Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka Live Score (TEST)

Date: Wednesday, 11 December, 2019 10:15 IST Venue: Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi Match Status: Match Ended

Pakistan drew with Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 308/6 (97.0 ov) R/R 3.18

Pakistan 252/2 (70.0 ov) R/R 3.6

Match Ended

  • Babar Azam 102,
  • Abid Ali 57
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Abid Ali not out 109 201 11 0
Babar Azam not out 102 128 14 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Kasun Rajitha 6 2 5 1
Vishwa Fernando 13 1 49 0

Current Partnership

162 ( 38.1 ) R/R:4.24

Babar Azam 102(128)

Abid Ali 57(101)

Last Wicket 90/2 (31.5 over)

Azhar Ali 36 (81) S.R (44.44)

c Dimuth Karunaratne b Lahiru Kumara

  • So that is it from this Test! There is one more game to go though and it is everything to play for in that one. Let's hope we witness a lot more cricket that we did in this one. The second Test starts on the 19th December at 0945 local (0445 GMT). Till then, take care and goodbye!
  • Azhar Ali says they are very happy with how the batters batted. He also adds that the conditions were good to bat in and they made use of it, especially Babar and Abid. Further adds he himself was very confident but that has been his story recently, he has looked good but got out at the wrong time but he hopes to do well in the next game. States the bowlers need to be a lot more consistent, they are young and they will learn as they play more and more games. Ends by saying playing at home is completely different and he thanks the crowd to come and support them on a day where they knew a result was not possible.
  • Sri Lankan skipper, Dimuth Karunaratne, says he is pleased with how the team played. Further adds Dhananjaya and the two pacers who bowled were good. States they have a few positives heading into the next game. Informs Kasun Rajitha got injured and hence, he could not bowl further any overs in the match. Also tells they need to assess the wicket and come with a good plan in the next game. Ends by saying he would like to thank the fans who came in today and feels the Pakistan fans gave them good support.
  • MAN OF THE MATCH, Abid Ali, says it is a memorable moment for him and he hoped he could do well on his debut and he is thankful to the almighty. Further adds he was nervous but he enjoyed every moment out there. States he wanted to see off the new ball and then wait for the bad deliveries, he had plans of how much he wanted to score in every 5 overs and it went well.
  • A draw was never in doubt right at the start of Day 5? Well, what else can you expect in a Test match where only 167 overs could be bowled. Yes, it went all 5 days but except for the first and the 5th Day, we hardly had any play on the rest of the days. Sri Lanka won the toss on Day 1 and elected to bat, they put up a good first innings score with Dhananjaya being their star with a ton. He came out to bat on Day 1 and scored his ton on Day 5. The Lankans declared immediately after he got to his ton. Pakistan then had their chance to bat and enjoyed their opportunity. Especially Azam and Abid. Both scored tons and ensured the fans who came into watch the game, had their money's worth.
  • So out comes the light meter! The umpire feels it is not good enough to carry on and that is it from this Test match! Handshakes taking place out there. Azam is seen having a chat with a few Sri Lankan players and now everybody, slowly and steadily are walking off. The game ends in a draw!
  • 69.6 Full and on middle, Azam defends it off the front foot. That will be it. The players go for the handshakes and that's a DRAW!
  • 69.5 De Silva sprays one down the leg side. Azam looks to lay bat on the ball. He fails and the ball rolls to the short fine leg off the pads.
  • 69.4 Once again Azam plays this tossed up ball on the pads to mid-wicket.
  • 69.3 Azam works this full ball off his pads to mid-wicket.
  • 69.2 Babar blocks this one right of the middle of the bat.
  • 69.1 Floated one on off, blocked off the front foot.
  • 69.1 NO BALL! A rare one from a spinner. Dhananjaya oversteps here! Full and on middle, driven to long on for a run.
  • 68.6 Floated on off, blocked of the back foot. 250/2
  • 68.5 Tossed up on off, defended off the back foot.

Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka Live Score (TEST) Quick Scorecard

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 5046 120
2 New Zealand 3241 112
3 South Africa 3177 102
4 England 4593 102
5 Australia 3672 102
6 Sri Lanka 3795 95
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 6745 125
2 India 7364 121
3 New Zealand 4837 112
4 Australia 5543 111
5 South Africa 5193 110
6 Pakistan 5019 98
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 8366 270
2 Australia 6986 269
3 England 5568 265
4 South Africa 4720 262
5 India 10071 258
6 New Zealand 6056 252