Pakistan Vs New Zealand LIVE SCORE (t20)

Pakistan Vs New Zealand At Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah, 26 October, 2021

26 October, 2021
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

134/8 (20.0 ov)

Super 12 - Match 19

135/5 (18.4 ov)

Pakistan beat New Zealand by 5 wickets










Batting Status R B 4s 6s
Ish Sodhi not out 2 2 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Shaheen Afridi 4 1 21 1
Imad Wasim 4 0 24 1










Batting Status R B 4s 6s
Shoaib Malik not out 26 20 2 1
Asif Ali not out 27 12 1 3
Bowling 0 M R W
Mitchell Santner 4 0 33 1
Tim Southee 4 0 25 1

So, that is it from this game, it was South Africa who won the first one in the afternoon and then it was Pakistan who emerged victorious second time in a row. Two games coming your way on Wednesday. First it is England taking on Bangladesh and then Scotland will be locking horns with Namibia. Action begins at 1400 local (1000 GMT). Till then, take care and goodbye!

Babar Azam, the victorious skipper, says that he is always happy with a win and it gives them a lot of confidence. Adds that it was a team effort, the way they started with the ball and they way the spinners bowled and finally Haris Rauf bowled really well. Adds that mainly the fielding effort was exceptional. Mentions that they leaked 10 or so more runs and when they came out to bat, early wickets fell. He applauds the efforts of Shoaib Malik and Asif Ali for the way they batted and finished off things. Mentions that they want to take it day by day and make sure they perform on the day of the match.

Kane Williamson, the New Zealand skipper, is up for chat. He says, it is very disappointed. They were quite optimistic in the halfway mark, but this is good Pakistan side, who managed to take it over the line. Mentions, the boys could not nail it in the end. On being asked about the bowling pack, he says, the bowlers were outstanding for the 80 percent of the game. They had planned to keep it on the stumps but once there were poor deliveries, the batters pounced on them and took the game away from us. Mentions, they have a lot of positives to take from this game. Also, the venue is also different and the opponent as well, India is a good looking side. Ends by saying, they will hope to comeback stronger in the next game.

Haris Rauf wins the Man of the Match award for his tremendous spell with the ball. (4-0-22-4). He is up for a chat. He says, that the team's effort in the field, supporting the bowlers was the key and the fans support too was important. Adds that the type of bowlers they have, they support each other and they constantly talk about the pitch and conditions. Mentions that his pick of the wicket today was the one of Guptill as it took New Zealand's momentum away. He ends by thanking his family for their continued support.

... Presentation Time ...

Earlier in the day, after electing to bowl, Pakistan put in another excellent display with the ball as they restricted New Zealand to a low total on a challenging surface. They were struggling to gun it down but a good innings from Malik and a superb knock form Asif Ali took them over the line.

The Kiwis actually should be pleased with the fight they showed, they bowled hard lengths and made it difficult for Pakistan to score. Southee was terrific, Sodhi was also very impressive. To add to that, they were brilliant in the field. However, when mattered they failed to keep their nerve, they needed to bowl well at the death but that was not to be.

The start though was not that great for Pakistan. They began slowly and lost Babar Azam in the Powerplay. They just could not get a move on and just as they seemed like moving ahead with the game, they kept losing wickets. They were in a spot of bother when Rizwan fell. The Men in Green were reeling at 69 for 4 and the run rate needed was nearing 9. Malik though kept his cool, played sensibly, he wanted to take it deep. Pakistan though still needed someone to play a cameo for them and it came from the bat of Asif Ali. He is picked as the finisher and he played a gem of a knock.

What a chase that turned out to be! It was the opening two which came to the fore for Pakistan in the first game and this time it was the middle and the lower order. Absolutely stunning from Malik and Asif Ali. Especially the former, he paced his innings so well and the others who came out to bat with him just played around him and did their job. Pakistan really look a superb team and they have more or less sealed their passage to the semi finals.


That's it, Pakistan have gone 2 out of 2! Fullish ball, around off. Asif Ali drives it through cover and the batters come back for the second. Pakistan WIN BY 5 WICKETS! 135/5


SIX! That outta do it now! Trent Boult bangs in a short ball, around middle and it's just not short enough. Asif Ali hangs back and absolutely muscles it over the wide long on fence. Just 2 needed now.


A length ball, around leg stump, cramping Ali for room. Ali looks to flick it away but misses and gets hit on the pads.

Asif Ali looks to struggle in the middle at the moment. He had been hit in the grills a while back. The physio is out to go through the concussion test yet again. This is taking some time. Asif Ali decides to continue and the physio makes his way out of the pitch.


Fullish ball, around off. Shoaib Malik walks across the stumps and heaves it through mid-wicket for a single.

Trent Boult (3-0-20-1) to bowl the penultimate over.


Flatter and on off. Ali drives it to cover. A great over for Pakistan, they are inching closer to the finish line. 126/5


Flatter and on middle and leg. Ali clips it through mid-wicket. The batters take two, as there is no one inside the circle. Good-running.


On the pads, flicked through mid-wicket for a single.


SIX! HIGH AND HANDSOME! You can't let Malik come down the ground. Tossed up, on off. Malik dances down the track and smokes it over the long off fence for a maximum.


On the pads. Malik flicks it through mid-wicket for a brace.


FOUR! Santner is brought back and Malik is on the charge straightaway. Short and outside off. Malik hangs on the back foot and cuts it through point for a boundary. This match is swinging from one end to the other.

Asif Ali has been hit on the grill of the helmet and hence, out comes the physio for the compulsory concussion check. Hope he is fine and the physio is asking him a few questions. Everything seems fine now and we are ready to resume play. Mitchell Santner (3-0-18-1) comes on to bowl his final over.


Back of a length, around off. The ball skids off the surface. Ali looks to pull it away on the back foot but misses. The ball takes the top edge and Ali gets hit on the helmet. He goes down in the crease, but he shows thumbs up to the kiwi players who surround him while checking on him. A great over for Pakistan 13 runs coming off it. 111/5


Swing and a miss! Good-length ball, outside off. Ali looks to chase it but misses.

Kane Williamson has taken the review for an LBW decision. This one is more hope than certainty. UltraEdge shows that there's no bat involved and Ball Tracker confirms that the ball is going over the stumps. Asif Ali stays at the crease.


NOT OUT! Southee appeals for an lbw but the umpire is unmoved. A length ball, around middle and off. Ali stays inside the crease and looks to pull it away but misses. He gets rapped on the pads, Southee and the team appeals but the umpire says no. Kane Williamson decides to take it upstairs. The UltraEdge shows no bat is involved. The Ball Tracker shows that the ball is missing the wickets. Asif Ali survies.


SIX! Ali is on a roll. Back-to-back maximums. Touch short and on off. Ali hangs back and powers it over the long on fence for another biggie. Pakistan are right back in it.


SIX! BANG! Ali is getting his side back in the game. He hits it down the ground. Slower ball, half volley, around off. Ali powers it down the ground for a maximum at long off.

Tim Southee (3-0-12-1) to bowl out.


Southee starts his final over with a single. Slower, length ball, around off. Malik hangs back and punches it through cover for a single.


LEG BYE! Full and down leg. Malik misses his sweep. The ball rolls out off the pads. The batters collect a leg bye. 37 needed in 24 balls. 98/5


FOUR! This might release some pressure. Full and on middle. Malik dances down the track and lifts it towards long on. The ball ends up in the boundary.


Two dots in a row now. The pressure keeps mounting with every dot ball. Darted, on the pads. Malik looks to sweep it away but misses. The ball rolls out off the pads.


A dot now! Flighted, full and on off. Malik steps forward and pushes it to cover.


Another single now! Flatter and around off. Ali guides it towards third man for a single.


Tossed up, on off. Malik comes down the track and works it to long on for a single.


FOUR! That is some way to get off the mark! Length and outside off, Asif plays it nice and late and guides it through backward point. Boundary. End of an action packed over. 44 needed in 30 now. 91/5

Asif Ali comes in at number 7.


OUT! LBW! Once agian that is a poor stroke by Imad! Not sure why he would try that! It is on the stumps, a seam-up ball. Wasim looks to play the reverse sweep but misses. It hits him on the pad. An appeal and the finger is raised. Wasim starts limping off but then thinks of a review, time is up though and he goes back.


FOUR! Slapped away! That is a pressure relieving boundary! It is short and a slower one. Imad Wasim waits and then slams it over covers for a boundary. Much-needed.


Really not sure about that shot! Imad gets into the position to play the reverse sweep quite early. This is bowled down the leg side. Imad misses. Not wided.


Just the one! Outside off, Malik guides it to short third man. He takes off for one. The throw comes at the bowler's end but he does not hit.


Fuller and on off, Malik pushes it to covers. A dot to begin. Dots are gold.


A single to end! A decent over by Sodhi. 53 needed in 36. Excellent stop. Saves three for his side. Shorter and outside off, this is cut towards point. The fielder there, dives to his left and stops it. 82/4

Trent Boult (2-0-11-0) is brought back into the attack.


WIDE AND A RUN! Bonus for Pakistan! Short and down the leg side. Wasim looks to pull but misses. The keeper does not collect it cleanly. A single taken.


Just the one! On the pads, Malik works it through square leg for one.


Just the one! On off, this is hit down to long off for one.


Yet another dot! Pressure building! The reverse sweep comes out, the ball is outside off. Wasim misses and it hits the pad. Something has to give here. Run rate needed going up.


Shorter and on middle, this is whipped through mid-wicket for one more.


Outside off, Wasim hits it down to long off for one.

Bowling change.


Well fielded by Southee! Fuller and outside off, this is hit towards cover. Two fielders dive for it but Southee at mid off stops it. Just the one. 75/4


Full and down the leg side, Wasim looks to flick but misses, it hits the pad and goes to the keeper, an appeal but turned down.


Good length and on off, Malik looks to drive but gets an inside edge onto the pads. It rolls on the off side for one.


Fuller and on middle, Malik works it to mid-wicket. No run taken.


Outside off, Wasim guides it through point for one.


Does not time it but gets two! The plan is to probably go after Neesham! Imad straightaway skips down the track and Neesham bowls it wide outside off, it is dragged down towards long on for two.

James Neesham (2-0-13-0) is back into the attack.


A single now! On the pads, Wasim looks to flick but gets an inside edge, it hits the pad and rolls on the leg side. A single. 70/4


On middle, Wasim works it to mid-wicket.


OUT! LBW! That is plumb and the main man is out of here! This is a huge blow and the fans know it here as there is pin drop silence now! Flatter and on middle, this one skids through. Rizwan goes back to flick but misses. It hits him on the pads. An appeal and the finger is raised. Rizwan knows he is a goner but still walks up to his partner to have a word. No review. New Zealand well and truly on top now.

Imad Wasim walks out to bat at number 6.


WIDE! Slows it up but bowls it well wide outside off. Wided.


FOUR! Pulled hard and into the fence! That is a half tracker! Short and on middle, Rizwan pulls it hard through mid-wicket. In the gap and races away to the fence. Not good bowling and Rizwan pounces on it.


Flatter and on off, Malik plays it through point for one.


Tossed up on middle, Malik plays it back to the bowler.

Shoaib Malik is the new man at the crease. Ish Sodhi (1-0-8-1) is brought back into the attack.


OUT! TAKEN! IS THAT SUPERMAN? NO! THAT IS DEVON CONWAY WITH AN ABSOLUTE BEAUTY OF A TAKE! WOW! Timely wicket for the Kiwis as the momentum just started to shift and the move to get Santner on has worked wonders. Hafeez will feel a touch unfortunate. He had creamed that! Skips down the track, gets to the pitch of it and places it wide of long off. It seems to be destined for a boundary but Conway runs there, dives and takes a stunner. This game is just swinging from one way to the another. 72 needed in 54. 63/3


Shorter and outside off, Rizwan plays it through point for one. 5 singles in the over so far. Can he end it well?


Dealing in singles now! On off, Hafeez eases it down to long off for one.


Tosses it up on off, Rizwan sweeps it through mid-wicket for one.


Fires it on the pads, Hafeez works it through square leg for one.


Really good running! Flatter and on off, Rizwan plays it towards cover and takes off. Hafeez puts in the dive to get in.

DRINKS! New Zealand have bowled well and it has kept them in the game. Pakistan have started off a bit slowly and the wickets of Azam and Zaman have rattled them. But an in-form Mohammad Rizwan is still at the crease alonsgide Mohammad Hafeez. Pakistan need 77 runs off 60 deliveries and wickets are key. Also, Mitchell Santner (2-0-13-0) is brought back into the attack.


Two more! Angled into the pads, Hafeez flicks, it goes well over mid-wicket. Two taken. Not the kind of over New Zealand needed after taking a wicket. 11 from it. 58/2


Angled into the pads, this is worked through square leg by Rizwan with ease for one.


On middle, Hafeez pushes it down to long on and gets to the other end. Good batting.


SIX! SMACK! What a shot that is! Wow! That is the first ball he faced. It is a length delivery outside off, Hafeez stands tall and hits it well over the cover fence for a biggie.


Angled into the pads, Rizwan works it through mid-wicket. He calls for two but it is just a single.

Mohammad Hafeez comes in at number 4.


BEATEN! That is another beauty! Length and on off, this lands and moves away. Rizwan is beaten all ends up as he tries to drive.

Kane Williamson has taken the review for an LBW decision. The ball looks very close to the bat but UltraEdge confirms that it is definitely pad first. Ball Tracker shows that the ball is indeed going on to hit middle stump and what a review it has been for New Zealand. Fakhar Zaman is OUT!


OUT! LBW! New Zealand take the review and gets rid of Fakhar Zaman pretty early on. Flatter, around middle and leg. Zaman stays inside the crease and looks to defend it out but misses. The ball takes the pads and rolls out. Sodhi appeals for lbw but the umpire is unmoved. Kane Williamson takes it upstairs. The UltraEdge shows no bat is involved. The Ball Tracker shows three reds and Zaman holes out now. Can New Zealand build on this momentum now? 47/2


Full and outside off. Rizwan leans in and drives it towards cover for a single.


Loopy ball, around middle. Zaman clips it towards square leg for a single.


SIX! All the way! This one is over the stands. Zaman gets into the attack now. Full and on off. Zaman gets on one knee and slog-sweeps it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.


Full and on off. Zaman gets low and reverse sweeps it towards backward point.

Ish Sodhi comes into the attack for the first time today.


Flighted, around off. Zaman looks to defend it out. The ball takes the outside edge and goes towards point.


Fuller and on middle, this is hit down to long on for one. End of an excellent over from Neesham. 39/1


Make that three dots in a row! Another slower one, well outside off, Zaman swings again but does not connect. Can Neesham end the over well?


Another dot! Pressure building. A slower one on off, Rizwan pushes it to covers.


That almost knocked him over! Zaman comes down the track, Neesham bowls a seam-up ball and angles it into the batter. Zaman swings but misses.


A slower one, fuller and on the pads, Rizwan looks to flick but misses. It hits the pad and rolls on the leg side. A single taken. Leg bye.


Neesham gets away with one there! It is short and on the body, Zaman does not connect with the ball that well, it goes towards fine leg for one.

James Neesham now comes on to bowl.


A single to end! So a good comeback by the bowler after going for a boundary on the second ball. Just the six from the over. Tosses it up, enticing the batter to go big but Zaman works it towards mid-wicket and takes one. 36/1


Yet another dot! Quicker and on off, Zaman pushes it to covers again.


Confusion but safe! Flatter and on off, it is pushed to cover. Zaman wants a run but is sent back. He felt there was one there and is still arguing about it.


On middle, fuller, this is worked through mid-wicket for one.


FOUR! That is a handy boundary! Much-needed! Not a good delivery from Santner. It is down the leg side. Rizwan sweeps and it goes fine to the fine leg fence.


Flatter and on middle, this is defended back to the bowler.

Mitchell Santner (1-0-7-0) is brought back into the attack.


A dot to end and just the two runs and the huge wicket of Azam from the 6th. A really good Powerplay for New Zealand. Pakistan are 30 for 1. They need another 105 in 84. The last ball is on a length and around off, Zaman guides it to point. 30/1


Yet another dot! Down the leg side this time, a slower one. It holds in the surface. Zaman looks to flick but misses. It hits the pad and the keeper does well to dive to his right and stop it.


That one stays low and there was no foot movement from Zaman there! Short and outside off, Zaman cuts but is beaten.


Another one which is slightly short and on middle, Rizwan pulls it hard through square leg for one.


Zaman is underway! Fuller and on off, it is pushed to mid off for a quick run.

Fakhar Zaman somes in at number 3.


OUT! KNOCKS HIM OVER! 100th T20I wicket for Tim Southee and what a wicket it is and what a time to get it! His team was in desperate need of a wicket, they were keeping ti tight but they needed a breakthrough and he has got the big fish, Babar Azam. The crowd here has gone silent! Once again it is that length, just ahead of a shorter length and behind a good length. Southee bowls a cutter. Azam looks to pull which is not a good idea on this surface. The ball stays low, sneaks under the bat and hits the stumps. Excellent decision to keep Southee on and even better from the experienced campaigner.


Length and on off. Azam pushes it to cover and takes off for a single. 28/0


Short and on off. Azam plays it back to the bowler.


A length ball, on off. Rizwan pulls it through square leg for a single.


Slightly short and on off. Rizwan pulls it to mid-wicket off the inner half.


A length ball, around off. Rizwan look stays inside the crease and looks to defend it out. He ends up getting an inside edge onto the pads.


FOUR! What a shot. Good-length ball, around off. Rizwan hangs back and guides it past backward point. The ball races away to the fence.


Cracking shot and Martin Guptill got an important hand on it to save a couple of runs. Length, on middle. Azam clears his front leg and muscles it through mid-wicket for a couple. 22/0


short again and this is pulled straight to deep square leg for a run.


FOUR! All the pressure is released as Tim Southee bowls a poor delivery. Southee goes wider of the crease and angles it into the body but the ball ends up down the leg side. Mohammad Rizwan stands tall and pulls it behind square on the leg side for a boundary.


Southee bowls a slower one, on off stump. Rizwan can't get it through mid-wicket and the pressure is building up on him.


Shortish ball, around middle and Azam pulls it down to deep square leg for a single.


Back of a length, around off and Azam can't get it away on the leg side.


Ouch! That must have hurt. A good-length ball, on leg stump. Mohammad Rizwan looks to swing across the line but is through his shot a bit early. He misses and the ball hits him in the box. Hope he is fine. Some deep breathes required at the end of the third over for Rizwan. 14/0


Another dot ball. Mohammad Rizwan will feel he missed out on that one. Length again, around leg stump, Rizwan looks to help it round the corner but gloves it down to the keeper.


Back of a length, close to the off stump, allowing no room to the batter. Rizwan hops and taps it to point.


Boult hurls across a length ball, outside off. Rizwan taps it to cover-point.


WIDE! Good-length ball, down the leg side. Rizwan looks to pull but misses and the bowler appeals a bit. Umpire turns it down and signals a wide.


Pitched up, around off and Rizwan drives it on the up towards cover.


FOUR! Stand and deliver from Mohammad Rizwan. Length, on top of off. Rizwan just hangs back and short arm jabs it in front of square on the leg side and picks up a boundary.

Trent Boult comes into the attack now. He replaces Mitchell Santner.


A dot to end teh over. Southee hits the length hard, around off and this one is angled into the batter. Babar Azam doesn't move his feet as he looks to tuck it away and ends up getting hit on the thigh pads. 9/0


Good-length ball, around off and Azam punches it towards mid on.


A slower length ball this time, on leg stump. Rizwan works it behind to deep backward square leg for a single.


On middle and leg, flicked straight to square leg.


WIDE! Southee looks to swing it off the pads but drifts down the leg side. Rizwan misses the flick and a wide is signalled.


A length ball, on top of off. Rizwan punches it off the back foot towards short mid on and the batters look for a quick single. They don't go for the single and in the end it's the right decision as the fielder scores a direct hit at the bowler's end.


Southee looks for the swing as he pitches it up, around middle and leg. The ball keeps a bit low as Rizwan keeps it out on the leg side.

It is going to be pace from the other end. Tim Southee to steam in.


Flighted delivery, on off. Azam pushes it to mid off. 7 off the first over. 7/0


Fired in full and around middle, Rizwan flicks it through mid-wicket for another one.


Flatter one, angled into middle and leg. Azam goes on the back foot and works it through mid-wicket for a single.


FOUR! Babar Azam is off the mark in style. Santner gives it some air and flights it up, outside off. Babar Azam lifts it over extra cover and picks up a boundary.


Tossed up, full and on middle. Rizwan and Pakistan are underway. Rizwan pushes it down to long on and picks up a run.


Santner starts off with a fullish ball, on off. Rizwan works it to short mid-wicket.