Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe LIVE SCORE (t20)

Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe At Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi, 08 November, 2020

08 November, 2020
Starts 16:00 (IST)
Match Ended

134/7 (20.0 ov)

2nd T20I

137/2 (15.1 ov)

Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by 8 wickets










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Ryan Burl not out 32 22 1 1
Tendai Chisoro not out 3 5 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Mohammad Hasnain 4 0 28 0
Haris Rauf 4 0 31 3










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Haider Ali not out 66 43 6 3
Khushdil Shah not out 11 9 2 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Blessing Muzarabani 4 0 33 2
Richard Ngarava 3.1 0 28 0

For his unbeaten 66, HAIDER ALI has been named as the MAN OF THE MATCH! That's it from this game, then! Pakistan have been dominant and have dismantled Zimbabwe in this game and have won the T20I series as they are leading the 3-match series 2-0. The action contines as the third and final T20I is on Tuesday, 10th November, 2020. The game will begin at 1530 local (1030 GMT). We look forward to your company for that game. Until then, cheers.

Earlier in the day, Pakistan won the toss and decided to bowl first and it proved to be a great decision. They bundled out Zimbabwe to a mere total of 134, which was below par. It was due to the exploits by Ryan Burl that Zimbabwe crossed the 130-run mark. Haris Rauf and Usman Qadir were the pick of the lot for Pakistan, as they both picked up 3 wickets each. Overall, a very good display by Pakistan and Babar Azam will be a happy captain with this show.

There is not much to discuss in regard to the bowling by Zimbabwe. Defending a small total of 135 was always going to be hard. Only Blessing Muzarabani was in the wickets column for Zimbabwe, while none of the other bowlers stepped up.

Chasing a total of 135 was not going to be hard for Pakistan but they got off to a bad start as they lost Fakhar Zaman right in the start. It was then the duo of Babar Azam and Haider Ali who did well to stitch a partnership of 100-plus runs to make sure that there are no twists in this tale. Both of them also scored half centuries in the process. Azam fell towards the end but by then, the game was already done and dusted.

This has been a very comprehensive show by Pakistan. They were right on the money with the ball and continued that same effort with the bat and have ensured that they wrap this 3 match-series by winning the first two games. A very well deserved victory for the Men in Green.


FOUR! BANG! Khushdil finishes the game in style. Short ball around off, Khushdil pulls it over square leg and gets a boundary. PAKISTAN WIN BY 8 WICKETS!


On off, Haider comes down the track and hits it very high in the air. It falls away from the mid on fielder who is chasing it. Two taken as the fielder stops it before the ropes. 133/2


On the pads, Haider flicks it in front of square on the leg side and gets a couple.


WIDE! Just 6 needed now. Muzarabani misses his line and bowls one down the leg side. Haider looks to flick but misses.


FOUR! Nicely played by Haider! Short ball on middle and off. Ali pulls it through square leg for a boundary.


FOUR! Excellent from Haider Ali! Fuller on middle. Haider picked the length early and he hits it over long on for a boundary.


Length ball around off. This time Khushdil taps it to cover and gets to the other end.


Good ball! Blessing Muzarabani hits the deck hard around off. Shah looks to defend but the ball goes away with the angle and beats the outside edge of Khushdil's willow.


Direct hit and it would have been close! Fuller on off, Khushdil pushes it to the right of mid on and calls for a quick run. Chigumbura gets to the ball quickly and has a shy at the bowler's end. Unfortunately for him and Zimbabwe, he misses. 119/2


Length ball around off, Ali runs it down to third man and gets to the other end.


Smartly follows the boundary with a single towards cover.


FOUR! Khushdil is off the mark with a boundary! Too straight and too full around off. Khushdil uses his wrists and flicks it through fine leg for a boundary.


Full around off, Khushdil comes inside the stumps and pushes it to mid on.


Full outside off. Haider guides it through backward point for a single.

Richard Ngarava is back into the attack. 2-0-16-0 so far.


Another one outside off which goes with the angle. Khushdil leaves it alone. 111/2


Outside off, Khushdil is happy to let that go to the keeper.


WIDE! Too far outside off, on the wrongside of the tramline. Wided by the umpire.

Khushdil Shah is the new batter in for Pakistan.


OUT! CAUGHT! Fifty and out for Babar Azam! Terrific catch from Elton Chigumbura! Muzarabani bangs in a short ball. It is quick and well-directed as well. Babar looks to pull but top edges it high in the air. It goes to the right of fine leg. Chigumbura covers a lot of distance and then slides to take a good, clean catch.


FOUR! DEFT! FIFTY FOR BABAR AZAM! He gets to his 16th T20I fifty in style. Also brings up the 100-run stand. Back of a length around off, Babar waits for it and then opens the face of his bat to send the ball fine to the third man fence.


On the pads, Babar flicks it but finds short mid-wicket.


FOUR! Lovely from the Pakistan skipper. Slightly shorter on off, the ball does not rise up as much as he initially anticipated. Babar Azam quickly adjusts to the bounce and pulls it through square leg for a boundary.


Tossed up around off, Babar comes down the track and milks it to long off. He keeps the strike. Pakistan now need just 33 to win this game. 102/1


Flat and short on off, Haider knocks it to point and gets to the other end.


Shorter on off, Babar punches it to cover and rotates.


Smart cricket as Haider follows the biggie with a single towards long on.


SIX! BOOM! Haider Ali gets to his fifty in style. His second in T20Is. Tossed up on off, Haider goes inside-out over covers for a biggie to bring up his fifty in style.


Tossed up on off, Babar drives it to the left of extra cover. Raza dives to his right and takes pace off the ball. Just a single.


Darted quicker on the pads, Babar turns it to mid-wicket and keeps the strike. 91/1


Tossed up on the stumps. Azam keeps it out.


Flatter on off, Babar punches it to cover.


SIX! SMASHED! Short on off and middle, Azam once again goes on his back foot but this time smashes it over mid-wicket via a pull for a biggie.


MISFIELD AND FOUR! Short around off, Azam goes on his back foot and punches it to the left of cover. The fielder in the circle fumbles and the ball races away to the fence.


Floated on off, Haider nudges it to long off and rotates the strike.


A single to end as Ali works this one towards mid-wicket. 56 needed in 60 balls now for Pakistan. 79/1


Short, outside off, punched towards deep point for one.


Loopy on middle, Ali eases this towards long on for a single.


EDGY FOUR! Not what he intended to do but runs nonetheless! Flatter around off, Haider Ali looks to cut this one but under edges this to the third man region for a boundary.


Flatter around off, Ali cuts this one to the point region.


PLAY AND A MISS! Flatter around off, Ali looks to cut this one but misses.


Loopy on off, blocked out. 72/1


FOUR! The timing on this one was sublime! There was not much room but he made some room and made sure that this would be a boundary! Flatter around off, Azam makes some room and cuts this one past backward point for a boundary.


Flatter on middle, Ali rocks on his back foot and punches it towards deep mid-wicket for another single.


Loopy on middle, pushed back to the bowler.


Short ball on middle, Azam works this to deep mid-wicket for one.


WIDE! Slipped down the leg side. The umpire calls this as a wide.


Flatter around off, Ali punches this towards deep covers for one.

Sikandar Raza is on now.


1 run, the on drive comes out now. The batsman gets a run. 64/1


Flighted on middle, Ali works this to the deep mid-wicket fence for a couple.


Short, around off, pushed to the off side.


Flatter on off, Ali pushes it to cover for a single. The batters take one and an overthrow will make sure that they collect another run. Poor in the field from Zimbabwe.


SIX! GONE! What a smashing shot! Majestic! This was a 95m hit! Gives it some air and lands it around off and middle, Ali dances down the track and lofts this one over the bowler's head for a maximum.


PLAY AND A MISS! Shorter ball outside off, Ali looks to cut this one away but does not connect!

Bowling change. Sean Williams is into the attack.


Flighted on middle, Ali pushes this towards long on for another single. 53/1


Short ball on middle, punched towards long on for a single.


Flatter on off, pushed to covers.


FOUR! Impressive batting by the skipper! Floated on middle, Azam hammers this down the ground for a boundary.


Loopy on middle, tucked to the on side for a single.


Loopy on middle, Azam drives this towards long off for one.

Spin into the attack. Tendai Chisoro is introduced into the attack.


A dot to end the over. On off, Ali pushes this to covers. Pakistan are at 45/1 at the end of the Powerplay. 90 needed in 84 balls. 45/1


FOUR! Beautiful stroke! Width offered and Ali obliges! Back of a length ball outside off, Ali camps on his back foot and punches this through the cover-point region for a boundary.


EDGY FOUR! Scrappy shot but Pakistan and Ali will not care! On a good length around off, Ali wanted to heave this away across the line but it takes the outer half of the bat and flies over the short third man fielder and runs away to the ropes.


A slower ball around off, Ali works this to the on side.


On a good length on off, Azam strides forward and pushes this towards covers for a quick single.


On middle, Ali plays this with a straight bat towards long on to rotate the strike.


FOUR! Just placement on this occasion! Azam looks to be continuing his good form from the previous game! Back of a length ball on the pads, Azam tickles this one past the short fine leg fielder for a boundary. 35/1


Length ball on middle, Ali tucks this towards deep mid-wicket to cross ends with a single.


On off, Haider works this towards the man at point.


Back of a length delivery on middle, Ali defends it towards mid off.


On off on a length, Ali pushes this to covers.


FOUR! Such a good shot! That was hit with some power and Ali gets a boundary! On a good length around off, Ali waits for it and then slashes it past the point fielder and it runs away to the ropes.

Richard Ngarava is back from the other end.


1 run, played towards square leg. 26/1


Short of a length on off, Babar punches this through mid on for a single.


FOUR! How has that crossed both the fielders? Both of them seemed to have left it to the other. On a good length on middle, Azam drives this with a straight bat past the bowler and past the mid off and mid on fielder who ran in and it runs away to the ropes.


Well hit but finds the fielder! Good length on middle, Ali heaves this towards the deep square leg region for one.


On off, pushed towards point and Ali denies the single on this occasion.


Good length on middle, Azam tucks this to deep square leg for one.


On a shortish length on middle, Babar tucks this to deep square leg to retain the strike for the next over. 18/1


LEG BYE! Back of a length ball on the pads, Haider looks to flick but misses and it comes off his pads and rolls to the leg side. The batters collect a leg bye.


SIX! That's gone! The first six of the innings and this is from the willow of Haider Ali! On a good length around off, Ali hammers this over the long on fence for a massive biggie.


Back of a length ball on off, Ali taps it towards cover-point and looks for a single but Babar sends him back.


On a good length on middle, Ali works this to the mid on region.

Who will walk out to bat? Haider Ali is the designated number 3 as he joins his skipper out in the middle.


OUT! CAUGHT! What a soft, soft dismissal this is! Very poor from Zaman! He wanted to clear the man but he finds the man right there. Poor shot. On a good length around off, Zaman makes room and looks to loft this one over the mid on fielder but he chips it straight to Chigumbura there who is not going to drop this. A sorry showing for Zaman and Pakistan are off to a poor start.


FOUR! Lovely from Babar! First boundary of the innings. On the pads, Babar is quick to use his wrists and flick it through mid-wicket for a boundary. 10/0


Fuller on off, Fakhar strokes it through cover and rotates the strike.


Babar is off the mark! The Pakistan skipper tucks this length ball to mid-wicket and gets a single t get u and running.


On off, Fakhar pushes it to cover and rotates the strike.


On the pads, Fakhar looks to defend but misses and gets hit on the pad. There is a stifled appeal but the umpire is unmoved.


A little swing in the air for Ngarava. Full on off, the ball shapes away from Fakhar. He looks to defend but it goes to cover off the outer half of his bat.

Who will partner Muzarabani with the new ball? It will be Richard Ngarava.


Single to end the over. Tidy start from Muzarabani. Just 3 off the first over. Fuller on off and middle. Zaman punches it to the left of mid off and keeps the strike. 3/0


Good length delivery on off, Fakhar Zaman defends it with a straight bat.


Shorter on off, Fakhar pulls it but finds short mid-wicket.


Good save. Length ball outside off, Fakhar smashes it to cover. The fielder dives to his right and takes pace off the ball. Two taken.


Good length ball around off, Fakhar punches it to cover.


Muzarbani starts with a good length ball which pitches and goes away with the angle. Fakhar is happy to shoulder arms to it.