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Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Chennai Super Kings Live Score (T20)

Date: Sunday, 21 April, 2019 IST Venue: M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru Match Status: Match Ended

Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Chennai Super Kings by 1 run

Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Umesh Yadav not out 1 1 0 0
Dale Steyn not out 0 0 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Deepak Chahar 4 0 25 2
Shardul Thakur 4 0 40 0
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
MS Dhoni (C) (W) not out 84 48 5 7
Bowling 0 M R W
Dale Steyn 4 0 29 2
Navdeep Saini 4 0 24 1
  • So, chasing 162 at the Chinnaswamy is a gettable score, as we've witnessed several times over the years. The outfield was already wet, and the dew will only get heavier now. Chennai will back themselves to gun this down. Bangalore need a miracle, and Chahal might be looked at again to produce a rabbit out of the hat yet again. Let's see how it all unfolds.
  • Parthiv Patel gives a quick interview to Kevin Pietersen. Says that it was a good knock and he is happy converting it into a half century as he was getting a few starts and not continuing earlier in the games. Tells that they were looking for a total around 175-180 but thinks 160 isn't a small score either. Plans to take a couple of early wickets as the game can go either way. On Moeen batting at 6, Patel replies that he has no idea as he was in the middle but reckons that it was more to maintain the right-left combination. Adds that it's great to bat with AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli as they take all the pressure off him.
  • The visitors did well throughout the entire innings, with the ball and on the field as well. Some stunning catches were taken, which backed the bowling all too well. And those brilliant efforts were led by Faf du Plessis. The Yellow Army never let the home side score too freely, the pressure eventually got to them and wickets fell at regular intervals. Barring Thakur, who was expensive, everyone else who bowled chipped in with the wickets and didn't leak too many runs either.
  • We're at the interval and it's safe to say Chennai will be the happier of the two sides. Bangalore, after being asked to bat first, didn't get off to the best of starts. Most batsmen got starts, after Kohli's early dismissal, but none of them could convert it into a big one. Parthiv Patel was the only one who went on to score a fifty and most of the innings revolved around him, but he got out at the wrong time. Moeen Ali played a handy cameo towards the end and got his side past the 160-run mark.
  • 19.6 Fuller length ball coming in on middle and leg, Umesh Yadav flicks it through to deep mid-wicket for a single. BANGALORE FINISH ON 161/7!
  • Dale Steyn walks out to the middle next.
  • 19.5 OUT! Bravo gets his revenge. Takes the pace off this one as he serves it on a length around off, Moeen Ali looks to go big downtown but can only hit it as far as Thakur at long off. He takes a good catch. A good cameo from the Englishman comes to an end.
  • 19.4 FOUR! Shot. Bravo changes the angle but the result isn't pretty. Full ball wide outside off, angling away, Ali opens the face and steers it across the third man boundary.
  • 19.3 Not out! Interesting. There was some noise as the ball went past the bat, but Snicko indicates nothing. Anyway, coming to the delivery, Bravo lands it full and well outside off, Ali looks to crash it through the off side but apparently misses. Dhoni thinks there's an edge, so he signals the 'T'. Replays don't show anything in his side's favour though.
  • A review has been taken against Moeen Ali for a caught behind. Let's see what happens here...
  • 19.2 FOUR! Dangerous line to be bowling with the off side field inside the crease. Full and wide outside off, Ali gets under it and carves it hard over backward point. Nobody out there in the deep, so it'll be a boundary.
  • 19.1 Full delivery aiming the base of off stump, Moeen Ali hammers it straight back past the bowler. Long off cuts it off and keeps the batsmen down to two.
  • Umesh Yadav is the new man in.
  • 18.6 OUT! GONE! The persistent slower one does the trick. Chahar with a shorter delivery outside off, Negi attempts to cut but due to the lack of pace, ends up slicing it to Rayudu at backward point. He moves to his left and takes a simple catch. 4-0-25-2, Chahar ends his impressive spell. He has been the star with the ball this season for Chennai. 150/6
  • 18.5 Negi pulls this short ball through square leg and the batsmen take two.
  • 18.4 Takes the pace off again as Chahar bowls it slower and on a back of a length, Ali is early into the pull shot as he misses and wears it on the body. A leg bye is taken.
  • 18.3 FOUR! Deft. Nicely done. Length ball outside off, Ali opens the face and guides it down and across the third man fence for a boundary.
  • 18.2 In the air but it's safe. Once again Chahar bowls it slow but short in length this time, Moeen is early into the shot and he lobs the pull in the mid-wicket area. It falls safely though, as Jadeja can't get to it in time from the deep. Double taken.
  • 18.1 Slower one outside off, Ali plays and misses.
  • Deepak Chahar returns.
  • 17.6 Cutting back in from a good length, on middle and off, catches Moeen Ali on the thigh pad as he looks to work it across the line. It falls on the leg side and a leg bye is collected. 141/5
  • 17.6 Wide! Behind a good length, going away from the batsman outside off, Ali thinks of pulling it away but then withdraws at the last second. It's too far outside off, so a wide is signalled.
  • 17.5 Works this square on the leg side with a closed face. One run added to the total.
  • 17.4 Beaten! Length delivery angling across, Negi tries to cut it late down to third man for a run or two but misses.
  • 17.3 Short of a good length into the body, Moeen pulls it through backward square leg for one run.
  • 17.2 FOUR! Thumped! This is the shot of a batsman in prime form. Receives the shorter delivery in his half and pulls it mercilessly over mid-wicket. No chance for the fielder in the deep.
  • 17.1 Bowls it wicket-to-wicket line first up, Moeen gets behind the line and pushes it to the off side for a run as Thakur runs to collect the ball.
  • Shardul Thakur is back on.
  • 16.6 Leans into the full ball and pushes it to long on for a single. Tahir is done for the evening, he ends with figures of 4-0-31-1. 132/5
  • 16.5 The batsman works it down the leg side. One run added to the total.
  • 16.4 FOUR! The leg break turning in on leg, Ali flicks it off the pads fine down the leg for a boundary.
  • Pawan Negi is out now for Bangalore.
  • 16.3 OUT! Well done, Faf! Well done. He's been superb in the field since the innings began, continues to do so now. Colin Ingram produced something similar last evening against Punjab, this follow-up act from Faf is too good. Tossed up outside off, Stoinis gets low to go big downtown. He gets a big top edge and the ball skies towards long off. Du Plessis runs to his right, dives, catches the ball but is going over the rope with the momentum. He, however, is alert to the situation and throws it back in to Shorey who's come to assist him from long on. The Indian takes it and celebrates. The umpires want to make sure if the catch is clean or not and replays show it is. Chennai continue to peg Bangalore back with regular wickets.
  • Is that out? A stupendous effort from Faf du Plessis out at long off. Is the catch clean though? Over to the TV umpire now, but it looks out to the naked eye.
  • 16.2 Spinning away from around off, left alone by the batsman.
  • 16.1 Quicker, fuller and flatter on the stumps, Stoinis clears his front leg and drills it down the ground. Shorey out at long on moves swiftly to his left and stops it with a slide. His teammate helps him out and throws it back in. Two runs taken.
  • 15.6 Stays back inside the crease and sees this out with the full face of the bat. 124/4
  • 15.5 Yorker fired in on the stumps, Moeen keeps it out well.
  • Moeen Ali to bat next.
  • 15.4 OUT! Oh, dear. This isn't good. Scores a fifty and then departs immediately. Bravo takes the pace off this one, bowls it slightly short too outside off, Parthiv looks to slap this over extra cover but doesn't get the desired timing on it. Hands a rather straightforward catch to Shane Watson there. He takes a couple of steps back and takes it over his head.
  • 15.3 FOUR! Fifty for Parthiv Patel, his 13th in the League. He's done a fine job so far, but he needs to stay till the end. Length ball around off, Patel drags the slog in front of square leg and finds the fence.
  • 15.2 Ahead of a good length, outside the line of off stump, Stoinis pats it down towards mid off for a brisk single.
  • The physio is out to have a look at Stoinis.
  • 15.1 That's got to hurt! Patel walks across to this full ball and smashes it straight back, right at Stoinis. He's fortunate enough that he parried it away with his left hand just in time. Would have caused big damage otherwise. A single is taken.
  • Strategic break! 5 more overs to go now. Bangalore have wickets in hand and they have one set batsman out there. Stoinis too has started to get into his own. The two need to go now and target the bowlers more as the wicket seems to be a good one. They need to be near the 190-run mark at least to put up any challenge. Chennai, on the other hand, will hope to take wickets at regular intervals and not let the hosts score freely. Who will dominate the last passage of this innings? Stay tuned to find out.
  • 14.6 SIX! This one has gone the distance! Once again the last ball of the over has spoiled a good over. Tahir drops it short and Stoinis immediately gets back to pull it massively over square leg for a biggie. 118/3
  • 14.5 Short on middle, Patel pulls it over square leg for a run.
  • 14.4 Short and outside off, Stoinis cuts it through point for a run.
  • 14.3 On the shorter side, Patel plays it towards mid on for a single.
  • 14.2 Full on off, Stoinis drives it to long off for a run.
  • 14.1 Floated on off, Stoinis drives it straight back towards the bowler.
  • Imran Tahir is back into the attack.
  • 13.6 FOUR! It was a good over until now but this boundary spoils it. A pacey delivery by Bravo, he offers width outside off and Patel drills his drive through covers for a cracking boundary. 108/3
  • 13.5 In the air... SAFE! Full and flighted on off, Stoinis drives it on the up at covers where the fielder dives forward to attempt for the catch but it dips in front of him and falls just safe. He though does well to stop it from racing away. A single is completed.
  • 13.4 On a length on middle, Stoinis flicks it through mid-wicket. The fielder throws it at the bowler's end but Bravo fumbles. The batsmen get two runs.
  • 13.3 On a length on off, Stoinis plays it to covers.
  • 13.2 On a good length on middle, Stoinis defends it off the back foot towards the bowler.
  • 13.1 Full on leg, Patel flicks it towards square leg for a run.
  • Dwayne Bravo is called back on.
  • 12.6 Tossed up on off, Stoinis plays it to short cover. 5 runs and a wicket from the over. 100/3
  • 12.5 Short delivery on off, Patel makes room and guides it towards short third man. The batsmen take a quick run. 100 up for Bangalore.
  • Marcus Stoinis walks into the middle next.
  • 12.4 OUT! Now Nath departs. His rather timid knock has come to a close. Slower through the air, fuller around off and just behind a driving length, Nath takes a step out of his crease as he attempts to clear the long off boundary. Can only get it as far as Faf du Plessis out in the deep, who settles under the ball moving to his left and takes an extremely good catch.
  • 12.3 Short delivery on middle, Patel looks to pull but mistimes it towards square leg for a run.
  • Some issue with one of the bails here. After the direct hit on the previous ball, the umpire took the bail off after putting it back on, but the light didn't come on, so he called for a replacement.
  • 12.2 Short delivery, Patel pulls it over mid-wicket. The deep mid-wicket does well to get there and stops it. The fielder fires a direct hit at the bowler's end but the batsman was well in.
  • 12.1 Flighted delivery on off, Nath chips it over wide mid off for a run.
  • 11.6 Short delivery on middle, Nath goes on the back foot to pull but fails to middle it properly. It comes off the upper half of his blade and goes to deep mid-wicket for one. 95/2
  • 11.5 Flighted delivery on middle, Nath comes down the track and looks to block it but gets hit on the pads.
  • 11.4 Tossed up on off, Patel drives it towards covers for a run.
  • 11.3 SIX! That's a terrific shot. Picks his spot, takes the aerial route and gets the desired result without any trouble. Flighted and full on off, Patel clears mid-wicket for half a dozen.
  • 11.2 Turning into the batsman, Patel plays at it and gets an inside edge onto his pads.
  • 11.1 Tossed up delivery on middle stump, Nath reverse sweeps it to backward point and gets to the other end.
  • 10.6 Floated on off, Nath taps it to covers and takes a quick run. 12 from the over. 86/2
  • 10.5 Flighted delivery on off, Parthiv plays it towards short third man for a single.
  • 10.4 Tossed up on off, Nath taps it towards the off side and gets a single.
  • 10.3 SIX! Gives the charge to the bowler and gets the desired result. Nath jumps out quickly, gets close to the pitch of the ball and slogs it over mid-wicket. Maximum.
  • 10.2 Spinning away, shorter in length again, Nath punches it square on the off side for a double.
  • 10.1 Short and wide outside off, going away, Parthiv punches it off the back foot through covers for one.
  • 9.6 Flighted delivery on off, Nath looks to play a slog sweep but gets hit on the shoulder. It goes towards short third man. 7 runs in the last two overs, Chennai choking runs. 74/2
  • 9.5 Short on off, Patel goes on the back foot and punches it to extra cover where Jadhav dives across to his left to make a half-stop. A single is taken.
  • 9.4 Tossed up on middle, Nath looks to defend but gets a leading edge towards covers. The batsmen cross ends.
  • 9.3 Flighted delivery on middle, Nath comes down the track and blocks it.
  • 9.2 Short and outside off, Patel cuts it through point for a single.
  • 9.1 Tossed up on off, Nath drives it through mid off for a run.
  • Strategic break. Bangalore have put runs on the board but in the process have lost two of their main batsmen as well. Chennai will be really pleased to have removed both Kohli and de Villiers and from hereon it's all about containing the runs in the middle phase. Their spinners will be in action for most parts and the hosts will have to really bat carefully. Parthiv Patel has been in fluent form and should look to anchor the innings. Let's see how it goes. Imran Tahir to bowl now...
  • 8.6 Full on off, Nath drives it towards long off for a run. Just three runs have come from the over. 70/2
  • 8.5 Loopy delivery on off, Nath drives it to covers.
  • 8.4 Flighted delivery on middle, Patel plays a slog sweep over square leg for a run.
  • 8.3 Tossed up on off, Patel drives it to covers.
  • 8.2 Floated on middle, Patel defends it off the back foot.
  • 8.1 Full on off, Nath drives it towards covers for a run.
  • 7.6 On a good length on middle, Nath defends it off the back foot towards mid-wicket and takes a quick run. 67/2
  • 7.5 FOUR! Shot. This is all about the timing. No real power behind it. Fuller in length and outside off, Nath just leans into the drive and caresses it through the gap in the covers to find the fence.
  • 7.4 Length delivery on leg, Patel nudges it towards mid-wicket for a run.
  • 7.3 Length delivery on off, Nath punches it towards deep cover for a run.
  • 7.2 On a length on off, Patel drives it towards mid off where the fielder fumbles and concedes an easy single.
  • 7.1 Full on middle, Nath flicks it over mid-wicket for a run.
  • Dwayne Bravo is into the attack now.
  • 6.6 Tossed up on middle, Patel tucks it to mid-wicket. 9 runs and a wicket have come from the over. 58/2
  • Akshdeep Nath is the new batsman in.
  • 6.5 OUT! The bowling change does the trick. This is a huuuuugggeeeee wicket! Faf, well... sort of make amends for his earlier 'dropped' chance. De Villiers holes out after looking in dangerous touch. He steps out to this flatter delivery, gets a little deceived by the flight and the slight away turn as he mistimes his lofted shot down the ground. It goes straight down du Plessis' throat who takes it very well just inside the rope.
  • 6.4 Short and outside off, de Villiers cuts it through point. The batsmen get two runs.
  • 6.3 Floated on middle, Patel drives it towards mid on for a single.
  • 6.2 SIX! BAM! Parthiv Patel with another big hit. Full, loopy and around off, it turns in, the left-hander plants his front foot forward and lofts it ever so well over mid-wicket. Clears the boundary line with ease and that's a biggie.
  • 6.1 Looped up on middle and off, it's driven to mid on for nothing.
  • Time for spin. Ravindra Jadeja is into the attack.
  • 5.6 FOUR! Beautifully played. Are we in for the AB show? Sure seems like it right now. Full and attacking the stumps, de Villiers makes room and gives it the full swing of his bat. Clears mid on and ends the Powerplay in style. Bangalore are 49/1 at the end of the first six. 49/1
  • 5.5 FOUR! Nicely timed. Fuller and on the pads, AB flicks it through square leg for a boundary, beating the dive from Tahir in the deep.
  • 5.4 Short of a length delivery on leg, Patel tries to pull but gets a bottom edge. It rolls behind square leg for a run.
  • 5.3 SIX! Parthiv going along well here. He's timing the ball well. Shaping in from middle stump, on a length, the southpaw plays the pick-up shot and dumps it over the square leg boundary. Fine hit.
  • 5.2 Dropped! But what an effort from Faf. Had he held on to that, it would have been an absolute blinder. Wow. This is landed just ahead of a length around off, de Villiers tries to smash this over wide mid off. His fellow countryman there, du Plessis, leaps a bit to his left and puts his right hand up, but the ball just doesn't stick in his hand. A single is taken.
  • 5.1 Length delivery on off, AB plays it towards covers.
  • 4.6 Length delivery outside off, de Villiers looks to smash but gets a bottom edge on this one. It goes towards mid off for a single. 33/1
  • 4.6 WIDE! Bowls a bouncer, de Villiers watches it sail through. The umpire gives it a wide for height.
  • 4.5 Good comeback from Chahar. On a good length on middle, de Villiers defends it off the back foot.
  • 4.4 SIX! That's outta here! AB de Villiers isn't wasting much time in finding his touch. Length ball on middle and leg, fraction straight in line and that's all AB needs. He eyes the mid-wicket fence and slogs it over the boundary line with ease.
  • 4.3 On a good length on middle, de Villiers defends it off the back foot.
  • 4.2 Play and a miss! Short of a length delivery outside off, de Villiers looks to pull but misses it.
  • 4.1 On a good length on off, de Villiers plays it straight towards Chahar who tries to collect but it gets deflected off his hands to the leg side.
  • 3.6 SIX! Parthiv has nailed that. Makes such sweet connection. Thakur once again bangs it in short, the opener sticks on the back foot, swings his bat across the line and pulls it deep into the deep backward square leg stands. Super shot. 25/1
  • 3.5 Length delivery on middle, de Villiers flicks it towards mid-wicket for a run.
  • 3.4 Short on off, de Villiers comes down the track and plays it towards mid off where Faf du Plessis tries to collect but fumbles. The batsmen get two runs.
  • 3.3 FOUR! How does he manage to generate such power? Nice shot from AB. Short of a length delivery, around off, de Villiers stands his ground and pummels it over mid on for a boundary.
  • 3.2 Good short ball from Shardul Thakur. Bowls short of a length delivery, de Villiers looks to pull but misses it.
  • 3.1 Short of a length delivery, Patel pulls it towards square leg for a run.
  • 2.6 What an over from Chahar. Just 4 runs and the wicket of Kohli from it. De Villiers jumps out of his crease to this fuller length ball and slogs, only to get it off the inner half on the leg side. 11/1
  • 2.5 Another dot. AB opens the face of the bat and runs it down to short third man.
  • 2.4 Lands it in the channel outside off, de Villiers looks to initially play at it, but then decides to leave it alone.
  • AB de Villiers is the new batsman in.
  • 2.3 OUT! Edged and Virat Kohli is gone! Deepak Chahar once again doing the business in the Powerplay. This is a massive wicket. On a good length and outside off, Kohli once again plays away from the body and this time the away movement does him in. He nicks it behind and Dhoni collects well diving to his right. The centurion from the previous game has been dismissed quite early here.
  • 2.2 FOUR! Streaky runs for Kohli and Bangalore. The batsman gives the charge to this length delivery around off, it shapes away a bit, Kohli comes out, plays away from his body and gets an edge over first slip for a boundary.
  • 2.1 Play and a miss from Virat Kohli! Length delivery well outside off, going further away, the Bangalore skipper throws his bat at it but connects only with thin air.
  • 1.6 Short of a length delivery on middle, Patel looks to pull but gets hit high on the pads. 7/0
  • 1.5 Length delivery on middle, Kohli plays it towards mid on and Dwayne Bravo fires a direct hit at the stumps at the bowler's end but Virat was well in. The batsmen take a run.
  • 1.4 Short and outside off, Kohli looks to cut but gets beaten due to the away swing on this one.
  • 1.3 Full on middle, Kohli flicks it to short mid-wicket.
  • 1.2 Short of a length delivery, Patel pulls it over square leg for a run.
  • 1.1 Full on off, Patel looks to drive but gets an inside edge onto the pads. It just missed the leg stump.
  • Shardul Thakur to bowl from the other end.
  • 0.6 FOUR! First boundary for Bangalore. Full on middle and leg, Kohli flicks it beautifully over mid-wicket for a boundary. 5 runs have come from the first over. 5/0
  • 0.5 On a good length on off, Kohli drives it to covers.
  • 0.4 Good ball from Chahar. Full on middle, Patel drives it towards mid on for a run and gets off the mark.
  • 0.3 BEATEN! On a good length and outside off, Patel looks to drive but gets beaten due to the away movement on this one.
  • 0.2 On a length on middle, Patel flicks it to mid-wicket.
  • 0.1 Nice swing first up for Chahar! He bowls it full and it starts outside off. Tails back in. Parthiv strokes it nicely but straight back towards the bowler.
  • We are all set to begin. The players and umpires are out in the middle. Parthiv Patel and Virat Kohli will open the batting for Bangalore. Deepak Chahar will start the proceedings for Chennai.
  • Chennai XI - Shane Watson, Faf du Plessis, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni (WK/C) (in for Karn Sharma), Kedar Jadhav, Dwayne Bravo (in for Sam Billings), Ravindra Jadeja, Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Imran Tahir.
  • Bangalore XI - Parthiv Patel (WK), Virat Kohli (C), AB de Villiers (in for Heinrich Klaasen), Akshdeep Nath, Moeen Ali, Marcus Stoinis, Pawan Negi, Dale Steyn, Navdeep Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal, Umesh Yadav (in for Mohammed Siraj).
  • Bangalore skipper, Virat Kohli says they won the last game despite losing the toss there but he too would have liked to bowl first. Further adds that they need to play well here too. Mentions that he is happy they only had a one-day gap and he would like to continue the winning momentum. States that the Indian T20 League is probably just below the level of international cricket and the individuals need to know their roles. Informs that Ab de Villiers comes in for Heinrich Klaasen and Umesh Yadav replaces Mohammed Siraj.
  • Chennai skipper, MS Dhoni says that they will bowl first as this is a difficult wicket to defend on and also there will be dew. Adds that the last match was not up to the mark but feels you can have 1-2 games like that, but what's more important is to pick the mistakes and improve. Mentions that they will look to put runs on the board and do the basics right. Informs that Dwayne Bravo comes in along with Dhoni himself and Sam Billings and Karn Sharma miss out.
  • TOSS - Chennai win the toss and elect to bowl first!
  • Hello and a warm welcome to Match 39 of the Indian T20 League between Bangalore and Chennai at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. The hosts are almost out of the tournament and from hereon, every game is a must-win game for them. They will be confident after their win in the last match but they need a major improvement in their bowling. AB de Villiers' fitness is a major concern for Bangalore and if he is fit, it will give the hosts a major boost. Chennai, on the other hand, were poor in their last game and the reason was the absence of MS Dhoni. A much improved performance this time around from the team in yellow? We'll find out soon enough. The toss and team news will be coming up shortly.

Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Chennai Super Kings Live Score (T20) Ball by Ball Commentary

  • Time to take a breather. For everyone. Bangalore win this close encounter and keeps themselves alive in the tournament. Chennai won't mind it much, but they know they have improvements to make, especially in the batting department. Moving on, Indian T20 League action continues as on Monday, Rajasthan host Delhi at 2000 local (1430 GMT). Do join in for that one. See you for that, folks!
  • Man of the Match, Parthiv Patel, says he feels great about his performance. Mentions that he realized the wicket was a bit sticky, so decided to be a little cautious after playing some shots freely early on. States that he picked which bowlers he could go after and which he should be a little wary of. On the last-ball fiasco, he says that he knew the situation could happen any time, so he was ready for it since the start of the over. Ends by saying that the team is working hard and always trying to improve.
  • Bangalore skipper, Virat Kohli, says he's feeling a varied range of emotions right now. States that the way they started with the ball was outstanding so is pleased with that. Adds that he never expected what happened on the last ball to happen and is relieved when he says that they finally got on the right side of a close encounter. Reckons that they were in control for the most part of the innings but MS Dhoni took it deep and did what he usually does. Stresses that while batting, Marcus Stoinis' wicket was the turning point as they fell a few runs shorter than they wanted. On Moeen Ali being sent down the order, the skipper feels that in hindsight it seems something else could have been done, but since the Englishman has been striking the ball well, they decided he could come in late and provide a late flurry. On Navdeep Saini and Yuzvendra Chahal, Kohli says both showed composure, especially the former as it's his first season, and he's doing well for the team which is quite pleasing to see. Informs that there are a lot of things said, but if you don't have a lot of confidence it doesn't matter. Continues saying that he's just told his team to play with confidence and take ownership of their decisions. Ends by praising Umesh Yadav for coming back well on the last ball after being hammered for the other five deliveries.
  • Yuzvendra Chahal comes in for a little chat. He says that he wanted to bowl it on the stumps and not in the zone of the batsman. Credits the way Dhoni batted and they were hoping the Chennai captain misses the last ball. Mentions that he is enjoying his bowling, especially on this wicket. Ends by saying that he continuously looks to attack and take wickets.
  • Chennai skipper, MS Dhoni, says it was a good bowling performance from his bowlers. Further adds that the batting is where they faltered. States that they needed to calculate the run chase better, early wickets made the task tougher. Tells that they need to assess their problems and take calculated risks. Informs that it was difficult playing back of a length deliveries and it was not going to be easy for a new batsman and hence, he did not run in the second last over. Ends by saying that they have done well so far since their team has a lot of experience, they were never complacent but it is their batting which is letting them down.
  • Bangalore will breathe a huge sigh of relief that they somehow managed to win. What should have been a comfortable victory turning into an unfavourable nail-biter for them. the start was perfect, the middle overs weren't too shabby either, but 68 runs came in the final 5 overs, with 25 of them coming in the last one which was bowled by Umesh Yadav. Steyn, Chahal and Saini all bowled really well, picking wickets and keeping the run-flow quite tight as well. Another scare for the home side, but it will take the win all the same.
  • With how the chase began, you'd never have thought it'd go so close. Post Rayudu's dismissal, the thought would have been the same. Bangalore started off in the best fashion with Steyn getting rid of Watson and Raina in the very first over of the innings. The visitors were four down by the end of the Powerplay. Dhoni and Rayudu regained some momentum, before the latter departed against the run of play. Jadeja and then Bravo's dismissals made it seem hope was all but lost, but Dhoni, who scored a superb fifty, kept the fight going and with 26 required off the final over, almost got his team across the line.
  • Wow! Let us take a breather. The absolute scenes here. How many more of these close shaves can we take? I don't know about you guys, but that number isn't too big for me. Real heart-stopping stuff. Dhoni almost pulled off another one of his many miracles, but fell short right at the end. Perhaps those single he didn't take with Bravo came back to haunt him in the end? Possibly. But Dhoni is Dhoni, he has his own way of doing things.
  • 19.6 OUT! THAKUR IS JUST SHORT! Even the dive doesn't save him. BANGALORE WIN BY 1 RUN! Umesh bowls the slower one outside off, Dhoni looks to poke it on the off side but misses and seeing this, without any doubt to anyone, both batsmen take off. Parthiv collects the ball and has a shy at his end. Scores a direct hit and it's taken upstairs. Replays roll in and show Thakur is gone for all money.
  • Is that a run out? Are we in for a Super Over? Or is Thakur gone? All happening here at the Chinnaswamy. Over to the third umpire now...
  • 19.5 SIX! Another maximum! MS Dhoni is taking his side home. He accepts this juicy full toss and swings his bat hard across the line. it's a flat hit and the ball clears the mid-wicket rope. Insane hit. Just 2 needed off the final ball. What will happen here?
  • 19.4 Better. Goes for the attempted yorker, it's a low dipping full toss which Dhoni slogs to deep mid-wicket. Obviously, he runs hard and comes back for the second.
  • 19.3 SIX! 10 off 3 now. Oh wow! MS Dhoni, you beauty! Full delivery and right in the slot, Dhoni gets underneath the ball and hammers it over long off. Ab de Villiers at the rope leaps and tries to catch it, but it's just over it.
  • 19.2 SIX! That's huuuuuuggggeeeeee!!!!!! Are we in for another MS Dhoni special? Could it be? That's hit the roof. Shortish ball on middle, Dhoni absolutely nails the pull and sends it high and handsome over the mid-wicket boundary. Wow. 16 needed in 4 now.
  • 19.1 FOUR! Slower short ball on middle and off, Dhoni picks it up early. Rolls his wrists as he controls the pull behind square leg and beats the fielder in the deep to the fence.
  • Shardul Thakur walks out to bat! Also, it is Umesh Yadav who will bowl the last over. He has 25 runs to defend. Can he do it or is it going to be Dhoni who is going to be the hero?
  • 18.6 OUT! Edged and taken! Saini with a good over, ends it in the best possible manner. Back of a length in line of the stumps, with some extra bounce, Bravo backs away to swing across the line but gets an edge behind. Parthiv Patel times his leap perfectly and takes it well above his head. 136/7
  • 18.5 Smashes it to long off again and takes the single on this occasion. Can Bravo find the boundary off the last ball?
  • 18.4 No run again. Strange. Dhoni drills this extremely full delivery to long off but doesn't take the run.
  • 18.3 Not much harm done. Full and on off stump, Dhoni clears his front leg and lofts it down the ground. Kohli from long on cuts it off by moving to his left and throws it in. The batsmen take two. Dhoni is back on strike.
  • 18.3 No ball and SIX! Well, obviously MSD knows more than us. It's a Free Hit too so this could be a big bonus for Chennai. Short ball outside off, Dhoni cuts it over the third man boundary. Saini overstepped. Let's see what happens here.
  • 18.2 On the shorter side of the length, Dhoni pulls it to wide long on. Doesn't take the run, surprisingly. It's not like Bravo can't hit 'em.
  • 18.1 Back of a length outside off, cut hard but straight to point.
  • 17.6 Another couple. This is good running. Bravo whips this aerially through mid-wicket and comes back for the second. 13 runs off the over, a very good one for Chennai. 36 runs needed in the last 2 overs for Chennai to win this game. 126/6
  • 17.5 Shortish delivery quite close to off, Dhoni wrists it to mid-wicket. Runs the first one hard, wants the second too but he slips at the non-striker's end. So they settle for just the one.
  • 17.4 SIX! Fifty for MS Dhoni, his 23rd in the Indian T20 League. Gets there in style too. This back of a length ball just sits up for him, MSD camps back and muscles the heave over wide long on for half a dozen.
  • 17.3 Short of a good length cutting back into the body, Bravo moves inside the line and works it from the inner half towards short fine leg. Just a single this time.
  • 17.2 Keeps it on the fuller side, just outside off, Bravo stands tall and offers a firm punch through the covers. The batsmen come back for the second.
  • 17.1 Fuller length delivery with some shape away from the batsman, MSD pushes it through covers and gets to the other end.
  • Dale Steyn returns to the attack.
  • 16.6 Good length delivery on off, it's hit down to long off for one run. 113/6
  • 16.5 EDGED and FOUR! Runs Dhoni and Chennai won't mind at all. Back of a length with some room on offer outside off, Dhoni cuts and it goes off the outer half through the vacant slip cordon for a boundary.
  • Dwayne Bravo walks out to bat!
  • 16.4 OUT! RUN OUT! Huge mix-up in the middle and Jadeja pays the price for it. Wicket at the wrong time for Chennai. Dhoni looks to pull this away but mistimes it in front of mid-wicket. Both batsmen take off, there's some hesitation, Jadeja continues on, and when he gets to the halfway mark, Dhoni turns around and leaves him stranded. Saini collects the ball and then has all the time in the world to go to the stumps at his end and take the bails off.
  • 16.3 Good length delivery angling across, the left-hander smacks it towards wide mid off. The batsmen pinch a quick single.
  • 16.2 Fine effort from Pawan Negi, after the initial fumble. Jadeja pulls this short ball aerially in front of square leg. Negi out in the deep moves to his right, gets low, it slips from his palms but he makes a good recovery. The batsmen take two.
  • 16.1 And he starts off with a dot ball. Length ball on middle and leg, Jadeja works it straight to the man at mid-wicket.
  • Navdeep Saini back on to bowl.
  • 15.6 SIX! Goes straight back! Tossed right up there, on middle stump, Dhoni takes a step out of his crease and smokes it back over the bowler's head for a biggie. Chennai need 57 runs to win in 24 balls. 105/5
  • 15.5 Drifting in on middle and leg, Dhoni works it off his pads square on the leg side. Big gap out there, he places it with just enough power to place it right in between the fielders in the circle and in the deep. Gets two easily.
  • 15.4 A lot of flight on this, outside off, it's dragged down to long on as the batsmen cross over comfortably.
  • 15.3 The googly, which Chahal throws wide outside off, Jadeja reaches out to it as he slaps it to sweeper cover. The batsmen collect a brace.
  • 15.2 Quicker through the air, sliding in on middle and leg, Dhoni backs away and whips it through mid-wicket for another run.
  • 15.1 Quick, flat and short outside off, Jadeja rocks onto the back foot and slaps the punch to long off for a run.
  • 14.6 Back of a length delivery outside off, Jadeja stays back and taps it down to point for one. 70 needed off 30 balls. 92/5
  • 14.5 Length ball on middle and leg, MSD fails to flick and it drops down the surface off his pads. They cross for a brisk leg bye as Stoinis also runs to the ball and tries to kick the ball onto the stumps.
  • 14.4 Excellent delivery. Gets a good length ball to cut back into the batsman from around off. Dhoni is cut in half as he tries to keep it out.
  • 14.3 Another drive from Dhoni, this time to covers. Finds Kohli who has a shy at the striker's end but misses.
  • 14.2 Fullish and outside off, Dhoni strokes it through point for a brace.
  • 14.1 Angling away from the batsman, Jadeja tries to push it through the line but it takes the inside edge and goes to short fine leg for one.
  • 14.1 Wide! Back of a length delivery down the leg side, Jadeja allows it through smartly.
  • Strategic break. 76 needed off the last six overs and this match is more in Bangalore's court than Chennai. But with the batsman of the caliber of Dhoni and Jadeja in the middle and Bravo to come, you cannot write them off easily. These kind of equations have been scaled down in the past and considering Bangalore's bowling woes, this match is anything but over. So, just sit back tight and enjoy the ride of the end overs. Marcus Stoinis to bowl...
  • 13.6 Hit ferociously. Extra flight on this one, it lands too full and outside off, Jadeja attacks it and drills it down to long on for a run. 3 runs and a wicket from the over. 86/5
  • 13.5 A slider outside off, Jadeja is on the back foot as he pushes it out on the off side. Finds the fielder.
  • 13.4 Works it around on the leg side but finds the mid-wicket fielder.
  • 13.3 Played to the mid-wicket region by the batsman. One run added to the total.
  • 13.2 Shortish and on middle, punched down to long off for a run.
  • Ravindra Jadeja is the new batsman. A slip in place.
  • 13.1 OUT! Death rattle! Chahal is up and running in celebration as the stadium erupts. Wicket number 49 at this venue for the leggie. A flighted delivery, landing full around leg, Rayudu tries flicking it on the leg side but misses as it skids on after landing. The ball kisses his front pad and deflects behind to tickle the off pole. The 55-run partnership is broken. 79 needed off 41 balls.
  • 12.6 Just the single to end but a very, very good over for Chennai. 13 from it. Rayudu guides this down to third man and takes one. 79 needed in 42. Game on here. 83/4
  • 12.5 FOUR! Brilliant batting! Picks his spot nicely. Rayudu steps down the track and also makes room. Yadav bangs it short once again. Rayudu gets on top of the bounce and slaps it over mid off for a boundary. 12 from this over, still a ball to go.
  • 12.4 Dhoni now works this through mid-wicket for a single. The 50-run stand is up. The job is only half done though. They know they are Chennai's last hope and they need to carry on.
  • 12.3 Now sensibly opens the face of the bat and guides it through backward point for a single.
  • 12.2 SIX! Over the fence! This time Rayudu connects with the cross-batted shot. It was a short one and Rayudu went for a similar shot he played on the last ball. This time though he does not dance down the track. Gets it off the middle and it flies over the wide long on fence. They need one almost every over and they have got theirs in this one.
  • 12.1 Starts off with a short one on middle, Rayudu dances down the track and looks to pull but misses.
  • Umesh Yadav is back!
  • 11.6 Driven through mid on by the batsman. One run added to the total. End of an eventful over. 70/4
  • 11.5 Flatter and on off, Rayudu plays it with the spin to point.
  • 11.4 NOT OUT! But it was closer than we thought. A flighted leg spinner, landing on middle and spinning away to open Rayudu completely in his stance as he stretches forward to work it around. The ball spins away to beat the outside edge and Patel takes the bails off in a hurry. He appeals and it's referred upstairs. The replays show that Rayudu's back leg is in the air but it's not quite conclusive that when the bails came off, it's entirely down or not. The third umpire watches multiple replays and then gives the benefit of the doubt to the batsman.
  • Stumping appeal. It has been taken upstairs. Doesn't look out even in the first go, let's find out in the replays...
  • 11.3 Full and flighted on middle, Dhoni lunges and drives it to long on for one.
  • 11.2 A googly this time, on the shorter side, Rayudu pulls this time, in front of square leg and a run is taken.
  • 11.1 A long hop on middle, Dhoni goes deep inside the crease and pulls it down to long on for a run.
  • 10.6 Puts this one on a fuller length around off, Dhoni leans forward and knocks it down to long on for one. 9 from the over, 96 needed off 54 balls. 66/4
  • 10.5 Angles in a full ball in the line of the stumps, Rayudu walks across the stumps and flicks it to deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 10.4 Fullish and on middle, MS quietly flicks it through mid-wicket for a run.
  • 10.3 SIX! Dhoni has dismissed this one out of his sight! A delivery with a plenty of width outside off, MSD shimmies down the track, throws his bat at it and packs a punch over covers. It has gone all the way and the crowd is chanting Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!
  • 10.2 A touch short in length on off, Dhoni's initial intention was to work it on the leg side but he only manages to push it back.
  • 10.1 Back of a length ball outside off, Dhoni stays back to cut but finds the point fielder.
  • 9.6 Does so! Just a single, could have easily been a dot but a misfield sees the batsmen take a run. On the stumps, Dhoni goes back and pushes it towards cover, de Villiers does not stop it cleanly and a run is taken. 57/4
  • 9.5 Slower through the air on middle, Rayudu strokes it down to long on for a single. This is a very good over till now, but needs to end it well.
  • 9.4 Well bowled! The slider and it is quicker. Rayudu may have not picked it as he pushes it back towards the bowler very late.
  • 9.3 Another flatter delivery and outside off, Dhoni guides it through point for a single.
  • 9.2 The slider, a little extra bounce on it. Dhoni works it to mid-wicket.
  • 9.1 The leg spinner to begin with. It is outside off, Rayudu slaps it through covers for a run.
  • Strategic break. Bangalore are all over Chennai like a rash. They have made an outstanding beginning and after a strong Powerplay show, they are on top. But the hosts will have to be careful as well. The current pair of Chennai can really hurt them. Also, dew has already set in and gripping the ball won't be easy for the Bangalore bowlers. A very vital phase in this match is about to begin. Yuzvendra Chahal to bowl his leggies after the mini-break.
  • 8.6 Good length ball on off, angling in, Dhoni gets behind the line and defends it to the off side. 53/4
  • 8.5 FOUR! No stopping this one! Short in length and on middle, Dhoni swivels on the back foot and pulls it behind square leg. Good timing and placement. 50 up for Chennai, 109 needed off 67 balls.
  • 8.4 The batsman dances down the track but decides to defend it.
  • 8.3 Around off, on a shorter length, Rayudu guides it down at the last moment to third man for one.
  • 8.2 Direct hit and Rayudu would have been gone! Shortish delivery, shaping back in, Dhoni steps down and tries to flick but misses. It goes off his pads to the off side and Dhoni crosses for a hesitant single. Kohli attacks the ball from covers, dives forward and tries to knock the stumps down at the striker's end but misses. Rayudu survives.
  • 8.1 Stoinis sees Rayudu dance down the track, he bangs it short. Ambati guides it towards cover. Kohli there overruns the ball and concedes a run. The replays show that it was also a no ball which was not spotted by the umpire. Hmm...
  • Marcus Stoinis is on!
  • 7.6 This is flatter and on the pads, the batsman works it through mid-wicket and takes an easy single. 46/4
  • 7.5 Slightly short and outside off, Dhoni looks to cut but due to the turn away, he chops it through covers for a single.
  • 7.4 Well bowled, good comeback by Negi. Dhoni initially advances but seeing that, Negi shortens his length. Dhoni then stops the charge and looks to force it through the off side but misses. He quickly drags his back leg into the crease. Parthiv whips the bails off but that is of no use.
  • 7.3 FOUR! Smart shot but a poor ball also! Down the leg side, Dhoni paddles it very fine, no chance for any fielder and a boundary results.
  • 7.2 Dances down the track but does not get to the pitch of the ball. It is stroked back to the bowler.
  • 7.1 This is flatter and on middle, it is punched down to long on for a single.
  • Pawan Negi is on now!
  • 6.6 Plenty happened on this delivery. It begins with an inswinger that strikes Dhoni on the pads as he fails to work it around. The ball deflects towards point and they cross. The fielder has a shy at the bowler's end but misses and now they cross one more time. The long on fielder tries to stop it but ends up kicking it. The mid-wicket fielder mops it up after that. Two leg byes in total. Now, returning to that lbw appeal, it's not given as the ball was missing leg by a fair margin, the replays confirmed. 39/4
  • 6.5 Movement off the pitch. It lands it on a length around off, Dhoni tries to defend but fails to middle his shot. Probably an inside edge onto the pads as the ball rolls on the leg side.
  • 6.4 The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads. One run added to the total.
  • 6.3 FOUR! Nicely played. Short in length and wide outside off, Rayudu uses the extra pace of the bowler and ramps it down to third man for a boundary. This partnership holds the key for Chennai.
  • 6.2 Full in length and outside off, forced down to mid off where de Villiers made the stop.
  • 6.1 Straighter delivery, turned off the pads on the leg side but found mid-wicket.
  • Navdeep Saini is back!
  • 5.6 FOUR! And Mahi begins with a delightful square drive. An overpitched delivery outside off, Dhoni reaches out for it and crunches it through point for a glorious boundary. 32/4 in the Powerplay, Bangalore are roaring! 32/4
  • MS Dhoni is the new man in and as usual, when he walks in to bat, doesn't matter if it's a home or away game, the crowd goes bonkers. Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! ...resonating all around the Chinnaswamy Stadium.
  • 5.5 OUT! Wicket number 4 goes down inside the Powerplay! This is a very strong start from Bangalore. Jadhav's sorry form also continues. Back of a length delivery outside off, Kedar stands back to pull it across the line but it takes the top edge and loops in the air towards mid off. AB de Villiers settles underneath it and takes the simplest of catches. Chennai staring down the barrel...
  • 5.4 FOUR! Poor delivery and punished! Umesh's love for batsman's pads is well-known. Another delivery sliding down there and Jadhav has no qualms in putting it away with a flick shot over mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 5.3 Back of a length ball just around off, Jadhav stays back to probably turn it on the leg side but the bounce gets big on his bat and he ends up pushing it back in the direction of the bowler.
  • 5.2 Shortish ball outside off, Jadhav opens the face of his bat and pushes it to backward point.
  • 5.1 A length delivery on middle and leg, Rayudu taps it down on the leg side at mid-wicket for a run.
  • 4.6 FOUR! STREAKY! Chennai won't mind though as it is a much-needed boundary for them. Steyn bowls it on a length and around off, this one comes back in sharply. Jadhav looks to play at it tentatively but only manages an inside edge to the fine leg fence. Another very testing over from Steyn but 6 from it. Also, this was probably his last over of this spell. He has bowled three, taken two wickets and given away only 16 runs. 23/3
  • 4.5 Continues bowling it on a length around off, Jadhav makes a leave.
  • 4.4 Length again and outside off, Rayudu opens the face of the bat and guides it down to third man for a run.
  • 4.3 Fuller in length again on middle, this is worked towards mid-wicket for a run. KJ is off the mark.
  • 4.2 NOT OUT! That has brushed the thigh pad! Bangalore have lost their only review. Not sure why they went for it when they weren't sure. This is down the leg side, Jadhav looks to flick but it goes off something to the keeper. Patel appeals but the umpire shakes his head. No wide signaled so it is hit something. Bangalore feel bat and they review. Replays roll in and it shows the on-field call is the right one.
  • Review time! An appeal for a caught behind has been turned down. Bangalore have reviewed. They do not look sure though.
  • 4.1 Excellent stuff! This one is just outside off, the perfect line. Jadhav lets it go through to the keeper.
  • Kedar Jadhav walks into the middle next.
  • 3.6 OUT! Du Plessis was looking rattled and has finally fallen here. Umesh bangs in a shortish ball on middle, Faf tries to pull it across the line but fails to properly get on top of the bounce. It takes the top edge and balloons straight up in the air towards mid on. Nath rushes forward and so does AB de Villiers from mid off. The latter reaches there first, no calling is made and AB does well eventually to hang onto the catch as Akshdeep collides with him and goes down. No harm done. Smiles all around. Chennai in deep trouble. Bangalore have the momentum in the Powerplay. 17/3
  • 3.5 Four leg byes! A length ball angling down the leg side, du Plessis advances down the track and tries to flick but misses. It takes his pads and screams down to fine leg for a boundary.
  • 3.4 Hurries down the track to heave it across the line but fails to middle it properly, finds mid-wicket.
  • 3.3 Pitches it up and outside off, it's pushed off the front foot to mid off.
  • 3.2 What happened there??? The ball has shaved past the off pole and the bail has not come off. Faf is very lucky to be still batting out there. First up, it's a beauty of a delivery. Yadav clocks 141 kph again and spears in a full ball on off, Faf tries to work it around but is squared up and it beats the outside half of his bat. After that it goes kissing the off stump to the keeper much to Bangalore's bad luck.
  • 3.1 Play and a miss! Short delivery outside off, at 141.3 kph, du Plessis makes room to slap it over covers but fails to make any connection.
  • 3.1 Wide! Wrong start from Umesh. Drifting down the leg side, du Plessis tries to help it away off his pads but misses.
  • Umesh Yadav is on now!
  • 2.6 A high full toss, dipping into the batsman, du Plessis is taken by surprise as he leans back in reaction and then edges it down to third man for a run. Top over by Steyn again, only 5 from it. 12/2
  • 2.5 Sliding down the leg side, Rayudu fails to flick and it goes off his pads to the on side for a leg bye.
  • 2.4 Direct hit would have been curtains for du Plessis! Chennai are looking very restless at the moment. Fuller in length and outside off, Faf drives it without much timing to mid off and wants a single. His partner responds and du Plessis puts his head down and runs like anything. His countryman, AB de Villiers, attacks the ball and then has a shy at the bowler's end but misses. AB probably lost his balance a bit while releasing his throw. The run is completed but it was too risky.
  • 2.3 Too full in length on middle, Faf pushes it down to mid on. Dot ball.
  • 2.2 An away swinger outside off, Rayudu dabs it to third man for one.
  • 2.1 No hat-trick for Steyn ! He bowls a slightly short in length delivery outside off, du Plessis guides it down to third man where the fielder makes a sliding stop. A single taken.
  • 1.6 Another loose shot! This is the sucker ball, full and very wide outside off. Rayudu throws his bat at it but gets beaten again. A lovely follow-up over by Saini. He kept the pressure on. Just what Virat would have wanted. 7/2
  • 1.5 WOW! What was Rayudu thinking there. The ball is doing a bit, he is facing his second ball. What does he do, take a few steps down and looks to go downtown. However, luckily for him, the ball whizzes past the outside edge.
  • 1.4 Very good bowling! In the 5th stump channel. Rayudu covers his off pole and lets it be.
  • 1.3 Well fielded! Bangalore have their tails up here. Slightly fuller and on the stumps, Faf strokes it towards mid on. Nath there does well to move swiftly to his left and stop it with a dive. Can't stop the run though.
  • 1.2 Back of a length this time and it is angling into the batsman, Faf stands tall and pushes it to covers.
  • 1.1 Starts off with a full ball on off, looking for some swing. There ain't any and Faf strokes it to cover-point.
  • Ambati Rayudu comes out to bat. Also, Navdeep Saini will bowl from the other end.
  • 0.6 OUT! Snorter from Steyn and he has gunned down Chennai's best batsman. A perfect yorker on off at 143.7 kph, Raina is late in bringing his bat down and it goes right through to shatter the stumps. Steyn is pumped up. Kohli hugs him. This is the kind of start they needed. Raina bags a rare golden duck. Nothing much you can do as a batsman when you are welcomed with a jaffa like this. Just accept it's not your night and return to the pavilion. Two wickets in the first over itself. Steyn will be on a hat-trick in his next over. 6/2
  • Suresh Raina is the new batsman.
  • 0.5 OUT! This is a Test match dismissal off the bowling of one of the very best Test bowlers around. This line outside off will always trouble any batsman. Perfect landing of the seam, it's on a length outside off and nips away, Watson goes for a big drive through the line but ends up edging it behind to Stoinis at first slip. The Aussie takes the catch over his head and makes no mistake that he made in the last match against Kolkata when he dropped Lynn. Early setback for Chennai and Watson's poor form continues.
  • 0.4 FOUR! Nicely timed! Back of a length delivery on middle, Watson gets on top of the bounce and pulls it through square leg for a boundary, first of the innings.
  • 0.3 Once again some away shape, on a good length outside off, du Plessis runs it down to third man for a run.
  • 0.2 Some movement in the air and off the pitch as well. Full and outside off, du Plessis drives it through the line but finds cover-point. The fielder inside the ring misfields a bit but no run conceded.
  • 0.1 Direct hit first ball but no harm done! A length ball on middle, Watson gets forward and defends it towards mid on. They attempt for a run and complete it with ease as well as Umesh Yadav comes up with a direct hit at the bowler's end. Chennai are underway!
  • We are back for the chase. The Bangalore players are out in the middle. Faf du Plessis and Shane Watson will open the batting for Chennai. Dale Steyn will start the proceedings for Bangalore.

Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Chennai Super Kings Live Score (T20) Ball by Ball Commentary

World Cup 2019 Points Table

Team p w l nr pts
Australia 7 6 1 0 12
New Zealand 7 5 1 1 11
India 5 4 0 1 9
England 7 4 3 0 8
Bangladesh 7 3 3 1 7
Pakistan 7 3 3 1 7
Sri Lanka 6 2 2 2 6
West Indies 6 1 4 1 3
South Africa 7 1 5 1 3
Afghanistan 7 0 7 0 0

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 3631 113
2 New Zealand 2547 111
3 South Africa 2917 108
4 England 3663 105
5 Australia 2640 98
6 Sri Lanka 3462 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 5720 124
2 India 5990 122
3 New Zealand 4121 114
4 South Africa 4674 111
5 Australia 4805 109
6 Pakistan 4107 93
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 7365 283
2 England 4253 266
3 South Africa 4196 262
4 Australia 5471 261
5 India 7273 260
6 New Zealand 4056 254