New Zealand Vs Australia LIVE SCORE (t20)

New Zealand Vs Australia At Hagley Oval, Christchurch, 22 February, 2021

22 February, 2021
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

184/5 (20.0 ov)

1st T20I

131/10 (17.3 ov)

New Zealand beat Australia by 53 runs










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Devon Conway not out 99 59 10 3
Mitchell Santner not out 7 5 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Daniel Sams 4 0 40 2
Adam Zampa 3 0 20 0










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Adam Zampa not out 13 8 2 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Tim Southee 3 0 10 2
Trent Boult 3 0 22 2

That is it from this game! New Zealand has completely decimated Australia and taken a 1-0 lead in this 5-match series. Australia will look to put this loss behind them and come back stronger to level the series. The second T20I will be played on Thursday, 25th February 2021. That game begins at 1400 local (0100 GMT). Make sure to join us for that one. Till then, take care and goodbye!

The New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson starts by praising the incredible knock that Devon played and adds those partnerships in the middle order were wonderful and that it was a great effort by them to get to the 180-run mark. Says that there were a lot of breaks and there was excitement as they wanted to come back and play and it was an outstanding effort from the boys, with the ball especially. Talking about the Christchurch earthquake that occurred 10 years ago, Kane shares that it is a significant day for them and several players came to the memorial before the match and it was great to see the growth that happened in the city. Ends by saying that the fans love coming here to the Hagley Oval.

The Australian skipper, Aaron Finch says that it feels like it has been a long time since they played in front of fans. Admits they did not play well and New Zealand did well. Credits Conway for his innings and feels that he deserved his 100. Finch believes the partnership between Phillips and Conway was the turning point. Adds that the Powerplay when they batted took the game away from him. Finch says it is good to have debutants but is disappointed not to get the win for the new boys.

Devon Conway is the Player of the Match! He says that he just played strong shots and just wanted to run hard between the wickets. Says that there are nerves in every game but it was a great opportunity to build an innings for him. Feels that he is very happy and wants to keep the momentum going and is glad that they have started off with a win. Opines that he wants to just maintain the same momentum and he just tries to play his strong shots. Shares that he is slightly disappointed as he did not get his 100 but also says that he was feeling sad for Ish Sodhi as he did not get his fifer.

Earlier in the evening, New Zealand were asked to bat. They were off to a horrible start but Australia were treated to a Conway show. His unbeaten 99 with some solid support from Phillips and Neesham saw the hosts finish with 184. A score that was too good for the tourists to scale.

Excellent bowling display from the Kiwis. They were right on the money from the get-go as their swing kings, Southee and Boult got them off to a perfect start with 2 wickets each in the Powerplay. Jamieson was a little expensive for his wicket. Sodhi and Santner came in at a very good time to bowl and the Ish finished with 4/28 from his 4. Overall, it was a brilliant bowling display all around.

Chasing 185, Australia needed a solid start but what they got was anything but a solid start. They lost 4 wickets inside the Powerplay with very few runs on the board and when that happens in a big chase it is difficult to fightback. No one except Marsh showed any fight and his 45 was the only shining light in an otherwise abysmal chase.

A comprehensive win for the Kiwis and they start off this 5-game T20I series against their Trans-Tasman rivals with a comfortable and dominant win. A very timid performance from the Aussies and they have a lot of work to do before the second T20I.


OUT! STUMPED! There it is! The last wicket falls down and the last rites have been completed. Full, loopy, around off, spins away after hitting the deck as Jhye Richardson comes down the track. He misses and Tim Seifert takes the ball and whips the bails off. NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 53 RUNS! 131/10


SIX! SLAMMED AWAY! Jhye Richardson gets a biggie. Full, floated, around off, Jhye Richardson shimmies down the track and slams this one way over the long on fence.


Flat, around off, Zampa tucks this one to the leg side for a run.


Leg bye. Fired on leg and on a length, Adam Zampa misses his tuck and the ball takes the pad and lobs towards short third man. A leg bye taken. 124/9


Pushed through mid on for a single now.


Short, on the middle pole, Jhye Richardson comes forward and looks to pull but gets beaten.


On the body, shorter in length, Zampa pulls this one awkwardly towards the short mid-wicket fielder. But the ball falls short of James Neesham. One run.


EDGY FOUR. Fortune favours the brave. Length, around off, Adam Zampa looks to push this one away but the ball takes the inside edge, goes through short fine leg for a boundary.


Short, around off, hoicked away to deep mid-wicket for a brace now.

Boult is back. Trent Boult to try and finish things off here. 2/14 from his first spell of 2 overs.


Worked through covers for a single. Sodhi finishes with figures of 4/28. Brilliant bowling by him. 115/9


FOUR! Zampa takes full toll of this one. Full, flighted, around off, Adam Zampa comes down the track and the ball spins away. Takes the outside edge and goes to the third man fence.


NO BALL AND FREE HIT! A wild full toss outside off, Adam Zampa swings his blade but fails to get any bat on this. A no ball is signalled and a Free Hit will follow.


Flighted outside off, bunted towards long off for one now.


Flat, on middle and leg, Jhye Richardson looks to pull this one but fails to get any bat on this and gets hit on the body.

The last man in is Adam Zampa.


OUT! CAUGHT! That's the fourth wicket for Sodhi and the ninth wicket falls now. The game is heading to a close now. Full, flighted, outside off, Kane Richardson lofts this one towards the long off region and James Neesham has a very easy take there.


Flighted and outside off, lofted slightly towards the long off region for one.


Goes short again and outside off, slapped through covers for a couple of runs. 78 more needed in 30 balls. 107/8


WIDE. Short and wide outside off, left alone. Wide signalled.


Full, nice loop, on off, glanced to square leg for one.


Short, outside off, pushed to the off side.


Full on off, lofted towards long on for a single.


Short, around off now, Jhye Richardson goes back and pulls this one towards deep mid-wicket. The ball bounces before Trent Boult there. One run.


Flat, on off, Jhye pushes it back to the bowler.

Change in bowling as Mitchell Santner is back.


Flighted, around off, Kane Richardson looks to push this one away but fails to get any bat on this one. 2 runs and 2 wickets off this one. 101/8


Worked through square leg for a couple of runs this time.

Kane Richardson joins Jhye out in the middle.


OUT! CAUGHT! The Sodhi and Jamieson connection strikes again and the Aussies are now down by 8 wickets! Flighted, around off, Agar looks to go big over the off side but the ball takes the outside edge and goes towards Jamieson at short third man and he comes ahead and takes a great catch. The Kiwis need just 2 more wickets now.


Flat, outside off, Ashton Agar misses his cut away.

Into the bowlers and Jhye Richardson is the first one out to bat amongst those.


OUT! CAUGHT! Good catch from the big Kiwi, Jamieson and Sams goes back now. It all looks like it is coming to a close now. Flatter and on middle, Sams swivels and looks to pull but the ball takes the top edge and balloons towards the leg side, near the short fine leg region, where Kyle Jamieson takes a good catch. 86 needed in 40 now.


Full and on leg, Sams looks to flick but misses and the ball comes off the pad to the leg side.

Sodhi is back! Change of ends for the leggie!


Fuller, on middle, clipped to fine leg for one. A good over for Jamieson and he will be happy to have removed Marsh. 99/6

Daniel Sams is the new man in.


OUT! CAUGHT! Marsh goes for 45 and Santner takes a beauty of a catch. This breakthrough was needed and Jamieson provides the same to them. Short and wide, Marsh swings his blade at this, looking to slap it through point. But Mitchell Santner does well to move to his right and grab this one out of thin air. 87 needed in 43 now.


SIX! Powerfully hit by Mitchell Marsh! Jamieson goes shorter and around off this time, Mitchell Marsh swivels and then pulls this one over the deep square leg fence for a biggie.


Shortish around off, Agar looks to pull this one and the ball goes over Kane Williamson at mid-wicket for one.


FOUR! Looked like a very well played shot. Fuller, around off now, Ashton Agar comes down the track and flicks this one handsomely towards the fine leg fence.


Fuller, around off, Marsh swings his blade and the ball takes the inside edge and goes to square leg for one.

Bowling change. Kyle Jamieson is back into the attack. He has been expensive in his two overs so far. 0/19 so far.


Full, tossed up, around off now, Marsh gets low and sweeps this to the left of Guptill at deep square leg for a single. 99 more needed in 48 balls. 86/5


On the middle pole, worked through square leg for a couple of runs now.


Pushed through covers for a single.


EDGY FOUR! The Aussies won't care though. Short, around off, Ashton Agar looks to slash this one away but the ball takes the outside edge and goes to the third man fence.


IN THE AIR...SAFE! Full, flighted, around off, Marsh comes down and looks for the big shot but the ball takes the toe end of the bat and goes over covers. Luckily for him, lands ahead of Devon Conway who was running in. One run.


On middle, worked to mid-wicket for one.


FOUR! Short and wide, slapped through point for a boundary. 76/5


Chance of a stumping but it does not materialize. Short, around off, Mitchell Marsh comes down and looks to slam this one away but the ball takes the inside edge and goes back to the the keeper on the bounce, who collects and removes the bails, but Marsh was in.


On off and middle, pushed back to the bowler.


Flat, outside off, Ashton Agar slaps this one through point for one.


SIX! SLAM! That one was a cracker of a shot now. Flighted on off, Agar gets low and hammers this one over the mid-wicket region.


Short, outside off, sliced over covers for only two runs as Guptill does really well in the deep, to dive to his right and pull the ball back.


Beaten all ends up! Santner gives this one a little bit of air. The ball pitches around off and straightens past the off stump. Marsh looks to drive but misses and gets beaten. 63/5


WIDE! Santner bowls one down the leg side. Seifert cannot gather the ball cleanly as it lobs behind him off his glove. They steal an extra run.


Short outside off, Mitchell punches it to cover and gets another single.


Tossed up on off, Agar strokes it to long off and gets to the other end.


Flatter on middle and off, Marsh paddles it to fine leg for one.


Nicely tossed up outside off, Marsh looks to sweep but this one rears up on him and he misses it.


Santner starts with a short ball outside off, Agar knocks it to long on and gets to the other end.


Floated on off, Agar milks it to long off and keeps the strike. Excellent start for Sodhi. Just 4 runs and a wicket off his first. 57/5

Mitchell Santner has the ball in his grasp now!


OUT! CAUGHT! Sodhi gets his first in his first over and Australia in all sorts of trouble here. Half the side back in the hut and they still need another 129 runs now.  Short but this one is closer to the off pole. Stoinis looks to flat-bat is straight down the ground but he hits it on the up and straight to Ish Sodhi. The leggie shows great reflex and takes a good catch off his own bowling.

Half the side back in the shed for the visitors and Ashton Agar makes his way out now.


FOUR! Good effort from Glenn Phillips but cannot save the boundary! Short and outside off. Stoinis makes full use of the width and hits it behind point. Glenn Phillips runs to his left and puts a dive. He gets his hands to the ball but cannot keep it away from the ropes.


Short and spinning away! Stoinis stays deep in his crease and looks to send it over the mid-wicket fence but misses it.


Tossed up on middle, Stoinis taps it back to the bowler.


Sodhi starts with a floated delivery around off. Stoinis plays it to point.

Spin time! Ish Sodhi to bowl now.


Low full toss outside off, Marsh drives it straight to cover. The required run rate has now crept up to over 11. 52/4


Length ball around off, Marcus Stoinis punches it uppishly over cover for a run.


Full but this time too wide. Marsh hits it to sweeper cover and gets a single.


Appeal for a caught behind but the umpire is unmoved. Not a very strong appeal either. Very full outside off, on a yorker length. Marsh looks to play but misses. There is a noise as the ball hits the turf.  The keeper shows some initial excitement but that is all.

A small conference going on in the middle now between the Kiwi players. Jamieson is surrounded by Williamson and some other players. A groundman also runs in with some sawdust now.


Swing and a miss! Good length ball outside off. Marsh looks to pull it over mid-wicket but misses as there is a little bit of away shape on this one.


WIDE! Jamieson struggling here for line and length. Bowls a length ball wide outside off, too wide though as it is on the wrong end of the tramline. Marsh leaves it alone.


FOUR! Easy pickings! Slower ball but it is a full toss on off, Marsh flicks it away from short mid-wicket and gets a boundary.


Heavy ball on off. Marsh pulls it awkwardly to deep mid-wicket and keeps the strike. 9 off the over. Australia need 140 in 78 balls now. 45/4


Another one around off, Stoinis punches it to cover and is happy to rotate the strike.


Length delivery on off, Marsh glances it to the leg side and gets a single.


On middle and leg, Marsh turns it towards mid-wicket and gets a couple.


Good length ball on middle and off. Marsh blocks it with a straight bat.


FOUR! Good start to the over for Australia. Shortish ball on middle, Marsh steps down the track and pulls it to the right of deep square leg for a boundary.


Single to end the over. Poor start for Jamieson. 12 off his first. The last ball is outside off, Marsh dabs it to third man and keeps the strike. Australia are 36/4 at the end of Powerplay. 2 ahead of New Zealand at this stage but the tourists have lost a wicket more. 36/4

Bowling change. James Neesham to have a go now!


SIX! Short and punished! It is outside off, Marsh looks in good touch as he smashes his pull flat over the ropes at deep mid-wicket for a biggie.


Now the inswinger. Marsh defends it to mid on. Good bowling this from KJ!


Good comeback! Good length ball pitching on off, Marsh looks to defend but this is an outswinger from Jamieson. It misses the outside edge by a whisker.


FOUR! Outside off on a length. The ball sits up nicely for Marsh. He has an open field on the leg side in the deep. He pulls it with intent over mid-wicket and gets a boundary.


Jamieson starts with a good length delivery wide outside off. Stoinis cuts it to point and gets a single.

Time for the tall Kyle Jamieson to bowl now!


FOUR! Slightly uppish but through the fielder and into the ropes now. Fuller and on the middle pole now. Marsh clips this one uppish past the fielder at mid-wicket. It evades him and the ball meets the ropes. 24/4


Short of a length and on middle, clipped to the leg side for one. Marcus is underway now.


Outside off, length too, left alone by Marcus Stoinis.


In the channel of uncertainty outside off, nipping away as well. Marcus Stoinis raises his blade and lets this one through.

Australia in disarray as Marcus Stoinis walks out to bat!


OUT! EDGED AND CAUGHT! Southee has his second and the fourth wicket is down for the Aussies. The Big Show goes back for a very, very small show now and James Neesham makes no mistake. Length but this is outside off too, Maxwell swings his blade at this but can only induce an outside edge. It goes to the left of James Neesham at second slip and he comes across and takes the catch. 166 more needed from 94 balls now.


Short of a length and down the leg side now, Glenn misses his tuck away. Wide signalled.


Good length on middle, clipped to the on side now.


Fuller and around off, Mitchell Marsh leaves this one alone. The Kiwis keep having good over, after good over. 18/3


WIDE. Slipped down the leg side this time. Wided.


Pushed to point for a single now.


Short of a length, on middle and leg, Glenn looks to flick but misses and gets hit on the body this time.


Short of a length and around off, Maxwell pushes this one towards the cover region.

The Big Show arrives at the crease! Australia will need Glenn Maxwell to deliver if they are to get anywhere close to New Zealand's score.


OUT! CAUGHT! The Black Caps pick up their third wicket now and the Australian top order are in shambles. The simplest of catches to Williamson. After being sent into the stands, Boult replies with a length ball outside off, Wade reaches out and looks for another big shot but hits this one with the toe end of the bat. The ball goes up in the air to the right of mid off, where Kane Williamson settles under this one and takes a dolly.


SIX! Innovative from Matthew Wade this time! Boult bowls a length ball on middle and off, Wade shuffles across and just helps this one its way over the fine leg fence.


Another tidy over from Southee. Just a run off it. The last ball is a length ball around off, Marsh punches it to cover. 10/2


Another beauty! Good length ball pitching around off, Marsh looks to defend but the ball moves away and goes past the outside edge.


Fuller, on the middle pole, whipped away to deep mid-wicket for one.


Pushed to the mid-wicket region this time.


An appeal but turned down. Length, around off, nipping back in, Wade looks to flick but seems to have inside edged it, onto his pad. An appeal by Tim but the umpire says nothing.


Short and on middle, Matthew Wade looks to pull but misses and gets hit on the chest and the ball rolls to the leg side. Mitchell Marsh races across looking for the single but Wade sends him back.


Good length and on middle, played towards mid on. Another great over for the Black Caps. 9/2


WIDE. Down the leg side, Mitchell Marsh looks to flick but misses. Wided.

Mitchell Marsh walks out at number 4!


OUT! CAUGHT! Boult gets his first and the debutant, Philippe goes back after scoring just 2 runs. Guess what? IT IS DEVON CONWAY AGAIN WITH THE CATCH. This man is on fire. Slightly behind the good length and on the pads, Josh Philippe looks to tuck it away but closes the face of his bat early. Takes the leading edge and loops up towards square leg and Devon Conway runs in and takes a good catch.


Philippe is off the mark now! On the pads, clipped through square leg for two runs.


Good length and outside off, Wade slices this one over the cover region and the ball lands safe. Three runs.


Length and outside off, Wade shuffles across and looks to play the paddle scoop but misses and gets hit on the body.


Some away movement straightaway for Trent. Bowls this one on a length and around off, moves away after hitting the deck as Wade gets squared up. Whizzes past the outside edge and into the keeper's mitts.

Who will share the new ball? It will be Tim Southee's long term partner, Trent Boult!


Good length and on middle, pushed to mid on. An excellent first over for New Zealand. 3/1

Debutant, Josh Philippe replaces his skipper out in the middle.


OUT! CAUGHT! Finch is a goner and Southee picks up an early wicket. It is Conway, who takes the catch and there is no way that you can keep him out of the game. Tim bowls a length ball outside off this time, Finch looks to slash this one through point but does not time it well and hits it uppishly too. Devon Conway moves to his right and takes a good catch. The Kiwis start off strongly.


On a length, around off too, Wade looks to play this one to the off side but the ball takes the inside edge, hits the pad and goes towards point. The batters sneak in a run.


Finch is off the mark too! Back of a length and on middle, worked through mid on for one.


Around off, length, Wade taps this one towards point and calls for a quick run. They take it easily. Wade is underway.


Dot to start. Southee goes fuller and outside off, Wade shoulders arms to this one.