Pakistan Vs England LIVE SCORE (t20)

Pakistan Vs England At Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore, 28 September, 2022

28 September, 2022
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

145/10 (19.0 ov)

5th T20I

139/7 (20.0 ov)

Pakistan beat England by 6 runs










Batting Status R B 4s 6s
Mohammad Wasim not out 6 7 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Chris Woakes 4 0 30 1
David Willey 3 0 23 2










Batting Status R B 4s 6s
Moeen Ali (C) not out 51 37 2 4
David Willey not out 0 1 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Mohammad Nawaz 2 0 9 1
Mohammad Wasim 4 0 32 1

That is it from this game! It's time for the 6th match now! On the final day of this month, these two will meet again at 8 pm IST (2.30 pm GMT). Do join us early for the build. Till then, cheers!

Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan says Shadab Khan is an important player and Mohammad Rizwan was brilliant on this wicket. Credits all the bowlers for the way they bowled. Adds wickets are important to win games and the bowlers have done well so far.

Moeen Ali, the skipper of England says it was very good to get close, he's disappointed they lost, they failed to score against the spinners but he's happy they got close. States the wicket was a little difficult but with the dew, it wasn't easy to bowl too. Credits the way Wood bowled and says he gets the important wickets.

Mohammad Rizwan is the Player of the Match for his excellent knock of fifty. Rizwan says it's just a bruise and he hopes he gets fine before the next game. Mentions it is difficult if they keep losing wickets but he tries to adjust and the pitch was a little slow. Adds he felt they had a good score on the board but 160 would have been better. Credits the way the bowlers bowled.

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Earlier in the day, apart from Mohammad Rizwan, no one made a huge impact. His fifty and some crucial runs at the back end helped Pakistan reach near 150. England were brilliant with the ball. They chose to bowl and did the job brilliantly. Wood claimed three wickets. In reply, the batters of England didn't replicate what their bowlers did and Pakistan held their nerves till the end with the ball to defend this below-par score. They now lead the series 3-2.

England will be very disappointed! They have lost two close games in a row now from a commanding position. They had a low score to chase but were pushed on the back foot as they were three down inside the Powerplay. Malan kept his wicket but perished while looking to change the gears. It was over Moeen Ali to cross the line. He batted till the end and backed himself till the final over but it just didn't happen for him. A better start could have helped England to win this game.

What a game of cricket! England were the favorites at the innings break, with all the conditions favoring them. It was but the home side who believed and kept it tight overall. Pakistan had to defend a low score and they did well to pressurize the visitors from the start. They took three wickets and kept on taking wickets throughout the innings. It was the spinners who did the job in the middle overs while the seamers in the back end, kept things tight. Overall, everyone ended with a wicket atleast. Credit to Aamer Jamal as the debutant showed great nerves to bowl the final over and win the match for his team.

What a thriller this game turned out to be! Take a bow, Aamer Jamal! On his debut, he has done a very tough job! Pakistan for the first time take a lead in this 7-match series.


Aamer Jamal does for his team! What a debut for Jamal! A length ball on middle. David Willey lofts it to long on. Pakistan win by 6 runs. 139/7


JUST A SINGLE! This is full again, outside off. Ali shuffles across and drives it to covers for one. 7 runs needed now. Are we up for a super over?


Dot again! The debutant is doing well! A widish yorker. Ali fails to jam it out cleanly. 8 runs needed in 2 balls.


SIX! That is why Ali wanted to keep the strike! Fifty up but the job is not done yet! A length ball, outside off. Ali stays back and thumps it over long on for a biggie. 8 runs needed now.


Wide! This is full but way outside off. Left alone for a wide.


DOT AGAIN! Ali wants to finish the game! This is full and outside off. Ali steps across and drives it to long off. Denies the run.


A full toss, outside off. Ali mistimes his drive and the ball goes off the inside edge and rolls on the deck. A dot ball.

David Willey comes in. Aamer Jamal to bowl the final over.


OUT!! CAUGHT! Woakes goes now! This is full and way outside off. Woakes tries to drag it across but mistimes it completely and it goes more off the top edge to long on where Iftikhar Ahmed takes a simple catch. 15 runs needed off the last over. 131/7


FOUR MORE! Much needed! A length ball, outside off. Woakes smashes it. The mid off fielder was up and it goes over him for a boundary.


This is full, slower and angling on the pads. Ali looks to heave but mistimes it on the pads and towards point. A leg bye.


A length ball, outside off. Ali slaps it to deep cover for a couple of runs.


SIX! The skipper keeps the hopes alive! Short again, outside off. Ali swings and this time connects well to deposit it over mid-wicket for a biggie. 22 runs needed in 10 balls.


Short of a length and angling on middle, skids through. Ali looks to pull but misses.


A yorker, wide of off. Woakes shuffles across as he looks to paddle it away but misses. The keeper puts up an appeal but it deflects off Woakes' boot. 118/6


A yorker at the base of middle. Woakes jams it to the off side and looks for a single. Wasim was quick to run across and hits the stumps at the keeper's end. Woakes was back in. 12 runs off the over. 28 runs needed now.


A full ball on middle. Ali steps across and looks to heave but gets an inside edge onto the pads and it rolls onto the off side for a single. The inside edge saves Ali there.


FOUR! England are still in the game! This is turning out to be a huge over! A full toss, on middle. Ali swings, it goes more off the splice and over point for a boundary.


SIX! Poor delivery! Half-volley, around off. Ali lofts it high over long on for a biggie.


Length ball on middle. Woakes tucks it behind square on the leg side for a single.


A full ball, outside off. Ali drives it straight to cover. A dot to end the over. 106/6


A single as this is worked to long on.


Leg bye! Angling on the pads. Ali works it off the pads to square leg for a leg bye.


SIX! BANG! Short of a length and on middle. Ali stays back and pulls it flat and hard over deep square leg for a biggie.


A full toss, outside off, punched to mid off for a single.


A length ball, angling down. Woakes misses his flick and it goes off the pads to the keeper.


A full toss on middle. Ali splices his drive to short third man. 97/6


Angling on the pads. Woakes misses his flick and gets hit on the pads. An appeal but that was clearly going down.


Wide! This is down the leg side, Woakes fails to flick it away.


A full ball, outside off, pushed to long off for a single.


FOUR! Much needed! On a length and way outside off. Ali waits and slaps it over point for four runs.


Full and on middle, flicked to deep mid-wicket for a single.


Length ball, outside off. Ali cuts it to point where the fielder dives and gets a hand on it. Saves three runs there.


Fuller ball, outside off. Woakes pushes it and Jamal lets it through his legs for a single. 88/6


On middle, flicked to deep mid-wicket for a single.


Length and on middle. Woakes nudges it to mid-wicket for a single.


On middle, pulled to deep square leg for a single.


OUT! CAUGHT! Aamer Jamal gets his debut wicket! What a moment for him! This is full and on middle. Curran makes room as he tries to go inside-out but toe ends his shot and the ball flies to cover. Mohammad Wasim there tracks back. At one moment it felt like he will drop it but does well to hold onto it as he tumbles down.


Fuller ball, outside off. Curran drives it square on the off side for a brace.

Aamer Jamal to make his debut with the ball.


Angling on the pads, flicked to deep square leg for a single. Six singles off the over. Iftikhar Ahmed is done for the day. A tidy spell from him. 63 runs needed in 36 balls. 83/5


Flatter ball on middle. Ali flicks it on the up and to long on for a single.


Flighted full and on middle. Sam works it to long on for a single.


Another single as this is driven to long off.


Fuller and around off, pushed to long off for a single.


Outside off, cut to deep cover for a single.


FOUR! First boundary off the bat in 28 balls! A welcome one! Flatter and on middle. Flatter and on middle. Curran makes room and slaps it hard past covers for four runs. 77/5


Short and on middle, pulled to deep square leg for a single.


Flatter and on middle. Curran skips down and tucks it to mid-wicket for a run.


On middle, flicked to deep mid-wicket for a single.


FIVE RUNS! On the pads, this is flicked to deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs. The throw comes in to the bowler's end where Shadab Khan fails to collect. If he had done it, there was a real chance of a run out. The ball goes across and races into the fence. Five runs in total.


Flatter and around leg. Curran looks to pull but gets hit on the left pad.


An appeal but given as runs means there was some bat! Tossed up, outside off. Curran comes down the track as he looks to heave but gets an inside edge onto the pads. It rolls to point for a single. 65/5


Tossed up, outside off. Ali goes inside-out over covers for a single.


Fuller and on middle, dragged to deep mid-wicket for a single.


OUT! LBW! Another one bites the dust and this time it is the set-batter who has to depart. England are making it difficult for themselves. Tosses it up, full and on middle. This one comes with an angle. Malan stays back as he tries to push it on the leg side but gets beaten on the inside edge. Gets hit on the pads. An appeal for LBW and up goes the finger. Malan reviews it desperately and the ball Tracking shows the ball drifts on the leg side but it is the umpire's call and the on-field decision stays.


Flatter, slower in the air, outside off. Ali punches it to deep cover and rotates the strike.


Outside off, cut straight to point.


Flatter and outside off. Ali drops it to covers for one run. 61/4


Beaten! Again the batter fails to read the googly, this is outside off. Ali looks to punch but misses.


Floated ball on middle. Malan nudges it past mid-wicket for a single.


Tossed up on middle. Ali smashes it straight down. Half-a-chance for Khan to stop but it goes past him for a single.


On middle, Ali works it to mid-wicket.


Outside off, the googly and Ali misses his drive.

Drinks! England are losing wickets but they just need one partnership to blossom to see this game through. They have the game in control but are losing wickets. Pakistan have done ever so well. The dew is around but some tight bowling is rewarding them wicket wickets. England need 88 runs in 60 balls now.


Fuller ball, outside off, Malan drives it to point. 58/4


On middle, this is hit to long on for one.


An arm ball, around off. Ali taps it to covers for one more.


An arm ball, around off. Ali taps it to covers for one more.


Tossed up, on off, driven straight to cover.


Outside off, pushed through covers for a single.

Moeen Ali comes in.


OUT! LBW! THREE REDS! Another one bites the dust! Tosses it up, full and on middle, a googly. Brook fails to read he leans to work it on the leg side. Gets hit on the pads and an appeal follows for LBW. The umpire is unmoved. Pakistan take the review. Ultra Edge shows no bat while Ball Tracking shows the ball goes onto hit the top of leg pole. Brilliant from Shadab Khan! Brook was finding it hard to read the ball and he goes now. 54/4


Fuller ball on middle, pushed to long off for a single.


On middle, this is hit to square leg for easy single.


This is full and on middle, slightly slower. Brooks is outfoxed as he comes down and looks to heave but gets an inside edge to square leg for a single.


A single as Malan clips it to deep mid-wicket.


FOUR! Edged! 50 is up! Tossed up, outside off, a googly. Malan looks to drive but gets an outside edge to third man for a boundary.


Brook goes on the leg side. This is full and Brook ends up hitting it back to the bowler. Excellent start from Iftikhar Ahmed. Pakistan are keeping it tight from both end. 47/3


A single as this is hit to long on.


Fuller ball, outside off. Malan mistimes his push back to the bowler.


Shorter and outside off. Malan cuts but fails to connect.


An arm ball on middle. Malan prods and blocks it out.


Tossed up on middle. Brook punches it to long on for a single.


On middle. Brook skips down and bunts it to deep mid-wicket for a single. 45/3


On middle. Defended out.


Flatter and outside off. Brook punches it to point.


Touch short and on middle, pulled behind square leg for a single.


On the pads. Malan nudges it straight to mid-wicket.


Outside off, pushed through covers for a single.


FOUR! Malan is dealing in boundaries! This is outside off. Malan punches past the diving backward point fielder for another boundary. England end the Powerplay on 42/3. 104 runs needed in 84 balls. 42/3


Wide! Short ball, this one goes away of Malan who slashes and misses. Wided.


FOUR! Timed well! This is full and on the pads. Malan wrists it away, through mid-wicket for four runs.


On the pads, tucked to mid-wicket.


Short in length and on middle. Malan pulls it over mid-wicket for a couple of runs.


Length ball, around off. Malan stands tall and looks to defend but inside edges it onto the pads.


Length ball on middle. Blocked out.

Harry Brook walks in.


OUT! TAKEN! The man in form goes now! This is excellent bowling from Wasim! Bowls to the plan! This is on a length and outside off. Duckett cuts but uppishly and straight in the hands of Shan Masood at deep backward point who slides in and takes. Pakistan are fighting for every run here. England need 115 runs in 90 balls. 31/3


Wide! This is full and way outside off. Duckett looks to squeeze it out but misses.


Outside off, guided to third man for a single.


Four dots now! Wasim rolls his finger on this, it is outside off. Malan fails to put his bat again on the ball.


Three dots now and Malan is struggling a bit with his timing! Length ball, outside off. Malan looks to cut but misses.


Swing and a miss! Wasim angles a length ball, wide of off. Malan looks to slash at it but misses.


Length ball, outside off. Malan has a poke at it but misses.


Around off, fuller and Duckett chips it over mid-wicket for a couple of runs. 10 runs and a wicket off the over. 29/2


FOUR! Hammered! Rauf goes 'round the wicket but gives too much width outside off. Duckett smashes it through point for four more.


Length ball, outside off. Duckett punches it to cover-point.


Around off, pushed to covers.


FOUR! Beautiful shot to get off the mark! Pitched up, outside off, Duckett leans and drives it through covers for a boundary. .

Ben Duckett is the new man in.


OUT! CAUGHT! Both the openers are gone and Haris Rauf strikes in his very first ball! Poor shot from Salt! This is shorter and outside off. Salt pulls but hits straight down the throat of the deep square leg fielder. Khushdil Shah (sub) takes the catch. Pakistan doing really well.

Haris Rauf to bowl now.


Around off, fuller and it is clipped to square leg. 19/1


FOUR! Lovely shot! Tossed up, outside off. Malan punches off the back foot through covers and it races into the fence.


An arm ball, outside off, it goes with the arm. Malan tries to play with the turn but gets beaten.


Outside off, pushed back to the bowler, a  bit uppishly.


Full and on middle. Salt shuffles across and pushes it to long off for a single. A fumble there but the batters are happy with the single.


Tossed up, outside off. Malan reverse paddles it past short third man for a single.


On a length and on middle. Malan chops it to the keeper and waits for his partner for the call. Salt is quick to run across. The keeper, Mohammad Haris comes in and under arms but the bat is grounded while the bails are lit off. The replay confirms it. 13/1


Swing and a miss! Short in length and outside off. Malan looks to pull but misses.


FOUR! Two in a row! Length ball, outside off, width there and Malan cuts on the up but wide of backward point for a boundary.


FOUR! Malan loves to play this shot! Too much width and Malan gets over it. He punches it through covers, in the gap for four.


Leg bye! A short ball now on the hips, extra bounce and Salt fails to tuck it away. It goes off the pads to square leg.


Wasim starts with a length ball, tailing on the pads. Salt misses his flick and gets hit on the pads. That was going down.

Mohammad Wasim to start from the other end.


Flatter and outside off, skids on. Malan looks to cut but misses. Excellent start by Pakistan. 3/1

Dawid Malan walks out to the middle.


OUT! TAKEN! Just what Pakistan wanted, an early wicket. Tossed up, full and in line of the stumps on middle.Hales clears his front leg as he looks to heave but slices his shot to backward point where Shadab Khan takes a dolly.


A bit of fumble and it helps the batters cross! On middle. Salt punches it to mid on. He wants a quick single. Asif Ali there fumbles to collect cleanly and the batters take one.


Hales is off the mark now! Fuller and outside off. Hales sweeps it to deep square leg for one.


Tossed up, outside off. Hales punches it to point.


Flatter and around off. Salt shuffles across and smacks it to long off for a single. England are underway.