India Vs England LIVE SCORE (test)

India Vs England At MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai, 05 February, 2021

05 February, 2021
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

578/10 (190.1 ov)

178/10 (46.3 ov)

1st Test

337/10 (95.5 ov)

192/10 (58.1 ov)

England beat India by 227 runs

England India
578/10 (190.1 ov) - R/R 3.04 337/10 (95.5 ov) - R/R 3.52
178/10 (46.3 ov) - R/R 3.83 192/10 (58.1 ov) - R/R 3.3

Match Ended

England beat India by 227 runs

This Over
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Ishant Sharma not out 5 15 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Current Partnership Last Wicket 192/10 (58.1)

13 (13) R/R: 4.87

Jasprit Bumrah 4(4) S.R (100)

c Jos Buttler b Jofra Archer

That's a wrap to the first Test match. England have now stretched their winning streak to six matches away from home and it turned out to be a really special 100th Test for Joe Root. On the other side, after the high of Australia, India have come crashing down and will have to do a bit of soul-searching. You can expect a backlash from them when these two teams meet again in the second Test match in Chennai. It's starting on Saturday, 13th February. Do join us at 0930 local (0400 GMT) for all the action. Until then, it's goodbye and cheers!

England captain, Joe Root is also the Man of the Match! Says that it was a crucial toss to win and it was a good wicket to bat on. Credits the bowlers as well for taking 20 wickets in very alien conditions. Adds that they knew it's going to be a good wicket and the first partnership was crucial to get them going and they carried on from there brilliantly. On his own batting, Root replies that if they want to win here, someone will have to score big, it was him this week and it could be someone else in the next week. Root knows that India will come hard at them in the next match. On his thought process regarding not declaring in the second innings, Root replies that the idea was to get to 400 and then speed things up but it didn't materialize. Further says that the most important thing for them was to make sure that the Indian win was out of the equation. On whether he did that due to the inexperienced spinners, Joe states that it was more about the bowling group to not worry about the run rate and just deliver their skills. He is happy that the boys handled that pressure really well. Speaking of James Anderson, Root calls him the GOAT of English cricket who consistently challenges himself and is still getting better and fitter. He terms Jimmy as a great role model for the rest of the group and hopes he continues for long.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli is looking visibly disappointed. Says that they didn't put enough pressure on the English batsmen in the first innings. He tells that the pitch was on the slower side on the first two days as scoring runs and rotating the strike were easy. Feels the intensity in the field from them was not up to the mark but it got better in the second innings. Adds that as a side they are looking to improve things that weren't up to the mark and admits that England were the better team. Kohli mentions that you need your bowling unit to step up as a group which didn't happen. Also adds that there is a lot left to be desired with the bat. Tells that it was a hard grind and England were ready to do it and were more equipped. Regarding the toss, Kohli replies that losing it ended up being a reason which they didn't think it would be but the Indian skipper doesn't want to make any excuses and is looking forward to work on their mistakes. States that it's going to be a hard-fought next three Tests as they will not let things slip away like it did in this Test. Super V wants his boys to show good body language and understand the pace of the pitch well and at the end of the day, Kohli feels it's all about the mindset. Stresses that there will be hiccups but they are a side which always looks to improve. On Rishabh Pant's chirping from behind the stumps, Kohli smiles and replies that he is fun on the field and they want him to continue like this as his personality is really helpful to maintain good energy in the field.

To quickly summarize this Test match, we will have to start by saying that England outplayed India comprehensively in all the facets of the game. Joe Root's double century laid the platform as the touring team posted a gigantic total on the board. India were not at their absolute best with the bat in the first innings as they failed to save the follow-on. Although England didn't enforce it and came out to bat again. In their second essay, it was all about scoring quick runs and building on their 241-run lead however Root was criticized for not declaring the innings. Anyway, the English skipper knew what he was doing and his bowlers backed him by picking 10 wickets in the second innings as well. Stay tuned for the presentation...

Jack Leach also comes up for a quick word. Says that it's his first time in India and he knew there will be pressure and is happy to pick a few wickets. On Pant, he jokes that he thought he is playing in the Indian T20 League and adds that he enjoyed that battle, just tried to stay strong and the English boys helped him a lot. Mentions that he had a long time without much cricket and bowling long spells in the heat of Sri Lanka really helped him. Shares that he just wanted to bowl consistently and not concede too many. He is glad to get the win and calls it a team effort.

James Anderson comes for a quick chat. Says that it came out well and he got the reverse going. Informs that he just wanted to bowl in the right areas. Shares that it was important to get the movement in the air as the pitch was on the slower side. Tells that he is feeling great, enjoyed his time in Sri Lanka and has carried that form here. Says that it's exciting times to be with this group. Admits that it's been a tough wicket to work on and they would now look to rest well. Regarding Joe Root, Anderson says that he has been leading the team from the front and hopes that he continues with his form and others chip around him.

Virat Kohli spent some time in the middle to stroke a half-century and his partnership with Ravichandran Ashwin provided India with some hope. But soon the inevitable happened as Ashwin got dismissed by Leach and Stokes went through the defense of the Indian skipper. An excellent win for the English team and they will be over the moon!

Fantastic win for England! They have taken the lead in the series and also jumped on top in the ICC World Test Championship, swapping positions with India who slip to 4th now! The tourists were the favourites this morning but given India's recent form, all four results appeared possible. India started positively with Shubman Gill ready to play his shots and Cheteshwar Pujara offering good defensive solidity. Jack Leach though broke that stand and after that, James Anderson produced a masterclass of reverse swing bowling. He removed Gill and Aijnkya Rahane in quick succession and followed that up with the prized scalp of Rishabh Pant. Washington Sundar failed to repeat the heroics of his first innings and the writing was on the wall for the hosts.


OUT! Edged and taken! ENGLAND WIN BY 227 RUNS! Brilliant delivery by Archer. He hurls across a good length ball around off and gets it to shape away. Bumrah is squared up in defense and edges it behind to the keeper. Buttler makes no mistake and the English camp is celebrating. 192/10


Flatter and fuller on middle, defended back Ishant. 192/9


Loopy and full around off, Ishant draws forward and defends it down safely.


The batsman has just watchfully blocked this out.


Too full in length and outside off, left alone.


FOUR! Fetches a full ball from outside off and sweeps it behind square leg for a boundary.


Looks to defend off the front foot but it takes the inside edge and strikes him on the pads.


Shortish and on off, Ishant jumps and turns it behind square leg for a run. 188/9


NOT OUT! Archer digs in a short ball on middle, Ishant is on his toes as he tries to defend. Suddenly some sound of bails falling comes. Everyone thought that Ishant has stepped on the stumps but no one is sure. The onfield umpires take it upstairs and the replays show that the bails came off without any touch from the batsman. Bizarre!

What happened there? Is Ishant Sharma hit-wicket? The umpire is getting it checked upstairs. The replays show that the bails fall off without any contact from the batsman. Is it too windy there? Given as a dead ball as the bails were off even before the batsman had played his shot to a short ball.


A corker of a yorker on middle, Ishant does well to have his bat down in time. Digs it out and saves his toes.


A well-directed bouncer and Ishant is in all sorts of trouble. Somehow he fends it off uppishly and this time it falls safely to the right of short leg.


Archer digs in a short ball on middle, Ishant jumps and fends it off. It goes aerial but doesn't carry to short mid-wicket.


Good length ball on off, Sharma defends it from the back foot.


Lunges forward and jams down a fuller length ball around off. 187/9


FOUR BYES! Spin and bounce from outside off, Bumrah tries to slog sweep but misses. It beats the keeper as well and goes to the fence behind.


FOUR! Walks down the track to a full ball and swings it over mid-wicket for a boundary.