Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka LIVE SCORE (test)

Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka At National Stadium, Karachi, 19 December, 2019

19 December, 2019
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

191/10 (59.3 ov)

555/3 (131.0 ov)

2nd Test

271/10 (85.5 ov)

212/10 (62.5 ov)

Pakistan beat Sri Lanka by 263 runs

Pakistan Sri Lanka
191/10 (59.3 ov) - R/R 3.21 271/10 (85.5 ov) - R/R 3.15
555/3 (131.0 ov) - R/R 4.23 212/10 (62.5 ov) - R/R 3.37

Match Ended

Pakistan beat Sri Lanka by 263 runs

This Over
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Lahiru Kumara not out 0 1 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Naseem Shah 12.5 4 31 5
Yasir Shah 20 3 84 2
Current Partnership Last Wicket 212/10 (62.5)

0 (0) R/R: 0

Vishwa Fernando 0(9) S.R (0)

lbw b Naseem Shah

Pakistan though, will wait anxiously. They have got nothing on the international FTP, till July 2020 and will be waiting on Bangladesh's confirmation. Talks are in place for the yesteryears' 'East Pakistan' to tour this nation. Will they agree? For Pakistan's sake, let us hope they do. That is all we have for you right now. International cricket in Asia ends for this year. Hope you enjoyed it. Looking forward to an exciting 2020. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Right. That ends a historic tour of Pakistan by Sri Lanka. Really commendable of them for agreeing to tour the nation and this might just encourage other sides to come here. They will be disappointed but do not have time to dwell on too much on this defeat. Because if this was tough, their next challenge is even tougher. The tour of India which comprises of 3 T20Is. All the best to them to begin 2020 on a good note.

A special moment. Azhar Ali takes the trophy in his hands but he has barely moved a couple of paces before the entire team charges out towards him! They want that trophy. A win in front of your home crowd. The real home. No wonder they are beaming. Congratulations! They are now third in the ICC World Test Championship, earning 80 points but are way behind Australia and India.

Victorious Pakistan captain, Azhar Ali, is beaming. Thanks the almighty and agrees that they needed this win. Thanks the Sri Lankans from the bottom of his heart for travelling to Pakistan and further says that the Lankans have no idea about the happiness given by them to Pakistan cricket fans by this gesture. Coming over to this series, Azhar says that it has been a tough passage of time in the recent past but they wanted to start their home season well. Feels satisfied with this result. On exciting talents in Shaheen Afridi and Naseem Shah, Ali is awed by their skill, especially their ability to learn the art of fast bowling very quickly. Praises all the fast bowlers for coming hard in the first innings after the batsmen got bowled out for 191. Then, he comes to the openers in the second innings, for setting the tone and taking the game away from Sri Lanka. But also finds words of praise for Babar Azam and Asad Shafiq for fighting hard in the first innings. On Pakistan bouncing back in the second innings, Azhar says that is the job of the team management - keep the team calm under pressure - which was done and the effect showed. On his own return to form, Ali is happy to have finally got a big innings after a long time and hopes to carry on this form. On the summary of the two Tests, Azhar wants to take this confidence into away series. Praises the bowlers because no one had an idea how to bowl on Pakistan wickets but adjusting well and quickly. Hopes to build on this confidence now. Thanks the security agencies for their excellent work and also the crowd for turning up in large numbers.

Sri Lankan skipper, Dimuth Karunaratne, manages a smile. Believes that his team dominated on the first two days but then credits Azhar Ali and his side for putting the pressure back on them. Stresses that patience is the key in Tests and that is where Pakistan outplayed them. On the lead of 80 not being good enough, Karunaratne does not agree. He feels it was good enough at that time but then laments the runs given away in the second innings, that too, at a quick rate. Agrees that they got dominated over the last three days. Asked for positives, Dimuth points out to Oshada Fernando's mental toughness with his century, then Dhananjaya de Silva, Niroshan Dickwella and Lahiru Kumara. Wants the others to lift their level up like these four. Thanks the crowd for turning in large numbers and praises the security offered to the players. Hopes to come back to Pakistan again to play cricket.

ABID ALI HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH AND SERIES. Big impact in the first Test. Thanks the almighty for helping him earn this respect. Admits that his hard work in domestic cricket has reaped rich dividends in this historic game. Calls this as a proud moment for him and his family and thanks all his supporters. On his batting confidence, Ali says that he has self-belief and keeps working and staying positive. Adds that he also tries to help others and also tries to improve on his shot selection and work on small technical glitches. On the failure in Australia but doing well here, Abid says that even though the team lost Down Under, they practiced hard and kept trying, believing in one another. Points that to the reason behind this win. Thanks the crowd for turning up here and also in Rawalpindi.

Abid Ali is being given a memento by Zaheer Abbas for becoming the first male cricketer to score centuries on ODI and Test debuts. Terrific feat.

Positives for Sri Lanka - well, the pace bowling in the first innings and Embuldeniya's line and length. Then Dinesh Chandimal's solid innings with the bat. But no consistency in the second dig, apart from Niroshan Dickwella and Oshada Fernando. Pakistan's happiness would be with the fact that two youngsters picked up 5-fers in each innings - Shaheen Afridi and Naseem Shah. Who gets the Man Of The Match though? Here comes the presentation...

A Test match or any format for that matter, is all about taking the opportunities. Sri Lanka had the chance to finish the game on Day 3 itself. They had 14 overs to bowl under fading light on Friday evening (Day 2) but that wicketless passage gave terrific confidence to the hosts. Pakistan grabbed THAT moment. Perhaps at that stage, the Lankans took it lightly. They expected the pitch to offer sideways and lateral movement, including spin but were not consistent at all. Pakistan, on the other hand, knew they had their backs to the wall and had no way to go but ahead. And they went. On and on and on they went. For 131 overs, with the top 4 scoring centuries. Then in the final innings, when Sri Lanka were pushed into a corner, the visitors cowed away.

What was different from the two sides? The approach. In the first dig, Pakistan were nervous and Sri Lanka pounced. But once the home side got over its nerves, they pounced back. It was that moment where the Lankans failed. They had lesser discipline as compared to Pakistan and got a lead of only 80. Yes. Only 80, in hindsight. But at that time, it seemed it was good enough.

16 balls. That is all the Test match lasted on Day 5. A 16-year old has brought smiles to millions of faces in Pakistan. Not sure this was present on the first two days when the hosts folded for 191 and then conceded a lead of 80. But the second innings batting was simply too magnanimous.

Shan Masood is now having a chat with Bazid Khan. On this win, Masood says that the team had a chat before this series and everyone was disappointed with the Adelaide loss. Stresses that everyone had to contribute if the team had to win and feels satisfied that every member of the playing XI contributed in some way or the other. On nervousness about playing an international game for the first time in Pakistan, Masood says that it did reflect in their first innings with the bat but as soon as it sinked in and they settled into it, they came back and performed collectively as a unit. On his opening stand with Abid Ali, Shan says that he and Abid have played a lot of domestic cricket for Islamabad and hence both are familiar with each other. Further says that the talk of the dressing room was to score big which was missing in Australia, apart from Babar Azam. Is happy that 4 batsmen could contribute big. On him being the 'local' lad, Masood smiles and says that he has played for numerous sides so he finds it difficult to choose which region he belongs to. Ends by saying that they will be looking at this break, spend time with their families and then gear up for the next series, which would be Bangladesh (if they agree to come) as they know they have a few important ones lined up.

Bazid Khan is interviewing Waqar Younis. Pakistan's bowling coach says that when he played cricket, it was much different then. But this one, is much emotional, as Test cricket has returned to Pakistan after 10 years. Admits that the entire dressing room had the feeling that it would end quickly this morning and is thankful to the almighty for everything. On Naseem Shah's impressive bowling, Younis honestly feels that these are very early days for the youngster. Lauds him, the management and the selectors but wants to wait and see how the lad develops. Is happy that Shaheen Afridi did well and Mohammad Abbas got back to form. Stresses that in the past, Karachi has always been favourable to pacers. Wants more Tests to be played at home and believes that this unit will take Pakistan cricket a long way. On being asked to compare this series with the ones in the Middle East, Waqar says that it is totally different by using the phrase, 'Home is Home'.


OUT! LBW! Dead plumb and that is it. The game ends. PAKISTAN WIN BY 263 RUNS! A perfect delivery to a tail-ender, very full, almost a yorker, right in line of the stumps. Vishwa looks to get his bat down to dig it out but misses it totally. The ball hits the pads and Naseem screams in joy. The umpire agrees and not surprisingly, Fernando takes the review, since it is the last wicket. Ball Tracker just delays the inevitable as it shows the ball to be crashing into the middle stump. NASEEM BECOMES THE YOUNGEST TO A TEST 5-FER!

End of the match! Vishwa Fernando looks gone. Adjudged LBW but he has taken the review. Seems plumb in the replay. And Ball Tracker confirms. Congratulations Pakistan!


Action replay of the previous delivery. Only this time, the batsman did not move much.


Full and outside off, Vishwa backs away and then tries to put bat on ball needlessly. Almost nicks it behind.


ALMOST THE END! A length ball, in line of the stumps, Vishwa backs away and then looks to defend. Is squared up as the ball moves away but somehow, the cherry goes over the off stump!


A length ball around leg, Vishwa backs away, looks to tuck it to the leg side but misses and is hit on the body.


Full and around middle, watchfully defended. 212/9

Lahiru Kumara is the last man in.


OUT! That is a very good catch by Asad Shafiq and the last recognized Sri Lankan batsman is gone! Yasir strikes but this is more due to the fielder. Landed outside off, Oshada goes back and looks to be a bit cheeky, attempting to run this down to third man. The ball travels quickly but Asad Shafiq at first slip reacts swiftly to pouch it! Oshada departs without doing much this morning. End of a good knock though.


Full and around middle, pushed towards the bowler.


That is a ripper. Appreciable turn and bounce. Pitched around off, OF looks to defend but the ball pitches and then zips away off the seam to beat the outside edge.


Floated once more, driven straight to mid off.