delivery down the leg side, Bairstow flicks it to the fine leg region for a boundary. 23/1


The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.


Good length ball on off, Bairstow defends it to cover.


Wow! Slower full toss on middle, Bairstow thinks that it will be a beamer but the ball is dipping. Bairstow is early into his defense but still manages to defend it out. If he had missed it, he would have been plumb in front. Steyn and Bairstow exchange smiles after that delivery. Is it a new magic delivery in Dale's armoury?

Jonny Bairstow walks in now to bat.


OUT! CAUGHT! Steyn is back in the wickets column. Buttler can be very dangerous and Steyn has removed him. Back of a length delivery on off, Buttler goes after it but gets it off the toe end of the bat. The ball goes towards mid off. David Miller moves a little back and pouches the catch. Steyn becomes the leading wicket-taker for South Africa in T20Is.


Good length ball on off, Roy moves to the off side and flicks it to mid-wicket for a single.


FOUR! CRACKED! That went like a tracer bullet. Short delivery on off, Buttler hammers the pull to the deep mid-wicket region for a boundary. Good end to the over for England. 18/0


Fullish delivery on middle, Buttler whips it towards deep mid-wicket and picks up a couple.


Play and a miss! This time Ngidi provides width outside off, Buttler looks to cut but fails to get any bat on it.


Good work from Ngidi. Not giving Buttler any room. Good length ball on off, Jos pushes it to cover.


Another length ball on off, Buttler prods forward and defends it to cover.


Ngidi starts with a length ball on middle and leg, Roy works it to the deep square leg region for a single.

Lungi Ngidi to bowl from the other end.


Dot to end the over. Expensive start for Dale Steyn. 11 from it. Steyn goes full on off, Buttler pushes it to cover to get through the first. 11/0


FOUR! On the leg side now. This is the class of this man. Good length ball on off, Buttler moves to his off pole and lofts his flick over mid-wicket for a boundary.


FOUR! First one of the innings. Fuller on off, Buttler gets behind this and steers it through point for a boundary.


No movement for Steyn in the first three balls. Good length ball on off, Roy places it towards mid on and calls for a quick run.


Buttler is off the mark as well. Fuller on off, Buttler nudges it towards mid on and gets a single.


England are off the mark straightaway. Steyn starts with a good length ball on off, it is bowled at 140 kph. Roy runs it down to third man and gets a single.

We are back for the run chase! The Protea players make their way out onto the field. The explosive England openers, Jason Roy and Jos Buttler follow them out. Dale Steyn will start with the ball.