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New Zealand Vs South Africa Live Score (ODI)

Date: Wednesday, 19 June, 2019 15:00 IST Venue: Edgbaston, Birmingham Match Status: Match Ended

New Zealand beat South Africa by 4 wickets

South Africa 241/6 (49.0 ov) R/R 4.92

New Zealand 245/6 (48.3 ov) R/R 5.07

Match Ended

  • Mitchell Santner 2,
  • Kane Williamson 15
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Kane Williamson (C) not out 106 138 9 1
Mitchell Santner not out 2 3 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Kagiso Rabada 10 0 42 1
Lungi Ngidi 10 1 47 1

Current Partnership

17 ( 1.2 ) R/R:12.75

Mitchell Santner 2(3)

Kane Williamson 15(5)

Last Wicket 228/6 (47.1 over)

Colin de Grandhomme 60 (47) S.R (127.66)

c Faf du Plessis b Lungi Ngidi

  • Thursday, June 20, 2019, sees Australia take on Bangladesh at Trent Bridge. The Aussies are third and a win will take them to the top but Bangladesh have a chance to show their excellent form. That surely won't be an easy game for the Aussies. Do tune in at 10.30 am local (0930 GMT) for all the action from game 26. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • Numero uno, go New Zealand! 9 points from 5 games. Does that take one foot of theirs into the semi-finals? They might like to feel so, with West Indies and Pakistan next. As far as South Africa are concerned, they have Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia next. The maximum they can reach is 9 points and they will hope that other teams at the top lose more games.
  • Victorious New Zealand captain, Kane Williamson, says that in the morning, the wicket was a bit soft, hence bowling first was a better option. Adds that it did look a belter and the bowlers had to adjust, which they did beautifully. On not giving Jimmy Neesham the ball in this game, Williamson says that in this case, de Grandhomme and Santner were bowling well, hence he did not feel the need to go to Jimmy. On Colin de Grandhomme's approach to batting, Williamson says that they just had a chat and from there on, Colin took it on his own. Praises de Grandhomme for playing the blinder, which Kane believes, took the game away from South Africa. Agrees that the Kiwis have done well, playing on a variety of pitches but is quick to admit that there are a few tough games coming their way and the team needs to be prepared to apply itself.
  • South African skipper, Faf du Plessis, says that the Proteas were aiming for 260 which would have been a great score on this wicket. Which means, he reckons, there were 20 short. Praises Williamson for showing how to bat on this wicket, by seeing off the good bowlers and targetting that one weak bowler and adds that a century in such games on such pitches make the difference. On South Africa's fielding, Faf says that the fielders and bowlers gave it their all but Kane Williamson was too good on the day. On Williamson's catch not being reviewed, du Plessis says that he was standing at long on and since there was no real appeal from either of Tahir or de Kock, they did not review. Admits that the performances have not been there from the individuals in this World Cup but the team is still fighting and stresses that it shall continue.
  • KANE WILLIAMSON HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Says that it is nice to be there at the end. Adds that the surface was a tough one to bat upon, with it holding a bit. Praises his bowlers for bowling well upfront. Also credits South Africa for bowling well. On his batting, Kane stays that he just focuses on keeping out the tough balls, communicating with his partners, like if the other is playing well, then he can settle down, like it happened with Neesham and de Grandhomme. Does not want to take shine on his own performance and adds that there were plenty of other contributions which were vital in close games like these.
  • Tough to fault the bowlers of South Africa. They created the chances but their fielders did not support them. Chris Morris picked up 3 wickets but crucially, Imran Tahir was wicketless while Rabada and Ngidi got just one each. There was where the Kiwis played the match perfectly, seeing off the best bowler in the opposition, without giving him any wicket. Here comes the presentation...
  • Classic batting by Kane Williamson. On a pitch where everyone struggled, he shone brightly. There was nothing much from other batsmen - 35 from Guptill and just a 23 from Neesham. But that 60 from Colin de Grandhomme proved to be vital and their 91-run stand paved the way for the win. Williamson stood like a rock, absorbing all the pressure and being there till the end. He was the pivot in all the stands after Munro got out, ensuring that the Kiwis get home.
  • A day to forget for South Africa. They struggled on a sluggish pitch and mustered a half-decent score. It could have been more than decent, had their fielders taken those chances. Plenty of catches were put down, run outs were missed and misfields were done. A shoddy effort and in reality, they choked. And to sum up the entire situation, there was a moment when Kane Williamson nicked one behind in the 38th over, to de Kock, off Tahir. But no one appealed. There was a big spike shown on Ultra Edge. The skipper was on 76 then.
  • Kane Stuart Williamson. Take a bow. The pressure is on you, your players and your opposition. But you stand cool as a cucumber, spraying ice showers and taking your team home. In sublime fashion. Simply superb.
  • 48.3 FOUR! NZ WIN BY 4 WICKETS! And possibly, possibly, have knocked South Africa out of the competition as well. On a length outside off, Williamson goes back in his crease and guides it behind point. The fielder dives to his left but the ball goes through! Time for the handshakes then!
  • 48.2 SIX! SLAUGHTERED! That surely should be the game, shouldn't it? Century for Williamson, his 12th in ODIs and probably his most important one. Full and outside off, Kane gets down on a knee and slogs it over mid-wicket for half a dozen! Takes his helmet off and does not even smile. Real ice man. Just soaks in the pressure. Takes in the applause and raises both his hands. What a player. Just one needed now.
  • 48.1 A short ball, around middle, pulled powerfully but straight to deep mid-wicket. Just a single. 7 needed from 5.
  • Last over of the match. 8 needed to win. 7 for a tie. No Super Over here. The teams share points if this is a tie. Andile Phehlukwayo to bowl. 8-0-62-1 so far. Faf du Plessis has a long chat with him. Substitute Duminy comes in to join the conversation. Umpire Ian Gould asks the Proteas to hurry up. About time. Even a normal 100-over game does not last this long. Okay. Lungi Ngidi returns to the field after a possible bathroom break. Duminy goes back. Tahir is into the ears of Phehlukwayo. Third man is up. So is fine leg. Deep backward square leg, deep mid-wicket, long on and long off are the men at the ropes. Finally, the first ball of the final over...
  • 47.6 FOUR! He goes to get the maximum out of it but in a smart way. This is just class. The third man is up and Williamson shows composure as he just guides this length ball outside off, wide of the fielder at short third man. It goes past him for a boundary. Believe me this man, Kane Williamson is ice and he's got nerves of steel. 234/6
  • 47.5 Good length ball on off, Santner hits it straight as an arrow. Ngidi does the split but the ball does not hit his feet. It hits the stumps at the bowler's end and goes towards long off. Single taken. Will Williamson go for the single or try to get the maximum out of it?

New Zealand Vs South Africa Live Score (ODI) Quick Scorecard

World Cup 2019 Points Table

Team p w l nr pts
India 9 7 1 1 15
Australia 9 7 2 0 14
England 9 6 3 0 12
New Zealand 9 5 3 1 11
Pakistan 9 5 3 1 11
Sri Lanka 9 3 4 2 8
South Africa 9 3 5 1 7
Bangladesh 9 3 5 1 7
West Indies 9 2 6 1 5
Afghanistan 9 0 9 0 0

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 3631 113
2 New Zealand 2547 111
3 South Africa 2917 108
4 England 3663 105
5 Australia 2640 98
6 Sri Lanka 3462 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 6420 123
2 India 6807 122
3 New Zealand 4763 113
4 Australia 5470 112
5 South Africa 5193 110
6 Pakistan 4756 97
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 7365 283
2 England 4253 266
3 South Africa 4196 262
4 Australia 5471 261
5 India 7273 260
6 New Zealand 4056 254