New Zealand Vs Australia LIVE SCORE (t20)

New Zealand Vs Australia At University Oval, Dunedin, 25 February, 2021

25 February, 2021
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

219/7 (20.0 ov)

2nd T20I

215/8 (20.0 ov)

New Zealand beat Australia by 4 runs










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
James Neesham not out 45 16 1 6
Kyle Jamieson not out 0 0 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Daniel Sams 4 0 46 1
Ashton Agar 3 0 30 0










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Jhye Richardson not out 4 1 1 0
Kane Richardson not out 0 0 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Tim Southee 4 0 47 1
Trent Boult 4 0 30 0

That's your lot for the day. We witnessed a thrilling encounter and New Zealand managed to edge out Australia to gain a 2-0 lead. The action now moves to Wellington for the third T20I and it's on 3rd March 2021. Do join us at 1900 local (0600 GMT) for the coverage. Until then, it's goodbye and cheers!

New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson starts by saying there were flashbacks of the last time (referring to Stoinis' 146 back in the 2016/17 ODI series). Mentions that it was an incredible partnership between Sams and Stoinis. Reckons that it was a pretty strong performance from New Zealand. Adds that on this ground, you are always in the game and they knew the power Australia have in their batting. States that they just wanted to execute their plans. Williamson further says that it was a fantastic atmosphere and it's great to get the result. He terms the knock of Martin Guptill as outstanding and stresses that there were a number of other contributions as well. Admits that It's not an easy thing to defend here and they have a lot of positives to take and build on for the next game.

Australia skipper, Aaron Finch says that they got back into a great position and that partnership between Sams and Stoinis was extraordinary. Calls the batting effort of Stoinis dynamic and praises Sams's effort as well. Feels that Trent Boult bowled a beautiful 18th over which halted their momentum. Mentions that it was a good game of cricket and it would have been nice to be on the winning side. Mentions that they didn't bowl too badly and it was some great batting on display by Guptill and Williamson. Calls it a wonderful place to play cricket and hospitality in this country has been great.

The Player of the Match is Martin Guptill. Says that it's nice to score some runs and is happy with the win. Tells that Stoinis nearly did it against them once and he nearly pulled off this evening as well. Nice to spend some time in the middle, he adds. Shares that it was a good experience playing in front of the crowd and hopes that they enjoyed the contest.

A day to forget for the bowlers! They were taken to the cleaners in this minuscule stadium. Still, a couple of overs bowled at the death by Jhye Richardson and Kane Richardson were noteworthy. And just when it appeared that it's impossible for the spinners to succeed here, Mitchell Santner produced a magical spell to pick four wickets in the match, of which, three came in the final over. His efforts kept the Blackcaps on top although they lost the plot afterwards. Anyway, a hard-earned win for them and they will be delighted to survive the onslaught by Sams and Stoinis.

Earlier in the day, Martin Guptill returned to form and scored a fantastic 97. His century stand with Williamson took them towards a big total and Neesham's handy cameo zoomed their score to 219. Eventually, that proved to be 'just' enough to bag a win.

The chase never got going for Australia as they lost wickets at regular intervals. The writing appeared to be on the wall once Santner delivered a 3-wicket over but what we witnessed after that was scintillating. It was a stunning partnership between Sams and Stoinis as they plundered runs at will. Their 92-run stand from 40 balls revived the chase for Australia and brought them on the cusp of victory. But then, Trent Boult bowled a magnificent 18th over, giving away just 6 runs and built some pressure. Still, the touring team was in the game with 15 needed off the final over but James Neesham kept his calm and bowled a splendid over under pressure to defend the total.

Phew! What a thrilling end to the game! Heart-pumping, adrenaline rushing. New Zealand have managed to hang in there, just by the skin of their teeth. A thorough entertaining contest. Truly a high-scoring humdinger. Take a bow, New Zealand. Take a bow, Australia!


FOUR! But that's not enough! Too full and wide outside off, Jhye throws his bat at it and edges it past short third man for a boundary. New Zealand win by 4 runs! 215/8


OUT! It has gone sooooo high... SOUTHEE UNDER IT! The crowd has gone bonkers. Too full and on middle, it's in the slot, Stoinis tries to hammer it over the leg side but ends up skying it behind the bowler. Southee moves across to his left from long on and hangs onto the catch. Neesham has done it. Kane is the new batsman.


SIX! This one has gone the distance! A low full toss on middle and off, Stoinis shows the power of the Hulk. Latches onto it and dismisses it over wide long on. 9 needed off 2 balls.


TURNS DOWN THE RUN! A low full toss on off, Stoinis only manages to force it down to long on. 15 needed off 3 balls.


Wide NOT given! The crowd rejoice. Stoinis can't believe it. Full and angling down the leg side, Marcus moves across to flick but misses.

Jhye Richardson is the new batsman in.


OUT! It's a WICKET! Neesham, you lucky chap! The crowd goes bananas. Crucially, it's a dot ball. Full toss on middle, Sams tries to heave it over mid-wicket but finds the fielder near the fence. Glenn Phillips hangs on to the pressure catch. 15 needed off 5 balls. Stoinis is back on strike.

James Neesham to bowl the pressure over. 15 needed off 6 balls. Phew! Going down to the wire.


Too full and on off, Sams keeps it out to covers for one. 205/6


Slower full toss outside off, Marcus only manages to push it to covers for one.


SIX! It's huge! Short in length and on off, Stoinis hangs on the back foot and pulls it thunderously over mid-wicket. Into the top tier. 17 needed off 8 balls.


FOUR! Gets one away! Southee misses his line and delivers a full ball on the pads, Stoinis whips it behind square leg for a boundary. 23 needed off 9 balls.


Another single! Too full and around leg, it's flicked to deep square leg for one.


Only a run! Short and wide outside off, Stoinis whacks it to deep point. The crowd is getting involved, this is going down to the wire.


Wide! Southee delivers full and wide outside off, the batsman allows it through. Tim is not happy with the call.


Just a run as it's pushed down to long on for a run. Brilliant from Boult, execution under pressure was immaculate. Only 6 from the over, 30 needed off 12 balls. 190/6


Robbed off a boundary! A low full toss on middle, Sams drills it straight back and it hits the umpire at the other end and deflects to long on. Only a run.


Mix-up, safe! Too full in length and on middle, Stoinis eases it down to long on for a run. Sams turns for the single but Marcus ain't interested. The throw is at the bowler's end, i.e. the wrong end.


Wide! A length ball down the leg side, Stoinis moves across for the paddle shot but misses.


DOT BALL! A low full toss outside off, Stoinis drives it straight to Williamson at extra cover.


Too full in length on middle, Sams clears his front leg and drills it down to long on for a run.


On a length and outside off, it's lofted over covers for a run.


Full toss on middle, Stoinis eases it through mid on for a run. 17 from the over, runs leaking. 184/6


Full on middle, Sams drives it through mid on for a single.


SIX! Hammered! Slower delivery, short and around off, Sams attacks it with all his might and dismisses it behind long leg for a maximum.


Short ball on middle, Stoinis pulls it through mid on for a single.


FOUR! Terrific shot! Short delivery on off, Stoinis guides it towards third man for a boundary.


FOUR! Good shot! Length ball on off, Stoinis punches it through point for a boundary.


SIX! Yet another one has gone the distance. 50 stand up in 19 balls. Slower delivery, it's picked early by Sams as he turns and smokes it into the bank at mid-wicket. 45 runs in the last two overs, 53 needed off 24 balls. 167/6


SIX! Sams showing off his skills now! Is something special on the cards here for Australia! Full and outside off, Daniel demolishes it over covers.


Shortish and outside off, Sams slaps it past to short third man and sweeper cover stops it. Two taken.


SIX! Sams joining the party and Australia have a little bit of momentum now. It's right in the slot, full and on middle, Sams launches it over the bowler. 150 up!


Back of a length delivery outside off, slower in pace, Marcus punches it to covers for one.


FOUR! Too full in length around off, Stoinis walks across the stumps and scoops it over short fine leg. Moves to 46 off 20 balls.


FOUR! Put away! Sodhi bowls it too full and wide outside off, Sams reaches out and powers it over extra cover. 20 from the over, Australia still into it, 78 needed off 30 balls. 142/6


Nearly holes out! Tossed up ball landing full outside off, Stoinis lofts it over mid off and it doesn't carry to the fielder in the deep.


Wide! Ish feels the pressure and bowls a full ball way wide outside off, Marcus leaves it.


SIX! Gone the distance! Sodhi drags it short again, around off, Stoinis brutalizes it over wide long on for a maximum.


Short and outside off, Sams punches it to long off for one.


Floated and full on middle, Marcus forces it down to long on for a run.


SIX! Smashed! Short in length and on middle, Stoinis hangs on the back foot and pulls it with disdain over mid-wicket.

Ish Sodhi is back on.


FOUR! Terrific shot! Back of a length on off, Sams guides it towards third man where Jamieson tries to stop it but misfields and concedes a boundary. 122/6


Length ball on off, Stoinis pushes it towards covers for a single.


Full on off, Stoinis drives it back towards the bowler where Boult does well to stop it.


Length delivery on off, Sams guides it towards third man for a run.


Full on off, Stoinis drives it through mid off for a single.


Length delivery on off, Stoinis lofts it over point for a couple.

Daniel Sams is the new batsman in.


OUT! Third wicket in the over and the wheels are coming off for Australia. Marsh has been strangled down the leg side. Santner delivers an arm ball around leg, Mitchell tries to flick but gets a faint tickle behind. Seifert shows great reflexes to catch it and Marsh walks. 6 runs and 3 wickets in Santner's last over of the spell and it has pushed Australia deep into a corner. 113/6

Mitchell Marsh is the new batsman in.


OUT! The move to send Agar up the order backfires. Once again Santner and Conway combine to pick up a wicket. A short delivery around off, Agar camps back to pull but it comes off the bottom half of his bat and he hits it aerially to Conway at deep cover. Australia staring down!


Hangs back and punches it to sweeper cover for a run.

Ashton Agar is the new batsman in. He has come ahead of Mitchell Marsh, maybe to target the deliveries spinning in.


OUT! That is a simple catch to the fielder. A fine knock by Philippe is over. Santner has two now. Floated and full around off, Philippe leans into the drive and tries to go inside-out but fails to time it well. A simple catch for Conway at deep cover.


Turns it on the leg side for a single.


FOUR! Boundaries are flowing at the moment! Short and wide outside off, Stoinis rocks back and whacks it through point for a boundary.


A leg spinner on the shorter side outside off, Philippe tries to cut but chops it down past the keeper. 15 from the over, 113 needed off 48 balls. 107/3


Flatter and shorter on middle, forced to long on for a single.


SIX! Stoinis is off to a flying start here! Sodhi drags his length short around off, Marcus stays back and flat-bats it down the ground for a biggie at long on.


FOUR! Sodhi fails to land this delivery and Stoinis spanks it past extra cover for a boundary. 100 up!


Flatter and shorter on off, punched to extra cover. Dot.


FOUR! Boom! Too full in length around off, Stoinis attacks it with all his power and drills it down the ground for a powerful boundary.

Ish Sodhi is back on.


Santner continues to drop it short on middle, Stoinis pulls it to deep mid-wicket for one. Poor lengths but a good over, just 5 runs off it along with Maxwell's wicket. 92/3


Arm ball on middle, short in length, Philippe smashes it to wide long on. Easy two there but Stoinis slips and they have to satisfy with a run.


A long hop around off, played down from the back foot to covers for one.


Short again, around off, Philippe pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a run.


Short and wide outside off, Stoinis slaps it through point for a run.

Marcus Stoinis is the next batsman in.


OUT! No show from Big Show! Santner gets the wicket. Maxwell falls flat in the trap! Flighted and full around off, Maxwell nails his reverse sweep but cannot beat the brilliance of Sodhi at short third man. He times his jump to perfection and plucks it out of thin air. Disbelief on the face of Maxwell as he returns.


FOUR! Fuller and around off, Philippe lifts it over mid off and Williamson runs back. Attempts for the catch but it falls wide of him and he then fails to pull it back. 8 from the over, 133 needed at the halfway mark. 87/2


Edgy but it's over! Too full and outside off, Josh slices his attempted drive over the leaping point fielder. Two taken.


Slower length ball is angled into the attack, Philippe gets back and pushes it on the leg side. Straight to mid-wicket.


Back of a length ball on middle, hurrying into the batsman, Glenn eases it down through mid on for a run.


Steers a length ball to point where Santner does well to stop it.


Taps a length ball down to backward point for a run.

Kyle Jamieson is back on.


In the air... SAFE! Loopy and full around off, Philippe mistimes his lofted shot and it drops in no man's land near long off. A single taken. 79/2


Wide! Serves it way too wide outside off, Philippe tries to reach out but misses.


Flatter and shorter around off, Maxwell pushes it to cover-point for a run.


Goes inside-out to a full ball around middle and lofts it over covers for one.


Play and a miss! Loopy and full wide outside off, Philippe tries to sweep but misses.


FOUR! Full and floated around off, Philippe goes straight down the ground and powers it over the bowler's head for a boundary.


Helps it off his pads through mid-wicket for a run.

Glenn Maxwell is the new batsman in.


OUT! Sodhi strikes in his first over to dismiss the Aussie skipper. Smart bowling. The leggie kept on asking Finch to hit through the off side but he restrains. This time it's short and Finch decides to go across the line. Attempts for a big pull shot but fails to time it well. It goes high in the air and Glenn Phillips takes a tumbling catch at deep mid-wicket. Another flop show by Aaron. 150 needed off 72 balls. 70/2


Loopy and wide outside off, Finch allows it through again.


Wide! Tossed up ball way wide outside off, Finch leaves.


A half-tracker outside off, Finch slaps it to the right of sweeper cover for two.


Too full and outside off, Philippe goes hard with his drive but it takes the inner half and rolls to mid on for a run.


Aerial but safe! Short and wide outside off, Philippe cuts again and this time it's uppish. Falls short of point and sneaks through for a couple.


Short and turning away from outside off, the batsman cuts it straight to point.

Ish Sodhi is on.


Short ball on middle, Philippe pushes it through mid on for a single. 64/1


Floated and full outside off, Philippe tries to slog sweep but gets a top edge. It falls safely near short third man and they get a couple.


NOT OUT! Missing the stumps. Tossed up ball around off, Josh tries to sweep but misses. He is hit on the flap of the front pad and they appeal. Not given and New Zealand have taken the DRS. It's very close to the gloves. Ultra Edge detects a flat line and shows that it brushed the right forearm. The Ball Tracker shows the impact to be umpire's call and it's missing the stumps.

An appeal for lbw! Josh Philippe is the man in question. New Zealand review it. Ultra Edge shows there is no bat on it. Ball Tracker shows that it is missing the stumps.


SIX! What a shot that is! Full and floated around middle, Philippe hops back to make room and lofts it nonchalantly over wide long off for a maximum.


Floated ball on middle, Finch flicks it through square leg for a single.


Tossed up delivery on middle, Philippe flicks it through mid-wicket for a single.

Mitchell Santer is into the attack. He is playing his 50th T20I.


Shortish and on leg, Finch tries to flick but misses. It clips his thigh pad and rolls on the leg side. Josh wants a run and Finch is also down the track as Boult rushes to the ball. They decide against the run as Trent dives and tries to throw the ball at the stumps at the striker's end. Outstanding over, just 3 runs off it. 53/1 in the Powerplay for Australia. 53/1


Back of a length ball on middle, Philippe glances it towards mid-wicket for one.


Very full and on middle, Philippe digs it out off the leading half to covers.


Clips a length ball to square leg for a quick run. The interest is shown over the second run but the fielder from the deep is too quick.


A full toss outside off, Philippe pushes it to mid off. The fielder is at the edge of the ring and it's an easy run.


No run. Boult delivers a back of a length ball around off, Philippe tries to pull but is hurried up. It goes off his thigh pad to point.

Trent Boult is back on.


50 up! Angles in a shortish ball on off, Philippe gets back and taps it down to backward point for one. Good finish to the over after an expensive start. 50/1


Short and on off, pace off, Finch pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a run.


Slower one, a touch short on middle, Philippe turns it to square leg and rotates the strike.


SIX! Flicked away for a biggie! Just the flick of the wrists to a length ball and it has cleared the square leg field. Wow!


Good length ball on off, Josh pushes it off his back foot to the off side.


SIX! Off the top edge. Bad luck for the bowler. Slightly short and on off, Philippe tries to heave but gets a top edge and it goes all the way over third man.


A shade aerial but safe! Back of a length delivery on off, stopping up a bit off the surface, Philippe hits it early and it goes a bit uppish to mid off. They cross. Classy over by Southee, only two runs off it along with the wicket of Wade. 35/1


On and around off, a length ball, Josh gets too close to the line and plays it down in front of the keeper.


Slower length ball outside off, Philippe taps it down to backward point and wants a run. He is sent back as the fielder slides and attacks the ball.

Josh Philippe is the next batsman in.


OUT! Caught at mid off! Southee serves a short of a length ball outside off, at 135 kph, Wade hangs back to slap it through the line and aims to clear the infield. But the ball sits up a bit onto him and he ends up handing a simple catch to Kane Williamson. 186 needed off 99 balls.


Play and a miss! Pace up from Tim. Short and wide outside off, Wade throws his bat at it but fails to connect.


Shortish and on off, it's pulled away in front of square leg for a run.

Tim Southee is back on. 1-0-5-0 are his figures so far.


Shortish and on off, Wade stands tall to punch but finds the cover fielder. Expensive over, 16 from it. 28 in the last two. 33/0


Back of a length ball on middle, forced off the back foot to deep square leg for a run.


Aerial but safe! Jamieson pitches it up and around off, it holds up a bit off the surface and Finch ends up chipping it in the air at mid-wicket. It goes wide of the fielder.


Well stopped, Guptill. Back of a length ball outside off, Wade punches it from the back foot and it races through covers. Guptill gives the chase from point and does well to pull it back near the fence, saves a run for his team.


SIX! Good execution and it's gone all the way! Short in length and outside off, Wade jumps across the stumps again and powers it over fine leg for a biggie.


Well bowled! Nothing off the Free Hit. Pace off. A touch short and outside off, Wade is early into his attempted heave and misses.


Wide! Free Hit stays... A full toss wide outside off, Wade swings and misses.


FOUR! Up and over the keeper! Wade predicts the length to be on the shorter side, he jumps across the stumps and loops it over the keeper for a boundary. Also, it's a no ball for overstepping. Free Hit loading...

Kyle Jamieson is on.


Too full and on middle, Wade flicks it through mid-wicket and runs the first run hard. That's all he will get as Sodhi is sharp in the deep. 12 from Boult's first over. 17/0


Angling down the leg side, eased away to fine leg for a run.


NOT OUT! Finch is safe. A gentle nudge by Wade to the off side and they cross. Neesham attacks the ball and scores a direct hit at the striker's end as Finch stretches in. They appeal, it's referred upstairs but Aaron is safe.

Shout for a run out, it's referred upstairs.


FOUR! This has been nailed! A length ball around off, Wade clears his front leg, hangs on the back foot and hammers it over mid-wicket. Almost went all the way, inches short of the crease.


Wide called for height! Boult digs in a short ball outside off, it's well over the batsman as he makes a leave.


Shortish and outside off, Wade leans back and plays it down to point.


FOUR! Pulled and pulled well! Boult delivers a short ball on middle, Wade turns and puts it away through square leg for a boundary.

Trent Boult to bowl from the other end.


FOUR Good length ball on middle and leg, Finch tucks it off his pads and it races past Sodhi at short fine leg. Finds the fence and Aaron opens his account. Still, a tidy first over by Southee. 5/0


Finch is down the pitch this time, probably to negate the movement. Aaron tries flicking but misses.


Beauty! Just enough movement again for Southee. Pitches it up and outside off, Finch tries to loft it over the bowler but the ball nips away to beat the outside edge.


Short and around off, Wade pulls it in front of square leg for a run. Australia are underway!


Well adjusted! Just a hint of swing there. Fuller and wider outside off, Wade walks across for the paddle shot but then at the last moment he dabs it out behind.


Starts with a good length ball on middle and off, Wade has to jump a bit to defend that.